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Working Environment Essays (Examples)

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Working Business Questions Recently the
Words: 839 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 99094229
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Niceness requirements make the working environment more comfortable; they open it up for more participation. Just as no one can help being born a certain color, most can't completely change the personalities they were born with, and some are genuinely soft hearted. These timid people may have some of the best answers, but may be afraid to share because they don't want to be ridiculed. The niceness rule helps to put an end to all of this, by letting each know they will be free from suppression and meanness. Once again, this makes for a better team environment and a more productive workplace.

Question Four

While being nice is a trait that can benefit all companies, agreeableness goes by another definition. A person can be considered agreeable if he or she generally does not cause a disturbance. This means that the agreeable person does not question or oppose the majority…

Environment Affects Nurses Over and Again Literature
Words: 1678 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36073266
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Environment Affects Nurses

Over and again, literature reviews show the consistent relationship and association between nurse working environment and patient outcome as well as superior nurse performance (Aiken et al., 1999; Aiken et al., 1994; Lake, 2004). Better environments result in better nurse care as this case model shows. The case model was based on the study popularized in our institution that was directed by Aiken et al. (2008) who sought to examine whether better hospital nurse care environments were associated with lower patient mortality and better nurse outcomes irrespective of nurse education and the quality and quantity of nurse staffing.

In 1999, the researchers had sampled 168 hospitals, which was 80% of the 210 adult acute care hospital in Pennsylvania in 1999. 60 nurses from each hospital completed the survey, with half of the hospitals having more than 50 nurses who responded. Other nurses who worked outside the hospitals…


Aiken LH. (2005) Extending the magnet concept to developing and transition countries. Reflect Nurs Leadersh.31(1):16 -- 18

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working for Amazon
Words: 682 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 25020650
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Amazon's culture? What values, beliefs and assumptions is the culture based on?

Success in business today is a combination of factors. As opposed to focusing making the executives feel good about their positions, building culture is about growing talent.

It is disturbing that at Amazon colleagues are inspired to rubbish each other's work in meetings. They work long hours and are held to supposedly high standards; as assumed by the company. There is an internal phone directory that encourages workers to provide each other's bosses with feedback secretly. The workers have expressed concern that it does not serve positive purpose but sheer sabotage (Streitfeld & Kantor, 2015)

Many workers state that they chose Amazon because of the challenge it presented. Others are inspired by the promise to think big and explore what has not been tried out there. Some reported having gained from their stints with Amazon by sparking their…


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Streitfeld, D., & Kantor, J. (2015, August 15). Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace. Retrieved from The New York Times:

Working in Groups Can Be a Very
Words: 861 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2627981
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Working in groups can be a very contentious issue given the underlying circumstances prevailing at a particular firm. Groups offer much strength when activities are conducted in a manner that allows for a collaboration and innovation. Groups often provide varying perspective and corresponding's solutions to problems. Groups also help increase employee buy in for very contentious and often difficult corporate initiatives. Furthermore, group activities help facilitate a mutual exchange of ideas that otherwise may not have been though of through individual assignments. However, as will be indicated in this document, groups can also pose significant threats to the efficient operations of a business entity. For one, groups could be cumbersome and inexperienced. They also may create conflict rather than harmony within the work environment. In addition, cultural aspects must be considered when group activities are formulated. These aspects become even more profound in the context of a global company with…


1) Hofstede, Geert (2001). Culture's Consequences: comparing values, behaviors, institutions, and organizations across nations (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications. ISBN 978-0-8039-7323-7.

Working People the Plight of
Words: 1433 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 80839115
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Thus, these two stories point out a variety of plights for the working person of the modernist time. First, they both suggest that socioeconomic status and occupational status is very closely tied to respect within the community. ithout a good job, both stories imply, it is easy for one to be looked down upon in addition to being chastised. Second, the stories point out that working conditions can be so deplorable that they affect a person's mental and emotional functioning and characteristics. This certainly occurs in Abner's case, as he is driven to a violence that eventually kills him because of the work that he must do, toiling daily for those who have more wealth and power. For Krebs, too, the conditions of fighting as a soldier have so impaired his emotional and psychological faculties that he finds it difficult to assimilate into the society and the family that he…

Works Cited

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Working Regulations & Conditions the Working Tine
Words: 917 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63123841
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Working egulations & Conditions

The Working Tine egulations of 1998 established a variety of legal provisions impacting the working hours and rest periods of employees. egulation 12 establishes the right to an uninterrupted break of 20 minutes for a daily work period in excess of six hours. egulation 10 establishes an entitlement to a daily rest period of 11 consecutive hours for each 24 hours during which the employee works, although there are a host of exceptions to this provision. egulation 11 establishes the right of adult workers to one day off a week, averaged over a two-week period (National Archives 2012).

There are a variety of provisions, and rights, available to mothers, fathers, and adult caretakers that impact the terms and conditions of an employee's employment. Using women as an example, it is clear that there are many provisions intended to protect, and enhance, the employment conditions and opportunities…

Reference List

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Working Parent Working Full Time While Being
Words: 2454 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30709795
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Working Parent

Working full time while being a parent to two children is one of the most challenging positions to be in. According to Barrow (2006), most working parents spend just 19 minutes a day looking after their children. The situation is more intense for working mothers than fathers, as record numbers of women are working full time while also contending with mortgages, household bills, and rising cost of petrol and other expenses.

Mothers like me who have husbands that can watch the children are the lucky ones. Yet it remains a struggle. Although my husband does pick up the kids from school and watches them while I am at work, he still ascribes to traditional gender roles and norms that make my job tougher. In addition to working full time, I also perform the household domestic chores: a form of unpaid labor that must be factored into my daily…


American Association of Law Libraries (2011). "Writing Learning Outcomes." Retrieved online: 

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Working in a High-Needs School
Words: 490 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 58855569
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I know that I cannot give all of my students the advantages of a stable, high-income, two-parent home, a safe neighborhood, and parental involvement. If educators could do that, then there would not be an education crises in this country. However, I can work to make sure that all children receive the same real opportunities in their educational environment. This means going beyond giving children theoretical access to the same opportunities, and making sure that high-needs children have the same real access to resources and opportunities. If I can play a role in bringing educational equality to disadvantaged children, then I think that I can help make a meaningful difference in the lives of disadvantaged children. Just days ago, the United States experienced an inauguration that was historically significant because a poor, African-American child of a single mother attained the highest office in our nation. Obama would not be President…

Environmental Influences Environment and Environment
Words: 892 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 48283391
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These studies show development and growth is usually positive and normal in a home environment where there is sufficient care and/or love and in an environment that positively motivates learning and development. Conversely, the problems that can be experienced in a dysfunctional family can lead to problems even later in life. This is shown by the fact that juvenile criminals who become repeat offenders often come for broken or dysfunctional family environments.

The home and family are not the only environments that can have a profound influence on the individual. The school and educational environment is another environmental "space" that is important in normal human development. The school is an area that is particularly important in that it is an environment in which we first learn to interact and encounter the outside world. Therefore it is a crucial factor in social development. This can be seen in the fact that…

Safety and Heath in it Environments Applied
Words: 2533 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30654408
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Safety and Heath in it Environments

Applied Business esearch: The need for Safety and Health Standards in Hazardous Working Environments in the Information Technology

Businesses including IT firms are flooded with IT tools like microcomputers, photocopiers, digital surveillance tools, internet, among others. There is mounting evidence from a review of literature that in the IT work environment, especially the IT industry, present hazardous working environments to workers. Workers in these environments also undergo stress from the lack of knowledge of the tools, the lack of, or reduced human contact. Information technology tools also create electrical and fire hazards, which threaten the safety of employees. Employees also suffer from health issues like bleary-eyes from bright screens and monitors of IT tools. The research proves the need for increased safety and health measures in these environments. In the end, the research creates knowledge in the business community of the importance of increased…


Fraihat, H.M. (2003). Taxonomy and remedy of work hazards associated with office information systems. Journal of American Academy of Business, Cambridge, 3(1), 127-127.

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People Working Teams Achieve Goals Efficiently Effectively
Words: 2113 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79514765
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People working teams achieve goals efficiently effectively people working '. Draw theories team design effectiveness give practical examples relating organisational/work University study experience discuss statement

Efficiency of team projects over individually handled projects

The current research project t is focused on the discussion of the following statement:

People working in teams always achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively than people working alone.

In order to address it, a twofold approach is implemented -- the review of the specialized literature and the analysis of the practical implications within a real life context -- the working teams at Wal-Mart. It is eventually concluded that the teams are indeed more efficient than individuals, but that the development and management of a team is a matter to be decided upon based on the unique particularities of every business situation.

Table of contents




2. Key issues / findings from the literature…


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High Working Performance in organizations
Words: 4652 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 60565853
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High Performance Working Definition
High performance working is defined as an overall approach to managing organizations that purposes to arouse employee participation and commitment so as to attain high levels of performance intended to improve the discretionary endeavor employees place into their work, and to completely utilize the skills and competencies that they possess (Belt and Giles, 2009). HPW is delineated as a term employed to outline a unique approach to management in the work environment with the main objective of maximizing organizational performance by making an investment in the skills and capabilities of employees (Belanger et al., 2002). Ashton and Sung (2002) outline that HPW takes into account the efficacious and effective utilization of the workforce, but with a significant focus on generating good quality work, instead of basically laying emphasis on making employees work harder. Giles et al. (2002) points out that the high-performance working approach is distinctively…

Social Media in the Business Environment in
Words: 2879 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63828509
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Social Media in the Business Environment

In the past few years, there has been a tremendous and dramatic increase in the use of social networking sites and social media such as Facebook and Twitter. This is particularly because of the low-cost, user-oriented, and highly collaborative means of communication that continues to evolve through its own impetus. Consequently, social networking sites or social media are based on certain principles that the corporate or business environment can learn from. There is an assumption that the widespread adoption of social media in people's personal lives can be moved to the professional environment where they can be used to develop unprecedented knowledge bases in which people, industries, and the society can be empowered. However, many businesses still consider social media and social networking sites tools as frivolous to an extent that they have prohibited their use in the working environment. Actually, these companies still…


Coleman, A (2012), How Social Media can Benefit Small Businesses, The Guardian, viewed 6

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Multicultural Teams in the Work Environment
Words: 1337 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 98996313
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Cultures in the Workplace

Kouzes and Posner (2012) state that leaders ensure individuals know they are taken into consideration and not being ignored (p.318). There are several different means of enhancing this kind of celebratory culture given the varying best practices regarding how leaders need to demonstrate awareness of the needs of followers. One of the major ways of paying attention to follower needs and showing that followers are not taken for granted is through creating community. With regards to creation of community, the leader should demonstrate awareness of how celebrations are carried out based on cultural beliefs. Celebrations that are conducted based on cultural beliefs are particularly significant when the working environment is made of various cultures as they are in the modern world. This process would require the identification and establishment of best practices on the issue in order to promote inclusion and diversity in the workplace as…


Kouzes, J.M., & Posner, B.Z. (2012). Celebrate the Values and Victories. In The leadership challenge (5th ed., Chapter 11). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Taube, A. (2014, October 21). Why Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh Sits At The Same Size Desk As

His Call Center Employees. Business Insider. Retrieved January 29, 2015, from

Five-Year Skills Development Plan The Modern Working
Words: 1340 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73360016
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Five-Year Skills Development Plan:

The modern working environment is characterized by limitless employment opportunities and minimal worker loyalty. As a result, today's workplace is an environment where organizations need employees more than employees' need for the business. The emergence of this difficult working environment has contributed to several challenges to both employers and businesses. Some of the major challenges employers encounter includes difficulties in finding skilled workers and the need for more employee motivation in order to promote workers' loyalty. The need for increased motivation in the workplace is associated with the need for businesses to recruit and retain skilled workers. Therefore, the major challenge in the modern workplace revolves around employee motivation due to its role in retaining good employees and managers.

Vision for My Career or Professional Life:

As a Human esource Manager, I will develop new strategies and techniques that focus on improving motivation in the workplace…


Carlopio, J & Andrewartha, G 2012, Developing management skills: a comprehensive guide for learners, 5th edn, Pearson Australia: Frenches Forest

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Council of Social Service of New South Wales, viewed 28 May 2013,

Feinberg, T n.d., Five-Year Career Development Plan, viewed 28 May 2013,,

Human Resource Setup in a Clinical Environment
Words: 1202 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9895257
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In this regard, human resource development will encompass the lucid development of staff in relation to best practices. For instance, performance appraisal mechanism should be integrated instructively.

Part B.

Incorporation of the presentation in a clinical environment

This presentation has been integral in explaining the importance of the human resources in illuminating to other departments. The section has clarified the need for derived necessity to orient a quality human resource with the intent to foster proper development of a consistent organizational culture. In particular, the presentation has focused on the nature of quality recruitment, training, and follow up training mechanism. Ideally, it should be noted that health practice is a dissatisfactory career that is considered unthankful to a majority of the practitioners. Therefore, it is imperative to develop decisive policies that will seek to respond directly to prevailing challenges collectively.

In a work environment, the desire to develop robust policies…

How Managers Can Effectively Reduce Hostile Environments
Words: 530 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50803011
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Hostile working environment is when an employee makes the workplace environment uncomfortable for another employee by behavior that is judged to be threatening or harassing. For example, by intentionally blocking a co-worker's path at work or by posting offensive images on his desk so that the co-worker will see or using language that is upsetting to another co-worker -- all of this would be considered creating a hostile working environment. Quid pro quo sexual harassment occurs when a "this for that" arrangement is put on the table by a boss or manager -- for example, a raise or a higher level position within the company in exchange for sexual favors. This is sexual harassment.

Three specific steps does that the EEOC encourages are to:

Clearly communicate a zero tolerance policy

Establish an effective grievance process

Take immediate and appropriate action when employee complains.

The first step requires management to explain…

Leadership in Nursing Environment
Words: 769 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 36066341
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Combining Nurse Leadership With Advocacy

Personal rating using the nurse manager skills inventory

Personal and professional accountability

Personal growth and development -- Competent

Ethical behavior and practice -- Competent

Professional association involvement -- Novice

Certification -- Expert

Career planning

Knowing your role -- competent

Knowing your future -- Competent

Positioning yourself -- Novice

Personal Journey disciplines

Shared leadership/council management -- novice

Action learning -- Competent

eflective practice -- expert

The contemporary nursing fraternity is going through high rates of attrition which has seen several nurses transfer to other professions ads well as a low number of new students enrolling to pursue the profession. This means that there is absolute need for the change in approach by the leadership to ensure those who are in the practice are effective to cover up for the low number of nurses as well as to retain them in the practice. The nurse leaders have…


American Association of Critical-care Nurses, (2006). Nurse Manager: Inventory Skills. Retrieved July 6, 2015 from

chrysler case workplace harassment hostile work environment
Words: 356 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86526432
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The case of Otto May Jr. illustrates the extent of an organization’s ethical responsibility to its employees. Just as an organization is legally required to create and maintain a safe physical working environment, an organization is similarly expected to create and maintain a safe psychological and social environment. Chrysler’s organizational culture at the time of May’s employment epitomizes the concept of the “hostile work environment.” The United States Equal Opportunity Commission (2018) explicitly defines the hostile work environment in terms of harassment of employees, noting situations in which the employer is to be held liable. Business leaders should focus less on the legal or fiscal ramifications of harassment suits, and more interested in creating an organizational culture and climate that promotes employee success and empowerment. Companies like Chrysler risk losing star talent if they continue to tacitly condone harassment or perpetuate hostile work environments due to weak leadership.
Chrysler certainly…

Working as a Multidisciplinary Team to Perform
Words: 585 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 52329638
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working as a multidisciplinary team to perform the best care to hospital patients. In a hospital environment, professionals working as a multidisciplinary team can collaborate with each other that will in return benefit the patient and help deliver person-centered care more effectively. Working together as a multidisciplinary team is a necessary component in order to successfully give person-centered care to hospital patients. Martin (1997) stresses that no group can as an entity create ideas, only individuals can do this. However, a group is capable of stimulating one another into the creation of ideas. According to Stewart (2003), interdisciplinary teams are composed of two or more disciplines which, actively and continuously, participate in a process of communicating, planning and acting together towards mutually shared goal. According to Leathard (2000), other positive factors of working as a multidisciplinary team are; the efficient use of staff resources through collaboration with professionals, and a…


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Working Women Breastfeeding
Words: 1943 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68152077
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Working Women and Breastfeeding

According to Bouchez (2016), nursing babies once involved hardly any complications. As a majority of mothers were housewives, it wasn't hard to keep up with breastfeeding.

However, the scenario today is quite different and complex. With throngs of females joining the labor force, an increasing number of new moms face breastfeeding-related problems, which they must balance with their career demands. About 70% of moms in the workforce have kids aged below three years. About 33% of this cluster rejoins their jobs as soon as their baby turns three months, while about 66% return to work within half a year of the baby's birth. Clearly, a large employee group's breastfeeding requirements are to be accommodated. A number of females claim rejoining their jobs is the key cause of breastfeeding cessation. The many physical and emotional obstacles they encounter at work are: the absence of a pumping-friendly, private…

Working Very Closely With the Client Over
Words: 696 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 17817431
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working very closely with the client over the last several weeks to develop an onsite activation plan for one of their major sponsors. Things are smooth in general, but there are some distinct differences of opinion between the client's expectation around what the final product should be, and the reality of dealing with very challenging logistics in order to meet the client's expectations. The client expects you to solve the issues and be on 'their side'. In order to make the client's vision a reality will require that you put a lot of added stress onto your team who would be involved in the process (including creating excess work, long hours, etc.). How and what do you communicate to the client while at the same time respecting the limitations of your internal team's time and resources.

The crux of the issue here is empathizing with both client and team. The…


Riggs, C.J. (1983). Dimensions of organizational conflict: A functional analysis of communication tactics. Pp. 517-531 in, Communication yearbook. Newbury Park, CA: Sage.

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Working as a Manager for
Words: 1307 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 89103412
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Yet another strategy adopted by both American competitors (General Motors) as well as Japanese produces regards the outsourcing of their labor force. This means that the producers have chosen to contract workforce from abroad in order to reduce costs and benefits from the services of better qualified personnel.

Another course of action that will be taken by Chrysler competitor Toyota is to improve the quality of their finance and accounting department in order to keep a clear evidence of all activities taking place within the corporation.

A note addressed to General Motors' chief executive officer proposed a rather intriguing strategy and it basically referred to the corporation's falling behind and allowing Toyota to become the international leader. In doing so, General Motors would no longer be preoccupied by marinating its positions and would finally possess the time and energy to focus on reaching other main objectives such as increasing profits.…


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Environment of Healthcare
Words: 774 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36455675
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Healthcare Environment

The last few decades have seen the healthcare environment change from one that was dictated by physicians to one that is dictated more by big business and government entities. That is particularly problematic, because that puts healthcare into the hands of people who are not really focused on helping people, and are, instead, focused on the financial aspects of ensuring that people get care. While healthcare should be about taking care of people who are ailing, injured, or sick, it becomes who has the most money or the best insurance provider. There are a number of segments to the healthcare environment, as well, and they all play roles in the mission that involves caring for the health and well-being of the greater society. Among these segments is the pharmaceutical industry, which has provided medicines for more than 100 years so that people with disease and health conditions could…


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Environment in Which All of
Words: 2049 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27287932
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This is an important consideration that each clinical practitioner must contemplate sooner or later -- and perhaps it is best done sooner rather than later. It is not something I have considered lightly, but at the end of the day I am confident that I can find that balance in my life. I am person of many different interests: music, art, philosophy, writing, research; and I am a spiritual person. For me, these have always been key elements in keeping my life balanced. It has not evolved me in a perfect way, but these things in my life serve to bring me back to earth during those moments when my ego becomes to inflated, too deflated, bruised, or battered; and take comfort in, and I am grateful for all the things that keep me balanced.

I will continue to pursue my interests and develop myself socially as I work in…

Micucci, Joseph a. (2009). The Adolescent in Family Therapy,

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Working Affect Your Experience at Temple University
Words: 994 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Introduction Chapter Paper #: 61081186
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Working Affect Your Experience at Temple University, Based on Your Major?

The state of employment in the United States and even the rest of the world is still dire considering the ravages of the global financial crisis is taking its toll still. Thus, the disparity in jobs and the kinds of employment there are as well as job satisfaction thereto is more apparent now than ever. There are several ways of looking at the matter especially via the differences there are of those that have jobs and are unemployed. Of particular interest in this research is the student population that are considered employed whilst studying and those that are purely pursuing their studies without part-time or full-time work whatsoever. Hence, the research paper will endeavor to answer the research question: "Is there a difference, in terms of, between art students with job, art students without job and business student with…


Bers, T.H. (1988, October). Student major choices and community college persistence. Research in Higher Education, 29(2): 161-173. Retrieved September 16, 2011 from 

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Working With Emotional Intelligence Author
Words: 1490 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Book Review Paper #: 15287307
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2 million more in profit annually. Further, high EQ partners consistently showed a 139% gain in profit. (Kreitner: 2005).

Goleman also bases his argument on the study of an international soft-drink corporation. In this study it was found that division leaders with developed EQ competencies regularly outperform their goals by more than 15%. On the other hand, division leaders who did not develop their EQ regularly missed their targets by 15%. (Goleman: 2000).

Finally, Goleman also points to the results produced by an independently conducted study by L'Oreal. According to this study, L'Oreal realized a $91,370 increase per person for salespeople hired based on EQ skills. The company also experienced a 63% decrease in turnover in their EQ hired sales staff. (Goleman: 2000).

On the other hand, as is clearly argued by the Kreitner text and only briefly touched upon by Goleman, critics point out that business can misuse EI…


Goleman, Daniel, Dalai Lama. (2000): Working with Emotional Intelligence. New York: Bantam Books.

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Working With a Child Who Frequently Misses
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working with a child who frequently misses the treatment sessions and whose parents do not follow your recommendations outside of therapy. How would you handle this situation?

Very young children depend upon their parents for ensuring regular attendance; the parents are responsible that their child does not miss treatment sessions. It is also the parents' responsibility to follow clinician's recommendations outside of therapy room. Parents must make every effort to make sure their child is working toward his/her goals in therapy. When children frequently miss the speech-language therapy sessions, their progress slows down and they are more likely to regress during these periods of time when they are not receiving treatment. This may result in a longer duration of speech-language services. It is very important not to miss scheduled therapy sessions in order to support improvement of communication skills. Parental involvement is an important factor in a child's success toward…

Working in Teams Is Trust
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Consider how trust is lost when working in team and how to keep trust among team members?

Trust is eroded by a lack of consideration for other team members. A team member who is consistently late, does not fulfill his duties, and shows a lackadaisical attitude towards meeting the goals of the team creates a sense of disharmony amongst the group. The group begins to grow suspicious if their colleagues will live up to their obligations, and if the projects that are contingent for their own success on the team will be realized in time. Even one person's lack of emotional and work-related participation can create an interpersonal imbalance that results in the breakdown of team trust.

Gossip, a lack of candor, and failing to extend full credit to one's colleagues also creates a poisonous atmosphere. The focus in the mind of the individual employee shifts to an 'every person…

Workings of the Sharecropping System
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his League advocated the peaceful and friendly expansion and recognition of African-American culture and roots in Africa. It also helped pave the way for more militant African-American advocacy groups that found their way into popular African-American culture and society during the Harlem Renaissance. he Universal African Legion also had affiliate companies and corporations, which gave African-Americans more cultural, economic, and political clout and representation during this time period. Garvey was a crucial figure in the uniting of African-Americans toward the singular goal of improving their cultural and social conditions inside the U.S.

he New Negro movement was an over-arching hopefulness that African-American culture and society could successfully flourish in the post slavery era. Garvey played a major role in helped to culturally establish the African-American agenda of upward social mobility and desegregation (Locke, 1997). he Harlem Renaissance was a movement with limited scope that took place during the 1920's and…

The Black Power Movement emerged as a separate approach to the issues of civil rights and racial inequality. Those who were frustrated with the status quo, and with the slow progress of the non-violent philosophy, were often quick to back the more militant wing of the Black Power Movement. Some African-Americans felt very strongly that in order to change the status quo there needed to be a real physical threat from African-Americans looking to secure their fair share of power and liberty in America (Cone, 1997). Nowhere was this more apparent than with the Black Panther Movement. These people believed that the power that had been stolen by the whites during and after slavery needed to be forcibly taken back. The national response to this movement was one of fear, and many people saw the Black Panther Movement as illegitimated by the violence they so often advocated.

The Black Power slogan enjoyed a multitude of functions. It functioned as a call to arms for the Black Panthers while also helping to solidify black capitalism and intellectual attitudes in America during this time period. Many consider the Black Power movement to be a direct reaction or result of the Civil Rights Movement, and felt as though stressing Black Nationalism and pride at every level was, to a lesser degree, successful in changing the attitudes of Americans toward African-Americans (Cone, 1997). The impact of this movement can still be seen today. The culturally popular and change-affecting "Black is Beautiful' movement came from the Black Power movement, as did many of the cultural, social, and political attitudes that modern day African-Americans hold relative to their perception of their place in society (Cone, 1997). The Black Power movement helped to define "blackness" as a positive identity, instead of something to be ashamed of. It often functioned as a rallying cry for African-Americans caught up in the struggle for cultural equality directly after the Civil Rights Movement.

Cited: Cone, JH. (1997). Black Theology and Black Power. Orbis Books: Maryknoll, NY.

Environment Pros and Cons of
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These technologies are can be separated into three main categories (Alternative Energy):

Wave Energy Converters: These systems extract the power of ocean waves and convert it into electricity. Typically, these systems use either a water column or some type of surface or just-below-surface buoy to capture the wave power. In addition to oceans, some lakes may offer sufficient wave activity to support wave energy converter technology. (Alternative Energy).

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC): OTEC generates electricity through the temperature differential in warmer surface water and colder deep water. Of ocean technologies, OTEC has the most limited applicability in the United States because it requires a 40-degree temperature differential that is typically available in locations like Hawaii and other more tropical climates (Alternative Energy).

Offshore Wind: Offshore wind projects take advantage of the vast wind resources available across oceans and large water bodies. Out at sea, winds blow freely, unobstructed by…


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Working Technology for Students
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It’s About Time My Students Actually Have Working Technology
The students of today will become the employees of tomorrow. The workplace has grown increasingly sophisticated from a technological perspective, and students must have the capabilities to meet its challenges. Unfortunately, many students from historically disadvantaged groups and backgrounds lack the ability to practice on computers and tablets at home, at least on devices that are the most up-and-coming and likely to be what they will use in a higher education setting and ultimately in the workplace. This is true of the students whom I teach at Eagles Nest Charter School.
Eagles Nest was founded to give a personalized education from historically disadvantaged groups. It is currently classified as a Title One school. I teach first grade there, and while my students are certainly ready and eager to learn, many of them also struggle with a lack of foundation in much…

Environment and Diversity in Community Health
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The significance of obesity in American society is hardly unforeseen; evidence of its ugly head is reared throughout all facets of America, including diverse geographic and demographic arenas. One American city lends credence to the glaring problem of obesity with the following statistics presented in a Department of Health report from 2005. The facts as presented in the report show that, 1) the percentage of adults in the state of New York who are overweight or obese increases from 42% in 1997 to 57% in 2002, 2) the percentage of obese adults increased more than one hundred percent from 10% to 21%, 3) obesity among children and adolescents has tripled during the past three decades, 4) 24% of children in grades K-5 are obese, and 5) 29.5% of high school students in New York City are obese or overweight (NY Dept of Health 2005). Additionally, the report showed that…


Burt, V.L.; Cutler, J.A.; Higgins, M.; Horan, M.J.; Labarthe, D.; Whelton, P.; Brown, C.; Rocella, E.J.; (1995) Trends in the prevalence, awareness, treatment, and control of hypertension in the adult U.S. population, Hypertension, Vol. 26, pp. 60 -- 69

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2011 at

Working With Children it Is
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Indeed, the children were far more interested in finishing their meal in order to play than in the games that were included as part of their lunch.

None of the children introduced themselves by name, instead, there seemed to be an innate and unspoken level of communication, which allowed the introduction and departure of group members on a rather random basis without interrupting the play cycles. For example, one young boy, about 5 years old, was the ostensible "ruler" of the slide tower. When a new person came into the area, this youngster immediately asserted his role by directing them how to climb the stairs, how to sit, and interestingly enough, how to be safe when sliding down the ramp. In general, the female children were more verbal in their naming of the characters present -- Ronald McDonald, Mayor McCheese and the Hamburgler especially. The verbal naming of characters was…

Working Towards Social Change in the Field of Administration
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As a student of the Public Policy and Administration program at Walden I looked forward to being a part of the drive towards positive social change in the world by uniting my skills, diligence, energy, time, and orientation to the idea that the world can be transformed for the better into a thriving, united, meaningful and honest society where camaraderie is key and individuals are treated with respect, dignity, transparency, and commitment.

My vision for positive social change is based in a belief that a better, more accountable society can be fostered through a social commitment to truth and transparency. This change could facilitate support for leaders who are transparent and accountable to a higher ideal, who hold themselves accountable, and who strive to do right on a social justice level.

In the context of my professional goals, this vision helps to fortify me against the dangers or temptations…


Walden University. (2014). About the school. Retrieved from 

Walden University. (2014). Vision and mission statements. Retrieved from

Analyzing Working Within the Community
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Working Within the Community

Preparing My Department and The Community at Large for The Challenges That Will Be Caused by This esettlement. Actions and How to Would Carry Them Out

Intensifying efugee Protection, Assistance and Support to Host Communities

efugee Governance and Capacity Building

The police will be required to carry out the coordination and registration of fresh asylum-seekers; refugee status determination; refugee population and maintenance of data on asylum seeker; issuance of vital documents that confirm status; co-ordination and management of the refugee camps; and, provision of very secure arrangements for significant protection issues. Under certain circumstances where this is beyond what the police can handle, they can get the social service department involved.


It suggested that the Government, the police and every other relevant partner should make up their mind on coordination mechanisms for strengthening protection delivery. This should involve counseling process where refugee communities will be…


UNHCR. (1997, January 6). Social and economic impact of large refugee populations on host development countries. Retrieved from United Nations High Commission for Refugees: .

UNHCR. (2005). Strengthening Refugee Protection, Assistance and Support to Host Communities in Kenya and Comprehensive Plan of Action for Somali Refugees. Nairobi: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Strengthening Protection Capacity Project.

Environment: Toulmin Model Argument

To be environmental or not may not be a difficult question for Christian people, then again, for others it might be. However, when it comes to Christians and the Environment, the question is, should Christians be worried about the ecosystem? Spending time in the bible can clearly show Christians that they need to accept the obligation to be more active in caring for the environment for the reason that it is God's creation. If people believe, as Christians that they are God's workers, they should not have any part in helping destroying the earth. Any utilization of earth's resources need to upkeep the sustainability of such assets. If this is done would be to act in revolt against the objective of God in design and in a very real sense walk in insincerity in regards to the environment. With that said, this paper will argue specific…


Attfield, R. (2003). "Christian Attitudes to Nature.." Journal of the History of Ideas, 44(3), 369-86.

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Law Help Protect the Environment and What
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law help protect the environment and what steps can citizens take to ensure that the law accomplishes this goal?

Protection of the environment is important for our health, but humans affect the system through various means such as through polluting water and atmosphere with toxic gasses, with oil, with car fuels, and with debris that is plunked into the waters as well as depleting the fisheries and filling the air with smog and the earth with pollution.

It is for this reason that legislation is put into effect to curb our destruction and to teach us how to look after the environment in better ways. The state employs its own regulations, but it needs a synthesis of both state, business and citizen involvement to safeguard the environment, and motivation from both business and citizen is not always forthcoming. The following essay discusses policies that have been implemented to help protect…


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Business Organisations Environments Exist Business Organizations Environments
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Business Organisations Environments Exist

Business Organizations Environments

Organisations have changed their normal horizon of working and they have transformed their general perspective to work. In the current era strategies have been transformed and effectiveness prevails in the international business arena. This paper would solely focus on the aspects of internal and external environments within the organisation and how these environments affect the general procedures of an organisation in the longer run. The evaluation of this paper is based on several questions and these questions are answered below in detail.

Internal pressures in an organisation and quite critical and complex. At times they can change the entire scenario of a worker and they have the tendency to either bring laurels for the company or they can also tarnish the career of an individual. That is the reason why all these aspects should be kept in mind when an individual is working…


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Microeconomic Environment Facing Herbert Chapman Look at
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microeconomic environment facing Herbert Chapman (look at the main competition, costs pressures etc.)

Chapman's problems are not so surprising given the fact that starting from 2009 more Britons preferred to stay home during the vacation than travel abroad. It is surprising that Chapman's competitor in fact reported business. Were Chapman to have concentrated on local tourism instead, he may have noted greater profit for companies such as the Association of British Travel Agents remarked that tourism had increased in Britain during January 2009 and that companies that were focusing on British tourism (namely local tour operators) were actually reporting profit.

In fact, research by VisitBritain, the tourism authority, indicated that 74 per cent of people were in fact actively working towards methods of cutting their expense and finding their relaxation at home as opposed to abroad..

Given other reports indicating that other companies have caught onto this trend and are…


Arvey, R.D., Rotundo, M., Johnson, W., Zhang, Z., & McGue, M. (2006). The determinants of leadership role occupancy: Genetic and personality factors. Leadership Quarterly, 17, 1-20.

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BBC News (4 March 2009 ) Tourism benefits from recession (Jun 29, 2011 ) Tourism Rebounding From Recession, UN Sees 5% Growth in 2011 

Shileds, R (Sunday 01 February 2009 ). It's an ill wind... UK tourism finds recession is so bracing! The Independnet

U S Business Environment in the Next Decade
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U.S. Business Environment in the Next Decade and Implications for Business and Households.

Over the last decade, the U.S. economy has been undergoing tremendous challenges. This is because the lingering recession and slow recovery have left the unemployment rate high. Evidence of this can be seen in figures from the Bureau of Labor statistics between 2008 and 2012 (which is illustrated in the below table).

US Unemployment ate from 2008 to 2012


("Labor Force Statistics," 2012)

These numbers are showing how the economy has continued to struggle despite tremendous efforts from the federal government to stimulate growth. This is because the recession was much deeper than expected and the recovery has been stagnant. ("Labor Force Statistics," 2012)

At the same time, the world economy is continually shifting with many developing nations playing a larger role (i.e. Brazil, ussia, India and China). Commenting about these transformations Beattie (2010) observed, "The…


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Damns on Wildlife and the Environment Background
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Damns on Wildlife and the Environment

Background to Dams and Levees - One of the issues resulting from civilization and urbanization is that most of the places humans chose to locate, for reasons of convenience, agriculture, transportation, and economic independence, have been near water. Dams provide hydroelectric power, help control floods, and make rivers navigable. Levees are quite similar to dams in their purpose, although they are primarily build to restrict water in times of high flow -- and for the majority of time are not under water. Per capita, floods are the most destructive and frequent of Mother Nature's natural disasters. In the last 50-60 years, in fact, the number and severity of flooding has worsened globally. Several reasons have contributed to this: global warming and worsening of storm activity; the deforestation and paving of natural watersheds; and more people living and working on known flood-plains. However, many scholars…


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Ethics Regulation Environment Health Technology
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Hazards on the Hudson

Imagine, if you will, a sunny day. A boy and his father are fishing on the beautiful waters of the Hudson River. Excitedly, the boy yells, "I got a fish! I got a fish!" He reels it in and his father removes the hook from its mouth. Dad says, "That sure is nice one, son." He then tosses the fish back in the water. hen the boy asks why, the father explains that the fish in these waters are dangerous to eat. They contain high levels of Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs).

Since the middle part of this decade, the GE Company used PCBs to pack and insulate their electrical components. During this manufacturing process they managed to dump millions of tons of dangerous chemicals into the Hudson River. Now the EPA has ordered GE to help clean up the mess they created. The legal battle has been…

Works Cited Toxics on the Hudson: The story of GE, PCBs and the Hudson River. Retrieved at  Accessed August 2002. Fact Sheet 8: Hudson River PCB Pollution Timeline. News and Bulletins. 1997.

Retrieved at  Accessed August 2002.

Dupont, Anna. Hudson River Interview Comparison Chart. 1999. Retrieved at  Accessed August 2002.

Counseling the Environment Can Have
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This is accomplished by using a number of different tactics in conjunction with each other to include: examining their lifestyle, developing client insights, establishing a strong relationship with the patient and creating a change in behavior. When interacting with children, these views are used to comprehend how: their connections with friends and family members are influencing their desire to be accepted. ("Theories of Counseling," 2010) (, Tice, personal communication, October 25, 2012)

The Freudian approach is looking at how the child is developing base upon their relationship with others and the way they are dealing with the different stages in their lives. These include: studying the unconscious mind, analyzing dreams, examining the effects on the id / ego / superego and psychosexual development. The combination of these factors are designed to provide the therapist with a complete picture of what events are impacting the social, mental and emotional development of…


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Ethical Practice Involves Working Positively Diversity Difference
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Ethical Practice Involves Working Positively Diversity Difference

Counseling is a profession that involves associations based on principles and values ethically. Patients are able to benefit by understanding themselves better and through creating relationships with others. Through counseling, the clients are able to make positive alteration in life and enhance their living standards. Communities, organizations, couples and families are different groups of individuals are main sources of relationships (BACP Ethical Framework, 2013, p.4). Frameworks of ethical practice direct the attention of counseling practitioners to engage in ethical responsibilities. This stud describes the purpose of each principle following the development of good counseling practice. Practitioners make reasonable decisions grounded on these principles without making any contradictions. Nevertheless, research indicates that professionals have met barriers hindering them to integrate all the principles in some cases. In such situations, they are forced to select between required principles. A course of action or a decision…


BACP Ethical Framework. (2013). The Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling. Pp 1-10. Accessed April 7, 2013 from

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Handout 1. MkSame-Sex Relationships, an Historical Overview. A review by Robin Heme

Handout 2. What are the potential abuses of these kinds of power in the relationship between counsellor and client? Janet Dowding 02.2010 saved as power

Business Environment Interaction of the Business Environment
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Business Environment

Interaction of the Business Environment

The environment of a company is much like the natural world in that there are many layers to any single organization (Marques, 2007). Political forces are present because there are factions and beliefs within a company which cause different politics to be formed. The economics of running an organization are a different facet of the environment which many consider the most important part of the business (after all the business of business is to make money), but it is actually a piece of the larger while which is neither more important or less than any other. Very business also has a social component. All of the different relationships that occur in the wider world can be found in any large organization. Another part of the environmental whole that affects every other part has to do with the technical functioning of the business. Technology…


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Secondary Classroom Environment Design Classroom
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The traditional classroom environment is no longer supportive of student learning and it is critically necessary that educators address the current classroom environment as well as their instructional practice in the classroom if students are to be effectively prepared through education to take their rightful place in a global society characterized by information technology and networked business systems. The classroom environment that is characterized by different learning activities, cooperative and inclusive learning will provide a solid base in learning to prepare students for entrance into the world as effective and functionally adept individuals.


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10 Design Ideas for Schools of the 21st Century (1998) American School & University. 1…


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Business Environment Role of Business
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If the economy has not grown, it is certainly not the result of poor monetary policy response, given that the Fed's policies under normal conditions would have resulted in significant economic growth. Fiscal policy, therefore, has clearly been inadequate. Indeed, little of his has been attempted in recent years and the current path of "sequestration" is contractionary.

Global Markets

The product that I have selected is headphones. The global market for headphones can be difficult to reach, since the retailers are going to be different for each country. Thus, the strategy for going global has to involve going to one country at a time. Exporting is the best method of market entry in this situation, because the company does not need to set up a subsidiary in any country until the country has proven receptive to our headphones. e are simply selling to importers, who handle the rest of the…

Works Cited:

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Generational Gap in the Workplace Contemporary Working
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Geneational Gap in the Wokplace

Contempoay woking age Ameicans ae categoized into fou distinct geneations that, allegedly, have been made into what they ae and thei pesonalities fomed due to the socio-political and economic as well as histoical occuences of thei age. These fou geneations ae vaiously known as: Taditionals, Baby Boomes, Geneation X, and Geneation Y

Thee ae at least two views egading geneational diffeences in the wokplace. The fist suggests that whilst individuals ae distinct, nonetheless, shaed geneational values, events, beliefs, behavios, and occuences indelibly affected membes of a paticula geneation and impact them fom effective integeneational communication (Zemke, et al. 2000). The othe is that although, cetain geneational events do occu that influence people's behavio and beliefs, ultimately employees ae constant and geneic in what they seek fom jobs and tying to categoize them and pedict thei pefomance accoding to geneation categoy is misguided (Yang & Guy,…

references of the younger generations. Similarly, whilst discussion groups are the format of choice for the older generations, the younger generations see them as least effective and more time-consuming. Again, one can readily see historical circumstances as prompting choice. Additionally, the younger generations tend to value feedback more than the older ones do, and the various generations seem to indicate different methods in learning and internalizing skills. Computer and Internet may have a great deal to say in the diversities between the characteristics on these points.

As regards desire for greater balance between life and work, most of the evidence that the younger generations seem to incline towards the latter in comparison to the older ones, is anecdotal. It may be that the younger generations resists the influence of work on their lives to a greater extent than the older generations do, but, this again may differ according to personality and context and needs further research.

Other differences in Workplace Generation Gap

Definitions of 'success' and 'leadership' vary too between the generations with apparently generational perspectives of the constructs hinging on the paradigms of their times. The gap seems to be most pronounced between the Traditionals and the younger generations with the Traditionals connecting success to workplace conduct, and the younger generations connecting it to computer skills. As regards leadership style, the two older generations prefer a leader with credibility, whilst the younger ones prefer empathy and active listening (Deal, 2007).

All generations want to be valued and appreciated as well as receive fair treatment. In the end, definite differences may exist more in popular literature than in real life. Further empirical research needs to be conducted to demonstrate whether this is or is not the case.

Ethics of Society Technology and the Environment
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Ethics of Society, Technology, And the Environment

Ethics of Society, Technology and Environment

Being the member of the human society in 21st century is like to be the witness of the breathtaking technological revolution. Society, technology and environment are the three vertices of a same triangle and hence connected to each other. As a result they tend to have inter-related influences and affects. With the advancements and immense developments in the fields of science and technology, the life particularly in 21st century has taken an almost new turn. The glance on the ancient or earlier times would prove that, the life then, was completely different.

By ethics we mean, those specific standards which determine the functioning of the system for which they are defined. Ethics of society, technology and environment are thus those set generalized standards for the safety and preservation of the environment and nature along with the technological…


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"What Can You Do? -- Environmental Protection Agency. EPA online,

7 July. 2011. Web. 11 July. 2011.

Effects the External Environment Have on Managerial Task
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External environment plays a key role in the manager's roles. Different factors in the external environment create opportunity and present threats to which the organization needs to respond. It is important for managers to conduct an environmental scan in order to better understand the environment in which they operate. Juervicius (2013) explains one system, the PESTLE system, which forces managers to think about the different external factors that affect their business.

The PESTEL model features an analysis of the political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal environments. For the manager, each of these provides the framework for analyzing the operating environment. These factors are all significant, and unrelated to other external factors like competition and demand drivers. For example, where there is political risk (like a government shutdown), the manager can better understand this risk by working through the PESTEL framework. The economy is a critical input, and technological changes…


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Dangers and Injuries From Working at Heights
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The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) of Britain is involved in a campaign concerning safe work practices at UK organizations especially the construction industry which has been its key target for many years due to high number of fatalities and injuries resulting from working at heights in construction industry. Explaining the major problems of work related injuries in UK, Bill Callaghan, Chair of the Health and Safety Commission (HSC) said: "Falling from height is the single biggest killer of workers in Great Britain. Last year 49 workers died and many thousands were seriously injured as a result of falling from height. In most of these cases, these deaths could have been prevented. We are working with industry to reduce the number of deaths and injuries and this campaign is one way we hope to reduce the risk of falls…


QBE REPORT "Working at Heights, Construction sector" August 2009


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External Business Environment from 3 Squares Restaurant
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Environmental Scan of the Restaurant Industry

PEST analysis remains a critical business tool essential in aiding the identification of macroeconomic factors that could affect the business. Specific measures encompassed in this tool are political, economic, social, and technological. Restaurants can improve their decision making processes and timing. PEST analysis is essential in tackling future challenges and highlight opportunities (Ho, 2014). Engaging this tool in analyzing the industry helps dissect the macroeconomic factors that determine the future of 3 Squares Restaurant with the United States and specifically Minnesota where it is headquartered.

Political Factors

Squares Restaurant is affected by factors emerging from the political industry in the restaurant industry. Political factors segment discusses the effects of government intervention on the micro and macroeconomic environments. Significant political factors affecting include:

Public health policies are evolving especially in need to increase awareness towards discouraging the consumption of fast foods. Increased concerns about the…

Individual Reflection Experience Working a Group
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Individual eflection experience working a group

It was quite an experience to work with a group on a project instead of working alone. There is actually a delicate dichotomy between the characteristics required to fulfill these two pivotal components of both education and the modern workplace environment. On the one hand, autonomy, independence, and self-motivation are vital prerequisites for working alone, and are desirable qualities as such. On the other hand, these qualities are useless if an individual is not adroit at communicating, resolving conflict by considering different perspectives (Melamed and eiman, 2006), and working well with others. There are two distinct sets of skills required for working in these various settings, although there are some aspects of working in a group which do require the aforementioned traits associated with working independently.

My experience working in a group was actually fairly pleasant, and certainly productive. Essentially, what is required when…


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Criminology Examples Policeman's Working Personality
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This fear is intensified in the close quarters of prisons. Also, as noted in "Police Control of Juveniles" of Donald J. Black and Albert J. Reiss, Jr. both groups use techniques of fear and intimidation to deal with such a hostile environment. The police use their authority to intimidate prisoners or potential convicts on the street, while convicts use their potential menace and the real or threatened use of violence to assert authority against one another.

The process of "prisonization" and "policization" thus both involve the entry of the individual into a unique subculture, different from those ordinary persons inhabit. Like all human beings, there is a desire for survival, group approval, and esteem, all of which are met, according to the dictates of prison life, by obeying the rules of the social hierarchy. Prisoners are continually watched and monitored for deviant behavior, and these prisoners watch the police to…