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Work Experience Essays (Examples)

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Work Study Report Providing Quality
Words: 2656 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 89701101
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I learned that different people expect different things at hotels, for example, many of our British guests arrived with their own towels, while many of our North American guests were never satisfied with our air conditioning services, despite the fact that many of our local guests found the hotel to be too cold.

2. It is important to be aware of the cultures involved in one's staff. This comes into play a lot with respect to planning social events, which are important for developing staff morale. Yet, something very well intended can go the wrong way if cultural issues are not take into consideration. For example, we had many different cultures working at our hotel, which meant that we had many different dietary needs. This made planning parties very challenging with respect to choosing a menu that was appropriate for all cultures. It was important to understand which foods were…

Work Sociology the Service Industry
Words: 481 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 77934677
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I believe that Marx's theory fits my work experiences. His concept of commodity fetishism applies. At work, I am made to believe that outputs are more important than me. This shows that the interest of the employer is made to be more important than the interest of the employees. In the midst of economic crisis, people are afraid to lose their jobs in the face of economic crisis that they would submit to the control of their employers or the bourgeoisie as Marx called it.


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Work Poems Unfulfilling Work Paying
Words: 1196 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 3700633
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He knew his father wouldn't approve.

In "What I Wouldn't Do," the narrator tells of a whole string of "drifter" jobs, which occupy her until she moves on to another. The jobs are quite different one from the other. She doesn't seem to hate these jobs, nor does she love them either. She gets what she can out of them. For example, she says, "Cleaning houses was fine, dusting the knick-knacks of the rich" and then describes a crystal bell and the sound it made. She describes herself as drifting, "an itinerant" from job to job. The word itinerant means traveling from place to place, so perhaps these jobs are in different towns. The job she liked best was working alone at night in the bakery. This job is the only one in which color is mentioned in relation to herself. She pictures the neon light in the window flashing…

Work Opportunity Tax Credit Wotc
Words: 4903 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 69565580
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ather than being idle and receiving public benefit, individuals of working age typically prefer completing useful work. Mark P. Altieri, an associate professor of accounting at Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, and Jason A. othman, (2006), an associate at Wickens, Herzer, Panza, Cook and Batista, note a number of enhancements to WOTC in the article, "Surviving Katrina: Tax breaks for victims of the costliest catastrophe in American history."

According to Altieri and othman (2006), in regard to the WOTC - general law, under IC section 51, the WOTC provides motivation for employers to hire economically disadvantaged individuals. These disadvantaged individuals include qualified ex-felons, food-stamp recipients, veterans, summer youth employees, as well as individuals who receive certain welfare benefits (Altieri & othman, ¶ 23). Altieri and othman explain that in the past, the WOTC -- Katrina was expanded to embrace individuals whose principal residence on August 28, 2005, was located in…


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Work vs Life Balance the
Words: 8772 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 58655658
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ood indicates that "everyone has different motivations and aspirations that they wish to achieve in their life. ork-life balance is about adjustments that can be made to working patterns to enable people to combine work with the other facets of their life. Bratton and Gold (2003: 105) de-ne work-life balance as, 'the relationship between the institutional and cultural times and spaces of work and non-work in societies where income is predominantly generated and distributed through labour markets.'" (p. 388) This implicates various aspects of one's working experience, including the manner in which one's responsibility's are balanced with one's personal needs; the degree to which social needs are constructed within the workplace; and the manner in which the employer goes about providing opportunities for attendance of personal needs for employees. This definition is also underscored by the basic assumption that employee morale and work/life balance are inextricable and that, additionally, these…

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Satisfaction at Work or on Job
Words: 872 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 66198229
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ork Satisfaction

Nothing is really work," states an old adage, "unless you would rather be doing something else."

In today's times of economic uncertainty, rapid employee turnover and more trade union disputes, the issue of worker satisfaction has become even more important. In addition to salary, many workers point to the need for a good quality of worker life. They need to feel that their personal needs are being met in their professional careers.

This paper examines factors which relate strongly to worker satisfaction. These factors include greater communication, opportunities for advancement and a sense that their work is "meaningful." In the last part, the paper also makes suggestions regarding how employers can both ensure motivation on the job and address factors that give rise to job dissatisfaction.

The question of employee satisfaction has come to gained greater attention especially in this new century. A survey commissioned by the Pitney…

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Work Motivation Assignment Describe the Equity Theory
Words: 1220 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98177050
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ork Motivation Assignment

Describe the Equity Theory.

Equity theory is a theory regarding the fairness and justice of material allocation between individuals. It is where workers believe they are being rewarded accordingly or not. If he or she is over or under awarded, a notion of anguish is created. In the end, further efforts must be committed to restore appropriate worth. The theory is basically about whether or not both parties are receiving proper and just shares of deserved resources. The value of equity is determined by measuring the amount of aid and contribution between each party. However, the former does not mean fiscal or emotional, and the latter excludes investment in time and effort. The balance in the equity theory and between the two parties means as long as they both exert similar efforts, a balanced ratio has been achieved. The theory suggests and predicts that a worker or…

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Experiencing the Sacred
Words: 793 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40950973
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Experiencing the Sacred

Compare St. Teresa's experience of the spiritual marriage with both Muhammad's Night Journey and the Buddha's Enlightenment. The focus should clearly identify similarities and differences.

Teresa of Avila, Muhammad, and the Shakyamuni Buddha all had intense spiritual experiences. Their experience can all be classified as numinous and ecstatic, because they each surrendered their physical selves to experience union with a spiritual dimension. They were each subsumed by their spiritual experiences, imparting either fear or joy. Moreover, each of these individuals made a great impact on religious, philosophical, and spiritual teachings.

There are some distinct differences between these three figures, though. The obvious differences are cultural, geographic, and temporal. St. Teresa of Avila is the most modern of the three figures. She lived during the 16th century in Spain, and her upbringing was steeped in Catholicism. Muhammad lived during the 7th century CE, nearly a thousand years prior…

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Work Values and Generational Differences
Words: 2949 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 57597906
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Coaching management styles work best for Generation Xers, complete with prompt feedback and rewards for results (Eisner, 2005). They use a team of people to support their own personal individual efforts and bring a talent for problem-solving to the workplace (Smola & Sutton, 2002).

Generation Y looks for management that will further their professional development. This young generation performs best when working for and with those who hold the same values. As they often were involved in decisions in the home, from an early age, they often expect to have decision making capabilities in their professional lives as well. For this reason, an inclusive management style works best for this generation, with feedback on their performance. When treated professionally and given challenging work that fits their skills, Generation Y performs best (Eisner, 2005). Armour (2007) notes that like Generation X, Generation Y have high expectations of their employer and their…


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Work Motivation and Job Satisfaction
Words: 5392 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49444559
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As Moore and Anderson emphasize, "Another driver is that distance education students have as much right to expect effective library services as traditional on-campus students. Therefore, services have been enhanced to ensure easy access and equitable delivery of resources and services" (p. 384).

Clearly, then, although the mission of many university libraries to provide the resources and tools students need to achieve successful academic outcomes has not changed in substantive ways in recent years, technological innovations have demanded that they transform the manner in which they achieve these missions. A survey of university librarians conducted by Moore and Anderson (2003) determined that, "y far the major thrust of the libraries surveyed was the inclusion of information literacy skills into the curriculum, either imbedded into the discipline-specific information or as assessable tests within foundation or first-year subjects" (p. 382). The provision of these types of services, Moore and Anderson suggest, may…


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Work and Occupations Crisis and
Words: 1362 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20191948
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Crisis administrations have one or more committed crisis phone numbers saved for basic crisis calls. In other countries, one number is utilized for all the crisis administrations. However, every crisis administration has its own defined crisis number in very few countries (Whyte, 2002).


In the same way as Emergency Service, firefighter experts are vital to groups everywhere in the country. They are crucial to the principal mission of any Navy. In boats, submarines, airplane and weapons of numerous sorts, risk is a characteristic part of the occupation. If it is ordinary work or continuous missions, conditions might be unpredictable and valuable lives and unreasonable gear are always at stake (egehr & Bober, 2007). As part of the emergency response group, an emergency responder will be there to forestall mishaps and to stabilize the scenario in case of an incident. No professional is obliged to wind up part of the…


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Work and Organisation Improving the
Words: 2367 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 12707171
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(Consensus Decision-Making: g8-binder.emmett)

According to laboratory studies undertaken by Professors Martin Kocher and Matthias Sutter reported in the Economic Journal, it was revealed that teams definitely surpass individuals in arriving at economic decision-making. The two researchers demonstrate that the type of decision maker- an individual or a team makes a vital difference in an interactive economic environment, regardless of it being the investment and marketing strategies of companies and funds managers or the budget and monetary policy-making of governments and central banks. Small teams take efficient decisions compared to decisions taken at the individual level as they work better at processing information and better at other decision-makers choices. The mounting relevance of teams in firms, consulting and decision-making in general makes these findings very pertinent. (Teams Make Better Decisions than Individuals)

Consensus in its true sense implies fulfilling the needs of everybody. Consensus decision-making is planned to negate the responsibilities…


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Work Measurement the Dynamics of
Words: 3276 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 64731552
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The worker on a fast line such as a candy cane maker has little control over their environment. They must perform more like machines themselves. The welder on an auto manufacturing line may have more control over their environment. For instance they may make the welds necessary and then press a button to send the car on down the line. They control how fast the line moves. However, it is much more important for the welds to be performed correctly. If an imperfect candy cane goes out, the consequences are less serious than if a car frame is welded incorrectly. This is the different amounts of control that a worker has in the speed of production.

More experienced welders would be able to make the welds faster than inexperienced welders. However, speed is not the most important element when welding automobile frames. They must be done right, even if a…

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Work Life Balance - The Role of
Words: 7287 Length: 22 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68583743
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Work Life Balance - the ole of HM

Human resources management come with massive demands chiefly in light of the fact that it involves dealing with people, a task that is complex in itself. To enhance organizational growth, pleasure on the part of workforce is very crucial. This is a necessity that human resources sectors in organizations have to grapple with on a day-to-day basis through the initiation and implementation of means of achieving workers satisfaction and overall performance (Frame & Hartog, 2003). Creating room for work life balance constitutes come of the mechanisms that employers use in achieving this goal (Clutterbuck, 2003). Work life balance is a concept whose relevance in the organization and more so in the world of advancing technology holds a lot of water. It brings to both parties in the business environment numerous benefits (Ehnert, 2009). The concept has a wide range of practice ranging…


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Work and Family Arlie Russell Hochschild's The
Words: 1714 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 41449544
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Work and Family

Arlie Russell Hochschild's "The Second Shift"

Balancing Work and Family

Arlie Russell Hochschild's "The Second Shift"

Balancing Work and Family

Women and men now both work in the United States, and, according to a study conducted by Arlie Hochschild, they are dealing with the change differently. The roles that men and women have traditionally held in the home world and work world have been defined very clearly, but those roles are changing for many couples. Unfortunately, as women enter the workforce, many are experiencing resistance from their husbands with regard to the work role that they now enjoy. Hochschild lived with families as they went through their daily lives to determine how a possible change in roles was affecting the relationships among couples. She identified three distinct gender ideologies that individuals hold. Each person also has certain gender strategies and myths that they operate under. This essay…

Work Standards Are the Foundation
Words: 3347 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 81415100
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Operations and Supply Chain Management. Upper Saddle iver, NJ: McGraw Hill Higher Education. 13th Edition.

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5. Explain why the need to focus capacity on a fairly limited set of production objectives is the key to successful production

There are many factors that favor setting a limited number of production objectives to ensure a successful manufacturing strategy attains its objectives. The most critical are the many effects of manufacturing goals and objectives on the supply chain relationships and the many interrelationships in the supplier base (Jacobs, Chase, 2010). The greater the number of production objectives, the greater the corresponding complexity throughout any supply chain, impacting pricing,…


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Work Why Are Meetings'so
Words: 636 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 84381574
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This style runs counter to relations at many male-led law firms, where confrontation is a prized skill. Both approaches can work, although it should be noted that the fact that people do not seem to listen to one another, or use different cultural cues to indicate listening and attention, is perhaps the most articulated reason why workers of both genders loathe meetings. Tannen suggests that the stereotypically male workforce may have much to learn from women's ways of relating to others during meetings. Hearing all parties, repeating what the other person has said before openly confronting a potential opponent, and other methods of connection characterized as feminine may be the best way to deal with diversity, as this will allow more points-of-view to be aired.

New solutions and creativity may be fostered in a supportive, rather than a confrontational atmosphere during a meeting. A lack of hierarchy at meetings can…

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Works on War Boys I've Been Where
Words: 824 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 37008400
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Works on War

Boys, I've been where you are now and I know just how you feel. It's entirely natural that there should beat in the breast of every one of you a hope and desire that some day you can use the skill you have acquired here. Suppress it! You don't know the horrible aspects of war. I've been through two wars and I know. I've seen cities and homes in ashes. I've seen thousands of men lying on the ground, their dead faces looking up at the skies. I tell you, war is hell! -- General William ecumseh Sherman, 1880, to the cadets.

General Sherman truly says it all with his statement, "War is hell." Even if it is to protect one's country and its people, such as World War I or II, war still is the worst thing possible. he British poet Wilfred Owen strongly communicates this…

The novel also portrays how war impacts the basic needs of all humanity, such as food to eat. Starvation was not atypical of the Vietcong and the villagers, because many of the rice fields were lost through the bombing. The smallest amounts of horrendous tasting food, which do not even offer any nutrition, are worth gold. Early in the novel, Quan declines orangutan soup, where even the animal's hands are cooked. People steal and fight over food and use it as a means of barter.

Such stories are distasteful to everyone. The Vietnamese government even banned A Novel with No Name because of the "scathing dissection of the day-to-day realities of life for the Vietnamese during the final years of the Vietnam War." Apparently so much of the detailed material was brought to everyone's attention in this book, that Duong was arrested and jailed for seven months in 1991. Naturally, books such as this are just as difficult for Americans to read especially since the Vietnam War was very controversial and needlessly took so many lives on both sides.

How can one say which of these writers' works is more personally disturbing? Each war was so atrocious in its own way. Given the futility of the Vietnam War (which was not even a declared war) as well as the immense disrespect for the Geneva Convention and the treatment of prisoners of war and civilians, perhaps this was a greater hell. However, can there be one hell greater than another?

Work Disability in Small Firms Chapter II
Words: 3770 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Chapter Paper #: 26039394
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Work Disability in Small Firms Chapter II

Work disabled ChII Lit Review

Review of Literature Demonstrates Information Gap and Identifies Methods

This chapter justifies the problem statement and research questions, and locates the results among existing research. Copious data and analysis describes pronounced unemployment for potential workers with disabilities and lower income where workers with disabilities are employed, compared to the general U.S. workforce, extensive policy intervention notwithstanding. Fewer studies focus on workers or potential workers with disabilities in the Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta, Georgia metropolitan statistical area, and even at the national level, very few juried reports describe productivity and job satisfaction for workers with disabilities in firms smaller than fifteen employees. Firms with fewer than fifteen employees are exempt from compliance with Title I of the ADA, but stimulating employment for workers with disabilities in these firms may improve economic self-sufficiency for this historically disadvantaged population. Conversely, if productivity and…

Policy disincentives probably affect productivity, satisfaction and employment.

Where consensus agrees is around a strong disincentive to work if medical costs covered by Medicaid exceed the level of income qualifying them for SSDI reimbursement. As numerous experts, administrators and disability employment program consumers testified to the 111th U.S. Congress in 2009 (U.S. Congress, 2011), once an individual earns more than a threshold that qualifies them for Medicaid coverage, they have to pay their medical costs out of pocket, and if those costs are more than the new earnings plus the SSDI transfer income, then the result is negative earnings plus often considerable effort and expense getting to work along with the labor of work itself. The result, not surprisingly, is often that potential workers with disability live off $674 per month income support in order not to lose Medicaid eligibility by earning more than qualifies them for federal health care coverage, i.e. $940 in one month (C. Bates-Harris, qtd. In U.S. Congress, 2011, p. 23-25), if total earnings become less or negative covering medical costs out of pocket, especially given exclusion from insurance for the pre-existing condition that justified Medicaid coverage in the first place before the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). PPACA made such exclusion illegal, but the results are still too new for empirical analysis as yet. The perverse incentive generated by high-enough out-of-pocket medical costs meant that a potential worker with disability had to go from earning little enough to qualify for Medicaid, to enough that they could cover those costs out of pocket and also the foregone monthly income transfer. This might often mean many thousands of dollars per year or month if disability required ongoing medical attention, a situation experts often call the "Cash Cliff" (Tremblay, Porter, Smith and Weathers, 2011, p. 19) due to the abrupt income threshold.

Extensive testimony to Congress (2011) described problems within SSDI programs themselves. Income verification requirements where employment was successfully accomplished, for example, resulted in overpayment and then reversal of awarded transfers that left workers with obligations to reimburse SSDI for in one case $115,000 where a worker with psychiatric disability had benefits retroactively revoked for the prior six years, for "sporadically, very occasionally exceeding the substantial gainful activity level by small amounts, due to his disability, and there is no dispute that he reported his work attempts" (Landry, Anderson, Lacava and Bronstein, qtd. In 111th Congress, 2011, p. 88). Another was overpaid $60,000; another over $56,000; none of these individuals have worked since, which their program administrators attributed to their

Work and Organization it Was
Words: 3248 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 66991876
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Taylor had faith that the best man for the job is to be chosen. He is required to possess the physical and intellectual qualities to attain the required output. However, it was up to the management to make it sure that the right people were chosen and trained. This forms the foundation for the quality circles.

Operatives congregate to deliberate on work related difficulties, prove into the reasons and solutions and take appropriate action. However, for this to work effectively, the involved operatives must be trained. Third one is to bring together the science of work and scientifically chosen and skilled personnel. The students are to visualize an anticipation of MacGregor here. What Taylor was actually, anxious to eliminate was the managerial mental block. Management, he discovered opposed his philosophy due to the fact that they visualize higher hourly rates of pay. What they did not visualize was the potential…


An overview of Management Theory. 

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Fayol (1841-1925) Functions and Principles of Management.

Work Family Conflict
Words: 5465 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 29895419
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Work - Family Conflict

It has been the traditional division of labor between men and women that men would be the bread -earners of family and that women would cater to managing the household responsibilities as women have to take care of children. The work within the family was extended and decreased accordingly since it was an unpaid labor. ut as developments took place women started to work outside their homes. As a result of both working parents the family and work conflict started to emerge. As a result the families of the present age are being affected by several responsibilities of work, family and community on individuals.

The conflict between work and family is due to the depression, stress and anxiety, which occur as a result of the divergent responsibilities. These divergent responsibilities make it extremely difficult in taking care of these responsibilities. Developmental Psychologists and work-family sociologists have…


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Nontraditional Student Experience Serving the
Words: 1572 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 94598565
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Compare the costs of different programs. There is a wide variety, and costs are not always related to quality." can say from my own personal experience, education has gained more emphasis than actual work experience. Now, more and more, employers are asking for formal degrees before looking at someone's accomplishments and expertise. Therefore, working people may not prosper without a degree. Online education provides an option to get a degree that might not otherwise be available. I am suffering from the same problems that prevent most people from obtaining a degree and I am taking online classes from home. It is allowing me to fulfill my parental obligations and to continue my education while I am working in a way that is more flexible and affordable than traditional classrooms. While these offer many benefits over online courses, I do not need these at my current stage in life.




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Team Experiences Working in a Team Is
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Team Experiences

Working in a team is a skill set that everyone must learn. There are many classes and professions that require individual work, and nearly just as many that require teamwork at some point as well. In my experience, I have had successes and failures working in teams. Last semester in a physiology course, I had to work as part of a team for a final presentation. The presentation took place before the class, the department, and faculty members of the departments, so at least I know I felt some pressure to do well. My team prepared for several weeks. The preparation was not entirely smooth. Management of the team proved difficult. Conflicting opinions and tensions ran rampant throughout the group. We disagreed about many aspects of the experiment and the presentation. The disagreements were fierce and proved to be the greatest challenge of the experience.

I had more…

Social Work Supervision of Clinical
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By improving their self knowledge, leaders can change and develop as leaders of people. Clinical supervision for leaders is sometimes called administrative clinical supervision. This is managerial clinical supervision with a focus on problems related to leadership and organization of work, particularly human relations issues. Administrative clinical supervision makes use of experiential learning focused on oneself and one's work (Sirola-Karvinen and Hyrkas, 2008).

Administrative clinical supervision means clinical supervision for leaders that address leadership issues in order to achieve set goals. Supervision promotes cohesion within the organization and is directed at change. Administrative clinical supervision is the examination of leadership in which leaders have the chance to reflect upon the quality of their decisions and share their feelings. In terms of action, administrative clinical supervision involves process-like support and mentoring, which boost the leader's confidence in coping with leadership duties and changes associated with it. Administrative clinical supervision addresses issues…


Clinical supervision 'can inoculate staff against stress'. (2010). Mental Health Practice. 13(7),


Clinical Supervision. (2009). Retrieved June 27, 2010, Australian College of Mental Health

Nurses Web site:

Academic and Personal Experience
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move from a movie! my gymnastics coach told me, his eyes agape. "That was a mean tumbling pass!" I blushed. It had been a long time goal for me to become a police officer so that I would be able to apply my physical strength to a challenging career. While I always loved playing and watching sports like football and baseball, I didn't see professional athletics in my future. And while I enjoyed and excelled at the sciences in high school enough to make lab work my chosen major, I also didn't want to delve into hard science as a potential future career. I realized quite a long time ago that working for the police force would enable me to combine my talents and strengths while helping others and contributing something to my community. Furthermore, as a native New Yorker, my desire to be a cop is made all the…

Personal Perspectives About Work and
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While it may not longer still be appropriate to consider college an opportunity to explore "life" more broadly, it is still an environment where exploring different academic interests (or potential interests) in order to determine where one's greatest aptitude and intellectual interest lie is perfectly appropriate. Admittedly, it may be that some students (such as those with narrow and clearly defined areas of interest) should not necessarily be required to take certain "core curriculum" courses. However, the mature approach is simply to appreciate the opportunities that a higher education will provide and to consider core courses a necessary nuisance if one must.

With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, I would have worked a little harder in high school to give myself the best chances of qualifying for more financial aid because that expands your choices of colleges. If I learned anything from my experiences working low-wage, menial jobs, it is…


Ehrenreich, B. (2001). Nickel and Dimed: on (Not) Getting by in America. New York:

Henry Holt and Company, LLC.

Halbert, T., Ingulli, E. (2008). Law & Ethics in the Business Environment.


Career Person's Ability to Work
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Those who have a more professional work, like a doctor or a lawyer tend to have a higher position in the society as compared with a carpenter or a waiter. A 5 occupational class scheme was discussed: 1st class is the upper level managers and professionals, 2nd class would be the medium level managers and professionals, 3rd class are the lower level office and service workers, 4th class are the skilled manual workers, and lastly, the 5th class is the unskilled manual workers. (ohnson, 2004) Therefore, social class can delineate a person's occupation and therefore characterize his/her experience of work.

Another factor that may affect a person's work life is disabilities acquired, for example, physical disabilities. A person may have one kind of disability or another. he/she may have lost an arm or a leg, he/she may have loss the ability to see, hear or speak. These unfortunate events also…

Johnson JV, Hall EM. Towards an Understanding of the Interconnectedness of Class, Work and Health. Paper Prepared for Author's Working Conference on Society and Health, Harvard University, October 1992.

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Supervision in Social Work the Main Premise
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Supervision in Social Work

The main premise of the social work setting is support. This concerns that social workers provide clients with the means that they need to continue their lives in with as much autonomy as possible. The challenge that many social workers face today is obtaining sufficient support to accomplish their goals in a way that would benefit both the profession, the agency with which they are associated, and the individuals they serve. One way to meet this challenge is by means of supervision. Professional supervision means that social workers are monitored in their work with clients to ensure the quality and effectiveness of this work. One manifestation of supervision is its use in the educational setting, where final year students are provided with the opportunity to be supervised by experts in the field to help them perfect their art and work before entering the profession as graduated…


British Association of Social Workers (BASW) (2011). Survey finds social work employers risking safe practice. Retrieved from: 

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Chinese-American Women and Their Experiences
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Figue 1. Demogaphic composition of the United States (2003 estimate).

Souce: Based on tabula data in Wold Factbook, 2007 (no sepaate listing is maintained fo Hispanics).

Fom a stictly pecentage pespective, it would seem that Asian-Ameicans do not epesent much of a theat at all to mainsteam Ameican society, but these mee numbes do not tell the whole stoy of couse. Fo one thing, Asian-Ameicans ae one of the most divese and fastest gowing goups in the United States today (Hong, Kim & Wolfe, 2005). Accoding to Alvaez and Kimua (2001), studies have documented time and again that, consistent with thei histoical teatment, Asian-Ameicans continue to be the tagets of acially motivated popety vandalism, vebal haassment, theft, physical assaults, and in some instances, homicide; futhemoe, othe studies have confimed that a pesistent patten diving anti-Asian violence is the peception of Asian-Ameicans as foeignes who pesent an economic, academic, social, and/o…


Due to skills and abilities

4. Based on what you know and believe, would you agree or disagree with the following statements?

Racism in America is no longer a problem for Chinese-Americans.

Racism in America is no longer a problem for women and minorities

Women at Work What Causes Lack of Respect in the Workplace
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gender roles in the workplace pre-exist much of what we think defines what work really is; not only do they pre-exist the modern working world of offices and factories, but they also seems older than more basic things, like writing and currency. From the world of the Tasaday tribe in the Philippines to that of such fields as genetic engineering and astrophysics, men and women are compelled to function within the workforce in different ways. In the United States, women dominate fields such as nursing, teaching, and clerical positions, while fields like engineering, programming and accounting are thought to be the domain of men. Some positions, such as those of flight attendants and nurses, are considered so intrinsically "female" that many men refuse to enter these fields for fear that others will question their sexual preference. Other more coveted positions, such as that of the CEO of a large company,…


Last chapter to include a section for reflection-comments on the research process and, explanation of what I have learned while doing research. Research project must have practical impact on an organization. Purely academic studies are not acceptable. Need to establish measurable objectives.

This action research project is the final component in my degree program.

Women at Work: What causes lack respect towards women in the workplace.

Does the Fisher Ury Model Work
Words: 29882 Length: 120 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 38724917
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Negotiation Skills

A High Impact Negotiations Model: An Answer to the Limitations of the Fisher, Ury Model of Principled Negotiations

This study aims to discover the ways in which blocked negotiations can be overcome by testing the Fisher, Ury model of principled negotiation against one of the researcher's own devising, crafted after studying thousands of negotiation trainees from over 100 multinational corporations on 5 continents. It attempts to discern universal applications of tools, skills, and verbal and non-verbal communication techniques that may assist the negotiator in closing deals with what have been "traditionally" perceived as "difficult people." This study concludes that there are no such "difficult people," but rather only unprepared negotiators. The study takes a phenomenological approach to negotiations, with the researcher immersing himself in the world of negotiation training from 2012-14, for several major multinational corporations, intuiting the failings of the negotiators with whom he comes in contact,…


Allred, K., Mallozzi, J., Matsui, F., Raia, C. (1997). The influence of anger and compassion on negotiation performance. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes 70(3): 175-187.

Andonova, E., Taylor, H. (2012). Nodding in dis/agreement: a tale of two cultures.

Cognitive Process, 13(Suppl 1): S79-S82.

Aristotle. (1889). The Nicomachean ethics of Aristotle. (Trans R.W. Browne).

Developmental Job Experience
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Business and Management Journal

There is much controversy with regard to developmental job experience (DJE) and the degree to which it plays a significant role in a person's behavior and success in the workplace. "NO PAIN, NO GAIN: AN AFFECT-BASED MODEL OF DEVELOPMENTAL JOB EXPERIENCE AND THE BUFFERING EFFECTS OF EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE" addresses this topic thoroughly and attempts to determine whether or not can actually have a positive effect on an individual in the context of his or her experience in the work environment. The article is meant to provide readers with a more complex understanding of the concept and of the attitudes one should employ with regard to it.

In order to be able to get actively involved in a DJE process, a person would have to be willing to go through great efforts and to show a significant amount of determination in achieving his or her goals in…

Works cited:

Axelrod, W., & Coyle, J. "Make Talent Your Business: How Exceptional Managers Develop People While Getting Results," (Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 6 Jun 2011)

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Jex, S.M., & Britt, T.W., "Organizational Psychology: A Scientist-Practitioner Approach," (John Wiley & Sons, 2 Jun 2008)

Experienced Inexperienced Teachers Differences Between Experienced and
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experienced inexperienced teachers.

Differences between Experienced and Inexperienced Teachers

One of the most obvious differences that may be mentioned between the inexperienced and the experienced teacher is the very issue of experience itself. Experience in the teaching profession implies a depth of knowledge and insight, as well as the development of intuitive methods of teaching that often cannot be obtained in any other way other than through the teaching process. However there are many other differences that can be noted between the experienced and the inexperienced teacher. The following discussion will include findings from research studies on this topic.

One of the differences mentioned in the literature between these two categories of teacher is that very often the experienced teacher develops a sense of potential and possible problems and contingencies that might occur in the teaching situation and process. This is evident from a study by Griffey and Housner (…


Griffey DC, Housner LD 1991, "Differences between experienced and inexperienced teachers' planning decisions, interactions, student engagement, and instructional climate," Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, vol. 62, no.2, pp. 196-204.

Housner LD and Griffey DC, 1985, "Teacher cognition: differences in planning and interactive decision making between experienced and inexperienced teachers," Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport (RQES), volume 56, no1, pp. 45-53.

Rice J. The Impact of Teacher Experience Examining the Evidence and Policy

Implications,2010, viewed 8 December 2010,

Worked a Number Years Office a Family
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worked a number years office a family physician retired. You a position a busy surgical floor a local, acute-care hospital. You frequently hear references JCAHO requirements documenting a patient's pain assessment treatment, documenting medication administration, documenting verbal telephone orders.

Documenting patient's pain assessment and treatment

Pain assessment is the first step in managing pain. The suggested method of improving pain care essentially requires that the following procedures are followed properly and meticulously.

a) The pain and its intensity must be measured using an appropriate tool. There are many tools but the best is self reporting by the patient for the pain.

b) The second important thing to be followed is to repeat the assessment consistently and record the same at varying intervals to record the process of the progress of pain. The tool or format for this must be chosen before hand and the same record structure must be maintained…


Aspden, Philip; Institute of Medicine (U.S.) Committee on Identifying and Preventing

Medication Errors. (2007) "Preventing Medication Errors" The National Academies Press.

Joint Commission Resources. (2004) "A guide to JCAHO's medication management

standards" Joint Commission Resources.

Experiencing a Rapid Growth and
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I will then contribute in coaching the new employee where necessary.

The criteria used in determining whether the newly created job was most effective in helping the company will address its rapid growth and how long you will wait to make this job

Performance evaluation forms will be effective in meeting the company's progress. After the new employees have settled in their new workstation, their production levels will need to be observed. The impact of the new employee in terms of productivity is vital here especially when the company is on a high growth. ome situations will be evident and open enough in case the new employee is heavily involved.

In circumstances where the company forms a new department, the audit, and the accounting department will undertake an analysis of the income brought forward (nell, 2012). The Audit Company and management will calculate the ROI for the new workers. ROI…

Snell, Scott a., & Bohlander, George W. (2012). Managing Human Resources. South-Western



Experience Modification Factor
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Modification Factor

Discuss with the safety manager what an experience modification factor is, explain the significance of the organizations experience modification factor rate of 1.80 and discuss how the lack of return to work programs and initiatives has contributed to this modification factor

An experience modification factor is a factor that is calculated for every employer who qualifies, characteristically premium over and above $10,000 or a three-year average premium of $5,000, depending on the state that the employer is in. The modification factor is a value that makes a comparison between the claim profile of the employer and the claim profile that would be anticipated and projected of an employer of the same size or payroll in the similar industry. The experience modification factor rate of 1.80 of the organization is significant to the safety manager (Risk Administration Services, 2016). To begin with, an experience modification factor value of 1.00…

Experience With it Organizations
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Organizational Experience

The IT industry has been notoriously fickle, unpredictable, even volatile. Rapid shifts in IT human resources, IT human relations, and IT technologies contribute to the capricious nature of the IT industry. For example, organizations specializing in IT initially turned toward traditional models of business administration and management. However, it soon became clear that IT-based organizations require a new set of rules and behaviors to operate and compete successfully. In spite of the industry's overall unpredictability, IT remains one of the fastest growing, challenging, and stimulating career areas. As a result, IT draws persons from around the world who specialize in a number of different areas. Human resources personnel are sometimes recruited from the more brick-and-mortar type businesses. Unfortunately, if IT is not treated as an entirely new area, organizations risk human resources conflicts and even financial failure.

IT most definitely constitutes an entire career category, even if it…

Work and Family
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Saroj Parasuraman's book, Integrating Work and Family: Challenges and Choices for a Changing World, examines the modern conflict between work and family from a number of perspectives. The author delves into the specific types of work and family conflicts, and the impact that they have on a number of actors, and argues that these conflicts stem from changes in work and family during this century. Personally, Integrating Work and Family provided a new perspective on the responsibility for work/family conflict, and the potential damage that can arise from clinging to old stereotypes of the nuclear family.

In Integrating Work and Family, Parasuraman attempts to examine the conflict between family and work from a variety of those impacted, including individuals, employers, consultants, and counselors.

The book notes that while there has been a great deal of discussion about family/work conflicts, such conflicts remain a serious problem. Writes Parasuraman, "The problem of…


Parasuraman, Saroj, and Greenhaus, Jeffrey H. (1999). Integrating Work and Family: Challenges and Choices for a Changing World. Greenwood Publishing Group.

Experienced Rapid Growth in a Relatively Short
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experienced rapid growth in a relatively short period of time, requiring us to make smart decisions related to organizational structure and process. We will need to encourage collaboration to meet our goals. Technology is critical to these changes, and to meeting the challenges that our organization now faces. The increased need for collaboration in the workplace requires a whole new concept of organizational design, structure and culture. Collaboration is actually "crucial" to organizational effectiveness and to meeting organizational goals, notes Shaw (n.d.). How to achieve greater collaboration is difficult, due to the wide range of options available for managers. Collaborative technologies are changing the ways people work, which is precisely the goal in our organization.

Our organization has been relying on the stand-alone machine model rooted in asynchronous collaborative communications concepts such as those Kock (1999) pointed out in his book Process Improvement and Organizational Learning. Yet these asynchronous collaborative…


Kock, N.F. (1999). Process Improvement and Organizational Learning. Idea.

Shaw, S. (n.d.). New reality: workplace collaboration is crucial. EEDO White Paper. Retrieved online:

Teambox. Website:

Worked in Large International Companies
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There is a lot of competition, so they sometimes left. Defections from the logistics company were extremely rare.

Goleman also discusses influence. In normal circumstances, influence might not be that important. But the more difficult the times -- a busy stretch, a merger, or a time of slumping demand, I think influence can be the difference between success and failure. In the bank, after layoffs the remaining employees saw themselves as "survivors," rather than high achievers who remained because of their abilities. The managers had little influence, and seemed to only understand punishment as a form of influence. The result of this is that employees were unwilling to raise their level of performance. There was no quid pro quo from the bank -- if profits were up the employees were not going to benefit.

At the logistics firm, managerial influence was strong because the managers cultivated it. A lot of…

Experiencing Some of the Most
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However, when looking at such pictures, one has difficulties to understand the reasons for which hunger is a problem in the American states. There is a certain luxury in the meetings and forums which does not reveal the actual situation among the common people.

Overall, it can be concluded that the online communication is indeed a great step forward for promoting ideals, ideas, values, and most importantly initiatives. In the case of the OAS and the Hunger Project, these two entities chose to promote such values and initiatives differently. This is largely due to the different nature of the two, of the different cultural background, and in particular to the different approaches the two have on issues such as hunger.


Ghadessy, Mohsen. Text and context in functional linguistics.. Amsterdam: John enjamins, 1999.

Hunger Project. 2010. Accessed 28 May, 2010 from

Hunger Project. Learning the True Meaning of "Comfort"…


Ghadessy, Mohsen. Text and context in functional linguistics.. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 1999.

Hunger Project. 2010. Accessed 28 May, 2010 from 

Hunger Project. Learning the True Meaning of "Comfort" with THP-Ghana . N.d. Accessed 28 May, 2010 from

Experiences in Law Enforcement
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Law Enforcement

The use and control of one's own mental faculties is of the utmost importance when involved in the serious and important business of government work. The word "government" itself literally translates to "controlling the mind" in Latin. Mind control is thus the most important aspect any individual who wishes to earn success and garner respect within governmental agencies may attain. Personal experience is the one true measure of the capability of thought, where the endgame is understanding these experiences and incorporating them into a practical, effective and efficient lifestyle approach both personal and professional.

As a Department of Defense (DOD) Special Agent, the ability to suppress emotion and employ rational and reasonable thought patterns is a skill that must be fully developed and tempered to allow for a suitable outlet for such activities. The purpose of this essay is to explore some personal experiences within my own career…

Experience of Group Interaction
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personal Diary for 30 days with Day 1 group interaction

The first interaction that took place was among a group of undergrad students whose quiz I was invigilating. After the quiz the class started talking amongst themselves and in order to bring some discipline to the class I initiated a discussion. The topic of the discussion was the present job market in our country. Even though the discussion was started by me, later on I mostly stayed quite; coming up with comments a few times but majorly letting the students do most of the talking. By doing this I was able to engage them in a discussion which interested them and which made them spend their time having a healthy debate about their options in the coming future.

Day 2 group interaction

On the second day I went to a retirement party being thrown by my cousins for their father.…

Worked as an Accountant Those
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After learning so much from the business world, I wish to add to that learning with the more formally acquired skills of the classroom. I also wish to learn from my fellow MBA students, and to embark more upon team projects, sharing my work and life skills as all of us work hard, together, to succeed. I am interested to sample from a diversity of experiences within the business world, of different business spheres, from the examples, skills, and professional experiences and aspirations of my classmates.

An MBA is an unusual graduate degree, in that it attempts to take individuals from the job market, often whom have, like myself, been employed at professional occupations, and by giving them an academic orientation and grounding in certain intellectual skills and rubrics. It also encourages candidates to bring their pre-existing skills, experiences, and attributes to the program to enhance the education others as…

Work First Family Assistance Program TANF
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ethics aligned in a constructive way to gather, investigate and consecutively analyze the data of a precise subject. Methodology illustrates the method of the researcher, which the researcher intends to utilize in completion of the study. The methodology can be distinguished in two distinct ways:

It helps in detailing the techniques to conduct the research properly.

It assists in analyzing and consecutively justifying the choice of methods used for the critique.

This chapter is divided into 8 sections

esearch Philosophy

esearch type and Timeline

Data collection methods

Quantitative Validity

Sampling Strategy

According to Cohen et al. (2007) the sub-dividing of the methodology chapter renders an uncomplicated examination, which helps the researcher in understanding the complex methods in an easy practical layout. Even Saunders et al. (2012) mentions the research study is enhanced with divisional headings, which helps in providing an explanatory abstract of overall conduction of research study.

esearch Philosophy…


Bouma, G.D. (2010). The research process. 4th Ed. Melbourne: Oxford University Press.

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Saunders, M., Lewis, P. And Thornhill, A (2012). Research methods for business students. 3rd Ed. London: Prentice Hall.

Work of Alvar Aalto
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Alvar Aalto

Architecture is rightly considered as one of the most important of the Art categories. Unlike a painting or a sculpture, it is not something passive that can be hung on the wall or kept in a museum; they do little to impact us or our environment in a manner that Architecture is able to do so. Therefore it is not surprising that Architecture and the creators of it, which is the Architect, seem to have such an important place in the world of Arts.

Architecture has been defined as the very container of space in which we act, move, sleep and live our overall life; therefore, it becomes an important epicenter of our life. e interact with a space day in and day out, and therefore it should be functional and have the necessary details that are instrumental in fulfilling human needs. Sometimes these needs can be more…

Works Cited

Alvar Aalto. n.d.  / (accessed October 26th, 2011).

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Work a Investigation Project Piper Alpha Disaster Content
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Piper Alpha Disaster

An Environmental and Safety Management Analysis of the Disaster that Occurred on the Piper Alpha Oil Rig off the Coast of Scotland

Piper Alpha (Seconds from Disaster, 2013)

The Incident

The Piper before the Explosion

Timeline of Events

Piper Alpha Mechanism

Root Causes of the Analysis

Human Factors

Design and Process Factor

Financial Consequences

Permit to ork System

Safety Training

Fire alls

Temporary Refuge

Evacuation and Escape

The Incident

Piper Alpha was a North Sea oil production platform operated by Occidental Petroleum (Caledonia) Ltd. The platform began the oil production in 1976 and then later converted to gas production as the hub of multiple networked rigs. The piper alpha platform was operated in multiple shifts by the employees who worked the whole platform to continue supply the oil and gas on a perpetual basis. The operations of the Piper Alpha platform included receiving the oil and gases…

Works Cited

Allen, B., 2008. Lest we forget: Piper Alpha. [Online]

Available at:

[Accessed 19 April 2013].

Centre of Risk, N.d.. Piper Alpha Accident. [Online]

Experience Sheringham
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When it comes to creating a digital marketing plan a considerable amount of time and effort is required for it to be a success. There are various techniques which can be used to achieve of the best ways to do this is by using the SOSTC analysis. The paper will be on the analysis for the commercial opportunity presented by the website for Sheringham town. This will be done using the SOSTC analysis. The SOSTC analysis entails six basic elements namely; Situation analysis, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, ction and Control.

Situation analysis

Before embarking on a decision on where one wants to go they must first establish and fully understand where they are. common barrier to success when it comes to marketing is the facts that people fail to understand where they are and who else is with them. The situation analysis aspect of SOSTC enables business people to…

A control is necessary so as to do an action performance measurement according to the objectives that have been set. This should include the evaluation of the number of people who visit the website whether new or existing clients. The commercial visibility of the website should also be examined. This involves looking at the amount of profit the website has brought and is continuing to bring since its is also important to ensure that people who visit the website visit it again and again. This can be monitored through the sign up option so as to establish those who visit the website on a regular should also be established how many people actually visit the town as a result of the website. This can be achieved through ensuring that those who got information of the town from the website and end up visiting are registered online.


Experience of Change Management
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Personal Reflection on a Managing Change

Change in any organization can be challenging, especially when there is resistance to change by employees. Effective management may help the change to be accepted and embraced and increase the potential for success (Buchanan & Huczynski, 2010). Many cases regarding change look at major changes, where there is significant disruption, but even small changes can be unsettling for employees and cause resistance. In the case used in the paper, the change was simple; a change in the shift patterns at a work place. The employer wanted to increase the coverage by existing employees by staggering work start times. Some employees would start up to 2 hours earlier and finish earlier, others would start later and finish later, the system was designed on a rota basis, with sufficient flexibility available for any employees that had special circumstances. As a manager, the resistance to this…

Work Life Balance Versus Compensation
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Merit Pay Grids

The author of this brief report has been asked to react to the statement "merit pay grids have the potential to undermine employee motivation." The author will use outside sources to agree or disagree with that statement. The author of this response will also include personal analysis about the question and perhaps a bit of personal experience as well. While "pay for performance" is deemed to be one of the best (if not the best) way of paying employees, it is not a fix-all and it can come with some downsides as money is not the main or sole motivator for a lot of employees.

The author of this report would generally agree with the statement being posed but the word "undermines" is perhaps not the best word. If anything, a merit-based system that is step-based is really the best way to go. Indeed, giving the same…


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Cross-Cultural Comparison on Work Value Between US and China
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Work Values

Cross-cultural comparison on work value between U.S. And China

A value is "what a person consciously or subconsciously desires, wants, or seeks to attain" (Locke, 1983). Peterson and Gonzalez (2005) say values "are motivational forces," and "influence the role work plays in people's lives." Dawis (2005) asserts that each person (P) has requirements that need to be met, most through their environments (E). In fact, Dawis claims that "Many of P's needs in adulthood can be met at work." The ones that matter most to P. are E's ability to deliver rein forcers (e.g., pay, prestige, and working conditions) that satisfy P's needs. Similarly, E has parallel and complementary requirements that can be met by P. And make P. A satisfactory worker. Thus, understanding work values has a benefit for both individuals (as they look for work environments that support their values), and also for organizations (if they…


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Theory on Work and Management
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Work and Management

AND Management

The objective of this study is to compare House's Path-Goal theory of leadership with the Situational Leadership model. This study will make provision of an example or application of the two theories utilizing the writer's work situation.

This study will describe the leadership styled utilized by the writer's boss or other CEO or high level personnel in the work organization. For part two of this study examined is how causes of conflict can be found in the organizational and personal characteristics of those involved in the conflict.

This study will answer as to the similar organizational and personal factors and provide examples using the organization the writer is most familiar with.

For part three of this study, Chapter 17 on Career Management will be examined and the following questions answered: (1) What aspects of9 the New vs. Old Career Paradigms can you relate to your…


Free Personality Test (2014) 16 Personalities. Retrieved from:  Basu, C. (2014) Difference Between Situational Leadership & Path Leadership Theories. Small Business Chronicle. Retrieved from: 

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Priorities Work Priorities Work Priorities
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Improving performance

Having more training

Consulting with colleagues

Being keen and dedicated to an activity

At the beginning of a new project

At any activities undertaken

At workplace


Avoiding stressful situations

Take rests, eat balanced diet, take jobs you can handle

Take breaks at work and break at the stipulated time

Both at Home and at the office

esources needed for implementation

Equipment such as computers, files, notebooks etc.

Funding to undertake the training.

Permission to carry out these activities from my organization through the manager.

esource materials such as books, internet and reports from consultants.

At the end of my professional development, I will extend this transformation to my colleagues through the H department and through these sharing and evidence of how my work performance has improved, the organization will be aware of my development and achievements.





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Against Odds Australian Women's Experiences Recovery Breast
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Against Odds: Australian Women's Experiences ecovery Breast Cancer

Elmir, , Jackson, D, Beale, B., & Schmied, V 2009. Against all odds: Australian women's experiences of recovery from breast cancer. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 19, pp.2531-2538.

Elmir, Jackson, Beale & Schmied (2009, p.2531) investigates the younger female's experiences following breast cancer-linked breast surgery. The purpose of the study was to create an understanding of the experiences of women who under-go breast cancer surgeries. Elmir et al. (2009, p.2533) study aimed at contributing to the base of knowledge for clinicians practicing in the field of breast cancer. The underlying principle behind the study carried out by Elmir and associates is the prevalence of breast cancer among younger women and inadequate studies concerning recuperating from breast cancer-linked surgery.

McMurray & Clendon (2010, p. 241) assert that breast cancer is affecting younger women between 20 and 40 years given the better surveillance and earlier…


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Court Proceeding Experience
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Court Proceedings Experience


year-old Nicholas Lindsay was charged for the murder of Officer David Crawford. esides Lindsay's own confession to the murder, there is no other evidence that he committed the murder. Lindsay made this confession at the urging and in the presence of his mother, without a lawyer present. He told the police officers that he shot David Crawford after being apprehended by Crawford.

The official police report stated that, after apprehending Lindsay, Crawford was reaching for his notepad when Lindsay pulled out his own handgun and shot him five times in the chest. Hence, Lindsay was arrested and charged for murder. The prosecution, which included the State Attorney, decided to prosecute 16-year-old Lindsay as an adult.

Lindsay was indicted on the count of Murder in the First-Degree, which is defined by Florid State law as "The unlawful killing of a human being perpetrated from a premeditated design…


s. 782.04(1)

s. 782.051).

Florida Supreme Court, Jury Instructions - 7.2 MURDER -- FIRST DEGREE. Available at 

"2 officers killed, man found dead after shootout inside Florida home." CNN. 2010-10-18.

Near Death Experiences Ndes
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A near death experience is a collection of cognitive and emotional responses to an encounter with death, whether that encounter is related to a sudden accident or to an illness. The phenomenon has been recorded throughout history, and in various cultures around the world. "Although the term near-death experience…was not coined until 1975, accounts of similar events can be found in the folklore and writings of European, Middle Eastern, African, Indian, East Asian, Pacific, and Native American cultures," (Grayson, 2006, p. 394).

Near death experiences "are described at length in both the eighth-century Tibetan Book of the Dead, and in the 2500-year-old Egyptian Book of the Dead," as well as in Plato's epublic (Talbot, 1991, p. 240). There is also a strong history of near death experience testimony in the literature of Christian mystics (Zaleski, 1987). According to Michael Talbot, author of The Holographic Universe, near death experiences occur…


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Military Experience Relates to HR Concepts Most
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military experience relates to HR concepts

Most of the organizations that adopt a classic approach in their management tend to follow a comprehensible, coherent, planned and premeditated strategy in their running. This is the case of a Military camp. Most of the lessons and trainings involved illustrate a close link with Human Resource concepts. This is in terms of employment skills, leadership qualities and the connection between power and politics. Having worked in a military camp for a couple of years, I can strongly link my military experience with the Hr concepts. In terms of Leadership and followership, the military has played a larger role in improving my leadership skills, since; currently I have confidence in making crucial decisions and offering potential solutions (Armstrong, 2008, P.11)

Furthermore, through motivation and engagement, I experience a new personality in my career path and I am capable of improving my relation with others…


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Educational Theories Guiding Educational Experience Description of
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Educational Theories Guiding Educational Experience

Description of an education event experienced

I am a dentist, and I have started a course on teaching dentistry. My experience with education was never a particularly encouraging one as my teacher was always absent. When I was at school, the teachers went on strike, and that left us with no attention from them. We had to do much of the studying alone, and all required research lay squarely on our shoulders in the absence of teachers for as long as they were striking. Whenever the teachers came around school, they applied a work to rule strategy and that was extremely devastating. Lecturers were never available for any extra consultation, and we had to take our learning as individual responsibilities instead of waiting for support or guidance from lecturers. Any difficulties, which we may have faced during the study never, had a chance in the…


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