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"Text-based online chat, a particular form of synchronous computer-mediated communication (CMC) involving written oral-like conversation, has the great potential of increasing noticing for two reasons: 1. Compared to face-to-face conversations, CMC allows conversations to flow at slower speeds than face-to-face; consequently permitting "speakers" to have longer times to process receiving and producing the target language.

2. CMC can save texts (previous messages) in format that users may later access. (Lai and Zhao)

The following copy of "ESL Online Talk Community" illustrates concept Lai and Zhao present.

Practice makes perfect, but many ESL students do not have opportunities to practice speaking English. This Website is trying to establish an online community to enable learners to practice their English with fellow learners all over the world, anytime you like. All you have to do to join this online community is:

a) Download and install MSN Messenger (http://messenger.msn.com/)

b) Get a free hotmail account (http://www.hotmail.com)

c) Sign up to join in the ESL Online Talking Community

d) Add other learners' hotmail e-mail addresses to your Messenger contacts list

Now, whenever you turn on your computer and sign in to MSN Messenger, your contacts list will tell you who is online. You can invite online people to talk to you, or set up a meeting for them to join. If you have a quickCam, a video camera used on the Internet, you can have a face-to-face talk. Just click the button to start your NetMeeting program! (ESL Online)

(ESL Online Talk Community" (n.d.) http://www.rong-chang.com/talk/talksign.htm


All the Web or Around the Web

Community Changes

a) Recognition

The recognition is important for the online contributors such as, in general, individuals want recognition for their contributions, some have named this Egoboo. To a degree it is enterprise of an individual, the contributions will be probably increased to degree that the contribution is seen to community as a whole and to a degree where there is some recognition of the contributions of the man. -- powerful effects apparently of trivial markers of a recognition (for example designated as "the official assistant") was commented in set of dialogue communities -- " One of the key components of encouraging reputation should allow the investors be known or to not be anonymous. When is involved in illegal actions, hackers of the computer should protect their personal identities with pseudonyms. If hackers use the same nicknames repeatedly, it can help authorities to trace them. However, hackers refuse to change their pseudonyms regularly, because the status connected to a specific nickname would be lost.

The structures and reputation are clearly obvious in online communities today. Amazon.com -- " is in an urgent moment, as all investors allow to create structures concerning themselves and their contributions are measured by community. Myspace.com encourages complex structures for the members, where they can share all kinds of the information concerning what music they love, their heroes, etc. In addition to this, many communities give stimulus for assistance. For example, many forums give you departure by mail. The members can spend these items in the virtual store. EBay - is an example of e-community, where the reputation is very important, because it is used to have the sizes reliable from whom that you will do potentially business with. With eBay, you have an opportunity to estimate your experience with somebody, and they, similarly, can estimate you. It has effect on the account of reputation.

b) Sense of Efficiency

The individuals can bring in the valuable information, because the certificate comes to an end somewhat of efficiency, that is, a sense, that they had some effect on this environment. There is well-advanced literature of research, which has shown, how important sensation of efficiency is, both the creation regular and contributions of high quality to group can help individuals to believe, that they have influence on group and support their own self-image as the effective man.

History Suggests



What life have you if you have not life together?

There is no life that is not in community,


T.S. (Thomas Stearns) Eliot (1888 -- 1965), U.S.-born -- British poet, critic. "Choruses from 'The Rock'...."


Every community is an association of some kind and every community is established with a view to some good; for everyone always acts in order to obtain that which they think good. but, if all communities aim at some good, the state or political community, which is the highest of all, and which embraces all the rest, aims at good in a greater degree than any other, and at the highest good.


Aristotle (384 -- 323 B.C.), Greek philosopher. Politics 1.1.; 1252a1-6, the Complete Works of Aristotle, ed. Jonathan Barnes, Princeton, Princeton University Press (1985).



Ronald Dworkin (b. 1931), U.S. philosopher, lawyer. Taking Rights Seriously, p. 113, Harvard University Press (1977).


What is shocking and wrong is not [Lord Devlin's] idea that the community's morality counts, but his idea of what counts as the community's morality.



Every society gets the kind of criminal it deserves. What is equally true is that every community gets the kind of law enforcement it insists on.


Robert F. Kennedy (1925 -- 1968), U.S. attorney general, Democratic politician. The Pursuit of Justice, pt. 3, "Eradicating Free Enterprise in


Shame, the Exposed Self, Chapter 11 (1992).
Groups Home

Groups by Category

Activities (86641 groups)

Automotive (48525 groups)

Business & Entrepreneurs (18848 groups)

Cities & Neighborhoods (38445 groups)

Companies / Co-workers (38784 groups)

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Countries & Regional (14239 groups)

Cultures & Community (76886 groups)

Entertainment (368838 groups)

Family & Home (45517 groups)

Fan Clubs (227460 groups)

Fashion & Style (67892 groups)

Film & Television (46506 groups)

Food, Drink & Wine (41360 groups)

Games (61200 groups)

Gay, Lesbian & Bi (36896 groups)

Government & Politics (29869 groups)

Health, Wellness, Fitness (24303 groups)

Hobbies & Crafts (31834 groups)

Literature & Arts (30402 groups)

Money & Investing (11541 groups)

Music (306931 groups)

Nightlife & Clubs (58690 groups)

Non-Profit & Philanthropic (19193 groups)

Other (1887051 groups)

Pets & Animals (35735 groups)

Places & Travel (18658 groups)

Professional Organizations (45265 groups)

Recreation & Sports (129378 groups)

Religion & Beliefs (102830 groups)

Schools & Alumni (172255 groups)

Science & History (9419 groups)

Sorority/Fraternities (32464 groups)


HTMLCONTROL Forms.HTML:Text.1 Advanced Search

Groups Home. My Space. Retrieved 25 June 2007 from:http://groups.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=groups.categories&MyToken=f7a1d8f8-ca60-4c61-842f-373b5e9fbdc6.


Bye-Bye for Now


Your Mileage May Vary


You Never Know


You're on Your Own


Yeah Right


You're Running on Your Own Cookoo Clock


Yeah, Sure You Do


Yeah That's Right, Now What?


You Telling the Truth


Young Urban Professionals


You're Welcome


You're Welcome in Advance


Yeah Yeah Sure Whatever


Sleeping, Bored, Tired

At the End of the Day

List of Acronyms & Text Messaging Shorthand. (2007). Retrieved 25 June 2007 from: http://www.netlingo.com/emailsh.cfm.


He thought that, because the community represents millions of people, therefore it must be millions of times more important than the individual, forgetting that the community is an abstraction from the many, and is not the many themselves.

(Lawrence, 15)


Human life in common is only made possible when a majority comes together which is stronger than any separate individual and which remains united against all separate individuals. The power of this community is then set up as "right" in opposition to the power of the individual, which is condemned as "brute force."


Sigmund Freud (1856 -- 1939), Austrian psychiatrist. repr. In Complete Works, vol. 21, eds. James Strachey and Anna Freud (1961). Civilization and its Discontents, Chapter 3 (1930).

Freud interpreted this replacement of the power of the individual by the power of the community as "the decisive step of civilization."


c) Sense of Community

The people, in general, are rather social beings, and it motivates to many people, which is necessary to answer directly for their contributions. The most e-communities allow the people to answer back the contributions (that is much Blogs allows the comment from the readers, you can answer back posts of a forum, and so on). (3)

3. Examples of the etiquette

There are many sites which confirm real danger of online internal violence, send by mail information to train their users concerning prosecution cyber, alongside with the recommendations of a type, it would be better for you 1. Not to say your real name to the strangers 2. To create sort - neutral username for addresses your electronic mail or nicknames of friendly conversation.

The FBI began investigating Internet crimes against children approximately 13 years ago with a case in Maryland. In 2004, 11,500 cases across the nation and 28 undercover operations involving Internet crimes against children were reported. The FBI along with state and local law enforcement agents work closely together in approximately 45 task forces that makeup a national network, established in 1998 to bring together all the expert advice possible to crackdown on Internet stalkers. ("CYBER COPS . . ., " 2004)

3. To use illogical samples for your password 4. Never give your password to anyone, especially, if who - requests that it in email or instant message.

5. To change your password frequently

6. To instruct children never to distribute to their real name, address, or telephone number, dialogue without your sanction.

7. To not distribute number of a credit card in a unsafe environment.


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