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Can you help me with essay topics related to public health and physical activity?


Hello I am a student in Public Health and I am having a problem on coming out with a essay topic but I really want to work on Physical Activity, please can you help me?


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Physical activity plays such an important role in public health. It is especially important when a society has become sedentary, which applies to many of the industrialized societies around the globe.  It is not surprise, then, that public health efforts often focus on increasing daily movement as a way to help improve community health.

Possible research topics include:

  1. The relationship between green spaces like parks and walking trails with community levels of physical activity.
  2. The relationship between afterschool sports programs and physical activity for youth, and whether that relationship remains as people transition from youth into adulthood.
  3. Do physical education courses in school help introduce people to lifelong fitness habits? 
  4. What changes could be made to physical education courses in school to help them encourage lifelong fitness habits in people?
  5. What interventions are effective at helping reduce sedentary behaviors in adult populations?
  6. Does the widespread availability of public transportation, which reduces the reliance on cars, result in overall increases in physical activity because people walk or bike to and from the public transportation hubs or stops?
  7. The role of pandemic closures in community physical activity, with an emphasis on exploring gym closures during COVID-19.
  8. How to structure society to make it more time-friendly for people to exercise.
  9. How to use people’s dependence on screens in a positive way to promote exercise.
  10. Do incentives encourage physical activity in health memberships.
  11. Possible titles include:
  12. Exercise, Pandemics, and Public Health: Does Closing Gyms During a Pandemic Have an Overall Positive Impact on Public Health
  13. Making Time to Exercise
  14. Take a Walk: How Dedicated Safe Walking Spaces Impact Public Health
  15. Exercise and Afterschool Sports: Do the Benefits Last?
  16. How PE Could Promote Healthy Lifestyles
  17. Getting the Grandparents Going: How to Get Older…

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