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Working Conditions Essays (Examples)

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Working People the Plight of
Words: 1433 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 80839115
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Thus, these two stories point out a variety of plights for the working person of the modernist time. First, they both suggest that socioeconomic status and occupational status is very closely tied to respect within the community. ithout a good job, both stories imply, it is easy for one to be looked down upon in addition to being chastised. Second, the stories point out that working conditions can be so deplorable that they affect a person's mental and emotional functioning and characteristics. This certainly occurs in Abner's case, as he is driven to a violence that eventually kills him because of the work that he must do, toiling daily for those who have more wealth and power. For Krebs, too, the conditions of fighting as a soldier have so impaired his emotional and psychological faculties that he finds it difficult to assimilate into the society and the family that he…

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Workings of the Sharecropping System
Words: 3383 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 86732366
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his League advocated the peaceful and friendly expansion and recognition of African-American culture and roots in Africa. It also helped pave the way for more militant African-American advocacy groups that found their way into popular African-American culture and society during the Harlem Renaissance. he Universal African Legion also had affiliate companies and corporations, which gave African-Americans more cultural, economic, and political clout and representation during this time period. Garvey was a crucial figure in the uniting of African-Americans toward the singular goal of improving their cultural and social conditions inside the U.S.

he New Negro movement was an over-arching hopefulness that African-American culture and society could successfully flourish in the post slavery era. Garvey played a major role in helped to culturally establish the African-American agenda of upward social mobility and desegregation (Locke, 1997). he Harlem Renaissance was a movement with limited scope that took place during the 1920's and…

The Black Power Movement emerged as a separate approach to the issues of civil rights and racial inequality. Those who were frustrated with the status quo, and with the slow progress of the non-violent philosophy, were often quick to back the more militant wing of the Black Power Movement. Some African-Americans felt very strongly that in order to change the status quo there needed to be a real physical threat from African-Americans looking to secure their fair share of power and liberty in America (Cone, 1997). Nowhere was this more apparent than with the Black Panther Movement. These people believed that the power that had been stolen by the whites during and after slavery needed to be forcibly taken back. The national response to this movement was one of fear, and many people saw the Black Panther Movement as illegitimated by the violence they so often advocated.

The Black Power slogan enjoyed a multitude of functions. It functioned as a call to arms for the Black Panthers while also helping to solidify black capitalism and intellectual attitudes in America during this time period. Many consider the Black Power movement to be a direct reaction or result of the Civil Rights Movement, and felt as though stressing Black Nationalism and pride at every level was, to a lesser degree, successful in changing the attitudes of Americans toward African-Americans (Cone, 1997). The impact of this movement can still be seen today. The culturally popular and change-affecting "Black is Beautiful' movement came from the Black Power movement, as did many of the cultural, social, and political attitudes that modern day African-Americans hold relative to their perception of their place in society (Cone, 1997). The Black Power movement helped to define "blackness" as a positive identity, instead of something to be ashamed of. It often functioned as a rallying cry for African-Americans caught up in the struggle for cultural equality directly after the Civil Rights Movement.

Cited: Cone, JH. (1997). Black Theology and Black Power. Orbis Books: Maryknoll, NY.

Working in Groups Lecture Response
Words: 347 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27830458
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It also encourages its managers to try to draw forth the unique abilities and talents of workers, to create a more effective organization. It recognizes that anticipating employee needs and wants on the part of managers is just as important as anticipating customer needs. To retain a loyal customer base, good employees are required on every level of service provided by the Ritz-Carlton hotels.

In short, an organization is merely a large group or team of people and everyone must be team players to reach the organization's goal. Managers must constantly find ways to motivate the group to meet its goal, which is at the Ritz, the goal of maximizing customer satisfaction. Altering group dynamics and personality mixes is another potential morale booster. Mangers must strive to create the right mix of employees and satisfy employee desires, so that employees desire to strive to create the right mix of service,…

Working Regulations & Conditions the Working Tine
Words: 917 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63123841
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Working egulations & Conditions

The Working Tine egulations of 1998 established a variety of legal provisions impacting the working hours and rest periods of employees. egulation 12 establishes the right to an uninterrupted break of 20 minutes for a daily work period in excess of six hours. egulation 10 establishes an entitlement to a daily rest period of 11 consecutive hours for each 24 hours during which the employee works, although there are a host of exceptions to this provision. egulation 11 establishes the right of adult workers to one day off a week, averaged over a two-week period (National Archives 2012).

There are a variety of provisions, and rights, available to mothers, fathers, and adult caretakers that impact the terms and conditions of an employee's employment. Using women as an example, it is clear that there are many provisions intended to protect, and enhance, the employment conditions and opportunities…

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Working Poor and the Efficacy of the
Words: 1732 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 76193622
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Working Poor and the Efficacy of the Earned Income Credit and T.A.N.F.

When many Americans think of poverty, they think of people who are not working. Moreover, when they think of social welfare programs, they think of those programs aimed at assisting families without wage earners. However, many of America's poor are the working poor; families with one or two wage earners that are still mired in the depths of poverty. The government has implemented two different programs aimed at providing financial assistance to these Americans: the Earned Income Credit (EIC) is a special income tax rebate for low-income workers which can actually help low-wage workers avoid paying any income taxes and entitle them to a cash rebate beyond any taxes that they have paid; while the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program provides for the direct distribution of cash payments to families struggling with poverty.

These two programs…


Anderson, S.G., Halter, A.P., & Gryzlak, B.M. (2004). Difficulties after leaving TANF: Inner-

city women talk about reasons for returning to welfare. Social Work, 49(2),


Cancian, M. & Meyer, D. (2004). Alternative measures of economic success among TANF

Working Collaboratively a Team Details Paper File
Words: 631 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7942288
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orking Collaboratively a Team details paper file I provide: reflectionpaper.JPG view:, I enjoy working a group,'s experience working a team .

Team work

Although the concept of working as a team is generally accepted as a productive activity, some individuals often ignore the advantages coming along with team work because they consider that it is more important for them to be appreciated independently. Team work has been present in society ever since the beginning of humanity, as people realized that it was best for them to collaborate in order to perform certain activities. Similarly, particular acts seemed to be easier and more fruitful when only one individual was involved. hether team work is better than independent work largely depends on the conditions that one has to deal with at the time when he or she has to make the decision.

Complex activities normally require cooperation between several individuals, as it…

Works cited:

Hanlan, Marc, High Performance Teams: How to Make Them Work (Westport, CT: Praeger, 2004)

Working Disciplines
Words: 788 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33900558
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Working Disciplines

Education in today's institutions is fragmented. Attempts at holistic and comprehensive understanding tend to fall short of practical usage consistently and often tragically. The purpose of this paper is to explore the discipline of physical science and how it relates or doesn't relate to other disciplines that are found in current academic studies. In this essay I will explore the difficulties and shortcomings of educational attempts to correlate and ultimately make sense of multi-disciplined explanations and knowledge.

Humanity has been blessed with the ability to communicate complex ideas and artistic expression. The goal of education is to organize and utilize these forms of communication in order to practically improve the human condition. This appears to be a very difficult task. Physics is a discipline which focuses on the reactions of strictly material influences. This discipline attempts to explain physical forces and to predict their outcomes. Why then is…

Working With the Aging
Words: 2461 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 32258184
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Working With the Aging

Ladies and gentlemen, I stand here before you at a time in which the health care of older Americans has become a critical issue. Or should I say issues? We have more people needing more and more specialized care -- this is critical. We have fewer and fewer people being asked to do more and more -- that is critical. Current healthcare policy, especially for the aging, seems inadequate to address the challenges of what lies ahead. The situation seems very bleak at times. All signs seem to show that it will get bleaker. Well, I am here to tell you that I am the weatherman. I have weathered this storm with you. And I can tell you that the forecast looks good, if we can just keep our eyes on what is important and understand what tools we have to get through this, and overcome…

Working With Financial Statements
Words: 734 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46087764
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Working With Financial Statements:

There are four main principles that have led to the success of the accounting system which the accountants use in preparing financial report of a company but we shall only focus on two. One of the principles is the evenue ecognition Principle whereby the accountant is expected to present a financial report by indicating the cash flow of the company. As one of the main accounting principles in the U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, revenue recognition can basically be considered as how revenue is recognized or treated. On the basis of cash accounting, revenue is simply recognized when cash is received despite the performance of the services and delivery of goods. On the contrary, revenue is recognized in accrual basis accounting when they are realizable or earned regardless of when cash is received. However, revenue is recognized when two conditions are met i.e. The completion of…


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Relationship of School Facilities Conditions
Words: 5393 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46028571
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Some of those are as follows:

1) Affect the environment;

2) Either save or expend energy;

3) Economically feasible or expensive to maintain, heat and cool.

4) Affect student learning;

5) Affect the health of students and teachers alike and 6) Affect the retention of teachers. (Olson and Carney, 2004)

Criteria involved in the design, operation and maintenance of these 'sustainable' buildings are those as follows:

Sustainable site planning and landscaping design that decrease the use of pesticides and provide an outdoor learning environment for students;

Good building envelope design such as efficient windows and high R-value insulation that reduce draftiness and increase student and teacher comfort levels;

Proper lighting along with increased use of daylighting to improve student performance and increase comfort levels;

Good indoor air quality from adequate air filtration and exchange systems and the banning of idling buses or delivery trucks near buildings that eliminate toxins, allergens…


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Social Conditions That Spurred Marx's Writing of
Words: 1059 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6239765
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social conditions that spurred Marx's writing of the Communist Manifesto shared several interesting similarities, as well as numerous differences, with the social conditions that appeared as a result of the influence of the Communist Manifesto in the 20th century. Germinal, a book by Emile Zola, shows the social conditions that existed as communism was beginning to spread across the world. In contrast, the movie The Inner Circle chronicles the social conditions that existed after communism had swept across Europe and the Soviet Union.

Emile Zola's book, Germinal, depicts a society that existed before and during the time that the influence of communism was felt in Europe and the Soviet Union. Germinal depicts labor problems among coal miners in late nineteenth century France. Told through the eyes of a newcomer to the mines, Etienne Lantier, Zola's book depicts the lead character's struggles to improve working conditions by organizing worker resistance. Etienne…

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Enhancing the Workplace Conditions for Nurses
Words: 935 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 71650328
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Leadership and Management of Nursing

Nurse turnover refers to the rate at which nurses quit work in relation to the rate at which they are employed. Just like any other employees, nurses are affected by a number of issues that can either make them stay at work or quit. In a situation where nurses are subjected to a situation that is unfavorable and unfair to them, they will eventually stop working. The reverse happens when the nurses are subjected to a favorable treatment. In any case, nurses are employees work under difficult conditions, with sometimes having to work at night outside their official working hours. This means that they need to be treated cautiously to avoid losing them.

Causes of nurse turnover

The main factors that influence nurse turnover include salaries, working conditions, and interpersonal relations that the management will have placed in the workplace. The hospital management should ensure…


Ganong, J., & Ganong, W. (2011). Nursing management (2d ed.). Rockville, Md.: Aspen Systems.

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Flight Attendant Fatigue and Working
Words: 3969 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8062076
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The "fatigue summit " was held in 2005 and hosted by the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, representing flight attendants at American Airlines, and Transport Workers Union Local 556, representing flight attendants at Southwest Airlines. The meeting was held at American Association of Flight Attendants-CWA headquarters outside Dallas. (Flight Attendants Hold Summit on Job Fatigue, Hours)

One of the central issues on the table was a critique of the Federal Aviation Administration regulations promulgated in 1996, which required flight attendants to have eight to nine hour rest periods. However, as has already been referred to, these 'rest periods' included time taken for transportation to and from airports as well as the time taken for meals etc. Therefore, this FAA regulation was seen as being insufficient to deal with the very real problem of fatigue. (Flight Attendants Hold Summit on Job Fatigue, Hours) at this meeting, the AFA-CWA President, Patricia Friend,…


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Optimizing Organizational Conditions to Attain the Desired Success
Words: 755 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48407568
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Value of Good Organizational Practices in Generating High Profits

The management of any organization has the powers to make or break the success of the company in question. Organizational practices are most important in the making of a better company progress as in the case of the creation of a positive profit making. The success of any company depends on the ability of the management to handle its human resources and the impact of customers in influencing the profit-making regime (Mouton, Norholm, & Gabrielsen, 2012). The profits margins will be high when the management directs the market in its favor and organizes the employees to work towards delivering the best of their efforts to the success of the company.

An inclusive organizational culture is one that allows the managers to impress the clients through timely deliveries as well as make the employees work at their optimal capacity. This involves making…


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Working for a Community Mental Health Agency
Words: 1218 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 25326004
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working for a community mental health agency that serves male adolescents aged 14-16 who have received a diagnosis of conduct disorder. You have been asked by your director of clinical training to answer the following questions (choose only one): a) What family treatment modes have been found to be effective (best practices, evidence-based) for treating this population?

Submit an annotated bibliography with an entry for each of your resources. Include the references in proper APA format. Write a brief summary highlighting the theory, treatment, intervention, and research methodology discussed in each resource.

Authors conducted thorough review of existent studies on psychosocial conduct disorder and interventions in regards to children and adolescents. They also investigated oppositional defiant disorder. 82 experimental studies were evaluated using certain criteria created by the Clinical Psychology Task Force on Promotion and Dissemination of Psychological Procedures. Authors concluded that the two most effective programs that met all…

Brestan, EV. & Eyberg, EM (1998) Effective psychosocial treatments of conduct-disordered children and adolescents: 29 years, 82 studies, and 5,272 kids Journ. Clin. Child Psyc. 27, 180-189

Burke, JD, Loeber, B., & Birmaher, R. (2002) Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Conduct Disorder: A Review of the Past 10 Years, Part II, J. Am. Acad. Child Adolesc. Psychiatry, 41, 1275-1293.

Kumpfer, K & Alvarado, R (2003). Family-Strengthening Approaches for the Prevention of Youth Problem Behaviors American Psychologist, 58, 457-465

Working Definition of Abnormality Abnormality Is Defined
Words: 618 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 48211950
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working definition of abnormality.

Abnormality is defined as 'atypicality' or a deviation from the norm (McLeod 2008). Deviation may be viewed in a positive or negative light. In our culture, someone who has a high IQ is viewed as deviant in a positive manner, while someone who is deviant because he or she is bipolar is viewed as deviant in a negative manner. But some modes of deviancy, such as depression, are so common a large percentage of the population suffers from the condition (McLeod 2008). Other forms of abnormality, like seeing visions, are considered highly deviant today in a negative fashion, but were viewed in a positive light as a form of divine insight in ages past, and still are in some cultures.

Defining abnormality merely as violation of social norms can be a poor way to judge a patient, given that homosexuality was once classified as a mental…

Works Cited

Dryden-Edwards, Roxanne. "Schizophrenia types and symptoms." Web MD. 4 Dec 2011.

[2 May 2012] 

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Working Very Closely With the Client Over
Words: 696 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 17817431
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working very closely with the client over the last several weeks to develop an onsite activation plan for one of their major sponsors. Things are smooth in general, but there are some distinct differences of opinion between the client's expectation around what the final product should be, and the reality of dealing with very challenging logistics in order to meet the client's expectations. The client expects you to solve the issues and be on 'their side'. In order to make the client's vision a reality will require that you put a lot of added stress onto your team who would be involved in the process (including creating excess work, long hours, etc.). How and what do you communicate to the client while at the same time respecting the limitations of your internal team's time and resources.

The crux of the issue here is empathizing with both client and team. The…


Riggs, C.J. (1983). Dimensions of organizational conflict: A functional analysis of communication tactics. Pp. 517-531 in, Communication yearbook. Newbury Park, CA: Sage.

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Working Women and Breastfeeding
Words: 1801 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38995146
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It has been recognized that breastfeeding constitutes the best source of infant nourishment, functioning as nutrition as well as the "living fluid" imbued with a complex blend of enzymes, hormones, and antibodies, unique to the mother and her infant. Baby formula is unable to replicate the above essential substances. As breastfeeding is recognized as the superior mode of feeding infants, it must be protected, promoted and supported even among working mothers, after they return to their jobs. The WHO (World Health Organization) recommendation is that babies ought to be given nothing but breast milk until six months of age, with some amount of breastfeeding to be continued, at least till they reach two years of age (Deirdre Desmond & Sarah Meaney, 2016).

Breastfeeding at the Workplace

Breastfeeding rates in a majority of industrialized nations are generally below the desired levels. For instance, the 2002 U.S. estimate is that roughly seven…

Working Affect Your Experience at Temple University
Words: 994 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Introduction Chapter Paper #: 61081186
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Working Affect Your Experience at Temple University, Based on Your Major?

The state of employment in the United States and even the rest of the world is still dire considering the ravages of the global financial crisis is taking its toll still. Thus, the disparity in jobs and the kinds of employment there are as well as job satisfaction thereto is more apparent now than ever. There are several ways of looking at the matter especially via the differences there are of those that have jobs and are unemployed. Of particular interest in this research is the student population that are considered employed whilst studying and those that are purely pursuing their studies without part-time or full-time work whatsoever. Hence, the research paper will endeavor to answer the research question: "Is there a difference, in terms of, between art students with job, art students without job and business student with…


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Conditions Does Hostility Towards Science Arise According
Words: 647 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85771157
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conditions does hostility towards science arise? According to Merton in Science and the Social Order, there are two conditions in which general hostility is focused upon the discipline of science. The first is the logical idea that "the results of methods of science are inimical to the satisfaction of important values" (p. 255). Essentially, this view holds that by its very nature scientific views are hostile to prevailing cultural and social values; the theory of evolution being hostile to a Christian approach to creation, the disproving of heliocentrism, etc. The second, rather illogical, says that there is "incompatibility between the sentiments embodied in the scientific ethos and those found in other institutions" (p. 255). This view believes that if one believes in the scientific method, for instance -- observation, hypothesis testing, etc., then one cannot believe in other institutions, be they religious or political. Science becomes god, or is used…


Cary, S. (2003). A Beginner's Guide to the Scientific Method. New York: Wadsworth.

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Institute. Cited in:

Working in a Jewelry Company and I
Words: 1512 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90532553
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working in a jewelry company and I was asked to meet certain sales goals. I was new and unfamiliar with the practices of the other salespeople and didn't know how to approach the sales goal. The sales goal was high, similar to the other, more seasoned sales people. I didn't know what to make of it because I didn't want to get fired for lack of sales as well as not meeting my sales goal, but I didn't have the techniques and charisma as the salespeople that were there longer. So when we had one of our weekly meetings, I suggested to the manager at the time if he could lower my goal so that I may meet my goal as well as give me more time to get used to everything concerning pitching and selling to the customers. The manager at first had a hard time with my decision…


Gentile, M. (2010). Giving voice to values. New Haven [Conn.]: Yale University Press.

Working in Teams Is Trust
Words: 394 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52121739
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Consider how trust is lost when working in team and how to keep trust among team members?

Trust is eroded by a lack of consideration for other team members. A team member who is consistently late, does not fulfill his duties, and shows a lackadaisical attitude towards meeting the goals of the team creates a sense of disharmony amongst the group. The group begins to grow suspicious if their colleagues will live up to their obligations, and if the projects that are contingent for their own success on the team will be realized in time. Even one person's lack of emotional and work-related participation can create an interpersonal imbalance that results in the breakdown of team trust.

Gossip, a lack of candor, and failing to extend full credit to one's colleagues also creates a poisonous atmosphere. The focus in the mind of the individual employee shifts to an 'every person…

Sociology Work and Leisure Working
Words: 1573 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17684707
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The working class standards of morals work as a substitute to how success is defined in terms of economics (Sachin, 2012). These people value morals more than the money and believe that morals outweigh money in having a successful life. They love to maintain dignity in their lives. Despite having their morals above money, they draw the lines between economic classes. Hence they do not separate themselves from the poor but do so while they are comparing themselves with the richer economic class (Arakji, 2012). These workers have rigid boundaries while defining dignity and consider themselves more moral and value oriented and worth-full than their peers of the people better than them in economic position. The book is a great comparison of American working class to the French working class. Both have moral values and like to pursue values rather than money yet keeping their self-dignity and self-respect intact. The…


About the Book, the Dignity of Working Men, (n.d.), Retrieved from: 

Albert, K., and Weeden, K., (2013), "Occupations and Professions," Retrieved from:

Effects of Working Night Shift and Getting Cancer
Words: 2834 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41760721
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Working Night Shift and Getting Cancer

The increasing rate of women acquiring breast cancer disease has been an alarming issue in the medical history of cancer prevention and studies. The many research and studies conducted by medical professionals on breast cancer disease have found a number of cancer-causing habits and lifestyles. Among those that have been examined and found as risk factors of breast cancer on women is night-shift work.

Regularly working in night shift as a health-hazardous cause of breast cancer has been investigated by several studies of different cancer research institutions. Almost all studies were carried out based from employment histories of women diagnosed of breast cancer. In a population-based study conducted by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, it was found that women who regularly work at night are at 60% risk of developing breast cancer. The most significant risk factor to this is the exposure to bright…


Davis, Jeanie Lerche. (2001). Breast Cancer and the Night Shift: Is There a Link?

Retrieved December 08, 2003, from Web MD Health.

Web site: 

DeNoon, Daniel. (2003). Hormone Melatonin Slows Breast Cancer.

Ethical Practice Involves Working Positively Diversity Difference
Words: 2498 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31023695
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Ethical Practice Involves Working Positively Diversity Difference

Counseling is a profession that involves associations based on principles and values ethically. Patients are able to benefit by understanding themselves better and through creating relationships with others. Through counseling, the clients are able to make positive alteration in life and enhance their living standards. Communities, organizations, couples and families are different groups of individuals are main sources of relationships (BACP Ethical Framework, 2013, p.4). Frameworks of ethical practice direct the attention of counseling practitioners to engage in ethical responsibilities. This stud describes the purpose of each principle following the development of good counseling practice. Practitioners make reasonable decisions grounded on these principles without making any contradictions. Nevertheless, research indicates that professionals have met barriers hindering them to integrate all the principles in some cases. In such situations, they are forced to select between required principles. A course of action or a decision…


BACP Ethical Framework. (2013). The Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling. Pp 1-10. Accessed April 7, 2013 from

Clarkson, P. (2009). The Therapeutic Relationship. New York NY: Wiley

Handout 1. MkSame-Sex Relationships, an Historical Overview. A review by Robin Heme

Handout 2. What are the potential abuses of these kinds of power in the relationship between counsellor and client? Janet Dowding 02.2010 saved as power

Nursing Home Report on Conditions at Brighton
Words: 1554 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2919347
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Nursing Home

eport on Conditions at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust

The following report is based on extensive observation of the conditions for patients living at the Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust. While some patients received moderate care, overall, the quality of care in this facility was appalling. All patients -- all people -- deserve to be treated with dignity, and this was far from the case. The conditions were especially distressing given that in general they could be fixed or at least ameliorated relatively easily. Not all of the ills of old age or disability can be remedied, of course. Pain and fear will be present even with the best possible care. Given that this is true, all possible efforts must be made to reduce fear, anxiety, and pain to the greatest degree possible.

The facts that this report is based on were documented by…


Grant, P. (2010). Ethical lessons from the 'undercover nurse': implications for practice and leadership. Medical Ethics 36: 469-472.

Margaret Haywood's diary. Retrieved from .

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Reasons for the substantive hearing of the Conduct and Competence. Retrieved from

Generational Gap in the Workplace Contemporary Working
Words: 3120 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 90004298
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Geneational Gap in the Wokplace

Contempoay woking age Ameicans ae categoized into fou distinct geneations that, allegedly, have been made into what they ae and thei pesonalities fomed due to the socio-political and economic as well as histoical occuences of thei age. These fou geneations ae vaiously known as: Taditionals, Baby Boomes, Geneation X, and Geneation Y

Thee ae at least two views egading geneational diffeences in the wokplace. The fist suggests that whilst individuals ae distinct, nonetheless, shaed geneational values, events, beliefs, behavios, and occuences indelibly affected membes of a paticula geneation and impact them fom effective integeneational communication (Zemke, et al. 2000). The othe is that although, cetain geneational events do occu that influence people's behavio and beliefs, ultimately employees ae constant and geneic in what they seek fom jobs and tying to categoize them and pedict thei pefomance accoding to geneation categoy is misguided (Yang & Guy,…

references of the younger generations. Similarly, whilst discussion groups are the format of choice for the older generations, the younger generations see them as least effective and more time-consuming. Again, one can readily see historical circumstances as prompting choice. Additionally, the younger generations tend to value feedback more than the older ones do, and the various generations seem to indicate different methods in learning and internalizing skills. Computer and Internet may have a great deal to say in the diversities between the characteristics on these points.

As regards desire for greater balance between life and work, most of the evidence that the younger generations seem to incline towards the latter in comparison to the older ones, is anecdotal. It may be that the younger generations resists the influence of work on their lives to a greater extent than the older generations do, but, this again may differ according to personality and context and needs further research.

Other differences in Workplace Generation Gap

Definitions of 'success' and 'leadership' vary too between the generations with apparently generational perspectives of the constructs hinging on the paradigms of their times. The gap seems to be most pronounced between the Traditionals and the younger generations with the Traditionals connecting success to workplace conduct, and the younger generations connecting it to computer skills. As regards leadership style, the two older generations prefer a leader with credibility, whilst the younger ones prefer empathy and active listening (Deal, 2007).

All generations want to be valued and appreciated as well as receive fair treatment. In the end, definite differences may exist more in popular literature than in real life. Further empirical research needs to be conducted to demonstrate whether this is or is not the case.

Business Ethics What Conditions Would
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It is critical for people to have a voice in what's required of them if they are going to change their behavior and take responsibility for their jobs. Second, employees need to be recognized as the authorities in their jobs, no matter how trivial to complex, a job must be a source of respect in any organization if the employee is going to actively take responsibility for accomplishing its goals and objectives.

There also needs to be freedom for defining how a job gets done. To reduce a job to mere procedures is to take the responsibility away from it. Conversely, to give employees freedom in how they complete tasks is to create an environment of creativity.

Ultimately employees the most accountable and responsible when they have the opportunity to define what their goals, objectives and approach to completing their jobs are. Second, there needs to be an opportunity for…

HHS Initiative on Multiple Chronic Conditions
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HHS Initiative on Multiple Chronic Conditions

Multiple chronic conditions (MCC) are significant challenges and obstacles to the health practitioners and citizens of the United States. The aim of the programs by the HHS includes prevention and management of multiple chronic conditions in the context of the United States. In the execution of its duties in accordance to the programs, HHS also offers an essential component in relation to leadership for the improvement of the health of the citizens of the United States with multiple chronic conditions.

Brief overview of the mission of the program

Multiple chronic conditions (MCC) are significant challenges and obstacles to the health practitioners and citizens of the United States. This relates to the role of the multiple chronic conditions on the health and development of the economy. In order to reduce the burden and suffering in relation to the aspect of multiple chronic conditions, the government…


Anand K. Parekh et al. (2011). Managing Multiple Chronic Conditions: A Strategic

Framework for Improving Health Outcomes and Quality of Life. Public Health Rep.

2011 Jul-Aug; 126(4): 460 -- 471.

How is HHS addressing Multiple Chronic Conditions?

Dangers and Injuries From Working at Heights
Words: 1439 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92410339
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The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) of Britain is involved in a campaign concerning safe work practices at UK organizations especially the construction industry which has been its key target for many years due to high number of fatalities and injuries resulting from working at heights in construction industry. Explaining the major problems of work related injuries in UK, Bill Callaghan, Chair of the Health and Safety Commission (HSC) said: "Falling from height is the single biggest killer of workers in Great Britain. Last year 49 workers died and many thousands were seriously injured as a result of falling from height. In most of these cases, these deaths could have been prevented. We are working with industry to reduce the number of deaths and injuries and this campaign is one way we hope to reduce the risk of falls…


QBE REPORT "Working at Heights, Construction sector" August 2009


HSC: STATISTICS OF FATAL INJURIES 2005-2006 Accessed online from

Psychological Condition That Is Increasingly
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(Hornbl, 1999)

How this related to other ideas on the subject?

When you look at other ideas on the subject, it is clear that those people who are suffering from gender dysphoria, have other conditions that are affecting them as well. Where, psychologist Richard Carroll has identified a number of issues that need to be examined when someone suffers from these conditions. To include: helping patients understand themselves, letting them know what options they have available, looking for other conditions they could suffer from and establishing life goals. This is significant, because this information can be used to show how the school handled the situation wrong. Where, if Rivers was sent to counseling once he expressed these intentions, the odds would have declined dramatically that he would violate the wishes of the school board. As the counseling, would address the underlying psychological decisions that were pushing him to make this…


Hornbl, M. (1999). He? She? Whatever!. Retrieved July 19, 2010 from Time website:,9171,992203,00.html 

Lieblum, L. (2007). Gender Dysphoria Principals and Practice of Sex Therapy. (pp. 477 -- 479). New York, NY: Guliford Press.

Unemployed and Working Hard Being
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Therefore, first among the survival skills is to escape the looting on the streets.

A homeless person on the streets depends on doing little jobs here and there to make enough money for everyday food. This could be anything such as washing car windows on the streets to gathering cans for recycling to playing instruments on the street corners. For most homeless people, these menial jobs as it may seem to us provide the bread and butter on a day-to-day basis. [Simon Wykoff] Weathering the rough conditions, sleeping on cardboard boxes and surviving the dangers of the street with the limited possessions of a few clothes and coins teach one of the toughest life lessons. As the ritish prince Williams who spent a whole night on the streets sleeping with the homeless said, "I cannot, after one night, even begin to imagine what it must be like to sleep rough…


1) Simon Wykoff, 'Unemployed and Working Hard',

2) The Guardian, 'Prince William Spends Night on London Street', Accessed January 2nd 2010, Available at, 

3) Jim Stringham & David R. Workman, 'The Unemployment Survival Guide', Published by Gibbs Smith, 2004, pg 13 -18

Subordination of Labor a Necessary Condition for
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subordination of labor" a necessary condition for establishing an employment relationship? Are there other necessary conditions?

The capitalist take-over of production was at first merely formal. Capitalists took control of production methods via ownership and employed workers in their privately owned factories. Workers agreed to labor for the owners, because they believed that this was a more financially and socially beneficial relationship than working for their own farms, on their own privately owned land. The formal subordination of labor to capital thus is necessary in a situation of private enterprise, where labor can be rented cheaply to work on preexisting property owned by capitalists.

Why is the "real subordination of labor" described as a fundamental aspect of management? How does the unique nature of the human factor make this form of subordination problematic?

It is only later, in part under the pressure of workers' struggles, when capitalists begin to invest…

Accurately Describes the Problem of the Working
Words: 2181 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 65039588
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accurately describes the problem of the working poor in America and its causes and potential solutions.

An Analysis of David Shipler's essay

An Analysis of Stuart Tannock's essay

Conclusions based on the points made in the two essays. Comparison of the essays and concluding statements as to which one is the stronger of the two and why.

hile Shipler focuses on the definition of poverty in America and how those who are working full-time jobs in low paying industries often still can not make ends meet (as well as the reasons for them being "stuck" in these low paying jobs), Tannock takes the approach of looking at one of the lowest paying sectors of all, the service industry, and looking how the industry as a whole contributes to poverty in America. So Shipler's essay can be said to put the bulk of the blame for poverty among the working class…

Works Cited

Shipler, David K. The Working Poor: Invisible in America. New York: Random House, 2004.

Tannock, Stuart. Youth at Work: The Unionized Fast-Food and Grocery Workplace. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2001.

Community Working Placement in the
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The visits would also include the distribution of basic food items to help alleviate the food shortages and associated hunger in the area. The country is one that has a high reliance on agriculture and subsistence farming, but with the recent civil war the poverty is exacerbated with a need to recover. Recovery is needed for both production and the access to funds that may be realized from the sale of agricultural goods. This is an ongoing issue which one is constantly aware of when handing out food, knowing it is a short-term solution to a long-term problem. However other projects do exist which are seeking to address this issues.

The visits also involve medical checks, with doctors and healthcare workers visiting people in their homes to help with medical issues to carry out checks and to give advice. This was also a learning experience, seeing the range of medical…

Creative Problem Solving the Human Condition Appears
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Creative Problem Solving

The human condition appears to be creative in nature. Porter (2010) suggested that "ideas appear to arise by chance only when people are actually looking for them. It does not happen to people who are not curious or inquiring or who are not engaged in a hard search for opportunities, possibilities, answers or inventions, " (p.5). The purpose of this paper is to explain a created problem using the Creative Problem Solving Process (CPS). Specifically, this paper will focus on refining the solutions that were presented in an earlier essay.

Original Issue

Within a particular college class room, some of the students regularly come late to the class and left early. These same students also took extended long breaks and were absent from class most of the time. This was not acceptable by the students who always arrived on time and left at the end of the…


Goodman, N. (2012). A Secret to Creative Problem Solving. Entrepreneur, 23 May 2012. Retrieved from 

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Evidence-Based Approach to Patients' Conditions
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However, the screening of patients for these conditions necessitates the inclusion of brief screening questions into a health systems review at the medical visit because patients may be embarrassed or unwilling to show concerns or talk about their mental distress or health. The inclusion of the questions into the health systems review can help to facilitate early discovery and intervention and communicating to patients about concerns on their overall health. Many people with these mental conditions tend be unwilling to consult their care providers because of the stigma linked to the conditions and the lack of effective treatments available (Haddad, Buszewicz & Murphy, n.d.).

The other approach that can be taken to screen for these conditions is to administer validated screening measures in the waiting room. In this case, the screening measures even as brief scales have been identified to be effective in discovering the problems. The validated screen measures…


Bartels et. al. (2003). Evidence-based Practices in Geriatric Mental Health Care: An Overview of Systematic Reviews and Meta-analyses. Psychiatric Clinics of North America, 26, 971-990. Retrieved from 

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"Specific Mental Disorders." (n.d.). Mental Illness and Suicide. Retrieved November 23, 2012,

Patho-Physiological Condition of Schizophrenia Searching
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Kringlen also published more extensive case records for his monozygotic twins than any other researcher had done (pp. 7-8)."

The information gained by these studies was significant. One, in particular, conducted by William Pollin and his colleagues set out to disprove the biological or genetic factors, and to establish the basis for.".. psychodynamic, interpersonal phenomena that might have some significant etiologic role with respect to schizophrenia (Torrey, p. 9)." What Pollin and his colleagues found, instead, was that there were significant physiological conditions in the twins examined who had schizophrenia (p. 9).

The most significant findings were a history of lower birth weight and more obstetric complications in the affected twins in discordant pairs, and more neurological abnormalities in the affected twins (Pollin & Stabenau, 1968; Mosher et al., 1971). The findings, said these researchers, suggested that "the intrauterine experience of one twin, relative to the co-twin, tends to be…


Csernansky, J.G. (Ed.). (2002). Schizophrenia: A New Guide for Clinicians. New York: Marcel Dekker. Retrieved December 22, 2008, from Questia database: 

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Subtle Disapprobation of Labor Conditions the Harbinger's
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Subtle Disapprobation of Labor Conditions

The Harbinger's magazine article, "Female Workers of Lowell," which was initially published November 14, 1836 by an unidentified author, is one of the earliest surviving accounts of conditions of labor (not associated with institutionalized, chattel slavery) in the post-Industrial era United States of America. This particular excerpt, which details the living and working quarters of an entirely female textile mill presumably in the North Eastern (New England) region of the U.S., is decidedly sympathetic to the harsh existence many young female labors were forced to endure. However, this sympathy is tempered by the powerful economic impetus of profit, or capital (as it is termed in the magazine article), which was used to justify the development and implementation of just such means of industrialization. A close read of the text illustrates the fact that the author begins the article favoring the institution of such an oppressive…

Counseling for Mental Health Professionals Working With
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For mental health professionals, working with patients can be challenging. This is because they will have issues that could be directly associated with their condition. In the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, it is discussing these problems. To fully understand how this relates to crisis theory and intervention requires comparing different scenes from the film that are relevant. This will be accomplished by focusing on: the precipitating event, identifying the type of crisis, examining the material / personal / social resources available, studying the different perspectives, looking at how it was handled by the protagonist, suggesting coping skills, discussing referral sources that are available and biblical perspectives. Together, these elements will provide specific insights as to the way it is illustrating crisis theory and intervention challenges.

Identify precipitating events

The main event is when andal Patrick McMurphy is sent to a mental hospital from the state prison.…


Holly Bible New International Version. (1985). Oak Ridge, TN: Gideon's International.

How Do I Find a Local Support Group. (2012). NMHA. Retrieved from: 

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Barbados Culture Gender Roles and Working Life
Words: 3839 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 36207302
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Barbados Culture

Barbados was once called the Little England due to its landscape of rolling terrain, as well as its customs of tea drinking and cricket, the Anglican Church, parliamentary democracy and the conservatism of its rural culture. It has a well-developed airport, electrical supply and road system, especially after independence in 1966 when the tourist industry became the most important sector of the economy. Of course, it also inherited a racial caste system from its three hundred years of slavery, and until very recent times, the white minority had almost all the political and economic power. Today, only about 5% of the population is white, 20% of mixed race background and the remaining 75% descended from African slaves. As with most of the Caribbean islands, the indigenous Arawak and Carib populations were devastated by disease in the fifty years after first contact with Europeans in 1492. Although there were…


Beckles, Hilary McD.. Natural Rebels: A Social History of Enslaved Black Women in Barbados. Rutgers University Press, 1989.

Beckles, Hilary McD. "The Slave-Drivers' War: Bussa and the 1816 Barbados Slave Rebellion" in Howe, Glenford H. And Don D. Marshall (Eds) The Empowering Impulse: The Nationalist Tradition of Barbados. Kingston, Jamaica: canoe Press, 2001: 1-33.

Breslaw, Elaine G. Tituba, Reluctant Witch of Salem: Devilish Indians and Puritan Fantasies. New York University Press, 1996.

Browne, David V.C. "The 1937 Disturbances and Barbadian Nationalism" in Howe and Marshall: 149-63.

High Working Performance in organizations
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High Performance Working Definition
High performance working is defined as an overall approach to managing organizations that purposes to arouse employee participation and commitment so as to attain high levels of performance intended to improve the discretionary endeavor employees place into their work, and to completely utilize the skills and competencies that they possess (Belt and Giles, 2009). HPW is delineated as a term employed to outline a unique approach to management in the work environment with the main objective of maximizing organizational performance by making an investment in the skills and capabilities of employees (Belanger et al., 2002). Ashton and Sung (2002) outline that HPW takes into account the efficacious and effective utilization of the workforce, but with a significant focus on generating good quality work, instead of basically laying emphasis on making employees work harder. Giles et al. (2002) points out that the high-performance working approach is distinctively…

Sarah's Condition it Is Often
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As a result, children and adolescents are at risk of delays and impairments in cognitive development" (Levy 2009). Such delays are far from inevitable, but they do underline the need to assure that Sarah 'keeps up' with her studies and that reasonable peer-appropriate learning goals may need to be met with the assistance of additional support in some instances.

Although not directly applicable to Sarah, immunizations with live viruses, including chickenpox, MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), and oral polio vaccines are not advised for children with lupus (Lupus, 2009, Children's Hospital of Boston). Sarah's parents may need to watch for is the possibility of symptoms in her sibling: "a form of lupus may occur at some point in about one out of twenty people whose siblings have lupus" and they may need to take this into consideration when contemplating a vaccination program if they ever have another child (Lehman 2002). Sarah's…

Works Cited

Lehman, Thomas J.A. (2002, Fall). Early diagnosis of SLE in childhood. Lupus News.

22.3. Retrieved June 29, 2009 at 

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impairment in children and adolescents with SLE: Cognitive development in healthy children and adolescents. Nat Clin Pract Rheumatol CME. 5(2)

Case Analysis Working in a Multicultural Environment in the World
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working with a multinational team are turning out to be more and more obvious in the modern, linked world. However, a job like the one I work for have not caught up with this concept, thus causing a problem when it comes to teamwork. Historically, my workplace was one of the most tradition-bound corporations on the planet. It was well-known for its written and spoken rules as its no-discharge policy, its emphasis on individual achievement and promotions, the expectation of lifetime service at the corporation, and its obligation of suits and white shirts at work

This company has clients in 150 nations and now today has managed does two-thirds of its business external the U.S. As a result, it has inverted almost all facets of its old ethos. On relatively new emphasis is in the teamwork place. Even though the company, like virtually all huge administrations, uses work teams widely,…


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a'skin condition called vitiligo
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Vitiligo is a skin condition characterized by loss of pigmentation in blotches. The cause of vitiligo is the death of melanocytes, the cells that are responsible for producing melanin. According to the National Institutes of Health and the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS, 2014), the cause of vitiligo remains unknown. There is some speculation that vitiligo is an autoimmune system disorder, but the condition may also be caused by genetics (NIAMS, 2014). According to the American Academy of Dermatology (2017), the vitiligo is correlated with autoimmune diseases, and a person is at a higher risk for vitiligo if a family member also has the condition. Exposure to the sun may also be an issue, as the skin areas affected by vitiligo tend to be those that are most exposed such as hands and face.

The primary signs of the disease are visible. The most noticeable…


American Academy of Dermatology (2017). Vitiligo: An overview. Retrieved online: 

NIAMS (2014). What is vitiligo? Retrieved online:

Mary Johnson Has Been Working
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Job analysis

In order to assess the means in which Mary Johnson is performing her job duties, it is necessary to assess her features in light of the criteria presented above. This objective is attained throughout the table below.



Mary Johnson

Yes / No




Customer interaction


Employee has an innate ability to interact, additionally developed in over three years on the job


Customer escort to the table



Take the order



Serve the order


Employee can carry up to three plates at a time


Serve food and beverages


Employee has learned and experienced how to adequately serve the foods and beverages


Provision of information


Employee can naturally and easily interact with people


Input on specials


Employee knows information on specials




Employee can make recommendations as she knows the details in…

Summary of 2-3 Central Themes of Harvey's the Condition of Postmodernity
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Capitalism entered a new 'postmodern' phase in the 1970s and 1980s in which small-scale and entrepreneurial enterprises revived, and became the most dynamic sector of the economy in the West. This revival coincided with the reemergence of free market conservatism under Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher at the same time, along with a culture that became more aggressively competitive, egotistic and individualistic. During the same period, economists and sociologists rediscovered "sweatshops and…informal activities of all kinds" as the older Fordist mass production industries declined and shifted labor to low-wage regions in Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. Labor, production and capital markets all become more "flexible" and mobile (arvey, 10990, p. 190). All of these trends had already existed for decades, to be sure, but the new computer and communications technologies accelerated them greatly. Postmodern political-economy is "a fantastic world of booming paper wealth and assets," prone to severe…

Harvey characterized modernism as it existed from the 19th Century to the 1960s as based on Fordist mass production and consumption (at least in the Western world and Japan), bureaucracy, collectivism, labor unions and the welfare state. Its culture was materialistic, authoritarian; paranoid and alienated, symbolized by the anonymity of the big city and the large organization. Postmodernism is more laissez faire and free market, individualistic, entrepreneurial and decentralized, based finances, services and virtual money rather than production. Its workforce was more white-collar than blue-collar, and its culture was schizophrenic, chaotic, pluralist and eclectic. Politically, postmodernism favored celebrities and charismatic, transformational leaders rather than faceless managers and bureaucrats (Harvey, p. 340). Some philosophers who were hailed as postmodernists like Martin Heidegger and Paul de Man were better characterized as anti-modernists with fascist sympathies, but postmodern culture and political-economy should not be dismissed as synonymous with fascism. Indeed, it is more neoliberal, chaotic and disorganized than totalitarian, and seems to have no center. Its ideologies are more ephemeral than concrete or totalizing. Unlike classical Marxism, postmodernist politics emphasizes culture, gender, race and religion -- identity politics -- rather than unified metanarratives and ideologies centered on social class. Postmodern technology has caused a sense of shrinking, compressed time and space in which a constant stream of disconnected and incoherent images seem more real (or hyper-real) than concrete reality itself. New Left politics of the 1960s and 1970s were harbingers of postmodernity, although their emphasis on gender, race, sexuality and the counterculture "connected better with anarchism and libertarianism than with traditional Marxism, and set the New Left against traditional working-class attitudes and institutions" (Harvey, p. 357). One of the great ironies of the postern era is how the politics of the New Left and New Right interested in this peculiar way that undermined organized labor and the welfare state, and unleashed a revival of free market capitalism. Although the New Left radicals and hippies of the 1960s could hardly have intended this, in the end the fact that their movements coexisted in the same time and space as the New Right or Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan turned out to be anything but coincidental.


Harvey, D. (1990). The Condition of Postmodernity: An Enquiry into the Origins of Cultural Change. Blackwell Publishing, Ltd.

Children Conditioned to Create Images
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No one exists outside of culture, and it is a difficult thing to be a true nonconformist in art, whether one is a child or an adult.

To truly tap into a deeper wellspring of creativity requires a child to feel as if he or she has a free space to imagine, without the pressures of creating art as it 'should' be done. Encouraging children to draw a 'house that looks like a hat' or asking children to color in a picture of a strawberry in 'every color but red' is one way to urge children to avoid their desire to conform to adult expectations, to do what their friends or doing, or to indulge in the satisfying predictability of routine.

It is less the desire to please adults, or even the pressures of adult assignments that inhibits children: children like routine; they often like the same bedtime story, cartoons,…

Acculturative Stress and Psychological Wellbeing of African Missionary Nuns Working in the USA
Words: 6281 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 41172358
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acculturative stress of African Catholic Missionary Nuns (ACMN) serving in the United States. This chapter is divided into five parts. The first part explains the meaning of acculturation and adaptation experiences specific to missionaries. This part emphasizes (1) different perspectives from social and behavioral scientists examining the phenomenon of acculturation (2) different theoretical models describing the stages of acculturation (3) dissimilarities between immigrants and missionary immigrants and what makes the two unique. The second part of this chapter examines the emotional and psychological distress missionaries experience as a result of acculturative stress. The third part focuses on coping strategies and resilience of missionaries. The fourth part introduces the existing literature in the area of acculturative stress of missionaries, emphasizing on limited empirical research in this subject and the necessity for further research in this area of study.

Part One: Background and Overview

Different Social and Behavioral Scientific Perspectives Concerning Acculturation.…


Akomolafe, F. (2011, July). The sad tale of African immigrants in Europe. New African, 508, 94-


Andrews, L. (1999). Spiritual, family, and ministry satisfaction among missionaries. Journal of Psychology and Theology, 27(2), 107-118.

Arthur, L.B. (1999). Religion, dress and the body. New York: Berg.

Real-Estate and the Problems Coming Along With Working on a Big Project
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Construction Project

Harry and Eric Smith performed a through market study before going through with the investment and most information seemed to confirm that the investment would be profitable. Even with this, the two also chose to use speculation as a primary means to fuel the business deal, taking into account that they focused on potential competition on the market and considered that new developments and new vacancies in the area did not pose a threat. The two believed that the condition of these respective buildings would make it imperative for their owners to charge prices that were in accordance with this respective state.

The Smiths acknowledged the numerous risks associated with the project, but decided that the magnitude of the business deal outweighed them and that it would have been in their best interest to try and make this one of the most important developments in their lives. Harry…

Report on Business Conditions
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Business eport on Dental Prima

The Firm's Specific Advantages for its Internal Environmental Assessment

Accessing Foreign Markets and their Buyers

Key Global Environmental Issues

Political, Economic, Social and Technological Environments

Key Challenges and Opportunities in Foreign Markets

Market Entry Modes

Structure and Control Mechanisms

Logistics & International Business Operations

Future Implications

Prima Dental is based in Gloucester in the United Kingdom and has a legacy of more than 150 years. It is among the oldest of dental companies in the UK (, 2016). The company produces a wide range of high-tech tools that are used for dental treatments the company has business all over the world. The company has been achieving double-digit sales growth in the last few years and considers itself a global leader in precision dental products. The core competencies of the company include its extensive research work that helps it to come up with new and innovative…


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People Working Out Math Constitutes
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Considering this belief into account for the discussion of math and poetry, through the general observation and understanding, it is observed that math and poetry constitute the form of art also. The other instance of symmetry in math is proof. Math looks for an elegant proof above one which established the identical outcome through contradiction or examination of a lot of cases. The same thing is applicable in case of poetry. In case one is desirous of having a good poem, it is important that one must develop a style and follow the particular style across. Poetry as well as maths is two very distinct themes, nevertheless the same are found to be similar in formation and structure. Understanding math as a poem solves a lot of problem. When math is looked as a poem, it is observed that calculating is the same as a finding a pattern in the…


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Depressive Disorder Mdd Is a Condition Distinguished
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depressive disorder (MDD) is a condition distinguished by the presence of at least one major depressive episode (American Psychiatric Association [APA], 2000). MDD occurs in adolescents with an estimated annual prevalence of four to eight percent and with a lifetime prevalence of 20% by age 18 (APA, 2000). In addition, the data indicates that the prevalence of depression rates among adolescents is increasing with the greatest surge in rates of depression occurring in adolescents between the ages of 15-18 years-old (Costello, Erkanli, & Angold, 2006).

Previous research has suggested that when MDD occurs in adolescents and children an untreated episode can last from seven to nine months (Sadock & Sadock, 2007). Adolescent depression shares many clinical features similar to depression in adults. Depressed adolescents are sad, they can lose interest in activities that used to be of importance to them, and they are very critical of themselves and believe that…


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