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Uganda Essays (Examples)

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Marketing and Economics Agricultural
Words: 18779 Length: 68 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 68584407
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Origins, History of the MF

The nternational Monetary Fund was first conceived between July 1-22, 1944, at the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. The conference was attended by representatives of 45 nations, which were called together in order to plan and lay the groundwork for a cooperative economic framework to solve global financial crises before they occur. One key reason for the conference was to put in place the fiscal mechanisms which would provide protection against a possible repeat of the terrible Great Depression of the 1930s.

Also, another significant reason for the Bretton Woods conference was that WW was showing signs of winding down in 1944, and the allied nations that were about to put the finishing touches on the defeat of the Nazis and of Japan, were seeking solutions to hitherto chaotic international monetary relations. t was a time for the practical…

In Binga, where protest singer Tuku is working with the orphans' choir, Zimbabwe's crises converge in one misery-ridden corner. City folk consider it Hicksville and still say the locals are so backward that they're born with two toes per foot. But they're suffering from worse things than outsiders' disdain. The area's 500-plus orphans know why the choristers wrote Iwe AIDS: "You killed my father, you killed my mother... I remain all alone." Dry, cracked streambeds are evidence of the unbroken drought. Some villagers are eating tree bark. More than 150,000 in the Matabeleland North province rely on foreign food aid.

Here, as elsewhere, hardship is linked to politics. In the 2000 parliamentary elections, the MDC swept all eight seats in the province, its rural heartland. Last year, 61% of Matabeleland North voters chose Tsvangirai over Mugabe for President. Suffrage isn't supposed to bring suffering, but the people are still paying for their votes. "A family will walk 60 km to get maize meal at the [regime-run] Grain Marketing Board," says an aid worker. "They'll be told to come back the next day. When they do, it has all been given to [other, pro-regime] people." Which explains the oft-told joke: ZANU-PF has no supporters, only beneficiaries.

As another sign of the ongoing post-election tension, it's illegal now, as of January 2003, to make rude gestures as Mugabe's caravan - a presidential convey of dozens of soldiers in myriad jeeps, protecting his huge bulletproof Mercedes - passes by in the street. Apparently, numerous citizens who tried to make their statements at the ballot box, but were frustrated by corruption, are now making statements with their hands and arms, and that has Mugabe angry (Chu, 2003).

Musevini and Lack of Sustainable
Words: 779 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87445435
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(Mwenda) Musevini, who faces opposition in the next election from northern Ugandan resident Norbert Mao, has had to deal with accusations from Mao that Musevini deliberately ignored the problems in northern Uganda as part of deliberate plan. (DP Uganda).

Interestingly, as the national election nears Musevini has suddenly begun to actively campaign for votes in northern Uganda. He is promising to bring the same social and economic reforms that he introduced to the rest of Uganda to northern Uganda after virtually ignoring the region for twenty-four years. (Acemah) Additionally, he is trying to assure the northern Ugandans that the LRA is no longer a power in the region and that if re-elected he will make sure that the LRA has no capacity to come back to disturb the peace. Residents of the area, however, have every reason to suspect that Musevini's claims are without merit. As noted in a book…

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Personal Statement Mph I Applying Iu School
Words: 566 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50672045
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Personal Statement MPH, I applying IU school Medicine, Masters Public Health, Background; MBA Universit Phoenix. Bachelor Business Admin. Makerere University Uganda., Reason MPH serving society.

A Dream Realized

In many parts of the world, the ability to improve your health and the access to healthcare is not a right nor is it even a privilege. It is a dream. It is something that you can only fantasize about. You wish to live longer than your father, who didn't live longer than his own. You wish to have a career that will enable you to earn a decent living, to drink clean water and eat nourishing food, to better your world and to raise children who will do the same. I come from one such part of the world. I am from Uganda, a small country in East Africa, which during my lifetime and long before, has suffered a great deal…

International and Domestic Efforts in Human Rights Protection
Words: 936 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43502893
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Nternational and Domestic Efforts in Human Rights Protection

This particular batch of readings was highly interesting, and very educational. Collectively, these readings explored various notions and reasons for the process of international courts attempting to learn more about human rights criminal activity predominantly from an international perspective. Individually, these readings detailed various aspects of truth commissions and of the International Criminal Court, both of which are fairly influential in the investigation of previously existent human rights violations.

Victor Peskin's 2009 article, "Caution and Confrontation in the International Criminal Court's Pursuit of Accountability in Uganda and Sudan" provided a clear look at some of the internal processes and challenges faced by the ICC's prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Ocampo. In particular, this article focused on why it was advantageous for the prosecutor to initially attempt conciliatory stances about the regimes he was looking to attempt to pursue human rights violation cases in, Uganda and…

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Perspectives From My Discipline
Words: 1098 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9645356
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The particular academic discipline I have chosen to pursue is a major in a General Studies with a double minor in both Biology and Sociology. However, after spending the past several weeks engaged in readings related to human rights, it has become quite clear to me that the consideration of human rights can apply to virtually any field of study. Still, when considering the relationship between human rights and psychology in particular, there are a number of aspects of the former that directly correlate to the latter. The most foremost of these entails a psychological evaluation or analysis of the political leaders who mandate ethnic cleansings or who order entire races or nationalities, tribes, etc. Of people to die. Several of these orders inherently pertain to political objectives that are either being impeded by or can be achieved by the extermination of a group of people. But there is…

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Republic of Tanzania Is Officially Called the
Words: 974 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52219558
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Republic of Tanzania

Tanzania is officially called the United Republic of Tanzania and was formed when Tanganyika and Zanzibar were combined in 1964. This country is situated towards East Africa (Tanzania, 2007). On its borders are situated Kenya and Uganda towards the north, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of the Congo and urundi towards the west. Towards the east side are situated Zambia, Mozambique and Malawi. On the east side of the country, Indian Ocean is located. United Republic of Tanzania has been divided into thirty further regions. Five of these regions are located on the semi-autonomous islands of Zanzibar; meanwhile twenty five of these regions are situated on the main land in the area that is part of the previous Tanganyika (Central Intelligence Agency, 2009).

In this paper we shall look at the two different areas of study of the United Republic of Tanzania. The chosen areas of study are economy…


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Egypt Is Going to Take
Words: 9929 Length: 36 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 19469836
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The source of the current crisis can be traced to 1998 when an initial agreement was reached on a plan of action and policy guidelines to establish the Nile Basin Initiative at the 2nd Nile Technical Advisory Committee meeting held in Arusha. A few months later, the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) was officially launched at an extraordinary meeting of the Nile Basin Council of Ministers, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (Mohamoda 2003). According to Swain (2004), "In March 1998, the Council of Ministers of Water Affairs of the Nile Basin States reached a broad agreement at Arusha, Tanzania, over sharing and managing the Nile water, and endorsed a new program of action. This led to the formal launching of the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) in February 1999, of which all but Eritrea are members" (p. 106).

During the period between 1993 and 1999, further preparatory steps were taken in furtherance…


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Role Relevance and Future Potential
Words: 3295 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13863186
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For a country such as Uganda to possess sufficient health care is tremendously important to the people of the republic of Uganda. Even triumphant medical treatment for malaria can involve pain through injections of drugs and in the entire period of recuperating after the administration of the drugs. Furthermore, nervousness may crop up, threat and unavoidably a lot of money. The final thing a parent of a sick child suffering from malaria in a hospital needs to believe about is how he or she is actually going to pay out for all the costs encountered or the billing. In an ideal world, as a substitute of distressing about money, a patient or a mother or a father of a kid who is suffering from malaria should be focused on getting well or consoling the sick child respectively. Nonetheless, the entire subject of health cover can be puzzling (Trisha, 2007, p.…


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How to Provide Positive Therapy for a Depressed Anxious Person
Words: 2810 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67558079
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afternoon, light rain falling and predictions of thunder storms on the way. Client was eight minutes late to his appointment. "It doesn't matter that you're a few minutes late, I am glad to see you -- but is everything going okay this afternoon?" he was asked by therapist.

Client seems defensive when no pressure at all is put on him. First he said his watch stopped, then he admitted he lost track of time because he was into playing a new video game. He asked if video games are a bad thing and was assured that entertainment was his choice.

"Oh, also," he added. "After I was in my car I went back to my apartment to get my umbrella." Client is trying to maintain a good relationship with the therapist.

The client was sweating when he sat down, and it was humid in the room so we agreed the…

African Studies Is a Complex
Words: 1946 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 76456913
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Local governance in Africa: the challenges of democratic decentralization provides a great deal of insight into the manner in which individual nations in Africa have coped with a decentralized democratic structure. The purpose of the book was to examine under what conditions decentralization reforms in Africa evolve into effective local governance. The authors consistently explain the political structures of the local governments. In doing so the text illustrates the conditions that lead to successful decentralization efforts. The research presented is lucid and presents readers with a different perspective than other books and scholarly articles on this particular subject. The authors found that factors such as legitimate authority and adequate resources are conditions that are needed to ensure that decentralized democratization can occur.

In addition, the information presented in the text is essential for the continent of Africa, other nations that are undergoing similar changes and the international community as…


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Rural Nursing in America Verse Rural Nursing in Africa
Words: 653 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 7245296
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Rural Nursing

The first study, by Alexy and Elnitsky, looked at rural American residents over the age of 65 to assess their general health and risk factors. They found clusters of people with similar concerns that limited their ability to function in life and determined that community health interventions should begin well before the age of 65. The second study, by Anyango et. al., surveyed nurses in Uganda to determine whether rural Ugandan nurses felt they had been well prepared for their jobs as rural nurses. This research found that the nurses had to do a lot of supervision and tat they felt unprepared to do so. They struggled with such tasks as prioritizing their work activities.

The two studies looked at the problems of rural nursing in different ways. The assumption in the first study was that the nurses were trained adequately for their jobs and focused on patient…


Alexy, Betty, and Elnitsky, Christine. 1998. "Identifying Health Status and Health Risks of Older Rural Residents." Community Health Nursing Vol. 15.

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Systems of Power and Inequality in Early
Words: 2045 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92058571
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Systems of Power and Inequality

In early March of 2012, a 28-minute video on the plight of African children received more than 21 million YouTube views. The video vividly depicts how the guerilla warlord Joseph Kony, leader of the Lords esistance Army (LA), reportedly abducted over 60,000 children who were subsequently forced to become child soldiers or sex slaves over the course of the civil war. Captured children who did not cooperate as said to have been mutilated and murdered. Production and dissemination of the video was a result of the efforts of an American charity called Invisible Children. In interviews with the press following the viral reception of the video, Invisible Children campaigner Jason ussell stressed the importance of the video as an example of how social media allows people all over the world to actually see other people -- see, as in the struggles, challenges, plights, and victories…


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Hutu Blame The Search for the Truth
Words: 3486 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50326689
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HUTU lame?

The Search for the Truth in Rwanda, an argumentative essay

There are those who claim that elgium is the perpetrator in the extermination methods used in Rwanda however, there are those who claim that the Rwandan government itself may be to blame with ties to a loan from the IMF World ank. Among all the arguments leveled the most likely perpetrator of these crimes can be traced back to the Roman Catholic Church, who was the entity to first set a seal upon the Hutus and Tutsi people. This paper will explore the many arguments set forth in the Rwandan genocide event as to who is to blame for the atrocities that occurred.

A rief History of the HUTU & TUTSI of Rwanda:

The genocide, which occurred in Rwanda, has been and still is a hotly debated issue. Over 100 years ago Catholic missionaries created a bogus "pedigree"…


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p., CADTM 19, Bruxelles, 1996

Mary Ainsworth Had Her Birth
Words: 2660 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 11868597
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In order to quantify the security of a relationship, Ainsworth and her colleagues designed this system of 'Strange situation' for evaluating individual differences in children with particular emphasis on responses to several series of separations and further reunions with their mothers. The formation of this procedure has sparkled with plenty of literature subsequently, analyzing the progress of mother child attachments, the influence of attachments to other caregivers, and the correlates and effects of secure and insecure attachments. It has become recognized as the most widely accepted procedures in the research of child development. (Arcus, Doreen: Ainsworth, Mary (1913- ))

There was no prior knowledge to Ainsworth that an individual could introspectively explain the way one behaved and felt instead of concentrating on the way the external forces mould the behavior. The concept of 'Strange situation' considered family as the secure base from which a developing individual can move out to…


"Ainsworth, Mary Dinsmore Salter (1913-1999)" Retrieved from Accessed 25 October, 2005

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Accessed 26 October, 2005

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Conference Berlin Consequences B the History of
Words: 1492 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 1152404
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Conference Berlin consequences b)

The History of Contemporary frica

Ever since parts of its region became colonized by Europeans (which began happening fairly regularly since the early part of the nno Domini timeline), frica has suffered an abundance of problems relating to its political, social, and economic spheres of existence. fter its introduction to what is best termed a fledgling globalization through colonization in several of its countries by a number of European nations, frica has understandably endured a number of issues relating to its primary systems of government, economics, and socialization. lthough events related to the conclusion of World War II were largely responsible for decolonization in this part of the world, many nation states on the continent would struggle for several years -- and are still struggling -- to overcome the effects of colonization and the inherent instability it provided to many of the key infrastructures within today's…

A large degree of political turmoil took place in Uganda following its liberation from colonization midway through the 20th century. A number of political factions vied for power in the ensuing years; many of these were associated with religious groups set up by the European colonialists, such as Catholic and Protestant supporters. Economically, the country had a strong Indian population that was in control of much of the commerce nad industry there, which is why dictator Idi Amin expelled them in the early 1970's. Deforestation issues have affected Uganda quite significantly. Urbanization and expanding farmlands are responsible for much of Uganda's deforestation problem, while like most regions in Africa, the population housed within this country has seen an explosion in the number of victims of AIDS and HIV. Civil wars and internal fighting, however, would regularly plague Uganda into the new millennium. In more recent times, efforts have been made to reduce barriers to women owning property and being an economic influence within this country. The traditional gender equality within Uganda has certainly circumscribed its growth.

One of the most insidious instances of neo-colonization in Africa, however, was evinced in South Africa. The system of apartheid, which was essentially a legalized subjugation of people of African descent that highly favored Europeans and those of European descent, was responsible for political instability for several years as black South Africans strove to overturn such a repressive regime. Apartheid was eventually overturned in 1994 with the presidency of Nelson Mandela, but economically, unemployment was largely rampant in the country as it struggled to transition to true independence. Other contemporary issues plaguing this country are a nationwide rapid deforestation process, as well as rampant AIDS infection (South Africa may have the most people with AIDS in the world today). Women have played a significant role in the true liberation of this country from first its colonial history and then its repressive reign of Apartheid, as is evinced within the perseverance and political inclinations of Winnie Mandela.

There were several things about Africa that I learned while taking this course. One was that there was a highly planned, systematic implementation of repression that is responsible for keeping Africa socially, economically, and politically years behind many other parts of the world. This repression truly took hold during colonialism, but the bouts of neocolonialism that many countries endured even after formal colonialism was dispelled certainly contributed to this cause. I was also unaware of the contemporary problems that Africa has regarding issues of deforestation. I had no idea that the cutting down of trees and the reduction of forests could take hold of this area as quickly as it had, and continue to affect the environments there today.

Traditional Se Asian Bamboo Flutes
Words: 28549 Length: 95 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 64807002
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Some Chinese researchers assert that Chinese flutes may have evolved from of Indian provenance.

In fact, the kind of side-blon, or transverse, flutes musicians play in Southeast Asia have also been discovered in Africa, India, Saudi Arabia, and Central Asia, as ell as throughout the Europe of the Roman Empire. This suggests that rather than originating in China or even in India, the transverse flute might have been adopted through the trade route of the Silk Road to Asia. In addition to these transverse flutes, Southeast Asians possessed the kind of long vertical flutes; similar to those found in Central Asia and Middle East.

A considerable amount of similarities exist beteen the vertical flutes of Southeast Asia and flutes from Muslim countries. This type of flute possibly came from Persians during the ninth century; during the religious migration to SEA. Likeise, the nose-blon flute culture, common to a number of…

works cited:

Purple highlight means reference from his thesis, chapters 1-5

Blue highlight means reference from his raw research that was sent (17 files)

Yellow highlight means that writer could not find reference; one of the 17 files received

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Conflict in Drc Case Study Conflict in
Words: 4232 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 70586802
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Conflict in DC (Case Study)

Conflict in DC

Conflict in the Democratic epublic of Congo

Background of DC Conflict

The Democratic epublic of Congo (DC), otherwise also known as epublique Democratique du Congo from their French masters and formerly Zaire is a nation situated in Central Africa boasting of a very brief coastline that runs approximately 37 Kms. DC is the third largest country in the entire Africa and stands at 12th position in terns of size in the world scale with 2,345 Square Kms (U.S. Department of State, 2010). It is the eight in the world in terms of population and fourth in Africa with the 71 million populations.

DC is neighbored by Central Africa epublic and Sudan from the northern side, the Atlantic Ocean is on its West, to the south Zambia and Angola border it and wanda, Uganda and Burundi are its neighbors to the East.



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Dynamics of Awareness and Prevention in HIV AIDS Policymaking
Words: 820 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75944823
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ates and Preventative HIV / AIDS Policy: A Disconnect in African Countries

The primary focus of research in HIV / AIDS has been on the disease itself: transmission, prevalence, prevention, treatment, etc. (Aldashev & Baland, 2013). The responses to the HIV / AIDS academic have varied widely and are not intuitive, showing no logical patterns with regard to prevention policies and prevalence (Aldashev & Baland, 2013). That is to say that high prevalence rates in regions or nations do not trigger more aggressive policies. A key example of this phenomenon can be seen in Senegal's response to early proactive education programs for AIDS prevention that was completely out of proportion to its very low prevalence rate of 1% of the population of Senegal in 2003 (Aldashev & Baland, 2013). In comparison, Swaziland and Zimbabwe, countries that experienced extremely high prevalence rates of 24.6% in 2003 and 42.6%, respectively, exhibited limited…


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Hate Begets Hate New York Times Opinion Piece
Words: 892 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15486465
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By connecting the awarding of a peace prize with the concerns of a world in which terrorism has become a constant threat, Obama makes clear the exigency of his message when he says: "I do not bring with me today a definitive solution to the problems of war."

Nobel laureates are given few formal constraints in terms of their responses but Obama faced the more general constraints of trying to meet very high expectations and the conflicting expectations of the peoples of different nations. I believe that he did a good -- though not perfect -- job in meeting these differing expectations, and so crafted a speech that served as a fitting response to the occasion.

Whether or not one believes that Obama achieved the Aristotelian concept of ethos -- the ability to make a credible ethical appeal -- depends probably more on one's own politics than the speech itself.…

Animal-Drawn Cart the Purpose of
Words: 2595 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 36403867
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Steel can create a very durable and rugged car that will often outlast the animals that are drawing it. However aluminum is as durable and element resistant as well as being extremely lightweight and is often the material of choice for many countries. Pneumatic or inflatable tires also have been a boon to carts by helping to absorb some shock as well as to distributing the weight over a wider surface without significantly increasing drag on the vehicle.

Aluminum casting is already a technique that is widely used in many parts of Africa and other developing countries. Africa, usually to make cooking utensils and the like. "Aluminium wheels with integral roller bearings could be made by these artisans and would provide a very low cost solution to the wheel and bearing problem." (Oram173) See figure 6 below:

These designs element the ordinary friction involved in a typical axle joint design…

Works Cited

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Working Affect Your Experience at Temple University
Words: 994 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Introduction Chapter Paper #: 61081186
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Working Affect Your Experience at Temple University, Based on Your Major?

The state of employment in the United States and even the rest of the world is still dire considering the ravages of the global financial crisis is taking its toll still. Thus, the disparity in jobs and the kinds of employment there are as well as job satisfaction thereto is more apparent now than ever. There are several ways of looking at the matter especially via the differences there are of those that have jobs and are unemployed. Of particular interest in this research is the student population that are considered employed whilst studying and those that are purely pursuing their studies without part-time or full-time work whatsoever. Hence, the research paper will endeavor to answer the research question: "Is there a difference, in terms of, between art students with job, art students without job and business student with…


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Ethics Gross National Products Ethics Gross National
Words: 2076 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 83135896
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Ethics, Gross National Products


Gross National Product

Tariff barriers


Ethics is a branch of Philosophy and deals with the basics questions about right and wrong, virtue and vice, as well as good or bad nature of things human beings do in their daily lives. Thus, ethics is essentially related to the moral aspect of things. A thing, act, or idea of practice might be legally correct but may not be morally sound in given conditions. For instance, the pursuit of profit by firms is legally correct but ignorance to the well being of society in which that firm operates is morally incorrect. Essentials of ethics: The essential elements of ethics are related to the character of actions being taken by the human beings. The topic essentially deals with the behavior and its outcomes with respect to the impact created on fellow human beings and society as a collective…

Stimpert, J.L., & Duhaime, I.M. (1997). SEEING THE BIG PICTURE: THE INFLUENCE OF INDUSTRY, DIVERSIFICATION, AND Business STRATEGY ON PERFORMANCE. Academy of Management Journal, 40(3), 560-583.

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Yue, C., Beghin, J., & Jensen, H.H. (2006). Tariff equivalent of technical barriers to trade with imperfect substitution and trade costs. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 88(4), 947-960.

Global Criminology and Criminal Justice
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Scandinavian prison models are considered to be amongst the most effective in the world. The penal system here, unlike is the case in other parts of the world -- including the U.S. -- is regarded humane and is designed in such a way that prisoners live more or less like regular citizens. With sunbathing facilities, vocational courses, and other amenities being a standard in most settings (unlike is the case in most Western prison settings), some prison systems like those in Norway could be mistaken for plush retirement community centers. How effective such incarceration facilities are in the control of crime is a valid topic for examination and analysis. This is more so the case given that from a "common sense" perspective, prisons conditions should be harsh enough to discourage inmates from committing the same crimes that landed them there in the first place. This seems to be the basic…


Delgado, B. (2007). Gangs, Prisons, Parole, and the Politics Behind them. New York, NY: Xulon Press

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Mauer, M. (2003). Comparative international rates of incarceration: An examination of causes and trends: Presented to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. Washington, DC: The Sentencing Project.

Zika Virus Essay
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Writing a paper about a complex issue such as the Zika virus can be a challenging enterprise, but the model essay presented below provides some useful guidance concerning how to get started, including developing an appropriate thesis, writing an outline and locating relevant content from reliable and legitimate sources. Writing an abstract, introduction and conclusion becomes easier once the preliminary research for the body of the essay is completed.


The Effects of Zika virus on pregnant women

How the Zika virus is spread from country to country

Identifying opportunities to reduce Zika virus infections

Will the Zika virus become a pandemic?


The Epidemiology of the Zika Virus

The Origins and Transmission of the Zika Virus

The Zika Virus:  Who is at Risk and What Can be Done?


I.  Introduction

II.  Review and Discussion

     A.  Background and overview

     B.  Recent and current trends in…

Nursing Burnout Issue at a Facility
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North Mountain Medical is a super sniff facility as they specialized in high acuity level patient. The patient structure is respiratory, with staff trained in tracheostomy care and ventilator management. In house hemodialysis, in house physical therapy. This facility has been in operation since 2004. Patients in this facility do not self-diagnose. Patient diagnoses are from Medical doctors and Nurse Practitioners that work on site. Patient in the facility are cared for by interdisciplinary team. Certified nursing assistants that care for patient will normally report a Change in patient’s condition to the nurse. Nurse completes an assessment and report changes immediately to the doctor. In the event of an emergency patients are send to emergency room for further evaluation and treatment. Health is a right in this facility. Yes, most of the patient’s life style has impacted the health of the patient. Noncompliance with medication regimen and diet changes. Patients…

Abduction of Innocence Though Adults
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D., a senior child-protection specialist with the Christian Children's Fund. "You don't falter. You don't disobey. Any show of weakness and you're killed" (Amber, 2004).

Hamer (2010) writes "Child soldiers were portrayed as having no connections in society, without skills, incompetent and prone to violence, and it was strongly implied that they were trapped in a vicious circle and that they would always experience difficulties in returning to a non-violent routine because they had been actors and witnesses of too many atrocities during the war (p. 54).

Post Traumatic Stress

It is possible to identify with captors by other means as well. Due to their age and size children are basically powerless in the world. By identifying with their tormentors it is possible for children to gain a strong sense of power, denied to them by other means. By following orders they may come to believe they will receive additional…


Amber, J. (2004). Abduction of Innocents. Essence (Time Inc.), 35(8), 172-218. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.

Convention on Rights of the Child. (n.d.). United Nations Office of the High Commission on Human Rights. Retrieved January 6, 2011. 

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Dickson-Gomez, J. (2002, Dec.). Growing up in Guerrilla Camps: The Long-Term Impact of Being a Child Soldier in El Salvador's Civil War. Ethos. Vol. 30, No. 4, pp. 327-356 .

Chevron Corporation Nyse cvx Is One
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A. (RECOPE, S.A), based on Costa Rica. There is also the Columbian nationalized oil conglomerate operating under the name Empresa Colombiana de Petroleos (ECOPETROL). oth of Chevron's largest global competitors are nationalized by the nations they operate in, which make pricing and market execution strategies in these specific countries difficult. In addition, there are significant cultural differences between the U.S. And these countries as well. As a result, there continues to be a strong push towards creating more co-ownership of oil refineries, production centers and operations between U.S..-based companies working in the area and national governments. In the case of the razilian government, who approached Chevron about such an arrangement in 2008 specifically for partnership with Petroleo rasileiro S.A., Chevron declined to enter into a nationalized-based alliance with the company and nation and instead sold the assets of their refineries to rasileiro S.A. instead (Wall Street Journal, 2008). In Mexico,…


Arun Agrawal, Maria Carmen Lemos. (2007). A Greener Revolution in the Making? Environmental Governance in the 21st Century. Environment, 49(5), 36,38-45. Retrieved January 10, 2009, from ABI/INFORM Global database. (Document ID: 1286913401).

Chevron, (2008). SEC Filings by Chevron. Retrieved January 10, 2009, from Chevron Investor Relations Web site: 

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Joanna Franco (2008, March). Chevron Sanctions Four Refinery Upgrade Projects. Octane Week, XXIII (11), Retrieved January 10, 2009, from ABI/INFORM Trade & Industry database. (Document ID: 1455081191).

Nutrition as a Means of
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he white paper cites several other studies as the basis for the argument, but does not provide a Reference List

Quendler, S. "Link Between Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Academic Achievement." Vienna University, Austria. (August, 2002): 1-2/. Available at Accessed 23 October 2008.

his study confirmed the connection between poor nutrition and academic performance. It also identified low-income children as being at particular risk of poor nutrition. his study supports the need for programs to improve childhood nutritional status.

Schultz, . "

Productive Benefits of Health: Evidence from Low-Income Countries,"

IZA Discussion Papers 1482, Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA). (2005). Available at

Investment behavior and combined income of two people makes it difficult to link better health with economic prosperity. Heterogeneity in the sample also affected the survey results. his study highlights some of the factors that may affect this research study.

homas, D. And Frankenberg, E.…

This study found that workplace meal programs can prevent micronutrient deficiencies, reducing the number of chronic diseases in the workplace. This study found that investments in better worker nutrition increased productivity by as much as 20% and improved workplace morale. This study provides an excellent foundation for the current research study.

Washington State Department of Health. "Employer-Based Health and Productivity Program." Available from: Accessed 23 October 2008.

This website highlights an initiative by the Washington State Department of Health, which provides grants to help employers offers wellness programs. The focus of these wellness programs is on increasing physical activity and providing healthy food choices. The purpose of the program is to prevent chronic disease, thus increasing work productivity. This program could be a model for similar programs in the future.

West Nile Virus Emerging Infectious
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Worldwide, the distribution pattern of WNV is mainly found in the northern, eastern and southern regions of Africa, parts of Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and South Asia. On a global scale, mortality rate of diseases caused by WNV human infection could range from 2.4% to as high as 47% (Bourne, 2011). In the United States, CDC reports its latest (2011) data showing that there have been a total of 432 WNV infections reported as of October 2011. Sixty-seven percent of this reported human infections are neuroinvasive cases (encephalitis / meningitis), while about 5% resulted to death. Across states, California has the most number of cases of WNV human infection at 87 cases (20%), followed by Mississippi as far second (46 cases, or 11% of total reported cases). The prevalence of WNV human infection in these states reflects the virus' characteristic as thriving in tropical / temperate regions. CDC has not…


Bourne, D. (2011). "West Nile Virus Disease." Available at:

"Epidemic/Epizootic West Nile Virus in the United States: Guidelines for Surveillance, Prevention and Control." (2003). Center for Disease Control (CDC) Website. Available at: 

Mostashari, F., Bunning, M. And Kitsutani, P. (1999). "Epidemic West Nile Encephalitis: Results of a household-based seroseroepidemiological survey." In Lancet 2001; 358. Center for Disease Control Website. Available at:

Finance an Investor Choosing Between Two Different
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An investor choosing between two different companies must undertake several steps in order to determine the best investment. In addition to understanding the industry of the company from a strategic perspective, a thorough financial analysis should be conducted. The strategic analysis will help to understand the underlying trends of the financial assessment. The financial analysis should include a ratio analysis, and should focus on the key areas of liquidity, solvency, leverage and profitability. In addition, the performance of the company's equity should be analyzed, particularly in relation to the company's financial performance. This will help to determine if the current share price is good value. This report will analyze two different companies -- Marks & Spencer and Tullow Oil -- using these criteria. There will also be a brief corporate social reporting analysis.

Marks & Spencer Overview

M&S is a department store retailer based in the UK, but operating…

Works Cited:

Marks & Spencer 2010 Annual Report. Retrieved February 11, 2011 from

Yahoo! Finance: Marks & Spencer. Retrieved February 11, 2011 from (2011). Retrieved February 11, 2011 from 

Yahoo! Finance: Tullow Oil. Retrieved February 11, 2011 from

SARA Lee Company
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Stakeholders in the Product Market at Sara Lee Company

Stakeholders are often considered the lifeline of a company. They share a common interest in the health and well being of a company and often support a company financially and morally. Within any organization key stakeholders include individuals and groups within the organization that have a 'stake' in the well-being or overall success of the organization. Stakeholder's aim is to make sure a company deliver positive results and remain viable through its product and service offerings. Stakeholders often have much say in an organizations daily functioning. They may influence the products or services that a company offers and may influence programs or organizational systems. Key stakeholders at Sara Lee come primarily from within the company.

They key players at Sara Lee include members of management and employees but also some external clients including suppliers. Other stakeholders that may share a vested…


"HP services transition and transformation methodology -- Managing the move to an outsourced environment." (2005). 1, Oct, 2005:

HEROS, Inc. (2003). "Stakeholder." 1, Oct, 2005: http://www.heros-

Thomas Wolfe It Was He
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Many expatriates are able to find large communities of their own nationalities far flung from their homes, and this in another significant factor in the choice of expatriates to stay away from home (United Nations, 2006).

When people of any origin begin to build their own community in a new place, it is harder for them to move away from that which has become safe and familiar.

Perhaps, of all people, the African-Americans who were originally brought to the new world as slaves suffer from not being truly able to return home again. Brought to a country against their will, forced to take on names unfamiliar to their tongue and work for men who claimed dominance and supremacy above them, the African-American population is quite possibly the most interesting diaspora of all. The Museum of African Diaspora provides and interesting look into a culture trying to regain itself, by slave…


Mulcahy, M. & Fitzgibbon, M.T. The Voice of the Irish People: Songs and History of Ireland. Dublin: O'Brien Press. 1982

Swift, R. The historiography of the Irish in nineteenth century Britain, in P. O'Sullivan (ed). The Irish World Wide: History, Heritage, and Identity: Volume 2, the Irish in the New Communities, p.53.1992

No Author Noted. International migration and development. SECOND COMMITTEE of the 61st SESSION of the GENERAL ASSEMBLY. Migration and development.

Accessed via the Internet on 23 October 2006 at

Kennedy Hickman N D the Entebbe Raid Codenamed
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Kennedy Hickman (n.d.) the Entebbe raid codenamed "operation thunderbolt" started when, on the 27th of June in 1976, a French aircraft left Tel Aviv for Paris. The craft was hijacked at Athens allegedly by the two members of Popular Front for liberation of Palestine and two others from German's evolutionary cells. It was flown to Uganda where they were welcomed by Idi Amin. Most of the hostages were released but the Israelis, Jews and the crews were kept. The terrorists wanted all the Palestinians held in Israeli and other parts of the world released by the 1st of July. On the night of 3rd July, a rescue mission under the command of Colonel Yoni Netanyahu arrived in Entebbe rescuing more than one hundred hostages. In the process, three hostages, forty five Ugandan soldiers and Netanyahu were killed.

International coordination in counterterrorism operation

Bruce Newsome (2003) says that international coordination requires…


Anonymous. (2001). Jerusalem post retrieved on 24th October 2012 from 

Bruce, N. (2003). Expatriate Games: Interorganizational Coordination and International Counterterrorism Studies in Conflict & Terrorism retrived on October, 24th, 2012 from 

Eileen, S. (2004). Counter-Terrorism Measures and the Impact on International Human Rights Standards in the Field of Criminal Justice: Unpublished manuscript

Kennedy, H. (n.d.), retrieved on October, 23rd, 2012 from

How Is AIDS Related to African Politics
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AIDS and Politics in African

Aside from Malaria and other life threatening diseases, AIDS constitutes one of the major concerns within the African continent. One of the reasons behind this concern is the fact that HIV / AIDS is responsible for causing many deaths in this part of the world. ith close to 70% of people living with HIV / AIDS in the entire globe coming from Africa, the magnitude of the problem in the continent cannot be overemphasized (UNAIDS 1). Political participation in matters as serious as this cannot go without being noticed. Politics in Africa is part of the HIV / AIDS epidermis and plays a role not only in the prevention of the diseases but also in its causes among other dynamics. The politics of Aids however is not limited to government and political entities and neither does it emanate from Africa alone. The participation of such…

Works Cited

Akukwe, Chinua, HIV / AIDS in Africa: Politics, Policies, Programs and Logistics, Atlanta, GA: the Perspective, 2003

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Goliber Thomas, Africa's Political Response to HIV / AIDS, Washington D.C: Population Reference Bureau, 2012

Impact HIV AIDS Has on Governance in Botswana
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HIV / AIDS Implication in African Governance

Implications of HIV / AIDS on Botswana's Governance

This dissertation paper is a research study that foresees on the governance structure of African nations, in particular, Botswana. The country has had a declining development on the improvements being instigated in government. This has been attributed to ht increasing rates of HIV / AIDS in the country; more so, it has been rated top among nations with the highest rate of HIV / AIDS infection. This paper raises concerns being implicated on in the social and economic aspects of Botswana government structure and Africa in general. The future is also prospected with a close analysis on the disease's trend in the country, and the importance of reducing the rate of infection for the betterment of governance.

Impact of HIV / AIDS on Botswana's Governance


Governance is the act of utilizing institutional resources in…


Adepoju, A., Naerssen, A. L & Zoomers, E.B. 2008. International migration and national development in Sub-Saharan Africa. New York: BRILL.

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EPub. 2002. Botswana: Selected Issues and Statistical Appendix. New York: International Monetary Fund.

UN Security Council
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UN Security Council

Proliferation of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons to terrorist organizations is inarguably one of the greatest menaces threatening international peace and security today.[footnoteef:1] Since the turn of the century, this sentiment has grown in strength across the world, and as a countermeasure to this threat, in 2004, the United Nations Security Council passed esolution 1540 to combat the dangerous nexus between the spread of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and terrorism. Adopted under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, the esolution mandates that all member states criminalizes and put into place a national enforcement system to deter and punish proliferation activities. Additionally, provisions under esolution 1540 entail physical safety and security measures, as well as the adoption of border and export controls to detect, deter, prevent, and combat illicit trafficking. [1: During the 2010 Washington, DC Nuclear Security Summit, the United States President Barack Obama stated that…


AG/RES. 2333 (XXXVII-O/07) Support for Implementation at the Hemispheric Level of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1540 (2004)," adopted at the fourth plenary session (June 5, 2007); ASEAN Regional Forum,

Charter of the United Nations, chp. VIII, art. 52.

Fawcett, p. 3; UN Secretary-General's remarks to the Security Council debate on the role of regional and sub-regional organizations in the maintenance of international peace and security New York, 6 November 2007.

How Globalization Can Be the Source of Conflict and Peace
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Conflict with Getting Minerals from the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) is Important to China's Economy

Globalization is a significant part of the business world. It offers many opportunities for change and growth, and helps people connect to one another even if they are across the world from each other. eing able to buy something from the next town over or the other side of the world can make a person very happy, and can also help companies expand and gain new clients. However, what the person is buying and where the items are coming from is very important. Some globalization has resulted in a desire for items that are coming from countries where the people are not being treated well. When that happens, it can be a serious violation of human rights and can cause a significant number of problems in the country from which the items are being…


Eichstaedt, Peter (2011). Consuming the Congo: War and Conflict Minerals in the World's Deadliest Place. Chicago: Chicago Review Press.

Ma, Tiffany. (2013). China and Congo's Coltan Connection. Project 2049 Institute: 1-7.

Magistad, Mary Kay (2011). Slideshow: Why Chinese Mineral Buyers are Eyeing Congo. Retrieved from 

Meale, David. (2009). China's Quest for Resources in Africa: Emerging Opportunities for New U.S. Policy Approaches. The Industrial College of the Armed Forces: 1-52.

Religion and Wars
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relationship exists between difference of religion and the occurrence of civil wars within societies. The relationship between religious groups to society can be defined against the backdrop of war. Powerful emotions surround both conflict and military conflict (Yinger, 1946). A direct relationship has been recognized for several year regarding religion and violence. Students of organized religion "have frequently pointed out the ease with which most church leaders shift, at the outbreak of war, from an explicit antiwar position to a vigorous pro-war policy" (Yinger, p. 176). However, despite the seemingly strong tie between religion and war, it is critical to also acknowledge that while religion seems a backdrop for many wars, many other factors have contributed as well. Political aspirations and agendas have had as much to do with war as religion. The complex intermingling of these many different factors will be explored in greater detail below.

ecent research suggests…


Allen, John L. (N.D.) "As Vatican Calls for Peace, diplomat plans defense of 'preventive war.' {Online} Available: 

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Chandler, D.G. (1996). "The English Civil Wars, 'Islam vs. Christianity'." Atlas of Military Strategy. Boston: Sterline Publishing Company. Pp.30-33., 54-55

Drinking With Younger Jews
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Paenting Style Influence on Excess Alcohol Intake Among Jewish Youth


Maste of Science, Mental Health Counseling, College, Januay, 2008

Clinical Psychology

Anticipated; Decembe, 2016

The health hazads that ae associated with adolescent alcohol use ae well documented, and thee is gowing ecognition among policymakes and clinicians alike that moe needs to be done to addess this public health theat. The pupose of this study will be to examine the effects of diffeent paenting styles on alcohol consumption levels among Jewish college students in the United States. The study daws on attachment theoy, social leaning theoy, and a paenting style model as the main theoetical famewoks to evaluate the effects of diffeent paenting styles on alcohol consumption levels among Jewish adolescents to develop infomed answes to the study's thee guiding eseach questions concening the elationship between peceived paenting style and excess alcohol use of male, Jewish, college students aged 18-26…

references to gender.

Scoring: The PAQ is scored easily by summing the individual items to comprise the subscale scores. Scores on each subscale range from 10 to 50.

Author: Dr. John R. Buri, Department of Psychology, University of St. Thomas, 2115

Summit Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55105.

Source: Buri, J.R. (1991). Parental Authority Questionnaire, Journal of Personality and Social Assessment, 57, 110-119

art analysis of book of mormon play
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theater and particularly its musical performances, have changed dramatically over the years. Their tone and style have reflected historical and cultural changes as well as shifts in attitudes toward musical theater. Recent productions like Book of Mormon and Hamilton would have been inconceivable just a generation ago. Broadway musicals are unique in that they straddle the line between popular and high culture. They have popular culture appeal, packed within the fine art of theater. In some ways, musical theater is a popular culture version of the opera. Broadway theater has matured and expanded its repertoire considerably, moving from the relatively limited domain of Steven Sondheim and Andrew Lloyd eber productions towards a more diverse and creative one. As Lewis points out, "How sadly limiting that was; it surely took some kind of toll on alternative voices trying to break free of cliche expectations," (2). Broadway has broken free, finally, and…

Works Cited

Lewis, David H. Broadway Musicals. Mcfarland, 2002.

Perpetua, Matthew. "The Book of Mormon,' Triumphs at the Tony Awards." Rolling Stone. Retrieved online: 

Schutte, Harm K. and Donald G. Miller. "Belting and Pop, Nonclassical Approaches to the Female middle voice: Some preliminary considerations." Journal of Voice, Vol 7, No. 2, 1993, pp. 142-150.

Stone, Matt and Parker, Trey. Book of Mormon.

Zika Outbreak in Americas
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Zika Virus

The author of this report has been asked to summarize and recite the main points of two scholarly offerings that both relate to the Zika virus. One of those is a presentation that was given by Ms. Carter and the other is a scholarly article that pertains to the same. Items that will be covered include where the virus originated from, the type of mosquitos that carry the virus, the number of cases that have been seen in the United States and a few other things. Of course, there will be a good amount of overlap between the presentation's facts and figures and what is seen from the scholarly article. While there is still a lot that is not known about the Zika virus, where it came from and what it can do, what is already known to this point is quite intriguing and scary.


As noted…


Zika virus outbreaks in the Americas. (2015). Relevea Eapideamiologique Hebdomadaire / Section

D'hygiene Du Secreatariat De La Socieatea Des Nations = Weekly Epidemiological Record /

Health Section Of The Secretariat Of The League Of Nations, 90(45), 609-610.

Words: 2302 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39910594
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Depression is a state of sadness and gloom where one feels dull and overwhelmed by the challenges of life. People tend to say that they are "depressed' any time they feel very unhappy. More likely than not, it could just be a mere response to fatigue, sad thoughts or events. This improper use of this term causes confusion between an ordinary mood swing and a medical condition. While it is normal for all human beings to experience dejection every now and then, a few people may experience unipolar depression. Ordinary dejection is rarely serious enough to significantly affect a person's day to day activities and does not persist for long. Mood downcasts can even have some benefits. Time spent contemplating can help an individual explore their inner self, values and way of life. They often come out of it feeling stronger, resolved and with a greater sense of clarity.



Comer, R. (2013). Abnormal Psychology (8th ed.). New York: Worth Publishers.

Bolton, P., Bass, J., Neugebauer, R., Verdeli, H., Clougherty, K. F., Wickramaratne, P.,. ..& Weissman, M. (2003). Group interpersonal psychotherapy for depression in rural Uganda: a randomized controlled trial. Jama, 289(23), 3117-3124. Retrieved from 

Dombrovski, A. Y., Lenze, E. J., Dew, M. A., Mulsant, B. H., Pollock, B. G., Houck, P. R., & Reynolds, C. F. (2007). Maintenance Treatment for Old-Age Depression Preserves Health-Related Quality of Life: A Randomized, Controlled Trial of Paroxetine and Interpersonal Psychotherapy. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 55(9), 1325-1332. Retrieved from 

Elder, B. L., &Mosack, V. (2011). Genetics of depression: an overview of the current science. Issues in mental health nursing, 32(4), 192-202. Retrieved from

Western Law
Words: 2921 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 96171582
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History Of the estern Law

Meaning - in legal terms - for nations to "stay the hand of vengeance"

Justice Robert Jackson, while delivering his opening speech in November 1945 during the infamous Nuremberg trials for war offenses, enjoined the leaders of the Allied forces to "stay the hand of vengeance and voluntarily submit their captive enemies to the judgment of the law" (Bass, 424). According to Jackson, doing this would be "one of the most significant tributes that Power has ever paid to Reason." The combining factor in the winner's retribution in events like the botched trials at Constantinople and Leipzig after the first orld ar, the orld ar II Nuremberg trials, the Napoleon story and the on-going trial of the rulers of the Slobodan Milosevic's empire all point to an appreciation of the legal sector which has been well defined as "fixation on a process, a sense that…

Works cited

Bass, Gary Jonathan. Stay the hand of vengeance: the politics of war crimes tribunals. Princeton University Press, 2000. Print.

Chemerinsky, Erwin. "Fifty Years of Constitutional Law: What's Changed?" Utah Law Review, no. 5, 2016, p. 689. Web.

Fletcher, Laurel E., Harvey M. Weinstein, Patrick Vinck, and Phuong N. Pham. "Stay the hand of justice: whose priorities take priority?" Berkeley Law, (2010). Print.

Goldstone, Richard. For humanity: Reflections of a war crimes investigator. Yale University Press, 2000. Print.

The Zika Virus Threat to the United States
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Zika, that was identified accidentally in Uganda in 1947 in the midst of insect and primate monitoring, had so far stayed as a hidden virus limited to a slim equatorial belt functioning along Africa and running into Parts of Asia. Not much is known with regards to ZIKV’s release in the US. Phylogenetic studies suggest that the virus originated with the French Polynesian ZIKV force came into Brazil around May and Dec of 2013.

The unparalleled dimension and impact from the ZIKV pandemic within the Americas could be the all-natural consequence of a unique release right into a big populace without having preexisting immune system; Much like the Americas, the communities of Yap Tropical island and French. The seriousness of results in latest breakouts, in comparison with previous findings of moderate illness, has directed a few to hypothesize that this virus seems to have mutated to become much more…

Doctors Without Borders and Clean Water Crisis
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Clean Water Crisis
Every human being on earth necessitates at least 20 to 50 liters of clean, safe water on an everyday basis for the purposes of drinking, cooking, and basically maintaining themselves to be clean. However, there is a significant need for clean water in countries. In the contemporary setting, statistics indicate that 1 in 9 individuals lack accessibility to clean and safe water ( There are 844 million people across the globe that are presently living without access to clean water. This lack of clean water has resulted in a health crisis as it causes diseases. Notably, access to safe water leads to poor sanitation, which consequently adds to deteriorated health and increases the spread of infectious diseases. The inference of this is that it results in increased child and mortality rates. Statistics further indicate that every 2 minutes in the present day, a child does because…

Conflict Mapping in South Sudan
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Conflict Mapping in South Sudan 7
1. An outlook of South Sudan
The Republic of South Sudan is the world’s youngest country that gained independence in 2011 but remains underdeveloped and plagued by civil war (Blanchard, 2016). South Sudan is an Eastern African landlocked country sharing borders with Sudan Uganda, Central Africa Republic, Kenya, DRC Congo, and Ethiopia. South Sudan is a resource-rich country with oil contributing to the largest share of the country’s GDP (King 2015). The country is a leading resource-rich country in Sub-Saharan Africa hosting the third largest oil reserves in the region. The country’s population is projected at 13.8 million 72% of the population aged below 30 years. South Sudan is characterized by ethnic diversity and accounts 60 diverse major ethnic groups with the Dinka accounting for 35.8% and the Nuer accounting for 15.6 % being the largest ethnic groups. However, it’s estimated that there are…

International Institutions and Ngos Actionaid
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CTUR is an organization that was instituted in the year 1987 and brings together labor lawyers, unionists, reporters, and academics. Since its formation it has set up national committees in every continent and a global network of its members. t should be noted that this is a non-profit making organization and has the sole responsibility of protecting, improving and defending the rights of its members worldwide.

The main aims of this organization include defending and extending the rights of trade unions, and gather information and raise awareness of trade union rights and their infringements. This organization came as an answer to the cry of many unions with regard to the infringement of their rights by employers which include legal threat and violence. it's accreditation in 1993 came as a result of the recognition of its importance in defending the rights of trade unions and their members.

Structure and Funding


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Death Penalty Is One of
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Additionally, although Uniform Crime eports states that women are responsible for approximately 15% of all criminal homicides, the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that they only comprise 1% of all death row inmates. According to the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, more than 33% of these women were sentenced to death for killing their abusers. Equally disturbing is the fact that, according to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, only 10% of those convicted in capital cases were could afford to hire their own attorneys. Because of the disparities with which the death penalty is applied, the House of Delegates of the American Bar Association, in a vote of 280 to 117, issued a request for a suspension on all executions because they believed the system in place was "a haphazard maze of unfair practices" (The New York Times, 1997, A 20).

Perhaps the most popular argument…


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Improving the Quality of Medical
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This is particularly the case in sub-Saharan Africa where clinicians have often come to rely on signs and symptoms alone to make diagnoses." (Nicoll, Walraven, Kigadye, Klokke, 1995)

The laboratory environment is critical to administering testing to determine population rates of HIV / AIDS throughout nations and perhaps continents where the lacking of resources facilitates a substandard environment for care. In the case of the African nation of Mozambique, which perhaps can be understood as a case indicative of the environmental assessment one would find throughout Africa and therefore, can be labelled to be a median statistical nation. A nation representing the median would indicate that half of the population nations that are categorized as resourced deficient, half would be above Mozambique in terms of resource allocation and half would fall below.

esearch into the quality of HIV / AIDS case-detection and case-reporting system in Mozambique was conducted by (Chilundo,…


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Top Al-Qai'da Leaders Living or
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Richard Reid

Richard Reid, better known as the "shoe bomber" has nearly eight charges held against him. He was arrested as a result of his efforts to demolish a commercial flight using bombs concealed in his shoes. Richard was born in London in 1973. He had a Jamaican father who was in prison for a majority of his childhood. The early separation of his parents reflects family dysfunctionality. Even though he had been educated in one of UK's better schools, the lack of proper family support subjected him to getting involved in several crimes. An interracial background might have resulted in adjustment problems in an environment dominated by whites. He was imprisoned several times, and accepted Islam while at Feltham young offender's institution. On his release Reid became a part in the London based, Brixton Mosque. He made an effort to get involved in mosque proceedings but ended up getting…

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Infant Male Circumcision Male Infant
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According to this professional, circumcisions that are competently performed under local anaesthesia cause no more pain or harm than an immunisation injection. Furthermore, male circumcision ahs shown benefits such as the reduction of sexually transmitted infections such as the human pailloma virus, chancroid and syphilis. She also cites studies that indicated a reduced risk of HIV infection in males who have been circumcised.

Indeed, there are quite humane ways to circumcise infants with the minimal amount of stress and pain today. Furthermore, cultural and religious reasons for performing the ritual cannot be discarded. Particularly when done under the correct and most humane possible circumstances, cultural practices should not be prohibited.

Having said this, and considering the issue from all viewpoints, however, the fact remains that infant male circumcision is the removal of part of the human body without the consent of its owner, the child. It carries significant risks, especially…


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Economics Is the Name of
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Inevitably, the level of economic development has a direct contact with the marketing strategy of a company. Basically a company's marketing strategy is a mixture of three things which are distribution, promotion and pricing.

Companies usually make its marketing strategies according to the level of economic development in both the multinational and global context. For a developed country, the organizations have an idea that promotion and pricing strategies will be crucial for them merely to accelerate the level of their earnings. There can be a marginal difference between the standardized form of marketing and local method of marketing. Standardized form of marketing compel the organizations to facilitate the consumers in the same way as they wanted while the domestic marketing makes their own rules of entertaining the consumers, this is the main thing why the standardized form is more productive than the domestic form. Standardized form of marketing includes tailoring…

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Nation's Economic Development Can Depend
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Citizens in the region's poorest countries, Paraguay and Honduras, make just above $4,000 per year, while those in the wealthiest countries, Chile and Mexico, make almost $15,000. The institutional legacy in the region is one clouded by inequality and corruption. In its brief on the region, the World Bank emphasizes the role of institutional development to alleviate poverty among vulnerable groups, a result in part of the lasting legacy of inequality due to colonial influences.

Asia. This region ranges widely from very poor nations such as Nepal (GDPpc of $1,100) to very wealthy nations like ingapore ($51,600). Because colonial dominance of this region was carried out by a relatively few European settlers, it was ultimately incomplete, leaving many of the region's own institutions intact or enhanced. The World Bank's comments on how governments across the region are reacting to the recent economic turndown are in line with an expectation that…

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Appendix 1

Relation Between IPRI and GDP Per Capita by Region

Source: International Property Rights Index, 2009. (

World Health and Globalization the
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The text identifies one practical reason that this is the case, indicating that "One of the particularly threatening aspects of this compression of time is that people can now cross continents in periods of time shorter than the incubation periods of most diseases. This means that, in some cases, travelers can depart from their point of origin, arrive at their destination, and begin infecting people without even knowing that they are sick." (3) This means that an epidemic can be spread from multiple "ground zero" locations before it is even clear that the condition in question has come to reflect so significant a threat of proliferation. To the practical interests of preventing the disease's further spread, this denotes a real and substantial challenge to public health and safety administrators in the developed world. Quite to this point, the text reveals that the United States has experienced a greater level of…

Open Skies Agreements on Domestic
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S. domestic carriers are at period in the industry's history when these factors are already beleaguered by downturns in the global economy, increasing competition from international carriers, and the aforementioned high costs of energy.

Chapter 2: The Impact of Open Skies Agreements on Domestic and International Carriers

Under an open skies agreement, both signatories to the agreement enjoy open access to international airline routes between the two countries as well as eliminating virtually all domestic restrictions on international carriers (Lick, 1998). In an effort to develop more closely integrated pricing and route schedules, signatories to these agreements typically also seek to gain immunity from national antitrust laws (Commercial aviation: Legacy airlines must further reduce costs to restore profitability, 2004). The U.S. Department of Transportation reviews these types of airline alliances from an antitrust perspective and refuses to approval an alliance without a reciprocal open skies agreement with the foreign airline's…


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