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Violence in the Workplace

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Workplace Violence

Each year millions of employees are victimized with workplace violence. Even though there are laws in place, it is not enough to deter the problem. Violence of any kind should not be tolerated (Taylor). Offenders should be punished at the first incidence, whether it is verbal abuse, physical abuse, or emotional abuse.

Workplace violence could be deterred by not accepting violence, regardless of the reasons behind it. There is no acceptable excuse for violence of any kind. Violence causes emotional damage, even if there is no physical abuse. Name calling, degrading a person's work or well-being, or not giving credit where credit is due is emotional damage inflicted on the victim. Employees do not have to accept unacceptable behavior, regardless of who it comes from. Whether it is from a customer, another employee, or even the boss, violence is unacceptable.

Some people do not report violence because of…… [Read More]


Taylor, J.L. "Workplace Violence." AJN, American Journal of Nursing, 110(3), doi:10.1097/01.NAJ.0000368933.60442.41 (2010): 11. online journal article.
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Violence in the Workplace

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excess of five million U.S. healthcare employees from numerous professions execute a wide selection of responsibilities. They're subjected to numerous safe practices risks, such as violence. Current records point out that hospital personnel are at high-risk for encountering violence at work. A number of reports say that violence normally takes place during periods of higher activity as well as communication and interaction with individuals, for example at meals and throughout visiting hours along with patient transport. Attacks can happen whenever services are rejected, whenever a client is involuntarily accepted, or whenever a healthcare employee tries to set limitations on consuming, drinking, or even tobacco or alcohol consumption (USDOL, 2001).


isks for Workplace Violence

Patient risks consist of those intoxicated by alcohol and drugs, prior reputation of violence, psychological diseases for example schizophrenia, gang member, use of firearms, and city youthful male of lesser socioeconomic position.

Environmental risks such as…… [Read More]


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Violence on College Campuses Virginia Tech Could

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Violence on College Campuses

Virginia Tech could probably have avoided the terrible massacre of 2007 had its officials taken more timely and effective action with Seung Hui Cho. He had a very long record of mental illness dating back to middle school, including fantasies of violence and murder, and he had received psychiatric treatment in the past. His behavior at Virginia Tech was so disturbing to students and faculty that a court ordered him to undergo a psychiatric evaluation in 2005, although he refused all counseling. University officials did not discuss his case with each other or even with his parents for fear of violating state and federal confidentiality laws, although their interpretation of these was mostly incorrect. Even though medical and psychiatric records are confidential by law, there is an exception for students like Cho who are deemed a danger to themselves and others. Not only did he receive…… [Read More]


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McMurray, J. (2008). "Colleges Are Watching Troubled Students," Associated Press, March 28, 2008.
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Workplace Harassment Policy Introduction the Way That

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Workplace Harassment

Policy Introduction

The way that a society treats its criminals is indicative of the moral character and worthiness of that society. While it is easy for us to ignore and disregard the criminals amongst us by leading them to prison and throwing away the key, an important lesson is lost in this disregard for the human experience. In California the intolerance of violent crime and action has led to the development of the Three Strikes Law, which was implemented in 1994. As a policy maker I am firmly opposed to this law as I find it to be inhumane, impractical, excessively expensive and carried out in poor taste with a snobbish attitude towards those of us who have temporarily lost our way. A new policy is needed that can help address the important facts and details particular to the State of California and its unique needs.

Prisoners are…… [Read More]


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Workplace Dilemma the Experience Most of Us

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Workplace Dilemma

The Experience

Most of us have experienced a few common workplace dilemmas in our careers. I work for a Defense Contractor in the IT security field, and I state that my experience is no different. These dilemmas can range from personal value dilemmas to substantial dilemmas, such as legal issues. Most of these internal conflicts center on issues such as office gossip, negativity, or bullying. Ones that are more serious involve violence or sexual assault. In my experience, I have seen colleagues experience some of these dilemmas, and they have affected their careers very much. However, in this discussion I would like to focus on a specific dilemma that few speak about but that many think about daily: the boss who sabotages your career.

This dilemma simply means that even though a boss may not appear to be "out to get you," so to speak, he or she…… [Read More]

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Opperman's Violence in the Workplace

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Opperman's article did a good job of introducing the topic of workplace violence. It helped defuse the myth that some workplaces are immune from workplace violence. In addition, by alluding to the term "going postal" and describing the incident at NASA, Opperman made it clear that federal agencies are very at-risk for workplace violence. In addition, Opperman did a good job of defusing other myths about workplace violence, such as the fact that workplace violence is almost always preceded by very threatening behavior. In that way, Opperman's article was a good introduction to the topic of workplace violence.

However, Opperman's article was seriously lacking in substance. The article's title asks the question "is your agency prepared?" But leaves the reader with no real way to assess whether their workplace is prepared to deal with workplace violence. From the title, the reader expects to see a detailed description of the…… [Read More]

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Crime Workplace Is Not Safe From Numerous

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Workplace is not safe from numerous types of crimes. These crimes can range anywhere from burglary to homicides and from discrimination on the basis of sex to even rape for that matter. But these crimes are physical crimes and it is easy to avoid them or keep them at bay by making use of physical barriers, security cameras and a few sensible risk/security management tactics. For instance, if only 3 or 4 people work at night-time, it is easy to target anyone of them but if a considerable amount of people work together and have no hostility towards each other, these types of situations can be avoided. Use of security systems is a pre-requisite for the protection of material wealth and belongings. These types of systems can help avoid theft and burglary but if somehow these do occur, it will inform the managers of the incident at the earliest…… [Read More]

Reference List

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Drug Free Workplace in Favor

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What further makes interpretation of results difficult to precisely define quantify is that the amount of drug stores depends on the nature of the drug itself, the duration of the ingestion of the drug, and the composition of the tissue holding the drug and the frequency of use. The greater the incidence of drug use the more permanent the level of toxins and chemicals in tissues throughout the body, and therefore the greater the probability of catching chronic drug users in drug testing. Thea difficult part of using drug tests periodically is the longitudinally there may be peaks and valleys to the incidence of drug abuse. Companies have begun surprise inspections of their workers in the most potentially dangerous occupations including forklift workers, construction workers, airline pilots, and heavy equipment workers.

Despite these shortcomings of tests, the advances made in drug testing technologies are gradually overcoming these obstacles related to…… [Read More]


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Threats of Violence in Counseling and Psychotherapy

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Threats of Violence in Counseling and Psychotherapy

There is an urban legend about an incident at a mental hospital caught on video: a psychotic patient at a hospital, who has a history of threatening violent acts, manages to smuggle a screwdriver from a workman. This patient, armed with said screwdriver, barricades himself into a room, takes a nurse hostage, and does not respond well to the attempts made by psychiatrists and police officers alike. n the end, the mental patient stabs the nurse hostage fatally in the neck with the screw driver. Of course, the supposed incident on tape that has circulated the semi-underground video circuit for decades (included on "Faces of Death Volume V") is actually a poorly staged reenactment of an event which probably never occurred in the first place. However, tales such as these have inevitably become a part of the universal subconscious of a modern society…… [Read More]

It may be beneficial to refer any students showing warning signs to the school counselor, but this will only be beneficial if that counselor is sympathetic, knowledgeable, ethical, and holding every student's best interest in mind. It is additionally important to ensure that the counseling sessions do not interfere with school and social activities to the degree that they actually incite more frustration, anger, and hostility for the student in question! Recommending a student speak with the school counselor is not usually dangerous ground legally. However, making this mandatory can have legal implications, and certainly making mandatory sessions with a psychotherapist a condition of continued attendance at the school can backfire. Administrators and school counselors need to work together to create a supportive school environment that fosters communication between students, teachers, and counselors, so that potential problems can be identified early and addressed while there is time to avoid damage to the student, his or her peers, or school property. Based on the findings that "there is insufficient evidence to recommend for or against clinician counseling of asymptomatic adolescents and adults to prevent morbidity and mortality from youth violence" (Counseling to Prevent Youth Violence 2004), it can be assumed that students will not have an undesirable reaction from continued counseling to help deal with issues of violence in schools.

When dealing with threats of domestic violence, there are many considerations that must be carefully weighed in determining the best approach. Counselors and psychotherapists may offer help directly to the victims of or witnesses to domestic violence. Others approach the situation by counseling the batterers, or perpetrators of domestic violence. There are some counseling organizations that focus on breaking the cycle of violence by counseling the abusers, as well as their victims. "AMEND provides counseling to men who have been abusive, anger management, and addiction counseling; educational support, groups for victims, and community education." (AMEND 2004) This approach would not seem outrageous at all if applied to, for example, students with a history of violent outbursts. However, the domestic abuser has been thoroughly demonized in our society. Whether the abuse is physical, emotional, or otherwise, certainly these actions cannot be justified. However, the AMEND group explains that:

Domestic violence will never go away if we provide services only to the victims. Abusive men can change if they have the ...
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Care or Conflict Lateral Violence in Nursing

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A long-standing epidemic, which is recognized and addressed after 25 years, may be as serious as the diseases, which the healthcare industry has been zealously combating. It is called lateral violence or LV. It is hostility in both verbal and physical forms dealt by nurses upon fellow nurses under them, on the same level and among themselves. Six authors discuss its causes, forms, frequency, the victims, and approaches to this malady that distorts the very caring and compassionate image of the nursing profession.

The phenomenon sounds as new as it is repulsive and horrible, but it has been reported for more than 25 years (Farrell, 1997; Roberts, 1983 as qtd in Sheridan-Leos, 2008) but catching real attention only now. It is known as horizontal violence or hostility, bullying, aggression, verbal abuse and as ":nurses eating their young (Griffin, 2004 as qtd in Sheridan-Leos)." There is…… [Read More]


Embree, J.C. And White, A.H. (2010). Concept analysis: nurse-to-nurse lateral violence.

Vol. 45 # 3, Nursing Forum: PubMed. Retrieved on May 29, 2014 from 

Mitchel, A., et al. (2013). Workplace violence among nurses: why are we still discussing this? Vol. 4 # 4, Journal of Nursing Education and Practice: Science Education.

Retrieved on May 29, 2014 from
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Occupational Health Safety Risks and Hazards Identified in a Student Workplace in UK

Words: 8588 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57045885


According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the cost of workplace injuries and disease is in excess of $20 billion dollars per year. Obviously, these figures are alarming and would suggest that Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) should be a top priority for management. However, a survey from 2011 revealed that many companies have no written OHS policy and nearly half have no formalized occupational health and safety program. A relatively high number of risks and hazards exist in the workplace, particularly within the retail industry. These include gas, fire and electrical dangers, personal security and violence, biological hazards, dangers from improper equipment handling, and exposure to hazardous substances.

Organisations can avoid falling into the trap of mere reactive approaches to OHS through proper education and personal responsibility. Employers have a responsibility to provide a safe and healthy workplace, properly train workers, comply with legal requirements…… [Read More]


HSE. Workplace health, safety and welfare. HSE Books, ISBN 978 0 7176 6277 7. Available online:  .
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Communication Problems in the Workplace

Words: 2203 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34144897

Employees become frustrated and develop negative views concerning management. Any animosity that the employee may exhibit could result in workplace violence. If employees are terminated or laid off under such conditions, resentment could lead to violence (Chenier 1998)." stressful work environment can also lead to poor service and customer dissatisfaction (aner 1995). In severe cases, problems communicating in the workplace can lead to the demise of a business or enterprise. Therefore, it is vitally important that workplace communications problems are addressed in a timely and appropriate manner. Over the next few paragraphs, we will discuss how communication problems in the workplace can be resolves.

Resolving Communications Problems in the orkplace

Stoppler (2005) explains that problems communication in the workplace will always exist to some extent. Therefore, managers and employees alike must find ways to resolve these conflicts. The author argues there are ten ways that communication problems in the workplace…… [Read More]

Works Cited


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Media Obsession With Violence &

Words: 2292 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55109089

17). He is disgusted that news executives that direct what should be covered are less interested in "what's happening in Afghanistan" but more interested in "Michael Jackson and Laci Peterson" (Fenton, p. 20).

hat are the excuses TV executives, editors and producers give for focusing on scandal, sexual trysts, and embarrassing situations for celebrities? Fenton claims that those "gatekeepers of the news" will tell anyone listening that "the average [viewer] simply cannot absorb that much hard news, especially about events abroad" (p. 20). The CBS veteran insists that the media power brokers believe that "Americans are too broadly under-informed to digest nuggets of information that seem to contradict what they know of the world" (p. 20). That would seem to be a very condescending, elitist attitude on the part of the TV industry in particular.

Fenton (p. 22) asserts that because of the very real threats of terrorism on the…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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On Local Television News in California." American Journal of Public Health 87.8 (1997):


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Workplace Fairness

Words: 703 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58375535


Landy and Conte (2013) note the fairness is understood as a component of exchange between two or more parties. The fairness reflects some form of equity, but the authors note that there are a few different perspectives against which fairness can be evaluated. The first of these is distributive fairness. This concept reflects a fairness of outcomes. This principle can come in a pure form, like in Cuba where everybody earns the same wage, but more often it comes with some sort of caveat, like "equal pay for equal work." There are different norms to describe distributive justice. These can be merit (the equal pay for equal work) norm and the need norm (to each according to his need). Landy and Conte also note that culture plays a role in how justice is perceived. The norm of a country will be different based on the collectivist-individualist paradigm. Because equity…… [Read More]


Folger, R. & Konovsky, M. (1989). Effects of procedural and distributive justice on reactions to pay raise decisions. Academy of Management Journal. Vol. 32 (1) 115-130.

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Forms of Bullying That Lead to Violence in the Workplace

Words: 786 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85376911

Workplace Bullying

Bullying is not limited to the halls of higher learning as we have come to expect. Unfortunately, workplace bullying is a very real phenomenon in workplaces and worksites across the globe. This paper will focus on the issue of workplace bullying that can lead to violence as well as strategies to help negate bullying and manage it in the work environment.

Bullying is a form of aggression which can manifest in both subtle and overtly aggressive ways. Workplace identifies several forms of bullying that may lead to violence in the workplace including:

Spreading malicious rumors, gossip, or innuendo that is not true

Undermining or deliberately impeding a person's work

Withholding necessary information or purposefully giving the wrong information

Making jokes that are 'obviously offensive' by spoken word or e-mail

Intruding on a person's privacy by pestering, spying or stalking

Criticizing a person persistently or constantly

Blocking applications…… [Read More]


Adams, A., & Crawford, N. (1992). Bullying at work: how to confront and overcome it. London: Virago.

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Workplace Bullying: Psychological Violence? | WBI. (n.d.). Workplace Bullying Institute. Retrieved November 11, 2011, from 2009/05/04/workplace-bullying-psychological-violence/
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Gendered Violence the Intersection of

Words: 1733 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81690462

By examining violence and women in both Sin City and the Tekken series, one is able to see how seemingly similar representations of gender and violence actually create wildly different meanings depending on the particular medium. While Sin City and Tekken participate in the visual language of gender, when it comes to the relationship between gender and violence, Sin City focuses on the victimization of women's bodies at the hands of men while Tekken disavows any connection between the violence committed and the gender of those committing it. This analysis reveals an important distinction between violence committed by or against gendered individuals and violence committed because of gender, because as Tekken demonstrates, the former situation actually offers the possibility for a more expansive representation of gender.


Bryce, J.O., & utter, J. (2003). Gender dynamics and the social and spatial organization of computer gaming. Leisure Studies, 22(1), 1-15.

Funk, J.B.,…… [Read More]


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of adolescence, 27(1), 23-39.

Namco Bandai (2009). Tekken 6 [videogame]. Tokyo: Katsuhiro Harada.
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Nursing Horizontal Violence

Words: 3907 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21572814

Horizontal Violence in Nursing

Nursing and the Prevalence of Horizontal Violence in the Workplace

The core of the nursing profession is undermined by Horizontal violence. Horizontal violence affects the quality of health care that is delivered in institutions where this repugnant behavior occurs. Many reports suggest that horizontal violence is rampant, particularly in relation to new nurses and recent graduates. It is typically covert and incorporates nonphysical and emotional damage. Examples include sabotage, destructive criticism, back-biting, undermining, scapegoating and verbal confrontation.

The targets usually express feeling ridiculed, demeaned and humiliated. Potential targets range from new hires to long-time or tenured nurses. Similarly, nurses engaged in horizontal violence cross all demographic lines and all areas of specializations. They are usually experienced nurses and are over-burdened by the stress of the job and the long hours associated with their work. At the current time, it is recognized that this problem exists and…… [Read More]


Erdreich, B., Slavet, B., & Amador, A. (1994). "Sexual Harassment in the Federal Workplace." U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board. Washington, D.C.

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Thompson, S. & Burk, R. (2009). "Junior nursing students' experience a vertical violence during clinical rotations." Nursing Outlook. 57 (4), 226-231.

Appendix I
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Sociology of the Workplace

Words: 2462 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 26703109

Sociology of the Workplace


Gender Inequality at Workplace

Annotated Bibliography

Dixon, S. (2001). Work Experience and the Gender Earnings Gap. New Zealand Economic apers, 35(2), 152+. Retrieved March 27, 2012, from Questia database:

In this article, Dixon reviews and presents the information about the work experience profiles of men and women working in New Zealand. The author uses two methods, which were introduced by Zabalza and Arrufat (1985) and by Filer (1993) for adding the women's actual paid work experience into the house hold survey databases. By using the imputed experience values and other skills, Dixon determines the components that are responsible for gender wage gap in late 1990s. This article is useful for research because it investigates that the shortfall in average hourly earnings of women is due to women's lower average level of skills which are needed for productivity. Moreover, it also discusses briefly the…… [Read More]

Pini, B. (2005). Interviewing Men: Gender and the Collection and Interpretation of Qualitative Data. Journal of Sociology, 41(2), 201+. Retrieved March 28, 2012, from Questia database:

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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Words: 1971 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 58994189

The company should then establish clear procedures with regard to reporting of cases and the way they are handled, this can be done by establishing a competent body to handle this issue. The last step is enforcement of the policy, when all this is done then the policies will help safeguard the employees and at the same time reducing on company liabilities since there will be few cases to handle.

Who should be responsible?

Most companies have handed over the responsibility of protecting employees against sexual harassment to the employees themselves claiming that it is them who allow it to happen. Similarly, many individuals have raised the same argument and made recommendations supporting such a move. This should not be the case and is actually one of the factors that have led to the widespread of this vice. Matters are made worse when individuals are given the task of collecting…… [Read More]


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Academic Press.

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Horizontal Violence the Victorian and Other Healthcare

Words: 1352 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23075663

Horizontal Violence

The Victorian and Other Healthcare Facilities still have issues with horizontal violence in their work environments where many of these incidents occur, however, their facility feels, according to the Contemporary Nurse web site, that the main reason that there is so much animosity in the Victorian health center is because of the constant aggression that these nurses receive from dementia patients which causes some of these nurses to be more anxious, uptight, restless, and more likely to say something to offend other nursing staff especially the younger, less experienced, new graduates that have just joined the healthcare team. The Victorian chairman addressed in a letter he had wrote to the Minister for Health to politely ask him to think about his opinion on the report that the Victorian's Taskforce hostile working environment even though he shares his own beliefs and facts, noted in the "Victorian Taskforce on Violence…… [Read More]


Morand, M. (2005, November). Victorian task force on violence in nursing. Retrieved from

Neill, J. (2007, February 28). Qualitative vs. quantitative research: key points in a classic debate. Retrieved from a
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Occupational Health and Safety Workplace

Words: 4960 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5559323

A surprising exclusion by the OSH happens to be a certain area of paid domestic work, which is largely dominated by female workers. Several occupational safety and health standards and exposure limits to hazardous substances are founded on male populations or laboratory tests and associate in a great deal in favor of male work areas. This apart, occupational accident and diseases which are listed for compensation purposes give better coverage in case of accidents associated with work and problems related to sickness which are increasingly common among men. Therefore these concerns are required to be dealt with. The need of the hour lies in enhancing gender sensitivity is risk prevention. Gender sensitivity is associated with consideration of gender problems, variations and inequalities in strategies and actions. (European Agency for Safety and Health at Work)

The outcomes of this report as regards present research and good practice, and suggestion of global…… [Read More]


Building Healthier Workplaces: Institute for Work & Health Annual Report 2001.

Retrieved at

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Solving Conflict in the Workplace

Words: 3127 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36431085

Where, those facilities that had an adversarial relationship between management / employees or other groups saw dramatic long-term effects. As productivity, higher costs and increased amounts of waste would occur at these facilities. This is significant, because it shows how various issues of conflict are like a cancer that will eat away at the most productive of organizations. In the case of the organization that we are examining, this shows that immediate action must be taken to rectify the situation. The longer the conflict is allowed to occur between the two sales people, means that the various emotions will continue to fester. At which point, it is only a matter of time until the situation will spiral out of control and the long-term productivity of the organization can be brought into question.

Hyde, M. (2006). Workplace Conflict esolution and the Health of Employees. Social Science & Medicine, 63 (8), 2218…… [Read More]


About Workplace Conflict. (2000) Retrieved June 13, 2010 from Conflict at Work website:

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Advocacy Strategy Anti-Violence Work Anti-Violence Work Is

Words: 2355 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3148198

Advocacy Strategy: Anti-Violence ork

Anti-violence work is really about helping a lot of women discover their strong areas and their they consider the truth for their lives. Most women contemplate should they stay, should they go or even if they need to go, whatever it maybe the movement is to make sure that women are safe. The author makes the point that it is so much easier doing the work over the years because it has given her the confidence needed with the gained experience. This essay discusses the issue of how the anti-violence work needs some support and help in aiding violence against women. Also finding solutions to violence and abuse on a level that is broader and societal.

Critique of an Advocacy Strategy


Domestic Violence denotes to the use of emotional or physical force or danger of physical force, which does comprise of sexual violence in close…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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How Domestic Violence Has Evolved to the Issue it Is Today

Words: 2345 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45972589

Domestic Violence

Evolution of Domestic Violence to Today: What it Is, and How We See It

Domestic violence has become a very important issue to be tackled in today's society. Fortunately, over the years, many have recognized the need to address this issue, which can grow to quite serious proportions. In order to provide a context for the following paragraphs, I would like to include some statistics on domestic violence here. Though upsetting, these statistics are necessary to see just how much of a problem this issue can be. According to Strengthen Our Sisters, an organization that aims to help domestic violence victims by providing them with information and a hotline which to call in times of trouble, women suffer greatly under this issue, with a woman being physically assaulted nearly every 15 seconds. Battery also contributes to the single major cause of injury for women, and exceeds any other…… [Read More]

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Domestic Violence Among Hispanics

Words: 1889 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73319222

Domestic Violence Among Hispanics


Annotated Bibliography

olina, C.S., Gomez, J.R., & Pastrana, .C.V. (2009). Psychometric Properties of the Spanish Language Child Depression Inventory with Hispanic Children who are Secondary Victims of Domestic Violence. Adolescence. 44(173). The paper is about symptoms which a child develops when he or she is exposed to domestic violence. This is a psychological survey, seeing the effects of children when they witness their mothers being beaten. It measures the dimesions of depression and anxiety which a child may develop. This study focuses on the Hispanic community and dysfunctional families within that community. The first author, olina, is a hold a Ph.D. In psychology and psychotherapy, this deems her credible for the study. Additionally, she is herself of a Hispanic background, therefore she is aware of most of the culture's traditions and dimensions.

urdaugh, C., Hunt, S., Sowell, R. & Santana, I. (2004). Domestic Violence in…… [Read More]

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Horizontal Violence in Nursing Horizontal

Words: 651 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87744625

ffective mentoring entails regular meetings to actively discuss roles, revisit issues and cultivate role modeling. The mentor typically supports and enhances a mentee's personal and career development. He or she must also be consistently available, have faith that the protege is on the right track, and have awareness of the larger issues relevant in the health care environment. This combination of skill, confidence and communicative ability is not common among nurses, which is part of the reason that healthy mentoring relationships do not always flower in the health care environment. However, the robust desire to help fellow nurses is the most important variable, and the primary reason most mentor relationships develop and prosper.

Four questions worth exploring in conjunction with a literature review include the following. How do administrators develop effective mentorship programs in health care institutions? How does the presence of mentors correlate to job burnout? What are the…… [Read More]

Escobio, M. (2005). Giving Back: Nurses and Mentoring. Retrieved from

Kuhl, L. (2005). Closing the Revolving Door: A Look at Mentoring. Journal of Illinois

Nursing, vol 102 (2), 9.
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Preventing Vicarious Liability

Words: 1833 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79741842

Workplace Bullying

Many people might want to or prefer to think that bullying is something specific and endemic only to the young. However, bullying takes on many forms and it absolutely happens with adults as opposed to just with children and teenagers. Indeed, forms of adult abuse and bullying can include domestic abuse, bullying of friends and acquaintances through threats and the like and then there is workplace bullying. The cliquish, threatening and otherwise puerile behavior that typically is the bastion of the teenager demographic often happens with adults in a workplace setting as well. This brief research/editorial report will give examples of this and opinions of the author of this report shall be offered as well. While people in a workplace setting should act like and conduct themselves as adults, there are many people that simply refuse to act their age and not in an insidious nature.


Workplace…… [Read More]


Alsever, J. (2015, February 17). How to Handle a Workplace Bully. Retrieved February 7, 2015,


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EEOC. (2015, February 7). Enforcement Guidance on Vicarious Employer Liability for Unlawful Harassment by Supervisors. Retrieved February 7, 2015, from
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How Companies Can Prepare for Emergencies and Disasters

Words: 727 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53254251

orkplace Emergency Planning

hat preparations should be made by companies to be ready to respond when there is an emergency? hat kinds of emergencies should employees and management be prepared for? hat actions should be taken when an emergency occurs in the workplace? These issues will be discussed in this paper, with references from the American Red Cross and the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Emergencies and Preparation - OSHA

The truth of the matter is that no one really expects an emergency or a disaster, but as OSHA points out on page 1, a disaster can happen almost anywhere. And even though a disaster cannot be predicted, because it threatens workers and the public and customers it is vitally important that companies be prepared.

hat are some of the emergencies that might occur in a workplace? Depending on the geographic location of the workplace,…… [Read More]

Works Cited

American Red Cross. (2008). Preparing Your Business for the Unthinkable. Retrieved July 9, 2015, from .

OSHA (2001). How to Plan for Workplace Emergencies and Evacuations. Retrieved July 9, 2015, from
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Federal Violence Act

Words: 1299 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89490951

Employers responsibility in regards to the VAA

Violence against women can be defined as any act of sexually or non-sexually oriented violence that results or is possible to result in physical, sexual and psychological trauma, irrespective of the environment it occurs. Every act of violence diminishes and destroys women's basic human rights and freedoms. Her nature is that of a caring nurturer, while men's character typically includes the desire to go into the marketplace and compete to win at his career. The differences between men and women create the opportunity for women to be taken advantage of and/or suffer violence.

The reauthorization of the Violence Against omen Act (VAA) is a needed step toward protecting women in the workplace, and in society as a whole. Complete with over $3.3 billion over the next five years for VAA programs, the VAA authorizes:

875 million for shelter services for battered women;

200…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Violence againse Women Act Passes. 2000. Now legal defense and education fund. Accessed 3 Sept 2003. Website:
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Disaster Management

Words: 962 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64130173

Workplace Issues/Disaster Management -- Journal eview

Nursing profession faces pervasive horizontal violence and there is even a saying "nurses eat their young." Nurses should take efforts to bring a change in their existing professional culture. They can begin by sharing tips to overcome bullying and model positive behaviors. Nurses can exchange their experiences in horizontal violence through multiple workshops across the country. They have also examined different roles such as discussing contemporary perspectives, employing methods of engagement, promoting debate, and using practical resources to prevent horizontal violence. Those workshops indeed revealed increased knowledge regarding horizontal violence and its application to the workplace, among the nurses. Those evaluations are made through pre-tests/post-tests or written evaluations. Nurses need an exposure to practical approaches to deal with horizontal violence (Egues & Leinung, 2013).

Implications for Personnel

Bullying, horizontal violence or workplace incivility should not be tolerated or accepted by nurses. To stop those…… [Read More]


Egues, A., & Leinung, E. (2013). The Bully Within and Without: Strategies to Address Horizontal Violence in Nursing. Nursing Forum, 185-190.
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Womens Studies My Perspective on Domestic Violence

Words: 995 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62284589

omens Studies

My perspective on domestic violence has certainly been influenced by some of the information I have learned while taking this course. I was fortunate enough to grow up in surroundings in which I was never exposed to this phenomenon. As such, I was relatively ignorant about the many realities regarding what has been and continues to be one of the most prevalent social issues affecting women in this country. After having taken this course, I now understand that domestic violence is a reality for many women much more than most people are aware of, and that there are a number of systematic aspects of this phenomenon which greatly influences its propagation.

One of the most eminent factors related to domestic violence that I am now cognizant of is its rate of incidence. Because I had never experienced it nor personally knew anyone who had personally experienced domestic violence,…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Training Is Vital

Words: 1419 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23479545

2010). That said, Perry notes that "we know surprisingly little" about whether the training actually creates "positive change"; and given that lack of specific knowledge, the authors present what they call the "best training practices" that are available for HR departments and managers (187).

The "best practices" factors that have proven successful in preparing HR professionals in matters of sexual harassment include: a) "Pre-training factors" (an assessment of who needs the training; how will the training take place; and what will the content be); b) "Training Design and Delivery Factors" (this is an area where there is no one good answer; in some situations "passive" methods might be best and in other situations "experiential" methods might be better); and c) "Post-training Factors" (once learning has taken place, thee needs to be "reinforcement" to keep trainees motivated to use what they learned during the training exercises (Perry, 190).

Meanwhile, Canada certainly…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Boxall, P. (2013). Mutuality in the Management of Human Resources: Assessing the Quality of Alignment in Employment Relationships. Human Resource Management Journal, 23(1), 3-


Perry, E.L., Kulik, C.T., and Field, M.P. (2009). Sexual Harassment Training: Recommendations

To Address Gaps Between the Practitioner and Research Literatures. Human Resource
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Why Do Employees Resist Integrating New Technology While Performing Work Duties in the Workplace

Words: 3234 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10588152

employees resist integrating new technologies into workplace duties, and what can be done to prevent employee resistance to technology changes?

You know, I'm all for progress. It's change I object to." - Mark Twain

The Key Question to be addressed: The salient topic of this paper approaches the question of why there is a predictable and often across-the-board degree of resistance from employees when it comes to approaching - and adapting to - new technologies in the workplace. Moreover, the issue of resistance to workplace change - technology-related workplace change in particular - cries out for a close examination from several perspectives.

Firstly, this paper will discuss the issue of why people often fear any type of dramatic or workplace change, and are frequently reticent to go along with significant adjustments and modifications in lifestyle or workplace situations. The psychological reasons for human resistance to change is an important foundation…… [Read More]


Bradford, M. (2000). Technology changes risks dramatically. Business Insurance, 34, 3.

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Destination CRM.

Canton, Erik J.F.; de Groot, Henri L.F; & Nahuis, Richard. (2000). Vested Interests and Resistance to Technology Adoption. Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy.
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Domestic Violence No Place Like

Words: 4223 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98385581

What appears to explain their shared high rates of violent behavior is their increased interpersonal dependency. They are socially withdrawn and entertain a negative view of themselves. These difficulties with trust are common in the two disorders. They are thus more personally dependent on their partners. Furthermore, veterans with a major physical health problem are likelier to commit domestic violence than the other veterans surveyed. The physical problem tends to increase their irritability and dependence on their partners. Other studies found this characteristic high partner-specific dependency among physically abusive men who exhibit personal inadequacy, low social self-confidence and increased reliance on those nearest them. Many of these physically abusive men greatly fear abandonment and are anxiously attached. They are thus hypersensitive to rejection and often show anger in their intimate relationships. Veterans often display excessive coercion to which the partners respond by distancing themselves. The veterans' fear and dependencies can…… [Read More]


Blasko, K. et al. (2007). Therapists' prototypical assessment of domestic violence Situations. 13 pages. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy: Blackwell Publishing

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Kelly, K.a. (2004). Working together to stop domestic violence. 14 pages. Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare: Western Michigan University School of Social Work
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Looking at Psychology of Violence

Words: 3967 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96457880

violence and aggression. First, different aspects of violence, such as diversity and culture, gender and psychosocial aspects are discussed. And, the ethical and legal dimensions of mandatory reporting of child and elder abuse are looked into. The emerging technologies in the field of psychology are also discussed in relation to the topic of violence and other forms of deviant behavior. Lastly, correlations of the causality and violence prevention interventions are given.

MFT: Psychology of Violence

The history of the world is mired with incidences of violence. Violence traces its origins back to prehistory, and there is barely a community, society or individual that has never experienced or witnessed some form of violence. A single incidence of violence can be powerful and unbearable whether it is terrorism, war, suicide, homicide or even systemic injustices (structural violence -- whereby there are access barriers to health care, social justice, or some other type…… [Read More]


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Domestic Violence Has Been Around for as

Words: 871 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13689685

Domestic violence has been around for as long as many cultures can remember, however, that's not an excuse for its continuance. Although some see women and children as mere property, their rights and safety should be protected. Whether they suffer from physical, sexual or emotional abuse, thankfully there are an increasing number of programs for these victims to turn to. These programs work hard to take the steps necessary for America to become a domestic violence-free society.

Stopping Domestic Violence in America

Although domestic violence is often thought of in terms of physical violence or even sexual violence, it goes beyond that, beyond the cuts, the bruises, the scrapes, the broken bones; it's a control issue. "Domestic violence is a pattern of coercive control that one person exercises over another in order to dominate and get their way." ("Voices Set Free," n.d.) In addition to physical and sexual abuse, it…… [Read More]


Get the Facts - Domestic Violence in the United States. (2003). Retrieved June 17, 2003, at

Victim Support. (n.d.). Retrieved June 17, 2003, at

Voices Set Free. (n.d.). Retrieved June 17, 2003, at

Stopping Domestic Violence in America
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Ethics Privacy and the Workplace

Words: 2519 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92497806

Technology / Privacy / orkplace

There is a rapidly increasing use of technological monitoring in the workplace, and while technology in general has been highly beneficial to companies, the use of some technologies has raised privacy and ethical concerns among employees. This paper reviews the available literature when it comes to workplace monitoring of employees and the ethical implications of that monitoring.

Is Privacy in the orkplace a Dying Notion?

The right to privacy is a nice idea, and in some instances and circumstances in the United States an individual can reasonably expect to have his or her privacy respected. ebsites, for example, notify users frequently that their privacy is important and it is being protected. However, when it comes to the workplace, in an age of increased reliance on electronic technology, management has been able to "…monitor virtually all workplace communications" that employees have access to.

Findlaw asserts that…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Journal of Politics and Law, 5(4), 129-134.

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Sexual Violence Health Program

Words: 3023 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25269097

Health Promotion Program Proposal

Sexual violence has been a longstanding issue around the world. Women and children face rape, molestation, sexual assault each year. In the United States alone, the annual national average for rape and sexual assault victims is 288,820 (age 12 or older). While the figures for child molestation may be higher than anticipated, the reported sexual assault cases reveal the majority of victims range from ages 18-34 at 54%. The age group at the highest risk for sexual violence is 12-34. Women are at highest risk of experiencing attempted or completed rape with statistics revealing 1 out of every 6 women in America have been or have almost been raped. Of the rape victims reported, 90% are adult female and 82% of juvenile victims are female (AINN, 2016).

The age range of 16-19 is the more dangerous for a female as they are 400% more likely to…… [Read More]


Bass, J., Annan, J., McIvor Murray, S., Kaysen, D., Griffiths, S., & Cetinoglu, T. et al. (2013). Controlled Trial of Psychotherapy for Congolese Survivors of Sexual Violence. New England Journal Of Medicine, 368(23), 2182-2191.

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Eap Employee Assistance Programs Eaps

Words: 1314 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7275217

However, in most instances, "agencies do not use the EAP as the office responsible for taking incident reports on workplace violence. Agencies give the following reasons: Because confidentiality requirements prohibit EAP counselors from disclosing information, putting a counselor in the position of informing the other members of the intervention team about the report could lead to serious misunderstandings among agency employees and harm the credibility of the EAP. It sometimes takes years to build the EAP into a viable program trusted by employees to keep any contacts confidential and the dual role could diminish this viability" (III. 4 EAP Consideration, 2009, OPM).

The message the EAP strives to communicate to employees can best be summed up in some EAP posters created as part of its prevention program: "Reach out: e can help," reads one. Another advises: "Talk or walk it out." These types of poster campaigns and brochures, although they…… [Read More]

Works Cited

EAP and workplace prevention posters. (2009). Office of Personnel Management. Retrieved February 6, 2009 at 

Part III: Section 4 -- Employee assistance program consideration. (2009). Office of Personnel

Management (OPM). Retrieved February 6, 2009 at

Workplace violence. (2009). The USDA Handbook on Workplace Violence Prevention and Response. Retrieved February 6, 2009 at
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Suspect and Circumstances Surrounding the Recent Washington DC Navy Yard Shooting

Words: 983 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6903126

Navy Yard Shooting

Suspect and circumstances surrounding the recent Washington, DC Navy yard shooting

Characteristics of workplace violence and categories of workplace violence

The "red flags" that existed with the Navy Yard shooter

What could have been done to prevent the tragedy

How employers can reduce workplace violence

The research is aimed to provide a detailed account of the characteristics and categories of workplace violence. The workers are intimated through various psychological and physical pressures to adopt a violent behavior with the workplace. However it is the responsibility of the management to ensure that the workers are provided with adequate organizational culture and facilities in reducing the mutual friction. The outsiders influence is also a major cause of workplace violence in most of the cases. The Washington, DC Navy yard shooting is also an incident that could be prevented through effective measures at organizational level.

Characteristics of workplace violence and…… [Read More]


Doocy, P. (Performer) (2013). Red flags missed as navy yard shooter descended into madness [Television series episode]. In News. Washington D.C: Fox News. Retrieved from 

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Van Fleet, D.D., & Van Fleet, E.W. (2010). The violence volcano: Reducing the threat of workplace violence. USA: Information Age Publishing.
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Design a Comprehensive Security Plan

Words: 2661 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95850996

Security at workplaces is not only the responsibility of the management, but all the parties in the premises. Therefore, it is important that everyone is involved one way or another in maintenance of security. In a company the size of Walter Widget, with 240 personnel, it can be challenging to maintain high security standards.

With the increasing nationwide crime against workplaces and businesses, the stakes in workplace security are high. Walter Widget must be concerned about theft of any kind including trade secrets, computer information and other resources. The firm needs to take necessary steps to prevent other security risks such as arson, vandalism and workplace violence.

Workplace crime affects production. According to Bressler (2007) businesses are prone to a wide variety of crimes and need to take action in prevention of criminal activities that influence profitability. Workplace crime affects the employees, because it results insecurity at work. Safety at…… [Read More]


Bressler, M.S. (2007). The Impact of Crime on Business: A Model for Prevention, Detection & Remedy. Journal of Management and Marketing Research.

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Idaho National Engineering and Enviromental Laboratory. (2004). Personnel Security Guidelines. U.S. Department of Homeland security. Idaho Falls: Idaho national Engineering and Enviromental Laboratory.
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Legal Ethical Issue Relating to Human

Words: 2564 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28488121

This collection comprises health-care and social service employees such as visiting nurses, psychiatric evaluators, and probation workers; community employees such as gas and water utility workers, phone and cable TV employees, and letter carriers; retail workers; and taxi drivers (OSHA Fact Sheet, 2002).

The best defense that companies can give is to institute a no tolerance rule in regards to workplace aggression against or by their workers. The company should set up a workplace aggression avoidance course or include the knowledge into an accessible disaster prevention course, employee manual, or handbook of standard operating measures. It is important to make sure that all workers are aware of the rules and recognize that all ascertains of workplace aggression will be examined and dealt with quickly. Additionally, companies can recommend additional shields like:

Providing security training for workers so they understand what behavior is not suitable and what they should do if…… [Read More]


Davidson, Michael. (2010). Federal Workplace Violence Laws. Retrieved October 17, 2010,

from eHow Web site:

Heathfield, Susan M. (2010). Workplace Violence: Violence Can Happen Here. Retrieved October 17, 2010, from About Web site:
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Prevention and Early Resolution of

Words: 6691 Length: 23 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36350929

"Twenty-three million Americans experience workplace bullying within their work lifetimes" (cited in Seagriff, 2010, p. 575). With the economic challenges Americans are facing recently, tensions in the workplace are also on the rise, as employees increasingly worry that their jobs are in jeopardy. This fear over possibly losing their job means many employees will not risk reporting bullying to their employers.

Interdependence conflicts, as mentioned, are another common type of workplace conflict. This type of conflict centers on an employee's dependence of another person's assistance, input or output to perform their job (Kankanhalli, Tan, & Kwok-kee, 2007). In other words, task interdependence varies depending on the extent which an employee needs materials, information or support from their workplace peers, in order to do their job. "Task interdependence alters the course and consequences of conflict. Some have asserted that because high task interdependence implies the need for intensive interactions among members,…… [Read More]


Bacal, R. (1998). Conflict prevention in the workplace: using cooperative communication. Winnipeg: Bacal & Associates.

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Budd, J. & Colvin, a. (Jul 2008). "Improved metrics for workplace dispute resolution procedures: Efficiency, equity and voice." Industrial Relations, 47(3). p. 460-479.
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Private Security in Project One

Words: 1714 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93055016

These devices can help to ensure customer violence is limited. Additionally, by investing in interpersonal training and dispute resolution courses for employees, companies can help to control coworker violence. Furthermore, the use of EAP (Employee Assistance Programs) for frustrated workers can help to provide some outlet for frustrations, further eliminating the possible problems (Hagan, 2004). Through polite, direct, proper communication, most acts of interpersonal workplace violence can be avoided.


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Friedman.…… [Read More]


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Criminal Psychology What Are the

Words: 787 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92818315

In both cases, that label can make intervention more difficult instead of less difficult. Certainly, some types of behavioral issues are functions of immaturity or of stages of development and personality or identity experimentation. However, bona fide delinquency issues should not be excused as features of personality, largely because doing so undermines the development of personal responsibility and the realization that negative behaviors have negative consequences.

Which represents the greatest threat to society: multiple murder, workplace violence, or violent bias crimes?

It is difficult to compare the three types of crimes by listing them in order because so much depends on context. For example, violent bias crimes could include multiple murders. In general, multiple murders are relatively rare outside of environments where criminality is already at issue, such as in connection with organize crime and criminal gang rivalries. Workplace violence is comparatively rare when it comes to serious crimes such…… [Read More]

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Shooting of Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Writers

Words: 2190 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21868481

shooting of Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, writers Michael Grunwald and Jay Newton-Small asked an important question: How could Jared Loughner, the shooter, be considered too dangerous to attend community college but not too dangerous to buy a gun? Grunwald and Newton-Small (2011) point out that gun control continues to be a hot topic in the United States, despite the fact that the Arizona shooting occurred after the horrors of Columbine and Virginia Tech. Many people thought the attention to gun control after those mass killings would have resulted in significant changes but that has not happened. There continue to be very strong feelings on both sides of the gun control debate.

Gun control is an important factor in any discussion of school or workplace violence but it is not the only one that deserves our attention. Loughner bought a gun, but so do millions of law-abiding citizens. What happened in…… [Read More]


Grunwald, M., & Newton-Small, J. (2011). Fire away. Time 177 (3), pp. 36-39.

Hauser, C. (2007). Virginia Tech shooting leaves 33 dead. The New York Times. Retrieved from

How Virginia Tech notified students of shooting. (2007). The Washington Post online.

Retrieved from
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Occupational Safety and Health

Words: 7021 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11755407

Occupational Health and Safety in Catering Industry in Hong Kong

Occupational Safety and Health

The incidence rate of workplace accidents in the catering industry in Hong Kong is higher than that of other sectors, even those associated with inherently high risk to workers. Despite corrective action within the catering industry, the accident rate remains stubbornly high. This research identifies causal factors in occupational accidents in catering companies and delineates effective strategies that can be emulated by catering businesses in Hong Kong in efforts to reduce their accident rates and worker injuries.

Hong Kong is known for its international cuisine and, characteristically, a high number of restaurants -- many offering catering services -- exist in the city. Yet, the polished environments of the dining areas of world-class restaurants contrast greatly with the restaurant kitchen and backroom workspaces. The catering industry in Hong Kong attains extraordinarily high rates of accidents and has,…… [Read More]


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Dyer, J.G, Schatz, I.M., Rosenberg, B.A., and Coleman, S.T. (2000, January). Constant comparison method: A kaleidoscope of data. The Qualitative Report, 4(1/2).
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Fort Hood Texas Shooting

Words: 1433 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61716118

Fort Hood Shooting

On November 5, 2009 at Fort Hood, a military base close to the city of Killeen Texas, a U.S. Army major and psychiatrist opened fire on the people. Thirteen people were murdered and thirty-two other people were injured (Kenber 2013). One of the victims was pregnant and the baby was lost when she died, so some put the figure of murder victims at fourteen. Nidal Malik Hasan has since been convicted of those shootings and has been sentenced to death by a military court. Hasan has never denied being the killer, nor has he wavered in the explanation of his motives behind the actions. He has stated repeatedly that he is a Muslim and that the United States is at war with Islam. His actions, he claims, are a direct result of his Muslim extremism. Hasan was due to be shipped to Afghanistan where he would have…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Crabtree, S. (2012, Oct. 22). Pentagon will not label Fort Hood shootings as terrorist attack. The Washington Times.

Definitions of terrorism in the U.S. code. (2013). Federal Bureau of Investigation. Retrieved from

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Pre-Employment Screening Background Checks or

Words: 1245 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51326890

In my opinion, a company wishing to conduct pre-employment screening should engage the services of a professional and respected service provider. Mathis and Jackson (2010) further advise that "the information provided in criminal record checks should be used judiciously and with caution."

It is also important to note that increasingly, organizations are making use of other cost friendly and convenient methods of accessing past information about job applicants. According to Mathis and Jackson (2010), employers are now making use of Facebook and other online networking sites to obtain personalized information about individuals they are about to hire. Some of the information in this case could involve a job applicant's drug use, sexual activity, etc. (Mathis and Jackson, 2010). It is however important to note that as the authors point out, information obtained via the utilization of such avenues cannot be regarded entirely credible. This is more so the case given…… [Read More]


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Owens, M. (2013). About HR ProFile: Human Resource ProFile. Retrieved February 21, 2013, from the HR ProFile website:
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Hba and the Building Trade the Liabilities of a Professional Association

Words: 2949 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63063273

Non-Profit and for-Profit Ethical and Liability Issues

This paper examines the ethical and liability issues that non-profit corporations and for-profit businesses face, and compares them.

Non-Profit Corporations and For-Profit Business: Comparison of the Ethical and Liability Issues that are Faced by Both There have been a lot of scandals lately regarding large for-profit businesses. These scandals stem from both ethical and legal issues. Many of these scandals have resulted in lawsuits and even criminal proceedings against those who have been involved with them. The true extent of corporate liability is just beginning to be seen in our society. We are watching the large corporations of this country ever more closely now, in order to make sure that they are acting in an ethical manner. The corporations, for their part, are being extra careful in their actions and words, fully aware of the liability that they are under should anything they…… [Read More]

Accession no.:70437218).


Roanoke Times & World News p. A9 Roanoke Retrieved October 6, 2003, from ProQuest database. (Accession no.:47787202).
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Cares for Nurses by Cecil Deans 2004

Words: 1879 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63222922

Cares for Nurses" by Cecil Deans (2004)

hen people become healthcare practitioners today, perhaps one of the furthest things from their minds is the increasingly violent nature of their potential workplaces. In his article, "ho Cares for Nurses" (2004), though, Cecil Deans makes the point that North American healthcare settings are very violent places to work and many institutions are not providing their practitioners with sufficient protections, and some are simply looking the other way -- all at the expense of the mental and physical well-being of their nursing staff. In their essay, "Challenges Facing Nurses' Associations and Unions: A Global Perspective" (2003), Clark and Clark note that, "Nurses, as the most highly trained caregivers with regular patient contact, are at the heart of any health care system. idespread anecdotal evidence suggests that the problems in health care have had a particularly negative effect on the workplace experience of nurses"…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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for Workplace Violence. Perspectives in Psychiatric Care, 37(4):125.

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Investigation. Canadian Journal of Criminology, 37(4):491-519.
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Employees Use the 360 Degree

Words: 3428 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42868307

A very important point is that online learning can be done individually or in groups (for example video conferences).

6. In general, in order to make a career choice one should be informed about the world of professions. Information about the profession that appears the most interesting and appropriate should be gathered. If possible, it would be important to read interviews or talk to people with similar jobs for a more accurate and realistic image. Another important part in a career choice is to assess individual strengths and weaknesses. Several personality tests are available for such a purpose (for example CPI - California Psychological Inventory, SDS - the Self-Directed Search questionnaire). For the persons in search for a career it is important to identify the skills they have and they most enjoy using. The career identified should be compatible with the interests and skills identified. In conclusion, a person who…… [Read More]


Drewes, G., Runde, B. (2002). Performance Appraisal, in Psychological Management of Individual Performance. Sonnentag, S. (Ed.) John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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Addressing the Security of Pre-Hospital Care Providers

Words: 3498 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61053080

EMS and Paramedics Carry Guns on the Job

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are a form of emergency service, whose main objective is to provide acute medical care, transportation to healthcare organizations, including special medical transport to patients of attacks due to act of terror and others of the same kind. In addition, the emergency medical services are also locally referred to as paramedic service. Other countries across the globe refer them as first aid squad, emergency squad, rescue squad, or ambulance squad. Their services mainly include the transportation of patients to other definitive points of care for them to receive urgent care. They also engage in a timely removal of patients who require the urgent medical intervention to other points of care. The job description of these personnel comes with substantial risks.

This is because the personnel put their lives at risk more than the common citizens (Grady and Revkin).…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Social Construction Relate Critical Incident Stress 2

Words: 522 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67679796

social construction relate critical incident stress? 2. Is CISM applicable emergency -emergency persons? Why ? 3. Why important distinguish CISM psychotherapy? Sources: Mitchell, J.

CISM: Questions

How does social construction relate to critical incident stress?

Stresses from critical incidents do not occur in a 'bubble.' Social pressures are critical components of interpersonal and environmental stress, spanning from the problems that arise from drug and alcohol abuse; emotional, physical, and sexual workplace violence; domestic violence and child abuse; post-traumatic stress disorder and suicide. Tensions between different groups can lead to divisiveness and violence if not appropriately managed. Different cultural standards regarding sexual or other interpersonal behaviors can create miscommunication and escalating tensions in the workplace. Gender assumptions can result in female and child victimization, if a man feels he has a 'right' to 'treat' his family according to standards of patriarchal dominance. The trauma of war, living in high-crime areas, deprivation,…… [Read More]

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Iamaw Views on Safety

Words: 3386 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 65445959

IAMAW Views on Safety

The response of the American people to the terrorists attacks of 9/11 was felt one of compassion and resolve. Almost all Americans were associated in one or other manner in assisting the Nation come out of the dangerous impacts and become strengthened. It was curious to witness the way some hurried into the burning building and saving lives of their fellow workers, friends and strangers. While many measures have been undertaken to safeguard the security of Americans and continuance of the way of life, the workers confront stringent security policies on the job and sometimes loss of civil rights. (Worksite Security: IAM Headquarters)

The International Association for Machinists and Aerospace Workers -- IAM& AW as well as other institutions are watchful of the legislation and presidential orders against possible violation of bargaining and civil rights. They found the workplace security to be more embarrassing to the…… [Read More]


"Contact Lens Use in a Chemical Environment" (11 July, 2005) Retrieved from Accessed 16 September, 2005

'Ergonomic, OSHA and EPA Update" (April/May, 2003) Trade Winds. Vol: 51; No: 2.

Retrieved from

Accessed 17 September, 2005
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Training New Employees Writing Benefits

Words: 3860 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32837702

Ethics training for employees programs have to be carefully planned taking into consideration and setting standards for ethical behavior in the company and what the training is supposed to accomplish. Companies have to make ethical training mandatory for all employees setting a good example that no one is above the law. The ethics training should help the employees become familiar with the company's code of ethics, know more about decision making using ethical models. "Good ethical training provides training covering five basic aspects of ethical training, responsibility, respect, fairness, honesty and compassion. Compliance laws and other topics such as using internet, computers only for company related work and not misusing these resources, about work place romance etc. are an integral part of the training program" (Gordon, 2012).

The training has to supply information regarding reporting ethics violation to specific personnel and assure them that offenders will be punished harshly. This…… [Read More]


Business Ethics. (2012). Retreived from


Business Ethics and Social Responsibility.(n.d.). Retreived from http://highered.mcgraw-
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Healthcare Occupational Safety and Health

Words: 1605 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44142264

The penalties for being out of compliance when OSHA comes knocking should be enough to motivate any healthcare facility to devise a plan to make sure that they are in compliance with OSHA's regulations. The startling thing is that it took an initiative like NEP to wake these facilities up and get them thinking about being compliant. Since they deal with people and their well being on an everyday basis, these are things that they should have been doing all along and not just because there is an increased probability of getting into trouble by OSHA.


Harris, S. (2012). OSHA in Health Care: Out of Sight & Out of Mind? etreived from

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Occupational Safety and Health Administration ("OSHA") Targets Nursing and esidential

Care Facilities. (2012). etrieved from

Prepare Your Facility…… [Read More]


Harris, S. (2012). OSHA in Health Care: Out of Sight & Out of Mind? Retreived from

Healthcare workers. (2012). Retrieved from  

New OSHA inspection initiative focuses on healthcare. (2011). Retrieved from

Occupational Safety and Health Administration ("OSHA") Targets Nursing and Residential
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Identifying and Controlling Violent Health Care Patients and Employees

Words: 3181 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67821106

Controlling Violent Health Care Patients and Employees

This is a paper discussion on the identification and control of violence amongst health care patients and employees. It has 11 sources.

An Introduction to Violence

Violence has become a common feature of our society found in every area of the nation from quiet neighborhoods in the suburbs to the urbanized cities of the U.S. To make the matter worse, the media including radio, TV, private cable networks, have become a part of the culture that promotes the concepts of violence, if there is no violence exhibited in either every day programs then these programs, including those of children are presumed to be a failure. Hence, it would not be wrong to assume that our entire culture has been virtually gripped in a sphere of violence to which there is no end.

This culture of violence continues despite the fact that the sociologists…… [Read More]


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Levin PF, Hewitt JB, Misner ST. Insights of nurses about assault in hospital-based emergency departments. Image J. Nurs Sch. 1998; 30(3):249-254.
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Criminal Justice - Security Criminal

Words: 599 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95609583

Describe and apply the rules used in handling bomb threats:

The first concern is to protect the public by cordoning off the area immediately.

Both local and federal authorities should be contacted immediately so that appropriate bomb squad and hazmat resources can be allocated to the scene.

Describe the significance of 9/11 in changing the face of security:

The attacks of 9/11 fundamentally changed the face of U.S. security concerns to focus primarily on domestic threats of terrorism perpetrated by foreign-based Islamic militarism.

Identify security trends that will impact the security field over the next 10 or more years:

In the next decades, there is a distinct risk that terrorists will acquire fissile materials for incorporation into nuclear devices. Combined with Osama bin Laden's expressed intention to orchestrate a "nuclear holocaust" on the U.S., this may be the most serious threat to American domestic security in the near future.

Describe…… [Read More]


Dershowitz, a. (2002) Why Terrorism Works: Understanding the Threat, Responding to the Challenge. New Haven, CT: Yale.

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Schmalleger, F. (1997) Criminal Justice Today: An Introductory Text for the 21st Century. New Jersey: Prentice Hall
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How to Prevent Violent Crime in My Personal and Professional Life

Words: 1919 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31972571

Doing this ensures early identification of an unknown crime hence, the adoption of proactive approaches against it. Achieving this relies on the establishment of a positive relationship between the police and the truck drivers (U.S., 2001).

Establishing park watch in the community also helps in preventing violent crime since it addresses a wide range of criminal acts. The program aims at enlisting the users of the park and neighbors to take the responsibility of watching over the parks. Significant evidence shows that involving the youth in activities that involve them in building the community reduces the rates of violent crimes in the community. Engaging the youth in different activities such as cleaning the parks and recreational spaces creates a healthy environment that attack a variety of economic activities. Through this, the unemployed youth acquires alternative source of income contributing to the minimization of violent crimes caused by youth unemployment. Other…… [Read More]


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