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Social Networking and Cyber Security Best Practices

Process of setting up a Twitter account

I went to Twitter's website, which is The free site does not require any payment or subscription fee for one to set up an account.

I clicked on the icon "Sign Up for Twitter" I found this option on a yellow button at the extreme bottom right side of the screen.

I provided the necessary information about myself like my full names, my email address. I chose my username within an icon that had a number of conditions. Such conditions included the username should have characters that are less than 15. It should be easy to consider but hard to deduce, and that it had to be within the characters of my knowledge. An issue came up where I had to decide whether I would always be signed in to Twitter on my personal computer. I commanded it as "always to remember" by checking the box. Other options were those that wanted my account to be tailored toward my recent website visits. I responded by removing the check mark next to the option (Kelsey 89).

Step 3

I clicked on the icon "create my account." This icon provided an opportunity to develop my Twitter account. Next, I had to follow people already registered and using Twitter. Such...


Twitter provided me with a list of people to follow. From here, I chose the people I wanted to follow, like my classmates some popular celebrities. The command within here required me to choose at least five more, of which I did and pressed the button "Next." The next step was to start following people I knew. I granted Twitter access to my email contacts after which I was presented with a list of people I know on Twitter. I had a chance to click and follow some of them like my family members and friends. There was an opportunity to follow all of them. Nonetheless, I did not choose this option. I clicked on the profile space that required me to upload my profile picture, something that I did successfully.

Step 4

Twitter required me to write a short biography. I clicked on this option below the profile photo. I wrote a short biography of not more than 160 characters. I did this successfully.

Step 5

Below the biography, option was the "Edit Profile" option. I clicked on this option and got a chance to expand my profile. When I clicked on this option, I managed to add more information about me in some many ways. For instance, I change my profile picture, customized my header photo, and updated other information relating to my name, bio, website, and location.…

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Kelsey, T. (2010). Social networking spaces: From Facebook to Twitter and everything in between: a step-by-step introduction to social networks for beginners and everyone else. New York: Apress.

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