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I need help writing a 10 year career plan for a class is due next week?


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When writing a career plan, it is important to take into account all of the factors that could impact your career in the projected period.  You want to look at where you want to be in ten years, but, more importantly, you want to look at the steps that you are going to need to take to get there.  If you know that you will have significant personal events occurring in that time period or that you want to have occur in that time period, you want your plan to accommodate those personal events, but you do not have to explicitly state them in your plan.

Begin with a statement about your realistic ten-year goal.  What is realistic depends on what qualifications and job experience you currently have, as well as the additional job experience and qualifications you will get over the next ten years.  If your career plan is not realistic, not only will it not be helpful to you for life planning, but it will also result in a lower grade.

Begin with an overview of your current skills and experience.  This should include relevant work experience, as well as your education.  If you have work experience that is not directly related to your career goals, explain how that experience can contribute to your career success.  Then, discuss any additional skills and experience you intend to acquire while achieving your goals.  Are you finishing a degree?  Will you go onto a graduate program? Will you have continuing education in your field?  Are you going to be doing any internships?

Next, focus on what career progression looks like in your field?  What steps do people need to take to reach your ultimate career goal?  How will you accomplish taking those steps?  Will they require you to learn new skills or get additional certifications (like Six Sigma) or trainings in order to move forward?  Do you have any companies or organizations that you would like to work with, and, if so, how will they specifically help you achieve your goals?

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