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Economic Incentives for Employers on Increasing Employment Rates for People with Disabilities

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Mock Qualitative Interview Questions and Answers
What are your perceptions on employers hiring people with disabilities?
Participant One: A majority of employers are skeptical about hiring people with disabilities. The type and severity of disability have a huge effect on the person been hired. While some employers are willing to give people with disabilities a chance to demonstrate their work capabilities, most feel it is burdensome and they would prefer to avoid hiring these individuals. People with physical disabilities are easily hired as compared to people to people with mental and emotional disabilities (Henry, Petkauskos, Stanislawzyk, & Vogt, 2014). At our office, we currently have two coworkers who have physical disabilities and their work performance is even better compared to that of people without any disability. Employers have this perception that people with disabilities do not have the requisite skills, will need greater supervision, and have higher absenteeism rates.
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Delman, J., Kovich, L., Burke, S., & Martone, K. (2017). The promise of demand side employer-based strategies to increase employment rates for people living with serious mental illnesses. Psychiatric rehabilitation journal, 40(2), 179.
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When Work Disappears

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.....workforce has undergone significant changes in the last six decades or so. Today, the age structure of the workforce differs significantly from that of the previous century. Owing to rapid population growth, the proportion of the younger workforce has significantly outpaced that of the older workforce. In particular, the proportion of the population aged 19 years and below has grown more rapidly than the proportion aged 20 years and above (Wilson, 1996). These changes have impacted the workforce today in one way or another. According to Wilson (1996), an increase in the proportion of the younger generation has partly contributed to an increase in unemployment amongst the older generation. Looking at today's workplace, one sees a greater number of younger workers and a smaller number of older workers. Majority of the jobs have been taken by the younger generation. From a rather positive note, however, there has been a greater…… [Read More]

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Nursing Recruiting and Retention

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Workforce ecruitment

The author of this report has been asked to create and frame a plan that involves the recruitment, selecting, onboarding and retraining of ten nurses over the next ninety days. The questions and steps that will be answered to in this report will include the steps that will be taken and in what order, the methods that will be used to recruit the nurses, a discussion of how the nursing candidates will be selected, how an efficient onboarding process will be a boon to the company in terms of retention and other metrics as well as overall retention strategies that could and should be used in general and with the new nursing staff in particular. While the overall recruitment and retention process is not all that difficult to understand, it is extremely important that it be created, perfected and upheld so that the continuity of nursing operations at…… [Read More]


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Wirkus, M. (2016). What are Hiring Managers Looking for in New Nurse Graduates? - NurseZone. Retrieved 28 February 2016, from
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Human Side of Change the

Words: 7064 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72346381

Through this, the owner of Ford Motors Corporation was able to increase production levels and to reduce costs. "Even then when the lean manufacturing concept was years away, Ford had a focus on reducing time and material waste, increasing quality, and lowering cycle times, in order to achieve a lower cost vehicle which was reflected in the price reduction of the model T. year on year. This focus allowed him to reduce costs, even though he payed his workers well, and provide a great value product to the customer" (Lean Manufacture Website, 2009).

The editors at the Lean Manufacturing Guide online implement an approach similar to the editors at the Lean Manufacture Website. From their standpoint, lean manufacturing is an organizational effort by which waste is being reduced with the purpose of creating more value to the final product. In their own words, lean manufacturing is a "systematic approach to…… [Read More]


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