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Values Conflict Universities Provide an Amazing Opportunity

Words: 832 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79727496

Values Conflict

Universities provide an amazing opportunity for both growth and development in regards to academic development. Universities in particular provide a means of providing a stable and more robust income for individuals seeking a particular specialization. The University of Phoenix, in particular, has a unique method of teaching and providing a quality educational experience. Small class sizes, online specialization, and knowledgeable professors all make the university experience all the more manageable. However, I personally have experienced conflict of values that undermine the overall university experience. This conflict pertains mainly to the notion of academic honesty. I have encountered instances where many of the university values would be compromised by actions. Cheating is particularly important in a university setting. As such, having strong values and convictions regarding cheating is important within the overall university setting (Stuart, 2006).

The experience, looking back, was not unique to me. In fact, many students…… [Read More]


1) Stuart P. Green. (2006). Lying, Cheating, and Stealing: A Moral Theory of White Collar Crime. Oxford University Press.
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Apollo Group Inc - University

Words: 2040 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 99713204

Potential for denial of service attacks.

Section 4. ecommendation.

Based on the company's current adult student enrollment percentages and identified trends and opportunities, it is recommended that Apollo Group, Inc. more aggressively pursue the domestic 46 years-and-over market which currently stands at just over 10%. As Arsenault and Anderson (1998) emphasize, "The needs, interests, and expectations of retiring baby boomers will be significantly different than those of their parents and grandparents. Future generations of elders will seek continued personal growth in their retirement years, and hence the demand for educational programs and services designed to meet the needs of older adults will intensify" (p. 27). The positive aspects of this recommendation include the fact that this segment of the American population is growing more rapidly than most others and as Arsenault and Anderson point out, "Older adult learners are in an envious position because many have the luxury of enrolling…… [Read More]


About Apollo Group. (2008). Apollo Group, Inc. [Online]. Available:

Apollo Group profile. (2008). Yahoo! Finance. [Online]. Available: .

Arsenault, N. & Anderson, G. (1998). New learning horizons for older adults. JOPERD -- the Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, 69(3), 27-28.

Dohm, a. (2000). Gauging the labor force effects of retiring baby-boomers. Monthly Labor Review, 123(7), 17.
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For-Profit Colleges

Words: 1742 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88659726

Profit Colleges

"hy do you think they are called for-profit colleges:"

The big business of (not) educating students 'You need a college degree.' This is the conventional wisdom articulated in today's society, where job prospects remain scarce, despite the softening economy. On average, "unemployment is still far lower for the college-educated than for high school graduates (10%) and those without high school diplomas (15.7%)," and the most severe effects of the recession were felt in the manufacturing and construction sectors, typically the areas of the economy which offer the brightest prospects to non-college degree holders (Davidson 2010). orries about one's viability in the job market have driven many workers to seek out higher education in nontraditional formats. Few adults have the ability to afford a traditional four-year school and balance the needs of home and work. Online, for-profit colleges or nighttime schools may seem the ideal solution. On the surface,…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Carey, Kevin. "Why do you think they're called for-profit colleges?" Chronicle of Higher

Education. 25 Jul 2011. [4 Mar 2010]. 

Davidson, Paul. "Unemployment rate for college grads is highest since 1970." USA Today.
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Video Flight of the Phoenix 2004 IT's

Words: 2165 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43382826

video "Flight Of the Phoenix (2004)." It's 7 questions base movie. The 6 answer 1 page 2 pages. The project-based leadership innovation point questions answered. You download movie website: http://filehippo.

Flight of the Phoenix - Leadership


John Moore's 2004 motion picture Flight of the Phoenix relates to an account involving leadership styles and individuals who take on attitudes that make them more or less worthy of being considered leaders by the persons that they interact with. The fact that the plane's crew members are confused and unable to take attitude in critical conditions surrounding the plane's crash influences them in turning to the Captain as a result of his position and because of his authoritarian atittude. This actually set the path for later events involving Towns, as most of the group's members got accustomed to the idea that he had no problems imposing his point-of-view when the situation arose.…… [Read More]

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Members Learning Team Use University Phoenix Material

Words: 1671 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 17980532

members Learning Team. Use University Phoenix Material, "Case Study Analysis Peer eview Form," located Week Three student website a guide reviews.

This paper is a peer review of two students' case analysis papers. The paper analyzes the writer's thesis, their ability to stay on topic, and their conclusion styles. Each peer review ends by providing suggestions on how the students can make their papers have a better impact on the reader.

Peer eview for Case Study Analysis

eviewer question: What is the author's thesis?

The thesis for the case analysis is: "The challenges that are keeping Carl's new hires from starting are not enough copies of the orientation manual for the 15 new hires, missing pages fro the orientation manuals, applications were not completed and transcripts were not sent to clinic for mandatory drug screening. In addition, the room used for the orientation has been reserved for computer training seminars…… [Read More]


Duong, Amyiee. (2012). Case Study Analysis Paper. Provided by client at Student

Resources Network.

Parker, Ryan. (2012). Case Study ABC Inc. Provided by client at Student Resources

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Arizona State University

Words: 1270 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61273520

Arizona State University (ASU) is a leading metropolitan research international institution in the United States that is committed to excellence in teaching, research, and public service. Established in Tempe in 1885 by a legislative act, ASU was initially formed as a teachers college. The core of the Tempe campus was a 20-acre cow pasture donated by leading citizens who desired an institution to educate public school teachers and offer instruction to their children in agriculture and mechanical arts.

In 2002, Michael M. Crow became the University's sixteenth president. In his inaugural address, he outlined his vision for the transformation of the school into a prototype for a new American university. This future institution will be a comprehensive research university that continues its academic excellence as well as have a strong commitment to social, economic, cultural, and environmental issues to meet the needs of the growing Phoenix area. The city has…… [Read More]

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Learning Styles and College Students

Words: 4864 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 64521808

Community Colleges in America

In 1983 and 1984, a dozen major reports on the United States' schools were published. All stressed the need for "excellence" in education. These reports are the subject of: Excellence in Education: Perspectives on Policy and Practice. The reports pertaining to higher education were published by The BusinessHigher Education Forum, and saw higher education as "unable to train skilled managers and technicians that they believed industry needed." (Altbach 32) These reports essentially claim that student achievement has declined at technical schools because schools "do not demand enough of their students, do not apply stiff criteria for promotion, do not test students enough, and particularly in high school, provide students with too many choices about what subjects they study." (Altbach 32) These reports are somewhat dated in that they compare American students with Japanese students and focus on technical proficiency vs. The intuitive grasp of problems and…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Altbach, Philip G., Gail P. Kelly, and Lois Weis, eds. Excellence in Education: Perspectives on Policy and Practice. Buffalo, NY: Prometheus Books, 1985.

Baker, George A., Judy Dudziak, and Peggy Tyler, eds. A Handbook on the Community College in America: Its History, Mission, and Management. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1994.

Diaz, David P., and Ryan B. Cartnal. "Students' Learning Styles in Two Classes Online Distance Learning and Equivalent On-Campus." College Teaching 47.4 (1999): 130-135.

Miller, Richard I., Charles Finley, and Candace Shedd Vancko. Evaluating, Improving, and Judging Faculty Performance in Two-Year Colleges. Westport, CT: Bergin & Garvey, 2000.
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Worn Path Old Phoenix in

Words: 689 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93580975

With a cane, she is able to make a long walk from her home to the hospital, and only needs someone to tie her shoe because she cannot, because she is using a cane.

The tale is set in winter, in the South, after the Civil War. The lack of respect shown towards the poor woman who has walked so far may have a great deal to do with her race as well as her poverty and lack of education. Phoenix says she "never did go to school, I was too old at the Surrender." Notice that Phoenix calls the end of the Civil War 'the surrender' as many proud Southerners might which suggests the Southern point-of-view the 'correct' side surrendered, rather than simply saying that the war ended. The doctor also says: "She makes these trips just as regular as clockwork," reflecting the Southern dialect of the setting and…… [Read More]

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Perceptual Maps Complete Simulation Login Phoenix Username

Words: 1076 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61492026

Perceptual Maps

complete simulation login phoenix. username shannont7426 password 07071983st. click classroom tab page week 4 simulation complete assignment: Complete simulation, Using Perceptual Maps Marketing, located student website.

Simulation: CruiserThorr

The situation

The situation profiled in the case study is that of CruiserThorr, a motorcycle company that once had an illustrious reputation, but has since fallen upon hard times. CruiserThorr is known for its dominance of the 'luxury' motorcycle market, offering high-powered vehicles to baby boomers. However, these consumers are gradually 'aging out' of the motorcycle market. Either they are no longer riding at all, or they have decided not to acquire as many new vehicles as they did previously. This means that CruiserThorr must find a way to lure in younger consumers and encourage them to identify with its brand. However, these potential buyers are often a bit reluctant to purchase one of the company's vehicles because of price…… [Read More]

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Oxford Brookes University Bsc Hons in Applied

Words: 7607 Length: 24 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73474891

Oxford Brookes University BSc (Hons) in Applied

Accounting esearch and Analysis Project

An Analysis of the Business and Financial Performance of StarHub Group from 2008 to 2010

Topic chosen and for the reason

For the basis of my Oxford Brookes University degree research and analysis project (AP) is project, the topic selected was number 8, "The business and financial performance of organisation over the three years period." This selection is due in large part to my ultimate dream job of being a professional financial analyst and the environment in which the Singaporean telecommunications industry is developing. For instance, Chong and Chow emphasize that, "Asia's telecommunications market has long been viewed as lucrative and fast growing. The value of the Asian market is estimated at $180 billion, while a recent study shows that the "Asia-Pacific excluding Japan has been the fastest growing information and communications technology market, moving at a compound…… [Read More]


Anderson, M. (2010, August) 'Gearing.' ACCA Student Accountant.

Bragg, S.M. (2007) Business Ratio and Formulas, 2nd Ed. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Chong, R. & Chow W. (1999) 'Financing Telecommunications Projects in Asia: A Promising

Regulatory Perspective.' Federal Communications Law Journal, vol. 52, no. 1, p. 1.
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Program Implementation in Phoenix

Words: 997 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87651000

program proposal like this would require an amount of $700,000. There would be at least three main positions: a field manager, an accountant, and a grant coordinator to ask the government to fund such a program. It would be centered in a city close to the southern border like the city of Phoenix. Law enforcement considers Phoenix, in recent years, to be a major distribution center for human smuggling and narcotics activity operations. This is due to the city's close proximity to the border between the U.S. and Mexico. In fact, the American government considers Phoenix to be the "Kidnapping Capital" within the U.S. with Mexico City being a close second. Therefore, the program will focus on observations and lookouts to determine if criminal activities are taking place within Phoenix. The people responsible for such criminal activity are known to wear police insignias, are dressed in tactical gear, and are…… [Read More]


Maxfield, M., & Babbie, E. (2014). Research methods for criminal justice and criminology (7th ed.). Belmont, Calif.: Cengage Learning.

Orr, S. (2013). Environmental policymaking and stakeholder collaboration (p. 73). CRC Press.

Wong, K., Meadows, L., Webb, F., & Young, S. (2013). The development and year one implementation of the Local Justice Reinvestment Pilot. Ministry Of Justice, 1. Retrieved from
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Education and How My Education Has Transformed

Words: 1210 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25883416

education, and how my education has transformed my life by improving my self-confidence, upgrading my skills, and expanding my opportunities for personal and career success. his reflection and evaluation paper analyzes critically the value of my education at the University of Phoenix. I will discuss where I was before commencing the program, where I was during the program, and where I expect to be after graduation. In addition to discussing the peculiarities associated with receiving an online degree, I will outline my short-term and long-term goals as they relate to my course of study.

Before I began my studies at the University of Phoenix, I received most of my life skills, professional training, and character building through the American military. he military helped me to discover my talents and preferences with regards to a career, and brought out both my strengths and weaknesses. My professional career was steeped in military…… [Read More]

The University of Phoenix has offered me a firm foundation for my education and career. I appreciate the instructors and the hard work they have put into developing the courses that are suitable for adults like me who need to learn about how to apply skills and training to the marketplace. With my University of Phoenix degree, I will become the qualified professional I envisioned for myself, will continually improve my skills, and will dedicate my life to helping others.


National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers (2013). Retrieved online:
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Founding in the Early 1970s

Words: 4261 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 60535328

As a result, the majority of recruiters mislead incoming students with false promises that results in unsatisfied customers. Recent DOE review conducted in the summer of 2003 have found that UOP's is not compliant with the igher Education Act, which makes it illegal for educational institutions like UOP to pay enrollment counselors compensation based solely upon obtaining enrollments. The DOE reports states that the UOP compensation system has cultivates and maintains a corporate culture of defiance of fiduciary duties.

Significant changes to this enrollment strategy must be achieved in order to gain public trust and reorient UOP's current practices. The first step is to change the educational and academic culture at UOP. The majority of UOP's programs, both online and offline has been criticized as severely lacking in both professionalism and academic value. Approximately 95% of UOP faculty is part time, as compared with 47% across all universities. As a…… [Read More]

How to Design a Strategic Planning System" (Sep-Oct 1998). Peter Lorange and Richard F. Vancil. Harvard Business Review, pp. 75-81).

Defining Corporate Strengths and Weaknesses" (Spring, 2004). Sloan Management Review, pp. 51-68.

Strategy (1998), 2nd Edition B.H. Liddell Hart. Frederick a. Praeger, Publishers.
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Online MBA Programs at the

Words: 949 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 73257892

Gallup also uses a series of validation checks to ensure the data is accurate and representative of the total population. Their methodology is among the most thorough of companies completing polls today. As a result, it is common for all the major networks to quote from Gallup surveys and the presidential election coverage also relies on the analyses of their research to define who the winner will be of the election. Based on the reliability of their research, their brand as a research provider is among the most trusted.

3. Any significant business decision requires input from a research project. Write a brief essay either defending this statement or refuting it.

The essence of any effective business decision is the mitigation of risk and the optimizing of opportunity. The greater the amount of relevant information, often acquired through primary research strategies, the greater the risk reduction. Therefore, it is imperative…… [Read More]


Bar-Isaac, H., G. Caruana, and V. Cunat. "Information Gathering and Marketing. " Journal of Economics & Management Strategy 19.2 (2010): 375. ABI/INFORM Global, ProQuest. Web. 25 Aug. 2010.

Joseph Ben-Ur, and Bruce I. Newman. "A marketing poll: an innovative approach to prediction, explanation and strategy. " European Journal of Marketing 44.3/4 (2010): 515.

Peter Kellner. "Can online polls produce accurate findings? " International Journal of Market Research 46.(2004): 3.

Robinson, C.. "Sampling People. " The Journal for Quality and Participation 31.3 (2008): 17-19.
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Future a Reflection Upon Where

Words: 1643 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 29829186

In the healthcare field teamwork has a very important place. Doctors and nurses must often work together, but these people must also work with assistants, PAs, volunteers, and administration. Working as a team makes things easier and they tend to also operate more smoothly, which is preferable no matter what business a person is engaged in.

What professional organization(s) have you or will you join? I currently belong to: The International Association of Administrative Professionals, the National Association of Health Unit Coordinators, and the Texas Association of Health Unit Coordinators. I intend to keep these memberships current, but have not made a decision as to whether I will join any other organizations at this time.

What conferences or workshop will you attend? Although I do not have anything specifically in mind, I intend to go to any conferences or workshops that I will be able to attend around my work/school…… [Read More]


Marion, R., & Uhl-Bien, M. (2001). Leadership in complex organizations, Leadership Quarterly, 12(4), 389-418.

Peterson, Cheryl a. 2001. Nursing Shortage: Not a simple problem - no easy answers. Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, Volume 6, Number 1, Manuscript 1. Retrieved at
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Enjoyable to Read While it

Words: 364 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 82491874

Tools include grammar and spelling checkpoints and proper citations styles. Moreover, writing tutors are always available to help students perfect their writing and correct common errors.

2. Complying with the American Psychological Association's (APA) formatting guidelines can be tricky when some teachers demand slight variations. Moreover, electronic media and other non-traditional sources of information can be difficult to cite properly. Books and journal articles are more straightforward. However, the APA format is common and all students should become familiar with it. Because I have written many papers in APA format, I have become familiar with it and when called for I use the format for all in-text citations and reference pages. The style encourages consistency in writing, and readers can easily locate the sources for the text when they are written in a clear format.


Dickens, T. (2004). University of Phoenix -- Writing Hints." etrieved Junly 3, 2007 at…… [Read More]


Dickens, T. (2004). University of Phoenix -- Writing Hints." Retrieved Junly 3, 2007 at

Our Learning Resources." (nd). University of Phoenix. Retrieved July 3, 2007 at
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Mario's Pizza Simulation Mario's Pizza Scenario- in

Words: 664 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24536563

Mario's Pizza Simulation

Mario's Pizza Scenario- In The Mario's Pizza Simulation, Mario opened a pizza restaurant in Palm-Springs, California in 1950 with his wife. The current location is in a busy indoor mall in which there are a number of business and shopper clientel. Mario has notice that over the past several months, customers have had to wait an inodinante amount of time for their orders. This has resulted in him hearing dissatisfied comments about his service, and even customers leaving the restaurant prior to ordering food because they are so frustrated with the line, and the time. Mario wants to keep his customers happy, to grow his business, and to remain successful. He knows that if he does not make drastic changes, he will lose market share, and eventually dwindle down the entire business. In speaking with guests, his senior staff, and looking at other restaurants, he knows the…… [Read More]


Operations Management for Competitive Advantage. (2006). 11th edition. Retrieved January 2012 from the University of Phoenix Student and Faculty Portal.


Baloff, Nicholas (1971). "Extensions of the Learning Curve Some Empirical Results."

Operations Research Quarterly, 22.44.
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Classic Airlines a Nine Step Cost Reduction

Words: 2329 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51195100

Classic Airlines

A Nine Step Cost Reduction Plan

Describe the Situation

Identifying the Potential Cause of the Problem

Verifying the Likely Causes by Gathering Data

Identifying Possible Solutions

Evaluating Alternative Solutions

Determining the Best Solution

Identifying and Assessing the Risks

Implementing the Solution

Evaluate the Results

Classic Airlines is currently the world's fifth largest airline which is operating a remarkable 2,300 flights daily to over 240 cities. In the previous period, net profits were roughly $10 million on $8.7 billion in revenues. However, Classic is experiencing negative publicity, declining stock prices, as well as the rising costs of fuel and labor over the past year. Furthermore the destructive reports coupled with low employee morale resulted in Classic's Board of Directors requiring a 15% cost reduction over the next 18 months. Management must quickly act to implement a nine-step problem solving method to overcome the obstacles and provide solutions to meet…… [Read More]

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Conflict Resolution in Internet School Workteams

Words: 1299 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61463310

esolving conflicts within Internet schoolwork teams can often be a challenging task. At the University of Phoenix, as well as elsewhere, such conflict must be successfully managed in order to achieve peak team performance. While Internet-based team situations often face special challenges, the fundamentals of conflict resolution remain applicable. Successful conflict resolution involves a number of aspects, including exploring the reasons for the conflict, determining solutions, agreement on the solution, implementation and evaluation of the solution, and practicing the conflict resolution process.

Conflict is often a natural result of teamwork. However, the fact that conflict is natural does not mean that it cannot be managed in order to get the best team result.

It is important that team members understand that individual members have strong, and often different emotions and feelings, and that different opinions can be one of the most important benefits of teamwork (Penn State University).

Conflict can…… [Read More]


Heathfield, Susan M. (2004). Workplace Conflict Resolution: People Management Tips. 20 October 2004. 

King, Kathleen. (1999). Group Dynamics for the Online Professor. 20 October 2004. 

Penn State University. (2004). Building Blocks for Teams. 20 October 2004. 

Townsley, Carole A. (1995). Resolving Conflict in Work Teams. Center for the Study of Work Teams, University of North Texas. 20 October 2004.
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Tracy Sanchez My Name Is Tracy Sanchez

Words: 370 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 53755423

Tracy Sanchez

My name is Tracy Sanchez. I currently live in Secane, Pennsylvania. It was a couple of years ago, in my mid-thirties, when my life took a dramatic turn. I had worked at a company for fourteen years when the company downsized. The downsizing forced me to do two difficult things, change occupations and take a cut in salary. I found a job as an Administrative Assistant at The American College.

The American College is unique in that it specializes in financial services, offering students designations, such as Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), Chartered Leadership Fellow (CLF), Registered Health Underwriter (RHU), Registered Employee Benefits Consultant (REBC). The college is also different in that it offers students a way to learn outside of the traditional classroom (distance learning). Students earn their designations when they pass a computerized examination.

Being in the academic environment…… [Read More]

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Ethics Before Resuming My Educational Endeavors at

Words: 951 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46569999


Before resuming my educational endeavors at the University of Phoenix I was fortunate enough to experience life and many of its travails as a business person and employee. During my tenure in those endeavors I observed a number of events that I considered unethical, and a number of actions taken by individuals that I found both reprehensible and repulsive. I was often amazed at the capabilities of mankind to justify their actions, when it was quite evident that such actions would not be considered ethical in any circumstances, no matter what the justification.

Ethics has always been a concern, whether individuals worked in education, business or even the medical field. One early study determined that there were many young managers that had reported being asked implicitly to do things they personally believed were unethical, and sometimes illegal (Badzek, Mitchell, Marra, Bower,1998). Oftentimes these young managers feel the pressure to…… [Read More]


Badzek, L.A., Mitchell, K., Marra, S.E., Bower, M.M., (1998) Administrative Ethics and Confidentiality/Privacy Issues, ANA Periodicals, Vol. 3, No. 3

Chaloner, C.; (2007) An introduction to ethics in nursing, Nursing Standard, Vol. 21, Issue 32, pp. 42 -- 46

Dessoff, A.; (2010) Battling sexual abuse, District Administration, Vol. 46, Issue 3, pp. 50-56

Rosenkoetter, M.M. & Milstead, J.A.; (2010) A code of ethics for nurse educators: Revised, Nursing Ethics, Vol. 17, Issue 1, pp. 137-139
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Irac Riordan Any Company That Is a

Words: 2995 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67901343

IAC (iordan)

Any company that is a leader in an industry knows that what they sell had better be both quality and innovative in order to compete within their designated industry. iordan Manufacturing is no different. iordan has long been a company that offers both quality and innovative products in the plastic molding and parts industry. It also has a strong internal structure that works harmoniously with the objectives of the company. Despite iordan's position as a leader in their industry, the company does face some internal challenges, which work against their company objectives. This paper will look at these areas that require improvement, including finance and accounting, training budget, shipping and receiving, human resources, and the new pyramid bottle cap design for The Taylor Group. The paper will utilize the Issue, ule, Analysis and Conclusion (IAC) method in each distinct area.

Finance and Accounting

Issue: One of the chief…… [Read More]


Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility: Technologies: RFID / What is RFID?.


Retrieved on 19 April 2011:
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Professional Workplace Dilemma

Words: 1047 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 48218354

Professional/orkplace Dilemma

Before I embarked upon my study at the University of Phoenix, I found myself embroiled in a rather uncomfortable, albeit unspoken workplace conflict of professional ethics and personalities. A member of my office, who I will call a Ms. X, often used the workspace and place time to conduct her personal business. Frequently, my own nearby work was interrupted by her loud comments, as she discussed her various personal affairs and her out-of-work part time business dealings (she frequently sold products through the Internet, as well as worked in my place of employment, I gathered) and made it very clear, to me, as well as to other members of company staff that often her life outside the office took up a great deal of her paid work time.

As I was not her immediate supervisor, at first I thought this was none of my business. I tried to…… [Read More]

Work Cited

"Ethics Glossary." (2005) The Ethics Site. [11 Feb 2005]
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Professional Career Action Plan I Am Student

Words: 1777 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4584965

Professional Career Action Plan

I am student majoring in science at the University of Phoenix. Upon my graduation I would like to use my skills to make a different in the communities that I serve and also in my home community. These are the main factors that I will consider during the period of advancing my career. My career development will be guided by several goals each of them will take varying periods to achieve.

However the most important of all is for be to make an impact for humanity over the period that I will be working in the health sector. I have made several consideration and also put in mind that I will first have to start at a particular point and slowly progress through my career to become a highly qualified and successful person in the health care sector will I believe will also be essential for…… [Read More]


Rothwell, W.J. (2005). Career planning and succession management: Developing your organization's talent -- for today and tomorrow. Westport, Ct: Praeger Publishers.

Lock, R.D. (1991). Job search. Pacific Grove, Calif: Brooks/Cole Pub. Co.

Lock, R.D. (1992). Taking charge of your career direction. Pacific Grove, Calif: Brooks/Cole Pub. Co.

Powers, P. (2005). Winning job interviews: Reduce interview anxiety, outprepare the other candidates, land the job you love. Franklin Lakes: Career Press.
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Workplace Dilemma the Experience Most of Us

Words: 893 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 98094597

Workplace Dilemma

The Experience

Most of us have experienced a few common workplace dilemmas in our careers. I work for a Defense Contractor in the IT security field, and I state that my experience is no different. These dilemmas can range from personal value dilemmas to substantial dilemmas, such as legal issues. Most of these internal conflicts center on issues such as office gossip, negativity, or bullying. Ones that are more serious involve violence or sexual assault. In my experience, I have seen colleagues experience some of these dilemmas, and they have affected their careers very much. However, in this discussion I would like to focus on a specific dilemma that few speak about but that many think about daily: the boss who sabotages your career.

This dilemma simply means that even though a boss may not appear to be "out to get you," so to speak, he or she…… [Read More]

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Student Survival Guide Tips and Best Practices

Words: 953 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62637483

Student Survival Guide

Tips and Best Practices for Using the Internet for Academic Purposes

Be cautious when using sources like Wikipedia or other sites that have user-generated content. While these sites can contain a significant amount of useful, accurate information, they are also likely to contain misinformation. However, that does not mean that the user should reject them entirely. A well-written Wikipedia article will have a significant number of references, and examining those references can be a good starting point for research.

Using academic reference sites will lead to more reliable information. The university may provide students access to those websites. If unable to access these for-pay academic websites, a student may use free sites like Google scholar or PubMed to find academic resources.

The internet can be a great resource for books as well as articles. Many books are available for free on Google Books or similar sites.

Tips…… [Read More]

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Newcorp Legal Encounter What Liabilities and Rights

Words: 871 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45977850


Legal Encounter

What liabilities and rights do NewCorp and Pat have in this situation? What legal principles, such as statutory or case law, support those liabilities and rights?

NewCorp is liable to follow the guidelines of the handbook outlining how to deal with unsatisfactory employees, but they also have the right to dismiss an employee at will. Pat on the other hand, has the right to be informed about the indication of the problem and put through a corrective plan to improve his shortcomings before dismissal. Nevertheless, this is a case of implied contract where there is lack of clause clarifying that the policy is not intended to include employment affiliations (Cheeseman, 2010). The employment-at-will doctrine allows the employer to dismiss employ at will; however, in this case NewCorp violated their own guidelines showing poor ethics in the decision to terminate Pat's employment.

Wrongful discharge is supported by the…… [Read More]


Cheeseman, H.R. (2010). Business Law: Legal Environment, Online Commerce, Business Ethics, and International Issues . PrenticeHall.

Cheeseman, H.R. (2010). EMPLOYMENT, WORKERPROTECTION, AND IMMIGRATION LAWS. In Business Law: Legal Environment, Online Commerce, Business Ethics, and International Issues, Seventh Edition (pp. 486-510). Retrieved from University of Phoenix

Grossman, J. (2003, January 28). IF employers don't provide insurance covering fertility, are they guilty of sex discrimination? A federal appeals court says no. Retrieved January 26, 2009 from 

Jennings, M.M. (2006). Business: Its legal, ethical, and global environment. Mason, OH: Thomson.
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Using Quality Tools in Decision-Making Issues and Organizational Examples

Words: 1285 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 16075910

Quality Tools in Decision Making:

Issues and Organizational Examples

In the competitive atmosphere of the business world today, it is not simply enough to have a good idea of what the present may hold for one's company or one's own personal investments. It is also important to develop organizational strategies and production goals with an eye upon the future. Critical to creating a proper decision-making strategy is the use of proper quality control tools to improve the strategy-creating process. Indeed, as noted by the authors Katherine Manley and S. Sytsma, the quality-control processes of histograms, cause and effect diagrams, and check sheets can and are frequently used to aid in any kind of process, but particularly in regards to organizational quality control in the corporate world. (Manely & Sytsma, 1999) These quality control procedures are particularly useful in business, when properly deployed because they can help managers to 'crunch' incomprehensibly…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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System Implementation Oahu Base Area Network

Words: 1414 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 20589599

System Implementation - Oahu ase Area Network

System Implementation: Oahu ase Area Network

The wireless local area network (WLAN) in the Oahu ase Area Network is made up of several different subsystems. The inputs to the system will be desktop computers, laptop computers, and embedded systems (fixed and mobile). Each client has a wireless network card that can communicate with an access point (AP). The AP manages WLAN traffic and physically connects the wireless system to the wired local area network (LAN). The wired LAN will then send the requested information back to the access points, which will relay it to the appropriate client (Conover, 2000).

The system has three modes of operation:

Op-Mode: This is the standard operating mode for system operation. The mode consists of interaction between clients and one or more server. The clients are wireless devices such as laptops, desktops and tele-robtics platforms. Servers are access…… [Read More]


Conover, J. (2000, July). "Wireless LANs Work Their Magic." Network Computing. Retrieved 16, January, 2004 from Internet site

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University of Phoenix Custom Edition). New Jersey, NJ: Pearson Custom Printing.

Galik, D. (1998, April). "Defense in Depth: Security for Network-Centric Warfare." Chips
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Graduate MSW Focus and Intentions

Words: 1171 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27894275

Social Work Statement of Purpose

While some people may be able to point to a distinct time or place in their lives when they knew how they wanted to make their livelihood, for others, the path to a profession cannot be mapped so precisely. My motivation to seek a Master's Social Work (MSW) degree is rooted in diverse experiences in both my personal and occupational lives.

I grew up in a family with a strong sense of community. In my extended family, some members had limited resources but they still found ways to be of help to their neighbors. When I think back to the years of my upbringing, I remember that many people in my family and community communicated their values to me, and expected me to assume a helpful stance in my life. As I grew, those expectations did too, and I learned that an aspect of my…… [Read More]

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Leading Change and Leading People

Words: 1107 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50993762

Leading Change and Leading People

For more than 20 years, I have been a leader in both the government and in the private business environment. This encompasses both work in the United States Army as a noncommissioned officer, and work in the civilian world within the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs. Leading change requires a great deal of initiative and more than just having a vision for the future. This is an important lesson that I have learned through the experiences in my life and the work that I have done for myself and others throughout my career.

I have been fortunate enough to have been mentored by some very outstanding individuals during my career, and have been promoted 10 times to attain my current grade of GS-15, which indicates that I am able to lead both people and change, get support for programs, influence resources,…… [Read More]

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Generic Strategies Porter's Generic Strategies Began Life

Words: 1284 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69169384

Generic Strategies

Porter's generic strategies began life as a matrix grid featuring low cost and differentiation strategies, which could either be mass market or niche in nature (QuickMBA, 2010). A fifth strategy, hybrid, has been hypothesized by some, noting that there are instances where a firm could be argued to practice some combination of differentiation and low cost.

The Swatch Watch has a differentiated strategy. While not a high end watch, it does have a strong brand, with a unique brand proposition.

The McDonalds Value Meal is essentially a hybrid. All McDonalds product is low cost by the definition of its industry, and the value meal accents the low cost element. However, McDonalds has a high level of differentiation within its industry. It has a healthy 20% net margin, which indicates that it does not follow a true cost leadership strategy -- it could cut prices quite a bit more…… [Read More]


DoJ. (2014). Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. U.S. Department of Justice. Retrieved April 28, 2014 from

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Economics Marginal Rate of Substitution Mrs Is

Words: 1070 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 9613329


Marginal ate of Substitution (MS) is the rate that an individual is ready to give up from "good A" to obtain one or more unit of "good B" while keeping the overall utility constant. In other words, MS reveals how many units of good x that an individual is ready to give up to gain extra unit of good y while keeping the same level of utility constant. The MS involves the trade off of goods to change the allocation of the total bundles of goods while maintaining the level of satisfaction. Typically, MS is calculated between goods being placed on indifferent curve. The product of cheeseburger and hotdogs is used to illustrate the MS. If the marginal rate of substitution of cheeseburger for hot dogs is 2, thus, consumer will be willing to give 2 cheeseburger to obtain 1 extra hot dog.

However, marginal rate of substitution diminishes…… [Read More]


Jha, P. Chaloupka, F.J. Moore, J. et al. (2006). Chapter 46 Tobacco Addiction from the book Disease Control Priorities in Developing Countries. Second edition. World Bank.
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Legalization of Drugs of Abuse

Words: 2744 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61703736

That compared with 19% for alcohol and a secondary drug; 12% for alcohol alone; 3% for smoked cocaine; 2.4% for methamphetamines; and 2.3% for heroin (Abrams).

It is estimated that by 2010 there will be 35 million teens in America (Levinson). This is a significant demographic to be concerned about. There would also be an increased chance of illicit drugs falling into the hands of children, just like cigarettes and alcohol now that are prohibited from being sold to kids. A greater availability, in general, would increase the likelihood of children being able to obtain them (Messerli).

Harm reduction is one of the primary benefits of legalizing illicit drugs; however, opponents feel that this theory is fatally flawed. Although the suffering of drug users should be reduced, their destructive habits shouldn't be tolerated. "Harm eduction advocates forget the thousands of impressionable teenagers for whom the law is a reminder that…… [Read More]


Abrams, J. "Report: Teen Use of Pot Will Jump with Legalization - Move to Harder Drugs Follows, Group Says." Seattle Times 13 Jul, 1999: A5. ProQuest. ProQuest. University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ. December 5, 2006 .

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Learning Teams Website Assigned Facilitator E-Campus Website

Words: 2735 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82526873

Learning Teams; Website Assigned Facilitator

E-Campus Website --

The ecampus website that governs the user portal for the University of Phoenix is an aggressive and modern website design. The Phoenix brand has integrated a marketing approach that incorporates Macromedia flash as a primary means to engage the user to identify the mobile web for use to integrate learning with mobility. The website is able to effectuate the transition from user activity to the classroom by using the Macromedia to visually accentuate the transition.

The use of web design to convey a message regarding the use, convenience, and service of the website is at the heart of proper design. "For organizations engaged in electronic business, the corporate website has emerged as the single most important interface through which transactions are carried out. This being so, appropriate design characteristics are required to make websites effective. Customers expect websites to be designed…… [Read More]


Fonseca, A., Macdonald, A., Dandy, E., & Valenti, P. (2011). The state of sustainability reporting at canadian universities. International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, 12(1), 22-22-40. doi:10.1108/14676371111098285

Kovacs, P., & Rowell, D. (2001). The merging of systems analysis and design principles with web site development: One university's experience. T.H.E.Journal, 28(6), 60-60-65. Retrieved from

Monideepa T., Jie, Z. 2006. "Analysis of Critical Website Characteristics: A Cross-Category

Nelson, J.L. (2011, Help from higher education. New Jersey Business, 57(4), 53-53. Retrieved from
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Gray Area of Rape Used

Words: 2375 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 16872159

A third of those who responded said they believed she was to blame if she had been flirtatious. One fourth believed that wearing provocative clothing made women at least partially responsible if she was sexually assaulted. and, one fifth of respondents felt that having numerous sexual partners also led to the woman being partly to blame if she was raped. In all of these survey questions, men were more critical of women's behavior than women, except where alcohol was involved.

A rape case in Illinois demonstrates how so-called victims may not be just that. The girl in question was intoxicated, and the encounter, with multiple young men, was captured on video tape. However, jurors, having reviewed the evidence and watching the tape, said they saw hints that the girl may have been agreeing to sex (Yednak). It demonstrates that although when recovering from a drunken a person may regret their…… [Read More]


Do women sometimes rape men? 2007. Planned Parenthood. December 12, 2007 .

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Newsom, M. "The dark side of 'hooking up'." Sun Journal. 8 Apr 2007: p. B8. ProQuest Newstand. ProQuest. University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ. December 12, 2007
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Government Budgeting for Kelsey Budget Changes Needed

Words: 2104 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83456162

Government Budgeting for Kelsey: Budget Changes Needed to Better Protect and Serve the Community

"We're not going to use the budget as an excuse. We're not crying about it. But I'm going to push as hard as I can to get as many people on the streets as I can. We need all hands on deck," so were the words of the Philadelphia Police Chief when faced with a similar situation to what Kelsey faces now (Steele 2010 p 2). Police strength is an absolute necessity in the effort to fight crime, both on local and larger federal levels. Without the appropriate funding resources, many local police forces around the country are beginning to suffer in terms of just how effective they are at fighting crime overall. Limited budgets mean limited capabilities, and that is exactly what the city of Kelsey is experiencing right now. Essentially, the budget is already…… [Read More]


Budget of the United States Government. (2004). Budgets and taxes. Almanac of Policy Issues. Web.

City of Kelsey. (2006). Annual Budget for the Fiscal Year 2005-06. University of Phoenix. Web. 

City of Kelsey. (2009). Kelsey profile. City Government. University of Phoenix. Web. 

DeWeese, Adrianne. (2011). Police say safety tax is needed to help alleviate 'blackout.' The Examiner. Web.
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Distanced-Based Education

Words: 8866 Length: 32 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 65702367

Pre-Course Program for Entry-Level Online Adult Students

Distance education is one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing segments of college and graduate level education. Many educational institutions with long histories of traditional classroom-based learning opportunities are expanding their programs to include distance-based learning via the Internet. In fact, many colleges and universities have invested heavily in their distance education programs. Courses for distance learners are offered in an array of formats that are designed to make learning opportunities accessible to students at anytime, anywhere in the world.

Limited information is available concerning the ability of traditional adult learners to adapt to the online learning environment to successfully complete an online learning degree program. (Baker, et al., 1994)

Today, educational elitism is a serious problem for many distance and non-traditional students. Most traditional learners look down on the non-traditional learner and distance-based educational programs as a whole. Many times these degrees…… [Read More]


Altbach, Philip G. (1999). Private Prometheus: Private Higher Education and Development in the 21st Century. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press.

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Beard, Lawrence A., et al. (2002). Student perceptions of online vs. On campus instruction. Education, 122.
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Remediation Technologies for Arsenic Contamination

Words: 1331 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 57231051

McAndrew's 2000 article notes that the ministry took control of the Deloro Mine site in 1979, when the owners reported they were not able to afford the clean-up operations

Arsenic Contamination and Poisoning:

Arsenic is a by-product of the mining industry. It is a known cancer-causing agent, and can be ingested through food that has been grown in contaminated soil, and can also be absorbed through the skin. If small amounts are absorbed over a period of time, it can result in chronic arsenic poisoning. This poisoning can produce: nausea, headaches, changes in skin colorization, scaling of the skin, anorexia, and white lines across the fingernails. If large amounts of arsenic are consumed, this can lead to vomiting and renal failure, and even death, as noted by McAndrew, in 1999.

Franzblau and Lilis go beyond McAndrews' 1999 description of arsenic poisoning. They show chronic arsenic poisoning as resulting in nonmalignant…… [Read More]


Franzblau, a. & Lilis, R. "Acute Arsenic Intoxication from Environmental Arsenic Exposure." Archives of Environmental Health 44(6) Nov/Dec 1989. Academic Search Premier. EBSCOHost. University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ. November 26, 2007 .

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Residents Plan to Sue Over Arsenic." Toronto Star. (7 Feb 2000). November 26, 2007

Myoung-Jin, K. & Yejin, J. "Vertical Distribution and Mobility of Arsenic and Heavy Metals in and Around Mine Tailings of an Abandoned Mine." Journal of Environmental Science & Health 39(1) Jan 2004: pp. 203-222. Academic Search Premier. EBSCOHost. University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ. November 26, 2007
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Business Entities Laws and Regulations This Paper

Words: 1102 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47871027

Business Entities, Laws, And egulations

This paper will focus on the challenges faced by one start-up businesses and an established company with labor issues. For the start-up, a birth clinic, a case needs to be made for the type of business entity they should each use. The established company is a construction company whose business entity must be identified and employment law pertaining to the scenario will be discussed. For each business, identification of the best business entity for the given situation needs to be accomplished first. The decision of the type of business entity will take into consideration control, taxation, and liability issues. eview of the laws and regulations that each ownership group must consider and identification of risks that the businesses should protect against will be discussed. eview of the construction company's business structure and how it affects control, taxation, and liability issues along with how employment law…… [Read More]


Cheeseman, H.R. (2010). The legal environment of business and online commerce: Business ethics, e-commerce, regulatory, and international issues. (6th ed.) Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.

University of Phoenix. (2010). Course syllabus. Retrieved from University of Phoenix, BUS415 - Business Law website.
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Tuition in Higher Education on

Words: 864 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 90829926

Community colleges too saw tuition raises and increases in mandatory fees in 48 of the 50 states. These increases in costs directly affect the students that have to pay them.

DeMoranville and O'Donnell (2001) investigated the effects of increases in per-credit-hour tuition on four-year graduation rates and how they are marketed to minimize enrollment effects. These authors too understood that increases in tuitions and fees directly has a negative impact on students. Their study examined whether or not a sliding scale tuition rate would increase the graduation rates. The researchers found that a sliding tuition rate scale does not positively affect four-year graduation rates when tuition increases are incurred.

DeMoranville and O'Donnell's (2001) research is important because it shows a history of negative effects incurred by increasing tuition. However, as times have changed such as the increased need for higher education in a competitive job market and the availability of…… [Read More]

Works Cited

DeMoranville, C. & O'Donnell, P. "Price Elasticity of Per-Credit-Hour Tuition Charges and the Effects on Four-Year Graduation Rates." Journal of Marketing for Higher Education 11(4) 2001: 29-49. Education Resource Complete EBSCOHost. University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ. 19 Oct. 2009 .

Trombley, W. "The Rising Price of Higher Education." The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education. Winter 2003. The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education. 19 Oct. 2009 .
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Personal Statement for Pharmacy School

Words: 713 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50622349

Personal Statement for Pharmacy School

Pharmacy School is highly important to me as part of my career path, and I believe I am both personally and professionally well-qualified to attend and be successful. I have work experience in the pharmaceutical field, having worked at my aunt's pharmacy in the past. This work taught me a great deal about pharmacy as a profession, but also gave me a lot of insight about how to properly treat patients and interact with others. I consider myself more well-rounded because of the interaction I had with so many people during my time at the pharmacy. I smile frequently, consider myself a nice person, and have developed a high level of patience with people from all walks of life. In 2000, when I was 17, I came to the United States and earned my diploma from Valencia High School. Just a week later I began…… [Read More]

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Successful Collaboration in Higher Ed Achieving Successful

Words: 1517 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85385347

Successful Collaboration in Higher Ed

Achieving successful collaboration in a complex environment like that of higher education is not a simple endeavor. One could suggest all manner of tactics: Active listening, strengthening relationships through social activities (like playing golf together), and using interest-based negotiation techniques. Taken alone, each of these would be inadequate. In combination, these tactics can support movement toward successful collaboration, but certain intangibles will play an even more important part. These intangibles are discussed in the following section.

Advice to Successful Candidate:

Creating a Culture of Collaboration Between Academic and Student Affairs

The position for which you have been hired was designed specifically for the primary purpose of ensuring collaboration and cooperative learning experiences for students by creating cohesion between the learning opportunities of student affairs and academic affairs. As such, the position requires exemplary skills as a collaborator and as a negotiator among various departmental interests.…… [Read More]


____. (2010). ACPA / NASPA Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Practitioners.

____. (2006). Frameworks for assessing learning and development outcomes (FALDO). Washington, DC: Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS). Retrieved 

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Davies, A., Filder, D., and Gorbis, M. (2011). Future work skills 2020. Palo Alto, CA: Institute for the Future, University of Phoenix Research Institute. Retrieved
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Strategic Marketing Perspective Evaluate the

Words: 4167 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 7424057

Further increases are planned in the UK, wherein a 50% of 17 to 30-year-olds would enter higher education by the year 2010, and the fact that the acceptance rates to universities has increased to more than 14% in recent years shows that it would be infinitely easier for the UK to achieve its target for increases in the number of students enrolling for higher education. (Search View, Education, Higher)

Furthermore, since it is a fact that dropout rates remain significantly lower in the UK than in any other European country, and four out of five students complete their graduation courses successfully, Britain produces the largest number of graduates in Europe. The number of universities in the UK has also increased after the binary division between traditional universities and higher education institutions was abandoned in the year 1992, and today, all British institutions come as a part of a single system,…… [Read More]


Baker, Mike. 2004. The University Market is here. 3 April. Retrieved 11 August, 2005, from the World Wide Web: 

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Coughlan, Sean. 2004. UK must sell education to the world. 8 December. Retrieved 10 August, 2005, from the World Wide Web: 

David Blunkett's Speech on Higher Education at Maritime Greenwich University. 2000.
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Amy Attended the County's Administrator Forum it

Words: 4743 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 39352473

Amy attended the county's administrator forum, it became clear that the rumor mill about the "Good Ole' Boys" network was not exaggerated. Sitting across the table from fifteen district superintendents, not one in the bunch was a woman. There was only one other woman in assembled group, who like Amy held a lower position on her district's administrative team. Just as Amy had done her entire career, she made the decision not to let the statistics change her course and she was more determined than ever to proceed and succeed.

During the next few months Amy began researching her situation, and after reading several articles about women in upper-management, she became keenly aware that a doctoral degree will help level the playing field for women like her who want to reach the higher levels of administration in the K-12 education arena. She enjoyed her job as a district curriculum developer,…… [Read More]


Kimberly A. Brehm, Colleges adjust to accommodate non-traditional students., University Wire, 02-15-2000.

Sudeep Reddy, Forget going to class -- just get your diploma on the web., University Wire, 11-30-1998.

PATRICIA ALEX, Staff Writer, GOING TO COLLEGE WITHOUT LEAVING YOUR LAPTOP., The Record (Bergen County, NJ), 11-24-1995, pp a01.

Catherine E. Shoichet, Harvard ponders distance learning., University Wire, 03-04-2002.
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Apollo Group in 2008 a

Words: 1688 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 21905651

A lower-performing recruiter was paid $32,000 for 79 students, a rate of $405. Apollo was therefore paying more per student from the top recruiters. Therefore, the commission structure did not make sense from the company's perspective, if we assume that over time only the highest-paid recruiters will remain. It is recommended that the commission structure be scrapped entirely in favor of system that delivers a lower per student payment to recruiters.

The company should also fight the allegations of the Department of Education, to mitigate its financial exposure as a result of its past activities. In part, this can help preserve the firm's reputation and show the marketplace that its practices are ethical. The company's position is that the report is inaccurate and based solely on anecdotal evidence (Blumenstyk, 2008) in part, this will help reduce exposure, which could threaten financial results in future years.

Overall, the scandal has only…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Apollo Group financial data from MSN Moneycentral. Retrieved February 19, 2009 at 

Kahn, Chris. (2008). Apollo Group Ordered to Pay $280 million in fraud case. Arizona Daily Star. Retrieved February 19, 2009 at 

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Blumenstyk, Goldie. (2008 Judge Overturns $280-Million Verdict Against the Apollo Group. The Chronicle of Higher Education. Retrieved February 19, 2009 at
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Competitive Advantages of Nike Is

Words: 1686 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8250087

In addition, it will be necessary for the company to continue to use technology to stay on the cutting edge of shoe innovation.


Adidas." MarketLine 2006. Datamonitor database. Datamonitor. University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ. November 28, 2006

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Adidas." MarketLine 2006. Datamonitor database. Datamonitor. University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ. November 28, 2006

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Binole, G. "Asian Market Forces Could Affect Nike." Portland Business Journal. (1997 Nov 7). November 28, 2006 .

Callaway Golf." MarketLine 2006. Datamonitor database. Datamonitor. University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ. November 28, 2006
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Enterprise Rent-A-Car S W O T Analysis Strengths

Words: 3990 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 98514784

These include:

Used car sales

Increasing trend of car sharing

Weakened U.S. tourism industry ("Enterprise")

The sale of used cars by other organizations is a significant threat to Enterprise. Many of the world's largest car manufacturers, like Daimler Chrysler, General Motors, and Ford, are offering large incentives and low interest financing through their dealers on new vehicle purchases. For this reason, it makes owning a new vehicle more affordable for more consumers and conversely weakens used car pricing industry wide. This could be devastating for Enterprise with their traditional procedure of acquiring new vehicles and then disposing of them through their used car outlets. To date, Enterprise has enjoyed higher resale values on their vehicles, when compared to standard residual value, due to their consistent level of maintenance service. However, in recent years this margin between the vehicle sale price and the residual value has narrowed considerably, especially as used…… [Read More]


1957. 2006. Enterprise Rent-A-Car. November 13, 2006

1962. 2006. Enterprise Rent-A-Car. November 13, 2006

1969. 2006. Enterprise Rent-A-Car. November 13, 2006

1970. 2006. Enterprise Rent-A-Car. November 13, 2006
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Women's Suffrage Movement in the

Words: 2295 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 31382692

This public visibility had an extremely positive effect on the movement, reaching people their more passive campaign would never have touched.

Needless to say, the strategy of marching in the streets was not one typically associated with normal female behavior. Yet, through this brazen tactic, suffragists were able to elevate their public image to a position where they were seen as legitimate participants in the public political arena. Onlookers began to see suffragists as serious and dignified, and as individuals who had courage to make public appearances, presenting themselves to onlookers (McCammon). Much of the effectiveness of these parades was due to the manner in which they were held.

As McCammon notes, woman suffrage parades were neither festive nor frivolous. The women typically marched in formation. They wore white dresses and carried signs and banners stating reasons why women should have the right to vote. In eastern parades, primarily, a…… [Read More]


Beck, E., Dorsey, E., & Stutters, a. "The Women's Suffrage Movement: Lessons for Social Action." Journal of Community Practice 11(3) 2003: p. 13-33. Academic Search Premier database. EBSCOHost. University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ. March 9, 2008 .

Borda, J. "The Woman Suffrage Parades of 1910-1913." Western Journal of Communication 66(1) Winter 2002: p. 25-52. Academic Search Premier database. EBSCOHost. University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ. March 9, 2008
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African-American Roles in the War for Independence

Words: 1519 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 37756108

African-American Roles in the ar for Independence and the Civil ar

America was founded on the principle of freedom. ith this in mind, it comes as little surprise that both the ar for Independence and the Civil ar have the similarity that they both involved the struggle for freedom. Both wars sought to overcome oppression and both wars encompassed a vision of basic human rights connected with a sense of justice. The other similarity these two wars shared was the heroic efforts of African-Americans in their participation in the fight for freedom. This paper will seek to compare and contrast their involvement in these to similar, but different wars.

To understand African-American involvement in the Revolutionary ar, one must first paint a picture of what colonial life was like. Colonists faced the labor-intensive task of trying to carve out a life on a new continent. These were harsh conditions unlike…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Arnesen, E. "Fighting for Freedom." Footsteps 5(4) Sept./Oct. 2003: p. 12-15. MasterFILE Premier. EBSCOHost. University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ. May 25, 2004 .

Buffalo Soldier Feats No Longer Ignored." FDCH Regulatory Intelligence Database. 5 Feb. 2002. Business Source Premier. EBSCOHost. University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ. May 25, 2004
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Website Comparison

Words: 1000 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 5632214

Classroom Space

Analysis of Three Different Educational ebsites

Cultural Diversity


Differentiated instruction

Classroom Space

Cultural Diversity


Differentiated instruction

Classroom Space

Cultural Diversity


Differentiated Instruction

Homepage (University of Phenoix, 2014)

Classroom Space

The University of Phoenix is the largest school in terms of its total student population. The school offers both in-class instruction as well as online education.

"Today, our students study at more than 100 locations, as well as through online programs available in countries around the world. Not only will you attend classes that are convenient for you, you'll earn your degree on your terms (University of Phenoix, 2014)."

The locations are spread out throughout the United States as well as in a select few international locations. However, most of the universities students are registered for online classes. The University of Phoenix has been a pioneer in the online classroom development and has an advanced portfolio…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Power Relationships Between Men and

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Women in Control

What some see as a male-dominated world, others see females in control, sometimes behind the scenes.

When it comes to selecting mates, it is women who are in ultimate control. And, they are quite selective. Of the many characteristics women look for in a man, good financial prospects, social status, ambition, size/strength, and dependability are only a few ("Women's Long-Term" 109). Although if a man has many of these characteristics he may be able to more likely attract a female of his liking, in the end, men are at the mercy of women, when it comes to relationships, love and procreation. This is a significant amount of control that women solely possess.

Dreher's study regarding the glass ceiling and how women have been positively impacted by the increase in the number of work-life human resource practices in the last two decades. When compared with figures from the…… [Read More]


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Betsey Johnson Has Been a

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Since they are featured on the top of every page, they are a constant reminder to the web visitor that Betsey Johnson has much more to offer that they should explore. Once a category is chosen, up to eight items within that category are displayed, with links to more item pages, if necessary.

Juicy Couture is one of Betsey Johnson's leading competitors. Owned by Liz Claiborne, Inc., Juicy Couture also markets branded women's clothing, accessories, and fragrance products ("Liz Claiborne"). Like Betsey Johnson, this contemporary apparel marketer also offers a variety of licensed products. However, their diversity of licensed products goes far beyond Betsey Johnson's offerings, with items such as day planners and even a Juicy Couture Monopoly game.

Both companies offer sunglasses and fragrance as part of their licensed products. egarding sunglasses, both are positioned as contemporary fashion accessories. In fact, when reviewing the selection of product offerings, many…… [Read More]


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Negotiate or Reason With Terrorists

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In the end, terrorist negotiation is a bit of an oxymoron; however, once they've transformed to a more stable and rational state of mind, then and only then can negotiations occur. To negotiate earlier would not only be ineffective and inefficient, but would also foolishly open the United States up to future attacks by those desperate to garner attention, but without the forethought of what a truly effective solution could be.


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Children Out of Wedlock There

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In the end, the epidemic of out of wedlock children by professional athletes is a serious concern. These athletes, whether they like it or not, are role models to the youth of today, and as such, they need to be especially concerned with the moral implications of their actions. By using Kantian morality, one easily begins to see that at no point is having an out of wedlock child a moral decision. From conception, when the mother-to-be is used as a means for the ends of sexual gratification, to the lack of consideration for the effects the stress of paternity suits will have on the team in general, to the complete disregard for the child who had no voice in the decision at all and relied on the two parents to make the best decision possible, each step was fraught with immorality.


Chan, S. "The Confucian Notion of…… [Read More]


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E-Mail Survey Sent to Farm

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Although many studies have been performed regarding marketing effectiveness and efficiency, and although some have covered the benefits of cooperative marketing, none were found specific to the unique Farm Credit segment.

The research conducted in this paper was designed to fill this void. A statistical sampling was taken, utilizing e-mail surveys, to discover as much as possible about each institution's advertising needs. The research conducted was exploratory in nature, rather than specific, and was used to quantify the need for a centralized advertising and marketing service for the Farm Credit System.

Open-ended questions were utilized in order to solicit detailed answers from the small group of respondents. The researcher focused on how each institution was now acquiring their advertising materials, if they were through their own organization or through advertising agencies. In addition, gaps in the resources they had available were identified (See Figure 1).

Secondary research was conducted through…… [Read More]


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