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Milgram Experiment Information Located at
Words: 1424 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 81468346
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However, it has some very valid aspects that make it a good research tool. First, it is up to the minute. The Milgram Experiment page was last edited on March 17, only a little more than a week ago, and often the most immediate current events are already on the site when the researcher goes to look for them. Thus, it is much more up-to-date than any comparable print media, which go out of date nearly as quickly as they are printed. It can be updated from anywhere in the world on a moment's notice, and there is a large group of readers and editors who are quite involved in critiquing and editing articles to ensure their authenticity and accuracy.

The site would probably be more academically correct if the editors were experts in their field, professors, or other professionals, and if certain respected academic resources were used as references.…


Blass, Thomas. "The Man Who Shocked the World." Psychology Today. 2007. 26 March 2009.


Editors. "The Milgram Experiment." 2009. 26 March 2009.


Henry Thomas Buckle's Original 1858
Words: 12518 Length: 50 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 99981281
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As activists in women's liberation, discussing and analyzing the oppression and inequalities they experienced as women, they felt it imperative to find out about the lives of their foremothers -- and found very little scholarship in print" (Women's history, 2012, para. 3). This dearth of scholarly is due in large part to the events and themes that are the focus of the historical record. In this regard, "History was written mainly by men and about men's activities in the public sphere -- war, politics, diplomacy and administration. Women are usually excluded and, when mentioned, are usually portrayed in sex-stereotypical roles, such as wives, mothers, daughters and mistresses. History is value-laden in regard to what is considered historically 'worthy'" (Women's history, 2012, para. 3).

In what Kessler (1994, p. 139) describes as "the all-too-common historical exclusion or devaluation of women's contributions," the male-dominated record of human history has either diminished the…


American Health Information Management Association. (2012). Wikipedia. Retrieved from /wiki/American_Health_Information_Management_Association.

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Are book publishers to blame for gender discrimination? (2012, March 13). The Huffington Post.

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Societal Institutions Law Politics Education and the Military
Words: 683 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 36340908
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Carvin, A. (2008) Wikipedia in the Classroom: Consensus Among Educators? Retrieved October 4, 2009.

The Internet has its advantages and disadvantages. It has greatly increased the amount of information available to people worldwide. At the same time, it has also greatly increased the amount of questionable information disseminated worldwide. As a result, teachers and students alike recognize that it is not always possible to trust online sources. This is even true of Web sites that profess to be "encyclopedias of knowledge" like Wikipedia.

In his article, Carvin writes about his debate with Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales on how teachers perceive his online resource. Carvin believes that many educators are not that thrilled about the electronic publication, in fact are hostile. Wales, naturally, says he has found the opposite to be true. Who's correct? Actually, those who responded to the controversy are mixed in their opinion about Wikipiedia.

On the…

Internet Is Arguably the Greatest Revolution in
Words: 1059 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47876626
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Internet is arguably the greatest revolution in Human History. In considerably less than a century, information-gathering and communication have skyrocketed with no apparent end in sight. Google and ikipedia are merely two examples of Internet developments that were probably unimaginable even 20 years ago but are widely-used realities today.

Searching for information on Google IS and IS NOT like trying to find a needle in a haystack. as the library of the 19th century more efficient? Explain.

The answer to this question depends on several factors. At first blush, searching for information on Google is certainly like "trying to find a needle in a haystack" because "Some people have suggested that there are 155 million eb sites, 1 trillion eb pages, and 5 million terabytes of data out there" (Anonymous, Introduction to Computer Literacy | Chapter 6 | The search is on, 2012, p. 8). Since Google allows a person…

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Understanding and Evaluating Art
Words: 1610 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 96240923
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The Wikipedia web site defines "art" as a "generic term for any product of the creative impulse," while Encarta Encyclopedia considered this concept as "the product of human creativity in which materials are shaped or selected to convey an idea, emotion, or visually interesting form." These definitions are related in the study of eight web sites, all of which center on the subject of (various forms of) art:

The Hubbard Street Dance Chicago (HSDC) web site ( centers on and provides an overview about street dancing through providing information about different institutions and centers that offer street dancing tutorials, competitions, other street dance-related events.

The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. ( showcases the not only the works of Andy Warhol, but also functions as a venue for artists to take advantage of grants and art projects that would be beneficial for their development/improvement as visual artists.…

Participatory Journalism -- The Act
Words: 3501 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 18063032
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But, significantly, the category "politics and history" is the second most popular at 15 per cent" (Cohen, 2008).

Consensus vs. Credentials -- Scholarship implies a certain level of expertise on a given subject. The public must trust its sources, and those sources must be authoritative and peer reviewed. Most anyone can "read up" on a subject, but lack the rigorous academic analysis required in graduate school -- the pool that forms experts. Individuals may, or may not be, familiar with the latest in scholarship because they may or may not have access to the journals within a given field, or have the time to attend conferences to listen to the new directions and discoveries that academics are paid to pursue (Boyd, 2005).

eliability and Accuracy -- Without any general editors, fact checkers, or other controls, Wikipedia encourages those without verifiable credentials to present material on which no one knows if…


Ahrens, F. (July 9, 2006). "Death by Wikipedia: The Kenneth Lay Chronicles."

The Washington Post. Cited in: 

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Ferdinand Magellan There Is a
Words: 659 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45040921
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The authors of the article relied on several credible sources to compile their article. For example, one of the sources cited is a first-hand account of Magellan's voyage. In addition, the authors recommend other first-hand accounts as additional reading. Because the number of contemporaneous accounts is somewhat limited, the use of these sources is significant. However, the authors also use a number of secondary sources. The use of secondary sources can be as critical as the use of primary sources, because secondary sources can oftentimes provide important historical context, which may be missing in primary source documents. The sources are properly cited, though they do not contain information about the authors of the secondary sources. In this instance, an annotated bibliography might be helpful. However, many of the secondary sources are available online. For those that are not, ikipedia standards mean that the references almost always contain sufficient information to…

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Credible Sources in the Context of Online
Words: 683 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 64513396
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Credible Sources

In the context of online research and analysis, it is important to determine the credibility of sources whether they are scholarly or not. This is especially important when research is compiled and synthesized into new studies or academic, scholarly, or philosophic proposals or insights. It is important to recognize the validity of sources, especially when so many online sources and sites claim to be able to provide insight, and sometimes complete assignments, into ongoing discussions among students and professors at an undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral level.

One of the sites most frequently cited for a lack of credibility is While Wikipedia may attract students due to its ease of use and the information contained on the site, it is often not considered a credible source due to its aggregate nature and because many of its entries are written, edited, and submitted by its users. While many educators…


***** (n.d.). Accessed 21 July 2013, from http://*****/.

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First Monday, volume 11, number 11. Accessed 21 July 2013, from 

Spiro, L. (2008, Sept 1). Is Wikipedia becoming a reliable source? Digital Scholarship in the Humanities: Exploring the Digital Humanities. Accessed 21 July 2013, from

Crime and Punishment in the
Words: 717 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 74049281
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Some of the entries are closely related, but the search function appears to pull up every entry that has any of the words for which a person searches. That can be very frustrating, because it produces a large number of entries that are not related in any way to the original search. Encyclopedia Britannica also requires a person to sign up for a free trial period in order to read any of the entries (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2011). After that trial period is over, one must pay for the service. ikipedia requires no sign-up, and there is no cost for searching or reading on the site (ikipedia, 2011).

Overall, ikipedia excels over Encyclopedia Britannica when searching for crime and punishment in the 18th century or anything else. hile neither site has a page specifically dedicated to that issue and it is necessary to perform several searches on each site in order…

Works Cited

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Wikipedia. 2011. Wikipedia. Web. 30 September 2011.

Difficult for Today's College Students to Imagine
Words: 587 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95363716
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difficult for today's college students to imagine, but a generation ago, writing an undergraduate research paper involved at least one prolonged visit to a bricks-and-mortar library. The student would consult the printed tome titled Guide to Periodicals and follow up with a search of periodical backfiles. It was often a tedious and time-consuming way to work, and it could be frustrating if the journals needed were not part of the library's collection.

Fast forward to 2011, when students enjoy not only the use of online library resources but online institutions of learning as well. This generation of college students is computer-savvy, important to a population that is often busy juggling obligations at school, home and the workplace. It is important to find reliable information fast so that assignments can be completed in a timely manner and allowing students to work anytime and anywhere. Wikipedia is a resource that provides that…


Chandler, C.J., & Gregory, A.S. (2010). Sleeping with the enemy: Wikipedia in the college classroom. History Teacher 43(2), pp. 247-257.

Role of Lech Walensa in
Words: 2117 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55632392
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" (Walsh, est, and Rai 133) Neither does the article pay sufficient attention to the motivational aspects that led Walensa to enter the Solidarity movement, and the reason for the rejection of communism.

For example, the important aspect that personally motivated Walensa was not so much any intellectual disagreement with communism - in fact he virtually ignored the student protests of 1968, which he felt was "... A problem for the intellectuals." (Walsh, est, and Rai 133) However this attitude was to change when"...on December 12, 1970, the Communist regime decreed steep increases in the prices of basic foodstuffs. The suddenness of this action in the immediate pre-Christmas season shocked Polish workers, and many went into the streets in spontaneous protest. "(Walsh, est, and Rai 133)

Not enough attention is given to the reasons that lay beneath the Soviet reaction to Walensa. This refers to the"... change in Soviet leadership…


Lech Wa?

sa November 2, 2005. /wiki/Walensa

Casmir, Fred L., ed. Communication in Eastern Europe: The Role of History, Culture, and Media in Contemporary Conflicts. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1995.

Gardner, Hall. Surviving the Millennium: American Global Strategy, the Collapse of the Soviet Empire, and the Question of Peace. Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers, 1994.

Internet News Information Business Executive
Words: 744 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 47633220
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Generally, Wikipedia pages also include references and many of them are legitimate sources of information. In that sense, Wikipedia can be helpful as a starting point for online research more than as an authoritative source of any information.

Website 3 -- the National Anti-Vivisection Society:

The National Anti-Vivisection Society appears to be a legitimate organization with many links to established animal welfare organizations such as the Human Society of the United States and ASPCA. On the other hand, it is more of an advocacy site than an information or news site. The main concept of the organization is based on subjective belief and opinions in connection with the relative rights of non-human animals. While that position actually seems appropriate and more justifiable than the opposite position (i.e. insensitivity to the suffering of animals for human benefit), it is not, strictly speaking, based on objective facts. Because the website is…

Hansberry's Raisin in the Sun
Words: 1282 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 35992289
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This is similar to the specifics of the legal case that Hansberry's father became engaged in over their house in an all white neighborhood. In the real-life version of events, however, things were far less polite. Hansberry's father was actually breaking a legal covenant between property owners of the area that they would not sell to African-Americans, and Carl Hansberry was actually sued for $100,000 -- a huge sum of money in 1937 (and not bad now) (SocialJusticeiki). Hansberry countersued, claiming that the covenant had denied him his right to be heard, and the Supreme Court agreed, allowing his family to stay in their home on a legal technicality, but not ending the discriminatory covenant (SocialJusticeiki). In the case of the Youngers, alter is given a temptation of money, and his ultimate refusal of it -- " e don't want to make no trouble for nobody or fight no causes,…

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Hansberry v. Lee." Social Justice Wiki. Last modified January 2006. Columbia University. Accessed on 6 December 2008.

Library Resources vs. ikipedia," authors Colon-Aguirre & Fleming-May (2012) illustrate that modern scholars are very often more likely to look for quick solutions to research issues, such as exploiting ikipedia which is not peer reviewed and therefore has always been synonymous with a lack of truth or evidence. There are a myriad of reasons why students are so much more likely to access easy information like ikipedia rather than going through the trouble of studying that campus's library resources and the researchers tried to ascertain some of the reasons directly responsible for the growing dependency on internet materials. In this study, twenty-one undergraduate students from a public university in the United States which is not named in the study for the sake of anonymity of the participants were questioned about their study and research practices. hat started out as a statistical evaluation of the percentage of students who use internet-based…

Works Cited

Colon-Aguirre, M. & Fleming-May, R. (2012). You just type in what you are looking for:

undergraduates' use of library resources vs. Wikipedia. The Journal of Academic Librarianship. Elsevier. 38 (6). 381-99.

Titus Livy Book Titus Livius
Words: 3129 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 10076695
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The consul was wounded in the battle. It was here that the one who will become Hannibal's greatest rival, the consul's son Publius Cornelius Scipio, did his first deed of valor, when he helped save his father (Livius also gives the alternate account of the Consul's rescue by a Ligurian slave, but he says he wishes the most popular account, accepted by most of the historians, to be correct). After this, the Roman cavalry retreated and their army broke camp the same night and crossed the Po River to the town of Placentia (Piacenza). Pursued by Hannibal, the Consul and his army retreated further over the river Trebia and set camp in a strong position, to await the arrival of his colleague, the Consul Tiberius Sempronius Longus, who had been recalled from the operations in Sicily.

On the front in Sicily, the actions were fought mainly by the navies, with…


Mommsen, Theodor. 2006. The History of Rome, Book III; Hard Press

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Fluid Inclusions Until the Early
Words: 1713 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 61225883
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"Analytical data on fluid inclusions are needed to understand the chemical and physical processes involved in the formation of economic mineral deposits. These data are also critical in understanding modern mineral-deposit models, which promote cost-effective mineral exploration vital to our healthy industrial economy" (Analysis of fossil fuels, 2008). Because fluid inclusion research can provide scientists with details about the past and can help provide helpful information about the present-day, and perhaps the future, it is an important area of geological study.


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IPV4 Versus IPV6
Words: 1071 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 68992758
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IPv4 versus IPv6

The explosive growth in the number of devices that are connected to the Internet has placed enormous pressures on the system's infrastructure. The current Internet protocol addressing system is projected to be inadequate to handle the increased number of telecommunications devices that are expected to be in use in the coming years, and engineers have taken steps to accommodate these increases in use through a new protocol known as IPv6.* This paper provides an overview and history of IPv4 and IPv6 and a comparison of the two technologies, followed by a summary of the research in the conclusion.

What is IPv4?

According to IPv4 (2005), "IPv4 is version 4 of the Internet Protocol (IP). It was the first version of the Internet Protocol to be widely deployed, and forms the basis for most of the current Internet"; the IPv4 protocol was first described in Internet Engineering Task…


Anderson, R.H., Botterman, M. & Cave, J. et al. (2003). Enabling the Information Society by Stimulating the Creation of a Broadband Environment in Europe: Analyses of Evolution

Scenarios for Future Networking Technologies and Networks in Europe. Santa Monica,

CA: Rand.

Internet Protocol Version 6. (2004). Laboratory of Networking and Information Systems.

Access and Quality Which Nuclear
Words: 1069 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Questionnaire Paper #: 28492692
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2) (

1. Anterior Temporal Lobectomy

2. ADULT T-Cell Leukemia

3) Worldbook online

Available through Missoula Public library (if you have a library card)

or Worldook (print edition, at your local library)

4) One other encyclopedia

Computer science and logic

Active Template Library, from Microsoft

ATLAS Transformation Language, a QVT model transformation language for Model Driven Engineering

Alternating-time Temporal Logic, a branching-time temporal logic that naturally describes computations of multi-agent system and multiplayer games


Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (IATA airport code: ATL)

Attleborough railway station, its National Rail code


ATL (film), a 2006 film set in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Above the line (advertising), an advertising strategy

Across the Line (C Radio Ulster), a C Northern Ireland music brand

ATL (band), an R& boy band

Above the Law (group), a Los Angeles-based rap group

All Time Low, a pop-punk band…


Aztec Weapons. (2010). Aztec Warfare and Weapons. Retrieved July 1, 2010

from: .

Hrdlicka, D. (2004). "HOW Hard Does it Hit? A Study of Atlatl and Dart

Ballistics." Retrieved July 1, 2010 from the Jeffers Petroglyphs Historic Site at:

American and Asian Music as
Words: 2888 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 63747129
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This, along with the older Psalter by trenhold and Hopkins, was the main influence of the Bay Psalm Book printed during 1640 in Massachusetts. This can be compared with the first musical influences on and compositions by Li Jinhui. The traditional forms were explored thoroughly before new ideas in music were explored.

Culturally, the new Americans at the time were deeply religious, following the Puritan tradition on which they based their way of life. Their music therefore reflected this tradition, and the earliest genres were mainly religious in nature. As such, the musical format was unaccompanied by musical instruments, as these were viewed as secular and therefore sinful. The same type of division can be seen in the later genres of Asian music, where Cantopop began to lose its popularity in the face of new and more trendy developments. In contrast, however, the Chinese does not have as clear a…


Faigin, Tom. "The Minstrel Show's Contribution to Folk Music." 2007. 

Wikipedia. "C-Pop." Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. 2007.  

Malware Since the Earliest Days
Words: 1957 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 9444607
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However, nothing can be done until the malware actually occurs. With all the different viruses, worms and Trojans, how can security managers possibly predict what malware will occur next? In contrast, a behavioral rule defines legitimate activity in a system. Any activity not matching the profile will cause the security product to be triggered. As rules are not specific to a particular type of attack, they can block malicious behavior without having to recognize the precise attack used. Thus, there is additional protection against new attacks as they emerge. It is to effectively prevent any unauthorized applications, including malicious code and Trojans. or, it could protect a webserver by making it impossible for anyone to access the webserver to change the files and limiting the risk of a hack (Franklin, 2002).

However, the dilemma comes how many rules should the system have? The security manager must decide between an effective…

References Cited

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Control Guard.

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The best method of prevention." Toolbox. Retrieved from website September 16,

Tang Dynasties in China Early
Words: 752 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20243267
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The government was also, for the first time, able to keep a census. This gave them an incentive to enact a more fair land distribution and taxation program, "an important part of both their agricultural reform and their economic growth. The Tang implemented a program where they gave life plots to the peasant families. This was supposed to be an equal distribution of the land. The Tang wanted to ensure that the families had enough land to both support themselves and to pay taxes. Taxes were based therefore, not on how much land one had, but on the number of people in the family" (Tang Dynasty, 2009, Dynasties of Classical Imperial China).

Compassion paid in taxes and in increased rice production, because peasants were more willing to work hard on the land they owned. Peasants and aristocrats also fought side-by-side in the Tang's expansionist and efficient army. The Tang Empire…

Works Cited

Tang Dynasty. (2009). Wikipedia. Retrieved February 1, 2009 at  

Botticelli's Birth of Venus and Duccio's Maesta
Words: 1811 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68586410
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Botticelli's Birth Of Venus And Duccio's Maesta

The representation of women in estern art has changed throughout history, and for much of estern history this representation was oriented around the dominant female figure in contemporary society; that is, Mary, mother of Jesus. However, the gradual shift away from a dominantly monotheistic cultural hegemony seen in the Renaissance and eventually the Enlightenment brought with it new (and the case of this study, old) means of representing women beyond the confinements and discourse of the Madonna and Child. By comparing and contrasting Duccio di Buoninsegna's Virgin and Child Enthroned Amidst Angels and Saints (which is the main altarpiece of the artist's Maesta) with Sandro Botticelli's The Birth of Venus, one is able to see how the changing cultural standards which came about during the shift from the conservative, Eastern-influenced Late Gothic art of Duccio to the freer, more naturalistic art of Botticelli's…

Works Cited

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Jun 2011. .

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Cryptography History of Cryptography the
Words: 1446 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 89494626
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In this manner, if the transmitted information is intercepted by a cyber-thief, the information will remain useless to him since it is in an encrypted form that is incomprehensible to him.

anks is another common user of cryptography and whose input and output information are critical and must remain confidential. These days, a large percentage of banking transactions can be done online. Hence it is very critical that the information of bank customers is highly secured. If one is to access a banking online site, it is noticeable that a warning is provided to the user informing him that the site he is about to access is secured. Moreover, such secured sites are marked by a lock icon shown at the bottom part of the user's browser. Within a user's session in a secured site, it is typical that cryptography works at the background of every information exchange that occurs…


Hebert, S. (2001). A Brief History of Cryptography.

Retrieved on October 14, 2006, from Online.

Web site:


Individuals Who See and Later Recall the
Words: 1005 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18347804
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individuals who see and later recall the same event produce markedly discrepant accounts. Aside from motivational factors (such as dishonesty) or personal differences in memory capacity there are a number of factors relevant to affecting the accuracy information recalled from long-term memory. One of the first things to consider when comparing different recollections of the same events is to consider under what conditions the respondents encoded the information which they later recalled. Important encoding conditions include the length of time the incident occurred (longer events result in more accurate recall) and any possible distracting circumstances that were present during the event that could interfere with encoding. However, perhaps the most important consideration concerns the preconceived notions of the eye of the beholder. A person encoding information that will be stored into long-term memory is not like a video camera. People view the world through preconceived notions or schema that frame…


Haber, R.N., Haber, L. (2000). Experiencing, remembering and reporting events. Psychology, Public Policy, and Law, 6(4): 1057-1097.

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Wikipedia (2010). Eyewitness memory. Retrieved on 12 April 2011 from /wiki/Eyewitness_memory.

Top Down and Bottom Up Approaches in
Words: 603 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Discussion Chapter Paper #: 86929347
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Top Down and Bottom Up Approaches

In different organizations different business strategies are utilized for different reasons. The top down and bottom up approaches are both utilized in different organizations for different reasons. The top down approach is where the organization breaks down a system to gain insight into its composition (Wikipedia, 2010). The bottom up approach is where the organization pieces together different pieces of their information system to gain information about the system and the company (Wikipedia, 2010). These two business approaches are often utilized by management when making decisions about the information systems and technology utilized by the organization. In this paper I will discuss both the top down and the bottom up approaches and how it utilized differently by organizations. I will also show how the top down approach offers more benefits.

Top down Approaches

The top down approach has been around for a long time…


Heckman, R. (2003). Strategic information technology planning and the line manager's role. Information Systems Management. 20 (4) 16-21.

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Life During the Ice Age
Words: 2912 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 77112256
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As they share a common bond in the underlying struggles and challenges that they are wrestling with. This is significant, because it shows how the ice age would force people to work together, to overcome the various weather related issues that are having an impact upon their lives. ("Paleolithic")

The use of various types of tools / technology would change the way humans would live their lives. This is because, the ice age would force everyone to utilize new survival techniques that were often not focused on. Prior to the ice age, most humans were considered to be hunter and gathers. This meant that they would often rely on killing various types of animals, as their way of providing food and clothing for themselves. At the same time, humans would often gather various fruits and berries to consume. Once the ice age began this would all change, as the total…


"Amblin to Alaska." Why Files, n.d. Web. 16 Nov. 2010

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Web 2 0 Technologies & Applications
Words: 6227 Length: 24 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 37011227
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Most well-known was obert Scoble of Microsoft.

With the 2004 U.S. Presidential elections, blogs' growth accelerated dramatically as nearly every news network, candidate in both U.S. Senate and House of epresentative races, and political pundit has their own blog competing for the publics' attention. The era of 2004 to today in fact has created a blogging industry that is pervasive in its availability of publishing platforms (USC Annenberg School of Journalism) and also in its readers for organizing and aggregating content of interest (Boeri, 2007).

Since 2004, technologies have emerged for completing text mining of blogs to find linguistic patterns in the mass of posts and also build linguistic models that represent public opinion. The use of latent semantic indexing as a technology has become prevalent as a result.

Wikis are also a form of consumer-generated media and were initially developed in 1994 with the first Wiki being introduced in…


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1750-1914 Present East Asia 5 Citations Paragraph
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1750-1914 present east asia 5 citations paragraph 1st paragraph - change 1914-present give explanation 2nd paragraph - change 1914 - present give explanation 3rd paragraph - a continuity 1914 present give explanation conclusion paragraph generalizations bogus sites wikipedia online encyclopedias MLA citation essay 12 pieces researched evidence, 3 paragraph 6 scholarly resources wikipedia mentioned orks cited page Entries single-spaced -- inverse indentation (double space entries) Entries alphabetized authors' names.

The Asian continent was less successful in keeping foreign influences away from its borders in the last three centuries, given that globalization made it increasingly difficult for nations across the continent to maintain their customs and traditions. Even with that, many Asian countries managed to adopt a series of practices from other cultures without losing their own cultural values. The industrial revolution is a step that did not take place in Asia as it did in Europe or America, given that…

Works cited:

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Jensen, Richard Jon Davidann, and Yoneyuki Sugita, eds., Trans-Pacific Relations: America, Europe, and Asia in the Twentieth Century (Westport, CT: Praeger, 2003)

Macro Unemployment Forecast Outline Current
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While it is true that jobs generated by 'clean up' needs can compensate for the loss of jobs, the Bureau's figures and the Social Security administration's figures still count workers held on payrolls. These workers are counted as employed, even if they cannot do their jobs, and may have relocated to another area of the country as a result of the storm -- and are likely to have their position terminated soon.


This is a tumultuous time for unemployment data, as Katrina's effects upon the economy are still uncertain, and have yet to 'play themselves out,' particularly given the massive relocation of human resources that occurred after the storm.


Bureau of Labor and Statistics (2005) retrieved on September 15, 2005 from

Congressional Budget Office (2005) retrieved on September 16, 2005 from sequence=0

The Social Security Administration (2005) retrieved on September 15, 2005 from

Unemployment (2005).…


Bureau of Labor and Statistics (2005) retrieved on September 15, 2005 from 

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Unemployment (2005). Wikipedia; The free encyclopedia.

Money Hurts Economy Analyze Compare Effectiveness A
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Money Hurts Economy Analyze compare effectiveness (A) thesis statements (B) evidence, (C) rhetorical strategies (logos, ethos, pathos) dentify essay thought effective explain .

Rick Rilley's essay "Nothing but Nets," Stanley Fish's essay "But Didn't Do t" and David Wolman's essay "Time to Cash Out: Why Paper Money Hurts the Economy" all address contemporary issues and are all meant to emphasize how apparently simple ideas can bring reform to society. All of these essays are directed at raising public awareness concerning concepts that many people today currently believe to be insignificant when compared to the world's greater goal to experience progress through technology and finances.

Rilley's thesis deals with making it possible for the masses to understand how some small interventions can save lives and can help individuals combat maladies that claim thousands of lives every year. The writer concentrates on producing solid evidence with regard to how a sum as…

In spite of the fact that they are two very different digital tools for collaboration, I believe that Facebook ( ) and Wikipedia ( /wiki/Main_Page) are largely responsible for helping the contemporary society experience progress. Even with the fact that they play an important role in today's society, both of these digital tools for collaboration are regarded as being little more than places where one can socialize and, respectively, where he or she can get information that is not 100% verifiable. Stigma follows the two in most communities and makes it difficult for the masses to actually be able to understand the beneficial aspects concerning both of them.

Facebook can be use as a tool for socializing and is known to have brought people closer together as a result of how it provides the ability to communicate and connect with people who share similar passions. This digital tool for collaboration needs to be understood properly in order for people to benefit from it, as otherwise it can actually harm individuals.

Wikipedia is known for how individuals can modify content without actually introducing truthful information. However, as long as one has a complex understanding of the digital tool and as long as he or she is able to differentiate between truthful information and information that cannot be verified, he or she is most likely to benefit from using it.

The Cost of Freedom
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History has shown that freedom is not inherently a part of society, rather it is something fought hard for and won. When countries fight for freedom, when people rise for liberty, they do so because they feel they must. Whether it is a strict government, a deranged dictator, or a highly religious society, people have seen their freedoms limited to varying degrees. The United States has been built upon the idea that freedom should be a basic right. While the country has seen its fair share of battles, with itself and with outsiders, it has maintained this very ideal throughout its history.

What is freedom and liberty? Why is it so important that people would risk their lives to maintain certain freedoms? To begin analysis of these two words, I will present my own definition of freedom and liberty followed by how others define these two words. First and foremost,…

Benedetto Caetani Was Elected as
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Because of the conditions of the Middle Ages, and the temperament of the nobility, many of the funds being paid that would have been considered Church funds were necessary to fund wars between countries and kings. Therefore, several people were excommunicated from the Church because the edict was not followed. Other bulls, however, did have an impact on the political arena. These included the Super rege et regina, issued in 1297. This papal bull "bestowed on James II of Aragon the Kingdom of Sardinia and Corsica" ("List of Papal Bulls"). This resulted in a war between the pontifical troops and the Colonna clan. The pontifical troops were triumphant, and the rebellious Colonna clan was excommunicated and their property was confiscated ("Pope Boniface VIII "para. 10).

One particular papal bull had particular religious and social significance. The Unam Sanctam was issued on November 18, 1302. This bull "declares that there is…

Works Cited

"List of Papal Bulls." Wikipedia Encyclopedia. Retrieved on March 25, 2010 from  

Browne and S Keeley What
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Among these statements include:

1. "We must oppose this action now, or we do a disservice to our members and will regret it later."

2. "I had lunch the other day with a group of members, and everyone was in agreement that if you opposed this measure, they would vote for you…. This will set the stage for your re-election next year at the end of your present term." The lace of threat of a negative consequence for the decision maker is also palpable in this statement, as it appeals to self-preservation.

3. "I speak for truth and common sense…" is also a shot at arguing based on the fallacy of glittering generality.

While statistics are used to support the arguments, questionable authority on the matter are used such as the case of the brother-in-law, who has not demonstrated as an expert on the issue at hand, and Wikipedia, which…


Browne, M. And S. Keeley. (2007). Asking the Right Questions: A Guide to Critical Thinking. NJ: Prentice Hall.

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Dyson Michael Eric Dyson Has
Words: 1248 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 69166480
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Not only does he display his knowledge of race relations but also his understanding of classism and how the government treats poor people. More specifically, Dyson utilizes scholarship to points out the failings of the Bush administration and the American government as it pertained to Hurricane Katrina and its response to the victims who were overwhelmingly black and poor. The Scholar in Eric Dyson also presents statistics and facts associated with the population of New Orleans.

Scholarly and literary Criticism of Come Hell or High ater

Indeed Dyson's book has received a great deal of scholarly and literary criticism. As it pertains to scholarly criticism professor of history at UCLA Gary B. Nash, refers to Come Hell or High ater as a "brilliant and sobering analysis" ("Reviews and Praise"). Nash goes on to say that the book accurately addresses racial politics and the inadequacies of the bush administration in light…

Works Cited

Dodson, Angela

May-June, 2006. Book Review Come Hell or High Water: Hurricane Katrina and the Color of Disaster

Black Issues Book Review. Retrieved November 25 from;;col1 

Dyson, Michael Eric. 2006 Come Hell or High Water: Hurricane Katrina and the Color of Disaster. Basic Civitas Books,

Internet Browsers Business -- Information Systems Author's
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Internet Browsers

Business -- Information Systems

Author's note with contact information and more details on collegiate affiliation, etc.

This paper is a reflection of the experience of interfacing with internet browsers. Reflecting upon this experience in the information or digital age is a worthwhile activity. How consumers interface with software is an intriguing issue from an economic perspective, from a business perspective, and from a consumer perspective. We are in the age of the peer-review. If a website or a browser is arduous or unpleasant to interact with, those details will travel around the world via the internet with great acceleration. Thus it is important for software to function efficiently, have pleasing aesthetics, and be simple to maneuver. How a browser is organized, the kind of experience the user has with the browser and the website, is important and crucial in the information age. If a browser is not a…

Brian Stewart on February 6
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Married to his wife of 25 years and the father of four children, Minns nonetheless pursued Piotrowski, who was 24 years his junior. The two became involved in a serious romantic relationship. Piotrowski maintains that she believed Minns' statements that he was in an open marriage, and the fact that she repeatedly appeared in public with him certainly seemed to verify his assertions that his wife knew of their affair. However, at some time, Piotrowski became dissatisfied with the affair. She broke up with Minns, who did not take the break-up well. He allegedly hired a series of individuals to harass her, including tapping her phones and following her. When intimidation did not prove sufficient to bring Piotrowski back into his arms, Minns allegedly hired a hit-man to try to kill her. Piotrowski was shot four times, which resulted in her paralysis.

It is important to keep in mind that…


McLellan, D. (1991, July 26). Near-fatal attraction: Athlete still a victim of lover's obsession that led to her paralysis. Retrieved January 22, 2012 from LA Times website: 

Wikipedia. (2012). Brian Stewart (phlebotomist). Retrieved from:


Contact With the Arabian Peninsula
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However, those that study ancient history would not be the only ones that would be interested in this information. Those that study culture, communication, and interaction would also be interested in this type of information and description, since much of the information found in this context can help provide valuable information as to how people interacted with one another in older times, and whether their methods of cultural interaction have changed with the times or remained virtually the same in the face of technology and other issues.

3. hat is the main concern of the author in this passage?

The author's main concern is that those that read the passage understand what the Periplus is and the different ports that had been visited. Also important to the author is what these ports have to offer, since various ports have different items that they can offer to traders. Knowing how to…

Works Cited

Erythraei, Maris, (1989). Ed. Lionel Casson. The Periplus. Princeton University Press: 59-61.

Periplus. (2005). Wikipedia. /wiki/Periplus.

101st Airborne Division Headquartered in
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The 101st Division has also supported humanitarian relief efforts in Rwanda and Somalia, and have been deployed as peacekeepers to Haiti and Bosnia (101st).

As part of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Operation Iraqi Freedom, the Screaming Eagles were deployed once again to Iraq (101st). "The division was in V Corps, providing support to the 3rd Infantry Division by clearing Iraqi strong-points which that division had bypassed" (101st). Using the city of Mosul as their primary base of operations, they then went on to become part of the occupation forces in Iraq before being withdrawn in 2004 for rest and refit (101st). The existing infantry brigades, artillery brigade, and aviation brigades were transformed as part of the Army's modular transformation, with the addition of re-activating a new 4th Brigade Combat Team, called Currahee, and its subordinate units to form a 6-7 major units division, one of the Army's largest (101st).…

Works Cited

101st Airborne Division. Wikipedia. Retrieved July 08, 2006 at /wiki/101st_Airborne_Division

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Lone Sentry. Retrieved July 08, 2006 at

Broadcast News Job in Today's
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Skills and knowledge on photography and video footage. Photographs and video footage are important parts of any news report, thus it is recommended that still and video cameras should always be at hand.

On Wages or Salaries

On 2005, in the United States, the lowest starting salary that broadcast journalists receive on an annual basis is $30, 337.00 (Sahadi, 2005, para 7). Thus, today, an entry level in a broadcast news career can expect a more or less $31,000.00 annually. This may be very low considering the taxes that go with it. However, even a beginner on this field can still expect some perks relative to the job such as the opportunity to go on various areas inside the country, the possibility to talk with various famous and important personalities, and the chance to serve a noble cause of informing and updating the public of various issues and news.



Gillmor, Dan. (2004). "We the Media: Grassroots Journalism for the People, by the People." O'Reilly Media, Inc. "Iran's Economy

Mass Media." (2005). 

Media." (2005). /wiki/Mass_media

Sahadi, J. (April 2005). "Lucrative degrees for college grads."

Wikis Within an Organization if Technically Create
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Wikis Within an Organization

If technically create wiki, explore read multiple existing wiki sites a substitute exercise.) This reading give ideas wikis organizations: Grace, P.L. (2009).

What is a wiki and how can it be useful for an organization?

A wiki is basically a webpage that anyone can be able to view and edit its content as long as one has an active internet connection, wikis are easy to edit, and since this is done from the browser one does not need to learn any HTML. Wikis allow for groups collaborations and asynchronous communication across the internet Flierl & Fowler, 2007.

With open access there exists potential for mischief from some users, monitoring of the wiki is a must, and this might be very time consuming and resource intensive, it is for this reason that only authorized users are allowed to add or modify content in the majority of the…


Flierl, R., & Fowler, H. (2007). Educational Uses of Blogs and Wikis. The Phi Delta Kappan, 89(3).

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Google Introduction and Description of the Company
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Introduction and Description of the Company

Organizational Structure

Industry Analysis

Value Proposition

Financial Performance

Figure 1.1 Revenue and Net Income Growth

TOS Strategies

BCG Matrix




Google is a highly successful Internet company that makes most of its money through online advertising. It has been able to achieve this success through a combination of leadership and culture. The company's many strengths are in general aligned with the opportunities that exist in the marketplace. As a result, Google has the opportunity to pursue most of its opportunities. The most recommended opportunity to pursue is to take the Android operating system and apply it to the PC industry. It is also recommended that Google addresses the threats that it faces in the political environment, both domestically and in China. It can do this by using its financial clout but also it will need to develop new capabilities in order…

Works Cited: (2012). Top sites. Retrieved November 26, 2012 from 

Google Form 10-K for the year ended 2011. Retrieved November 26, 2012 from (2012). About Google. Google. Retrieved November 26, 2012 from  

Entrepreneurial Leadership
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ive Guys was founded in 1986 by Jerry and Janie Murrell and their sons, all five of whom are part of the business. In 1986-2001 ive Guys opens five locations around the DC metro-area and perfected their business of making burgers. Now, over 20 years after ive Guys first opened, there are over 1,000 locations nationwide and over 1500 units in development. ive guys continue to receive media attention and have grown a cult-like following around the world ( In this assignment, the following questions will be answered as to how ive Guys continues to be a success and why customers continue to flock to their restaurant:

Determine how ive Guys' philosophy sets it apart from other fast-food chains.

Analyze the original values for the start-up company and how it remains strong today.

Enumerate three (3) factors that contributed to ive Guys' success in such a short time and what…

Five Guys Holdings, LLC. Archived from the original on July 19, 2011. www.

Galuten, Noah (May 28, 2010). "CSPI Releases Its Annual List of Rosenwald, Michael S. (April 3, 2006). "Five Guys, Taking a Bigger Bite." The Washington Post.

"Virginia Beach Best Food & Dining." August 27, 2007. Hampton Landmark Media/Enterprises LLC.

Sociocognitive Dual Coding and Processing Models
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Dual Coding Theory (DCT) was originally developed for memory research. The basic notion is that images and words influence memory differently. DCT has been applied to reading and has been used to improve reading programs. The assertion is that learning to read a new word is more efficient if more than one part of the brain is activated, by paring verbal and nonverbal codes. Verbal code would be language in any form; nonverbal codes are tangible objects, pictures, feelings, and events. If one code is forgotten, the second code can serve as a backup during word retrieval. By paring written words, pronunciations, pictures, and experience we are focusing on all levels of processing in DCT which fosters learning. The following paper describes the basic elements of DCT.

According to Dual Coding Theory (DCT) information is represented in the brain via both verbal and imagined codes (Paivio, 1971). These two…

Hope Hygieia
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Describe the object in detail. What is the medium? What is the color and size? If there are human figures what are they doing? How are they posed? What are they wearing? What are the expressions on their faces?

According to the website of the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, The Hope Hygieia is a marble, life-sized statue of the ancient goddess of health that was originally discovered in the ancient Roman port of Ostia in 1797. It was originally owned by the British collector Sir Thomas Hope before being sold to William Randolph Hearst, who donated it to the city of Los Angeles in 1950. Over the years, the statue has been restored, de-restored to the condition in which it was originally found, the re-restored at the Getty Museum in 2006. This is a white marble statue with the clothing and hairstyle of a young Roman…

Higher Education Distance Learning in
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Online distance learning is completely different environment from that of a traditional classroom. There are different rules and regulations that must be adhered to. Class discussion often takes place via a bulletin board and more often than not also serves as a way of taking attendance. Students should expect to spend between two and three hours per credit hours per course studying every week. This is a completely different learning style that involves no face-to-face contact and often takes away from human aspect of learning. Distance learning is not for everyone, but for those who have the self-discipline to be successful it can open an entire set of new opportunities to get an education. Those who partake in this type of learning often find that they like the freedom that it gives them to get an education without having to be tied down to a traditional learning environment.



Benefits of Distance Learning. (2009). Retrieved March 21, 2010, from Web site: 

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Battle of Tannenberg in 1914
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It stated tat te Germans were (supposedly) in a retreat towards Tannenberg and detailed is plans to follow tem.

Hoffman as te two messages in and, but Ludendorff was skeptical of te messages fearing tat tey were trap, but Hindenburg, knowing of te personal quarrel of te two Russians, was more likely to believe te messages..

Francois was reluctant to attack witout artillery support, and delayed is attack until August 27t. His attack enjoyed success pusing te Russians back to Soldau. His actions cut off Samsonov's forces keeping tem in te centre.

Ludendorff ordered Francois to move Nort, but Francois moved East, tis action countermanded is direct orders, but contributed to te defeat of te Russians. Tis move cut off te retreating Samsonov.

Helmut von Moltke

was of te opinion tat te Russians migt overwelm Ludendorff in te East, and contacted Ludendorff and stated tat e was sending a cavalry… 

accessed 03/26/2010.

Byzantine Romanesque & Gothic Styles
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Between 1225 and 1250 C.E., Notre Dame was extensively modified when the chapels were built into spaces between the buttresses and the transept arms were lengthened. Of course, it is Notre Dame's facade which draws the most attention, due to its verticality which makes Notre Dame one of the most satisfying and memorable structures in Gothic architecture.

In conclusion, the talented men who designed these churches and cathedrals which always towered over the towns and cities below symbolize a great confidence in their faith, for they regarded these structures as the "real image of the City of God" (Demus, 2004, p. 113), perhaps as a form of heavenly Jerusalem in which they felt very privileged to have worked on earth as representatives of God's own majesty.


Demus, Otto. (2004). Byzantine art and the west. New York: New York University Press.

Erlande-Brandenburg, Alain. (2006). Gothic art. New York: Abrams Academic…


Demus, Otto. (2004). Byzantine art and the west. New York: New York University Press.

Erlande-Brandenburg, Alain. (2006). Gothic art. New York: Abrams Academic Press.

Kubach, Hans Erich. (2005). Romanesque architecture. New York: Electra/Rizzoli Publishing.


E-Communities' Impact the Impact of
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Twelve ESL learners who participated subsequently found that participating in text-based online chat rooms promoted a noticeable difference in their face-to-face conversations, particularly in noticing their own linguistic mistakes.

Psychologists stress little if any learning occurs without attention. "Text-based online chat, a particular form of synchronous computer-mediated communication (CMC) involving written oral-like conversation, has the great potential of increasing noticing for two reasons:

1. Compared to face-to-face conversations, CMC allows conversations to flow at slower speeds than face-to-face; consequently permitting "speakers" to have longer times to process receiving and producing the target language.

2. CMC can save texts (previous messages) in format that users may later access. (Lai and Zhao)

The following copy of "ESL Online Talk Community" illustrates concept Lai and Zhao present.

Practice makes perfect, but many ESL students do not have opportunities to practice speaking English. This Website is trying to establish an online community to enable…





Moller Skycar the Promotions Plan for the
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Moller Skycar

The promotions plan for the Moller Skycar launch will feature a number of different facets. The first will be the message, which should consist of two parts. The first part will focus on introducing the product, because the Skycar is not only a new product but a new category as well. There will be informational hurdles to overcome and some consumers may be skeptical, so the introduction message will be mixed with informational messages as well. The second message of the plan will highlight the attributes of the Skycar. It cannot be assumed that the Skycar's attributes are self-evident, so the product features and other attributes will need to be communicated to consumers in a way that differentiates them from the attributes of competing products such as automobiles.

The message should also contain a heavy visual emphasis. People need to see the Skycar in action. They need to…

Works Cited:

Moller Skycar website home page at  viewed November 7, 2010. 2007 Flying cars ready to take off Bob Simon talks to inventors who build personal flying machines. April 17. Viewed at the website,  on November 7, 2010.

Anon, (n.d.), Moller Skycar M400 viewed at  

Existentialism Is a Philosophical Movement That Views
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Existentialism is a philosophical movement that views human existence as having characteristics, such as anxiety, dread, freedom, awareness of death, and consciousness of existing, that are primary and that cannot be reduced to or explained by a natural-scientific approach or any approach that attempts to detach itself." For existentialism, human beings can be understood only from the inside and it emphasizes action, freedom, and decision as fundamental to human existence and is fundamentally opposed to the rationalist tradition and to positivism (Wikipedia). The Stranger reflects existentialism that our world is a universe that has no place for us, in which our life makes no sense. In the novel, Meursault is portrayed as aloof, detached and unemotional. He does not think about events and the possible consequences. He also fails to express any emotion in his relationship with his friends. Meursault's complete indifference to society and human relationships causes him to…

Entrepreneur the Project Is a Website That
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The project is a website that compiles videos, tips, articles and other content. The site is aimed at an audience interested in a healthier lifestyle. The way of monetizing the site will be to sell advertising to health clubs, fitness professionals and others that cater to the same target market. This report will analyze this idea to test for feasibility and identify key challenges that could be present. There will be recommendations as well with respect to the future of this website.


There are several challenges that this website can be expected to face. The first is with respect to the idea of being a content aggregator. This is not 1997. Content is not free. Thus, the first hurdle that we will face with this idea is acquiring content. Most high-traffic content sites have established brands and they also have identified means of acquiring content. If we are…

Works Cited:

Perner, L. (2008). Internet marketing. Consumer Psychologist. Retrieved May 24, 2013 from 

O'Reilly, T. (2005). What is web 2.0. Retrieved May 24, 2013 from

Peers Made Claim The History Love Largely
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peers made claim "The History Love," largely history loss. Argue assertion. hether support refute claim, explain significance. YOU CAN FIND A BROAD SUMMARY OF THIS BOOK ON IKIPEDIA USE THE ACTUAL BOOK- "THE HISTORY OF LOVE: A NOVEL" BY NICOLE KRAUSS This I .

The History of Love: Love as chosen loss

The History of Love could just as easily be titled 'a history of thwarted love.' None of the main characters in either of the parallel narratives that run through the book ever achieve their heart's desires. Leo Gursky pines for his neighbor Alma, but war separates the two young lovers. hen they reunite, Leo is devastated to learn that Alma has moved on with her life, gotten married, and had another child with her husband. Leo spends the rest of his life living in a kind of suspended animation, his life entirely fixated upon Alma. Leo seems more…

Works Cited

Krauss, Nicole. The History of Love. New York: W.W. Norton, 2006.

Abraham Path Evolution of the Enterprise Over Time
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Abraham Path Initiative

The Abraham Path: The evolution of the enterprise over time

One of the most divisive regions of the world is the Middle East. The Middle East is fraught with conflict not simply because of the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian territorial dispute but also because of a host regional and sectarian struggles that are tearing this area of the world apart. With this in mind: "in the face of daunting barriers, the Abraham Path Initiative envisions uncovering and revitalizing a route of cultural tourism that follows the path of Abraham and his family some 4000 years ago across the Middle East…As it takes fuller shape, the Path variously serves as a catalyst for sustainable tourism and economic development, a platform for the energy and idealism of young people, a beacon for pilgrims and peacebuilders, as well as a focus for seemingly endless media inquiries from reporters, producers" (Leary, Sebenius, &…


Leary, K., Sebenius, J. & Weiss, J. (2009). Negotiating the Path of Abraham. Harvard Business

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History of Communication
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History Of Communication Timeline


(with special reference to the development of the motorcycle)

35,000 BCE.

First paleolithing "petroglyphs" and written symbols. This is important in the history of communication because it marks the first time humans left a recorded form of communication. Also, these written symbols became the ultimate source of later alphabets.

Wikipedia, "Petroglyph."

12,600 BCE.

Cave paintings at Lascaux show early representational art. This is important in the history of communication because the caves depict over 2000 figures, including abstract symbols. More recent research suggests these may record astronomical information.

OURCE: Wikipedia, "Lascaux."

3400 BCE.

First surviving umerian pictograms demonstrate a primitive form of record keeping. This is important in the history of communication because pictograms, together with ideograms, represent a primitive form of writing, in which a symbol either means what it looks like, or represents a single idea.

OURCE: Wikipedia, "Pictogram."


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James Longstreet
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James Longstreet, January 9, 1821 -- January 2, 1904, was one of the foremost generals of the American Civil ar, who later enjoyed a successful post-war career working as a diplomat and administrator for the government of his former enemies.

Longstreet was born in Edgefield District, South Carolina, grew up in Augusta, Georgia, and at the age of twelve, his father died and the family moved to Somerville, Alabama.

In 1838, he was appointed to the United States Military Academy by the state of Alabama, and graduated from est Point in 1842, just in time to serve with distinction in the Mexican ar and rise to the rank of major.

In June 1861, he resigned from the U.S. Army to join with the Confederacy during the Civil ar.

Already highly regarded as an officer, Longstreet was immediately appointed as a brigadier general in the Confederate Army, and after fighting at…

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Longstreet, James

Russian Mennonites The Writer Explores
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Read Full Paper  ❯ aligned themselves with the Octobrist Party because of its guarantee of religious freedoms and freedom of the press for minority groups (the ussian Mennonites ("

Each village generally had its own congregation that was independent of the other ussian Mennonite congregations.

They all agreed on fundamental Mennonite beliefs such as believer's baptism, nonresistance and avoidance of oaths (the ussian Mennonites ( of Flemish congregations read sermons from a book while seated at a table. Frisian pastors stood while delivering the sermon (the ussian Mennonites ("

Pastors of each church were simply members that the congregation agreed to have lead them in their faith and were not paid for their services, which meant they were usually wealthy landowners that did not have to work for a living. They had a significant amount of influence over members of their community, much in the same way today's pastors and rabbis have influence…


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Water in the Middle East
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While on one hand, the Nile gets the highest discharge from rainfall on the highlands of Ethiopia and upland plateau of East Africa, located well outside the Middle East region; on the other hand, discharge points of the other two rivers, Euphrates and Tigris, are positioned well within the Middle East region, prevailing mostly in Turkey, Syria along with Iraq. In other areas, recurrent river systems are restricted to the more northern upland areas of Iran and Turkey, in common with the coastline of Levant (Peter eaumont, Gerald H. lake, J. And Malcolm Wagstaff, 1988).

The conflict in the Future

It is widely believed by many experts that those who control the waters in the Middle East; control the Middle East; and those who control the Middle East; control the oil supply of the world (David M. Hummel, 1995). From the above mentioned facts it is clear that the water…


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