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What Determines Success in the FIBA World Championship

Words: 2834 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29430390

FIBA orld Championship

History of the FIBA

Factors for Success

Data Driven Approaches

NBA Players

Team Culture

2013 Rankings 15

The FIBA has become the premier international basketball league in the world. Over the course of the last few generations the tournaments have been increasing their viewership and fan base. The level of competition in this league has also increased. Since 1989 the league has opened the doors to NBA players which not only increased the league's competitiveness but elevated the popularity of it as well. There are many different approaches to trying to discern which teams will be successful in the league. This analysis will look at statistical approaches as well as cultural approaches to provide insights into what constitutes a successful team in the FIBA.

History of the FIBA

The International Basketball Federation (French: Federation Internationale de Basketball), more commonly known by the French acronym FIBA, is an…… [Read More]

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AB Inbev Is the World's Largest Maker

Words: 3283 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52613348

AB InBEV is the world's largest maker of alcoholic beverages and they have other interests (such as bottling for other beverage makers) which increases their overall revenues. Because the company has a business plan which includes operational efficiency, a strong financial matrix, well-trained and knowledgeable employees and a customer-first focus, they have been able to maintain and even gain market share during difficult economic times. ith unique strategic capabilities that have positioned AB InBEV as the leader, it is possible to see the company be an even larger part of the beverage industry in years to come.

The latest quarterly report for AB InBEV (3rd quarter 2010) shows that the company continues to see a rise in revenues across the board[footnoteRef:1]. Although some high end products (mainly high-dollar spirits and specialty beers) have taken a hit in the market[footnoteRef:2], AB InBEV has been mostly insulated from this outcome because of…… [Read More]

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Cups of Tea Analysis Three

Words: 1992 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55723119

hile some of the products of this time orientation, like their emphasis on traditional forms of hospitality and the slow pace of the culture in respect to the dynamic rhythms of nature, are valuable and perhaps superior to our own cold, rushed, and removed values, other aspects of the Balti's past-oriented culture are not. There is great religious intolerance by some members of the society, such as the Taliban and a constant hashing-over of tribal and religious grievances produced very negative results. At one point, Mortenson was kidnapped, beaten and threatened by Islamic extremists for his efforts, simply because he was an outsider and American. Mortenson's founding of schools enabled him to share the future-orientation of American culture in a positive way, just as the Balti's hospitality brought positive aspects of their culture into his life.

These forms of fruitful cultural dialogue show the benefits of cultural interaction, and show…… [Read More]

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History of the World in 6 Glasses Compare and Contrast 3 Drinks

Words: 2056 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16705836

Histories of the orld in 6 Glasses (compare and Contrast 3 Drinks)

The History of the orld in Six Glasses by Tom Standage

'Tell me what you drink and I will tell you who you are'

The History of the orld in Six Glasses by Tom Standage chronicles human history through changing tastes in beverages, spanning from beer to wine to 'spirits' (hard liquor), coffee to tea, and ending with Coca-Cola. Although many books have explored human history through the lens of a singular foodstuff, few have used beverages. Yet, as Standage points out in his introduction, although a person can survive without food for a relatively long period of time, without liquids, he or she will perish in days. Beverages also have intoxicating properties which can change the way that civilizations unfold, either causing drunkenness or alertness. And it is perhaps for that reason that so many cultures and…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Standage, Tom. The History of the World in Six Glasses. New York: Walker & Co., 2005.
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Melbourne Cup Is Not a Specifically or

Words: 1347 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33932817

Melbourne Cup is not a specifically or inherently gendered event, the special weekend will entail extra activities that must be planned, coordinated, and executed with gender issues in mind. This year's Melbourne Cup carnival celebration is being marketed towards females in overt and covert ways: such as by the use of hot pink typeface and a floral background plus a prominently featured section on style and fashion that uses a female model for the menu item (Melbourne Cup Carnival 2011). Yet it is precisely the gender segregation of the races from the non-race activities that bring gender issues to the forefront. In this critical analysis of the Melbourne Cup main event, the Melbourne Cup carnival, and the non-Cup-related recreational activities scheduled before and during the event, I will draw upon the following three disciplines: gender studies, marketing, and the politics of socio-economic class.

From a gender studies perspective, horse racing…… [Read More]


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Bedford Ave All the World's

Words: 2491 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92985517

it's been fun, but I don't really know anyone here. I don't really do the bar scene, and that's pretty much what everyone else who lives in my building does. So I guess it's time to look for somewhere else."

equired: A Little Extra Green

Although those living in Manhattan would probably still think of the neighborhood as a bargain, by a more objective standard (and during a recession), the rents are certainly not conducive to anyone without a firm standing in the upper ranges of the middle class.

A 1000-foot apartment at Bedford and Third, for example, boasts "recent renovation" at $2,900 a month.

Whatever might be left over after rent might be spent at Antidote Chocolate. One particularly interesting aspect of the fact that this chain has moved into the neighborhood is that most of its stores reside in far-pricier and more established neighborhoods.

This suggests not only…… [Read More]


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Theodore Levitt the World and Consumers in

Words: 2855 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74937228

Theodore Levitt, the world and consumers in particular are moving towards having similar likes, preferences, and tastes and these have caused people to prefer the same products the world over. These products that are given preference are those that are liked by everyone else. "Everyone in the increasingly homogenized world market wants products and features that everybody else wants." Levitt, 1984.

This statement is true in the world that we currently see, and this should be the focus of all marketing campaigns whether they are aimed at building brand awareness, changing the attitudes of consumers, or just trying to increase sales of a product. By simply creating a product that will become the preference of many, it is remarkably easy to capture and penetrate the market and thus boost sales by a large margin.

Levitt also argues that "different cultural preferences, national tastes and standards, and business institutions are the…… [Read More]


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Woman in World History

Words: 1929 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31716193

omen or omen in Important Historical Moments?

A very fine line separates historical narrative from biographical nonfiction. In the latter, the subject is of prime importance and exploration of the way that the subject feels about historical events is the primary reason for such a text. As to the former, the subject is often a vehicle to exploring the larger conditions surrounding her. Deciphering which tactic is in play in any given text may be a difficult endeavor, only further complicated when the protagonist of an historical narrative is female. In this case, one may be given the impression that the uniqueness, individuality and mere availability of her story may be enough to suggest that the history within is driven by her actions. However, as we consider texts focusing on the lives of Elizabeth Marsh, Madame Caillaux and Eugenia Ginzberg, it becomes clear that their respective biographers were in fact…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

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How to Evangelize in the Modern World if You Are a Minister

Words: 3207 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27300587

Travis Collins finds in his study of the Declaration of Ibadan that missions and national churches can partner effectively to establish a level of world evangelization that can fulfill the target objectives and aims of successful saturation evangelism. The study examines the relationship between the missions and the unions, which function together to establish the "role of the mission, joint decision making" and personnel deployment.[footnoteRef:1] This source is relevant to the thesis of this study because it highlights some possible strategies that missions and national churches can coordinate between themselves in order to better effect the level of saturation evangelism that they strive to maintain. The idea behind the strategy is that the network of churches can support the needs of the missions and that the missions in turn can reach and attract otherwise hard-to-reach persons and bring them into the fold of the national churches, whereby they can grow…… [Read More]

Orr's book is relevant to this thesis in that it discusses the historical context of evangelism, from revolutionary times to now, considering such topics as revivalism, post-revivalism, the social impact of evangelism, evangelism in England, Ireland and Scotland, as well as in America and Europe. The book aims to provide a universal context for the evangelist so that various techniques and lessons from history and different places can be applied to the development of a better understanding of how to evangelize. For this reason it is helpful to this study for the light it sheds on the historical contexts of the subject.[footnoteRef:20] [20: Orr, J. Edwin. The Light of the Nations. Grand Rapids: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1965.]

Peters' book Saturation Evangelism is essential reading and thoroughly relevant to this thesis as it pertains to the very subject discussed in this study: his book examines different methods of evangelism all over the globe but bases his perspective on the approach of evangelization in the bible and crafts a precise definition of saturation evangelism that can be understood on both a practical and technical level. The book is helpful in that provides a sense of what it means to saturate and condense so that the message spreads like a roaring river and yet is containable within the individual and personalized so that it can root the hearer in Christ and allow the spirit to grow both within the person and throughout the world.[footnoteRef:21] [21: Peters, George W. Saturation Evangelism. Grand Rapids: Zondervan Publishing House, 1970]

Robinson's Synergistic Evangelism is another book that is relevant to this thesis because it is the author's critique of various methods and a provision of the reasons for his combining of various techniques and approaches to develop a comprehensive strategy that incorporates sundry expressions and elements of evangelism so as to meet the needs of different persons in different places, just as the first missionaries did so as to allow the message to be heard by peoples from various backgrounds with unique needs.[footnoteRef:22] The book is relevant to this thesis because it highlights the importance of understanding how various approaches to evangelism can be combined so as to avoid becoming stale and imprecise in execution. It is helpful to this study for the foundation it sets in thinking outside the box and challenging ministers to adopt new strategies for their flocks, finding what it is that works and gets the spirit of God flowing amongst the communities around the world. The most important way in which this book is helpful, however, is in the manner that draws the student of evangelism into the question of how to promote the Word of God in the most effective way possible: that is through contextualization, problem-identifying, problem-solving, and stylistic imagery. [22: Robinson, Darrell W. Synergistic Evangelism. Bloomington, IN: CrossBooks, 2009.]
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Influx of Money Impact Hospitality Sector in

Words: 2915 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40803345

Influx of Money Impact Hospitality Sector in Brazil

how influx of money impact brazil'S HOSPITALITY SECTO

How Money Influx from World Cup 2014 Impact Brazil's Hospitality Sector

How Money Influx from World Cup 2014 Impact Brazil's Hospitality Sector

Action plan

The literature review seeks to scrutinize and evaluate the probable effects of the influx of money from 2014 World Cup in Brazil in relation to growth and development of the country's hospitality industry (Jones 2012). Since the major declaration (October 2007) by FIFA that Brazil shall be hosting the biggest world event, the hospitality sector has embarked on building new hotels, bistros, and lodges. The sector has also stepped up efforts to renovate existing facilities ahead of the tournament slated for June 2014. Although preparations are still underway, an influx of visitors and money is inevitable with considerable accommodation bookings reported across the country (Jones 2012).

Influx of Money is…… [Read More]


Burt, J. (2012, May 25). Boys staying in brazil. The Daily Telegraph.

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Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons

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Management in Particular the Management of Mega

Words: 3655 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95688169

management, in particular the management of mega events. It also delves deeply into the positives and negatives of the London Olympic Games and the 2006 orld Cup events in Germany. Those who manage mega events have an enormous task and an almost impossible responsibility to the public, to those participating in the events, and to the countries where mega events take place. Those issues and more are covered in this paper.

Theoretically review the key aspects of event management

Form and Function

Theoretically an event is a kind of convergence, according to Professor Donald Getz (School of Tourism, The University of Queensland); it is a blending of forms and functions, and those in turn converge into a worthwhile experience for the tourist / participant. Getz uses two huge events to illustrate how form and function come together to produce a grand experience for the attendee. He points to the 2012…… [Read More]

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killing 52 people and injuring more than 770. Retrieved September 30, 2013, from

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Global Media Impact of the

Words: 1134 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6559974

One hundred thousand people packed into the Museumplein near the city's famous museums in Amsterdam, according to Jolly, et al., writing in The New York Times. In China, fans who decided to become vendors were profiting by the sale of vuvuzelas (those annoying horns that are blown throughout all the World Cup games) for $3 U.S. money. "They're all made in Zhejiang," the vendor said, working the rainy streets at Sanlitun, "the rowdiest place in the city." In ogota Columbia, vendors profited from the sale of "pink cotton candy" to the crowds watching the games at the Palace of Justice in olivar Square (Jolly, p. 3).

In Nigeria the results of the World Cup -- with the help of social media on the Internet -- helped change a politician's policy. In this African country, politicians are not known to be responsive to citizens. After the Nigerian soccer team's "dismal performance"…… [Read More]


Amabebe, Eremipagamo, 2010, 'Nigeria: Who changed the President's mind -- Facebook or FIFA?' Global Voices, Retrieved July 30, 2011, from

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Tourism Know in Spite of Rio's Iconic

Words: 918 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2458778



In spite of Rio's iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer and its noteworthy names like Copacabana and Ipanema, relatively few international visitors make it to Brazil. According to Smale (2010), Brazil does not even come close to being in the top ten international tourism destinations in the world. Only 5.2 million people visited Brazil in 2010 (Smale, 2010). This is compared with the top spot-holder France at 76.8 million people. The 2014 World Cup is sure to boost Brazil's image in the world's eye, leading to a profitable growth in the nation's tourism industry.

Brazil is actively and consciously using the World Cup 2014 celebrations as a means to draw tourists. Direct and indirect marketing methods as well as developments in infrastructure and social institutions are being designed with tourism in mind. For example, Brazil is improving its airports to the tune of 6.5 billion Brazilian real ($3.4…… [Read More]

Part of the TRIZ method is eliminating contradictions, including technical and physical contradictions. As the ATM technology improves, banks might struggle to keep reserves of cash high enough to meet demands. This will require the government to intervene. Physical contradictions are related to the hardware and/or software upgrades to existing ATM machines and banking systems.


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Qatar workers rights or lack thereof

Words: 1469 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24238130

Qatar World Cup

There is little doubt that the Doha skyline is one of the world's most impressive; Qatar is a great place to work if you are an architect. But if you are one of the people building those towers, Qatar may not be such a great place to work. The same goes for any of the two million foreign workers in the country -- some 94.1% of all employed in Qatar are foreign nationals (Bel-Air, 2014). The human rights abuses faced by the workers who work to keep Qatar running, especially in the construction sector, have come into even greater focus with the country being awarded the 2022 World Cup (Bel-Air, 2014). This paper will examine the human rights abuses of foreign workers in Qatar.

Migrant Workers in Qatar

The native population of Qatar is relatively small -- Qataris account for only a few hundred thousand of the…… [Read More]


Amnesty International (2016) Qatar: Abuse of World Cup workers exposed. Amnesty International Retrieved November 29, 2016 from

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Ambush Marketing Should Tough Rules Be Introduced to Protect Sports Sponsors

Words: 4320 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64007795

Ambush Marketing: Should Tough ules be introduced to Protect Sports Sponsors?

This is a paper that describes the concept of ambush marketing and outlines how it can be detrimental for the official sports sponsors of events such as the World Cup, Tournaments etc. It argues whether there should be laws for curbing this marketing tactic. It has sources.

Lack of business ethics is a problem that is of growing concern in the field of business today. Many individuals and organizations either easily forget or ignore ethical codes when they see business opportunities. This is an issue of immense concern because of the fact that millions of dollars can be jeopardized easily on the part of rightful contractors. Speaking more specifically, this refers to the manner in which sports sponsors at major events are denied their total rights over an event due to interfering investors. These rights are denied as the…… [Read More]


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Global Sporting Events Market

Words: 1022 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97802716

Global Sporting Events Market

There is little doubt that international sporting events are the acme of sports. Although it is possible that sports in the United States -- such as basketball, baseball, and football -- might draw in more overall revenue, this fact is attributed to the reality that not only do these sporting events take place year after year, but they also are able to gain media exposure and advertising money over the course of an entire season. Truly international sporting events, such as the Olympics, the orld Cup, and to a lesser extent, the European Cup, are able to generate comparable hype and money in a shorter period of time. The Olympics lasts less than a month and the orld Cup lasts approximately a month. hen attempting to calculate approximately how much bigger such international sporting events might grow in the years to come, there are several considerations…… [Read More]

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Adolescents & Advertising Media Messages Examination of

Words: 640 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53278691

Adolescents & Advertising Media Messages

Examination of a Commercial

The advertisement chosen for examination in this brief study is Britney Spears Pepsi commercial in 2010, which was part of the advertising during the World Cup. The intended audience for the advertisement is the general audience and specifically male and female young people. The ad features Brittney Spears singing, drinking Pepsi, and volley a ball. Brittney appears beautiful and sexy in this commercial and gives the appearance that drinking Pepsi will make everyone athletic and sexy. This ad would be interpreted of course by each gender differently as the male gender would interpret the commercial to mean that drinking Pepsi would ensure that they attract sexy girls and females would view the commercial as appealing to them to drink Pepsi to ensure that they are hot and sexy like Brittney Spears. This ad is not accurate in its portrayal of body…… [Read More]

(13) Kaiser Family Foundation (2005). Generation M: Media in the lives of eight to eighteen-year-olds. Washington, DC: Author. Retrieved from

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Ten-Year Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg My 2011 Challenge

Words: 2221 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70606014

Ten-Year Billionaire: Mark Zuckerberg

My 2011 challenge is to become a vegetarian and only eat meat if I kill the animal myself. The reason for this is that I feel lucky for having such a great life. In order to practice thankfulness, I want to be more connected to the food I eat and the animals that give their lives so I can eat them. Mark Zuckerberg, January 1, 2011

There are certain business leaders who make impact on their companies and often on the world of business because of their philosophies, action, and businesses they lead. Among the more recent top performers is Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, who took an idea and transformed it into a billion-dollar empire in less than 10 years. To gain some new insights into how Zuckerberg leveraged his modest concept into the world's most popular social media network, this paper provides a review of…… [Read More]


Avolio, B.J., & Bass, B.M. (2002). Developing potential across a full range of leadership:

Cases on transactional and transformational leadership. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum


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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Words: 1276 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57523547

Goblet of Fire

International Relations in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Rowling's series of books concerning the boy wizard Harry Potter have garnered a lot of attention since the publication of the first volume over a decade ago. Much of it has been positive -- the books have been credited with encouraging children to read, and even with rekindling faith in juvenile fiction altogether. Critics applaud Rowling's storytelling abilities, and her business savvy (with the help of Hollywood and other marketers) has made her one of the wealthiest individuals in the world, all from a seemingly simple series of books. Not all of the attention given to the Harry Potter series has been positive, however. The portrayal of witchcraft has angered many people, especially conservative Christians, and there are many who believe the books are simply frivolous stories with little point and absolutely no literary value. Given the…… [Read More]

Work Cited

Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. New York: Scholastic Press, 2000.
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Justice in the Twentieth Century

Words: 1694 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74551873

What was particularly ironic was that soccer had always been a game for whites only: blacks were specifically not included.

Of course, the movie had a happy ending when South Africa won the World Cup. ut the World Cup didn't completely change South Africa. There is still high violence, prompted by economic conditions and a newly released set of citizens. A high percentage of residents also have Aids, another very serious problem. ut Archbishop Tutu points out that the TRC methods of dealing with the violence were not the traditional way to justice, but an older and deeper vision of justice. In South Africa the violators of human rights do not face criminal trials. Instead, perpetrators engage in confessions, and reconciliation between the victims and the victimizers is achieved by means of public hearings of apology and forgiveness. Probably, efforts towards reconciliation have their own side effects -- moral and…… [Read More]


http://www. Desmond Tutu -- Peace Foundation. April 19, 2010.

http://www. Nuremberg Trial.

Yeager, General Chuck. Yeager. New York: Bantam Books, 1906.
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International Crime Terrorism and Organized Crime Trends

Words: 3182 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30816158

International Crime, Terrorism, And Organized Crime Trends

Comparing contrasting topics international crime, terrorism, organized crime trends

This research has confirmed the possibility of close correlation between money laundering activities, Islamic terrorist fundraising, organized crime, and corruption of public officials throughout Brazilian Hizballah region. The organized crime networks and the Islamic extremists of Brazil must be examined in collaboration because they are connected to wider networks in Latin America zone and across the world. All the organized activities and terrorists in Brazilian Hizballah were facilitated by corrupt officials, which were driven by the benefits of lucrative criminal activities conducted such as business ventures by terrorists and organized crime groups. Consequently, there was a mutually beneficial association among the three sectors. In this study, Brazilian Hizballah will serve as a microcosm.


A number of free-Trade American regions with massive Middle Eastern populations permit organized crime mafias, Islamic terrorist groups, and corrupt…… [Read More]


Almeida, J. (2008). Brazil in focus: Economic, political and social issues. New York: Nova Science Publishers.

Duyan, A., & NATO Emerging Security Challenges Division. (2012). Defence against terrorism: Different dimensions and trends of an emerging threat: [proceedings of the NATO Advanced Training Course on Defence Against Terrorism: Different Dimensions and Trends of the Emerging Threat - Terrorism, Kabul, Afghanistan, 23-27 May 2010]. Amsterdam: Ios Pres in cooperation with NATO Emerging Security Challenges Division.

Friedlander, R.A., Levie, H.S. & Lovelace, D.C. (2009). Terrorism: Documents of international and local control. Dobbs Ferry, N.Y: Oceana Publications.

Giraldo, J.K. (2007). Terrorism financing and state responses: A comparative perspective. Stanford, Calif: Stanford Univ. Press.
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Transformative Art the Artists That I Have

Words: 1928 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64134110

Transformative Art

The artists that I have chosen to spotlight come from three continents and different ethnicities. They are actors, musicians, lyricists, rappers, poets, and comedians. They are also revolutionaries who are using art to transform the world that they live within into a better place.

Saul illiams

Saul illiams is an artist with many interests and abilities; he is hard to place in a single category. Saul illiams is a poet-both written and spoken; an actor; a philosopher; a rapper; a rock-star; a productive musician; a producer…and the list continues (illiams, Bio). No matter what genre illiams is creating within, one thing remains the same- namely, the theme underlying his work. In all of illiams's work, whether one looks in the albums, the movies, the song tracks, or the books, one can find illiams' commitment to transforming individuals by challenging and transforming how they think, what they believe, what…… [Read More]

Work Cited

Gilmartin, T.A. "Margaret Cho Takes Aim at Homophobia and Hatred on Her New 'Assassin'

Tour." Lesbian News 01 Mar. 2005: 26-27. < .>

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Dec. 2011.<    /2011/09/25/opinion/sunday/returning-to-somalia-after-20-years.html.>
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Dubai Expo 2020 Finance

Words: 5212 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34297903


In November, 2013, Dubai won the rights to the World Expo 2020, setting into motion a major project that will make a substantial contribution to Dubai's economy and be a catalyst for what the emirate hopes will be the continuation of the economic boom that began two decades ago.

Dubai expects that the Expo 2020 will attract 25 million visitors to the emirate over the six months that the Expo will run. This will make it the largest such project in the history of Dubai, and in size the Expo will in all likelihood eclipse the Qatar World Cup as the largest event in the history of the Middle East. Linked to the overall strategy to make Dubai a world-class destination, the World Expo 2020 is going to be part of a larger tourism centerpiece that is expected to propel that sector to become one of the largest revenue-earners…… [Read More]


Arnold, T. (2012). Dubai shows way to diversify economies. The National Retrieved May 5, 2014 from 

Branigan, T. (2010). Shanghai 2010 Expo is set to be the world's most expensive party. The Guardian. Retrieved May 6, 2014 from 

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Mercer. (2014). Quality of living report. Mercer. Retrieved May 6, 2014 from
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Management in Very Day Life it Is

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In very day life, it is a common occurrence to attend various special meetings to celebrate a given occasion. These meetings can also be for education purposes, promotions or commemorations. The occurrence of such special meetings constitutes an event. Therefore, to make this event happen, a long process of planning and preparing for the event takes place. Thus, this process of applying the skills and structures of project management to create and develop a festival, celebration, conference or social gathering is what makes event management (eid & Bojanic, 2010). Event management is significantly involving for the people who are organizing the event as they have several factors to ensure are in place for the event. Currently, there are several events; world events all over the world such as the Olympics and the world-cup games, which involve not only a portion of the bodies involved, but also the whole country…… [Read More]


Allen, J. (2009). Event planning: The ultimate guide to successful meetings, corporate events, fund-raising galas, conferences, conventions, incentives and other special events.


Ont: J. Wiley & Sons Canada.

Anholt, S. (2009). Places: Identity, image and reputation. Houndmills, Basingstoke: Palgrave
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Luciano Pavarotti Introduction to Opera-

Words: 3835 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 26009534

In June, 1966he first appeared in Covent Garden in another Donizetti role, Tonio in la Fille du egiment and was so skilled at the difficult range of the role the press dubbed him the "King of the High C's" (Woodstra, Brennan and Schrott, iv; (Ah Mes Amis - Live at Covet Garden 1966).

He began recording and adding to his repetoire; 1969 opposite enata Scotto in I Lombardi, the rarely performed I Caputelti e I Montecchi, and a complete L'Elisir d'Amore with his now famous friend, Sutherland. On Feburary 17, 1972, Pavarotti made a stunning breakthrough at the Metropolitan Opera in La Fille, receiving 17 curtain calls and wild raves from both the crowd and critics; as well as doting praise from Mirella Freini (emembering Pavarotti; a Mes Amis - Live at the Met 1972).

From then on, Pavarotti was in demand as a world-class tenor. He was brought into…… [Read More]


"Ah Mes Amis - Live at the Met 1972." 1972. You Tube. November 2010 .

"Ah Mes Amis - Live at Covet Garden 1966." June 1966. YouTube. November 2010 .

Arendt, P. "It Was All About the Voice." 7 September 2007. The Guardian. November 2010 .

Block, M. "60 Minutes Story About Singer." 15 October 2004. Television Newswriting Workship. November 2010 .
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Marketing Strategies of Coke and Pepsi in Thailand and UK

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marketing strategies of Coca-Cola and Pepsi in Thailand and UK

Coca-Cola and Pepsi, rated among the top companies in the world share a common fact - for several years, both these companies have been successfully selling a simple product made of water and sugar to almost all countries. This would have been impossible unless the companies were able to create sustained excitement over their products and brands among the people and its employees. (Davis and Dunn, 2002)

This study is of interest because both are extra-ordinary companies in terms of brand penetration in even the toughest markets such as China and the middle-eastern countries. Coca-Cola is the world's number brand and Pepsi is also among the top brand names in the world. In 2000, Coca-Cola's sales surpassed one billion units per day and it had 239 products, selling across 200 countries. Coca-Cola and Pepsi are seen as arch rivals by…… [Read More]


Angel, M. "The Taste Challenge" Retrieved at on 25 April 2004

Pepsi Targets Asian Markets" (March 24, 2002) Asian Market Research News Retrieved from Accessed on 25 April 2004

Coke recalls controversial water" (2004) BBC News

Retrieved at March Accessed on 25 April 2004
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analysis of a'soccer position in turkey

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UEFA Certificate in Football Management -- The Turkish Edition

Assessment Guidelines

Each participant is expected to submit his/her assignment for Module 1, 2 & 3 by the 07.05.2017 directly to IDHEAP project manager. Participants should provide concrete evidence facts and references) to consolidate observations and assess the feasibility of the recommendations made. We emphasise the fact that these observations should be personal ones, drawn from their own assessment and not necessarily reflecting those of their institution. You are expected to write 250 words or more) for each of the questions.

Criteria for Grading Assignments

Assignment grades will be communicated three weeks after they have been submitted which will give participants ample opportunity to take into consideration the constructive feedback they have been given and use this to improve their subsequent submission. The criteria for grading are listed in the table below.

Criteria for Grading Written Assignments

Clear presentation…… [Read More]

(Hughen, Lulseged, & Upton, 2014)

(Gonzalez, 2014)

(Jimoh & Danlami, 2011)
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Management the People of the

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b) The Football Championship in Lisbon

The capital of Portugal has received little investments in developments and infrastructure from both the public as well as the private sectors. But the football championship has stimulated the construction and development of two stadiums in north and northeast parts of the capital, namely the Benfica and Alvalade stadiums.

The hosting of the football championships, supported by the two stadiums, draws the attention of investors and stimulates their efforts to set out new operations in the community, supporting as such its social and economic development.

"In general terms, those buildings give support to a modern city vision, that attempts to preserve its ancient culture at the same time it projects an image of progress.

Those infrastructures, given their magnitude in the urban context, might help to promote Lisbon as an international capital. They will certainly allow the city to re-structure its present functional structure.…… [Read More]


Barghchi, M., Omar, D., Aman, M.S., 2009, Cities, sports facilities development and hosting events, European Journal of Social Sciences, Vol. 10, No. 2

Copley, J., 2005, Sports events leave a giant 'ecological footprint', New Scientist, last accessed on October 26, 2011

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Gursoy, D., Kendall, K.W., 2006, Hosting mega-events: modelling locals' support, Annals of Tourism Research, Vol. 33, No. 3
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Event Sponsorship

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Marketing Communication

My marketing concept is event sponsorship. Event sponsorship is when a company agrees to pay money to event organizers in exchange for the opportunity to use the event as a marketing platform. There are many benefits to event sponsorship, including brand exposure, but the primary benefit is for brand associations to be created. Typically, the brand is associated with the event, which might be an athletic event, a charitable event or a community event. The sponsorship works on the principle of image transfer, where the positive associations of the event are transferred to the brand that has provided the sponsorship (Gwinner & Eaton, 1999). It has been argued that the greater the fit between the brand and the event, the better this image transfer will be (Haden, 2014).

There are several examples that can be found of event sponsorship. At very high levels, we can look to the…… [Read More]


Gwinner, K. & Eaton, J. (1999). Building brand image through event sponsorship: The role of image transfer. Journal of Advertising. Vol. 28 (4) 47-57.

Haden, J. (2014). Sponsoring an event? Tips to maximize your return. Inc. Magazine. Retrieved August 31, 2014 from 

Mack, R. (1999). Event sponsorship: An exploratory study of small business objectives, practices and perceptions. Journal of Small Business Management. Vol. 37 (3).
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Mia Hamm

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fictionalized view of soccer great Mia Hamm that has been drawn from factual evidence. The writer uses first person narratives and creates a fictional setting from which to display the wonders of the soccer champion's abilities. The writer uses factual evidence to provide the fictional account. There were ten sources used to complete this paper.

Mia Hamm

I have never been a soccer fan. Well let me change that, I was never a soccer fan because I never knew anything about the game. When I was small I played for one season and I remember everybody running around in the sun chasing a ball until the whistle blew. It did not seem like something I could get into and I signed up for basketball the following year. Because I have never been a soccer fan I was quite surprised when a friend invited me to go to the world cup…… [Read More]


Mia Hamm

U.S. player pool
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Portfolio Management Project

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Portfolio Management Project

Selected 10 companies



purchase date purchase price

Apple, Inc.


Industry/Sector: Technology/Personal Computer -- Investment Style: Large Growth



Communications Systems Inc.

Industry/Sector: Technology/Data Storage -- Investment Style: Small Growth

Joy Global Inc.


Industry/Sector: Farm/Const/Mach -- Investment Style: Large Growth


Industry/Sector: Consumer Services -- Investment Style: International

Gerdau SA


Industry/Sector: Steal & Iron -- Investment Style: International

Gol Linhas


Aereas Inteligentes SA

Industry/Sector: egional Airline -- Investment Style: International

Green Mountain



Coffee oasters Inc.

Industry/Sector: Processed Pkgd gds -- Investment Style: Small Growth

io Tinto PLC


10/21 / 2009

Industry/Sector: Steal & Iron -- Investment Style: International

Vale SA




Industry/Sector: Steal & Iron -- Investment Style: International





Group Inc.

Industry/Sector: estaurants -- Investment Style: Small Growth


Investing today is about taking advantage of growth from a broader…… [Read More]

Reference Model (OSI) Layer 2-3 switches and routers, which enable the use of bandwidth-intensive network business applications and digital entertainment on local area networks and wide area networks. Its Application Delivery Controller segment offers OSI Layer 4-7 switches that allow enterprises and service providers to build network infrastructures to direct the flow of traffic, as well as provides file area network products and associated management solutions. The company's Global Services segment includes break/fix maintenance, extended warranty, installation, consulting, network management, related software maintenance, and telecommunications services that assist customers in designing, implementing, deploying, and managing networking solutions, as well as post-contract customer support and customer support services. It offers its products and services to end-user customers directly and through various distribution partners, including original equipment manufacturers, distributors, systems integrators, and value-added resellers in the United States, western Europe, Japan, and the greater Asia Pacific region. The company was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in San Jose, California. (Yahoo Finance)

Industry: Data Storage Devices



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Textiles Influence on Architecture the

Words: 1358 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9145244

" According to Cynthia McQuaid: "Textiles are an incredible part of our world in ways we don't understand. Plastics were extraordinary and still are. Textiles have been overlooked." (Hales, 2005) Hales further relates the familiarity of technical textiles in the form of "Kevlar, Mylar, Gore-Tex, Teflon and Velcro." (Hales, 2005)

New on the textile scene is 'Vectran' a "muscle fiber made through a process of melt extrusion using liquid ctystal polymer pellets." (Ibid) Another newcomer to the textile industry is "Superline" which has a mass of 36.5 million polyester filaments and has enough strength to hold 4.4 million pounds. The Superline was designed for mooring an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Peter Testa, an architect from Santa Monica, California as well as the founding direction of MIT's Emergent Design Group has designed a carbon fiber building. Carbon fibers are being used for various purposes including the design of…… [Read More]


Prvacki, M. (2003) Brickyards and Beehives. Online available at

Rimmer, S. (1997) the Symbolic Form of Architecture. Online available at,+Gottfried+Semper&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=60&gl=us.

Hales, Linda (2005) When Textiles Go to Extremes. Washington Post. 17 April 2005. Online available at .

Architectural Textiles: World Cup Showcase in 2006 and Beyond (2007) Textiles Intelligence. Market Research. Online available at
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Mega Sports Event to a

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The Wimbledon Tennis tournament as a hallmark-sporting event creates these social and cultural impact of the community. This is because according to theory transient and recurring events act as important methods of collecting identification of host communities. They present opportunities of asserting, reproducing, reinforcing, and contesting prevailing cultural values and beliefs and social norms (Quinn 2009). Hallmark events are identified as functions that support and reinforce the image of established social and cultural norms.

PR Newswire (2012) indicates the unpredictability of the effects of Olympics as its impact may be difficult to evaluate. However, in the case of London's 2012 Olympics, the games left a lasting impression on the socio-cultural context of ritain. According to Dhar (2012), the games led to the unification and social spirit of unity among the ritish during 2012, as compared to the divided and lawlessness associated with urban riots in 2011. The games increased the…… [Read More]


Akerlund, U 2008. Implementation of hallmark events among tourism stakeholders: the discourses of Umea's bid for European Capital of Culture 2014

Andersson, TD, Armbrecht, J and Lundberg, E, 2008. Impact of Mega-Events on the Economy. Asian Business & Management, 7(2), pp. 163-179.

Andrea, C, Andrew, F, Munday, M, and Roberts, a 2007. Assessing the Environmental Consequences of Major Sporting Events: The 2003/04 FA Cup Final. Urban Studies, Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 44(3), pp. 457-476.

Anonymous 2012, Apr 18. Olympics 2012: The Economic Impact Market Assessment 2012. PR Newswire.
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ABC London Events Co

Words: 3106 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73859777

Operations Management

Licenses and Requirements

Event Management

Risk Management

CSR and Sustainability

ABC London Events Co. will have many considerations to make before deciding on whether to host an event. One of the initial decisions will undoubtedly be financial as for-profit event management companies must return an adequate return to their investors. However, once the business case for the event is made, this is only the beginning and there are many subsequent decisions to be made. The planning phase of any event is arguably the most important aspect of hosting an effective event. There are many different objectives that events can address and planning for different types of events can take different approaches. This analysis will focus on cultural and sporting events and discuss various considerations that an event manager will have to make in order for the event to be a success. The research found that planning and risk…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Benta, D., 2011. On Best Practices for Risk Management in Complex Projects.. Informatica Economica, pp. 142-152.

COSO, 2004. Enterprise Risk Management. Treadway Commission, pp. 1-7.

Eventum, 2015. Events Management Resources Handbook. Events Management Program Team, Volume 1, pp. 1-45.

Gibson, O. & Watts, J., 2013. World Cup: Rio favelas being 'socially cleansed' in runup to sporting events. [Online]
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Hooliganism When Good Blokes Go

Words: 2649 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75429996

Hooliganism, like other forms of violent and aggressive behavior, can be traced to frustrated male needs for assertion, and the staunch identification with a sports team gives at once a sense of belonging and a clearly demarcated territory to "protect" (Farrington 1994). In this way, hooliganism fulfills a need that males who feel culturally disenfranchised experience in a sharp way (Farrington 1994).

Other scholars take a more historical view of hooliganism, tracing its origins and development in the twentieth century as a means of constructing a series of cause-and-effect sequences that led to the height of hooliganism and associated violence in the 1980s, and is possibly leading to a second rise today (Dunning 2000). Also included in this particular piece of research were interviews and other recorded statements made by hooliganism participants, and these demonstrated from a different perspective many findings similar to those of Farrington (1994): many men were…… [Read More]


Dunning, E. (2000). Towards a Sociological Understanding of Football Hooliganism as a World Phenomenon. European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research 8(2): 141-62.

Farrington, D. (1994). Childhood, adolescent, and adult features of violent males. In Aggressive Behavior: Current Perspectives. New York: Plenum Press.

Kerr, J. (1994). Understanding Soccer Hooliganism. New York: Open University Press.

Johnston, I. (2010). Should fans fear British soccer hooligans? MSNBC. Accessed 6 December 2010.
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Dividing and Unifying Effects of

Words: 1373 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15579466

This has led to reconciliation among the divided states. It is this unifying theme that is also expressed in both the book, Friday Night Lights, as well as the movie, Miracle.

The Unifying Effects of Representative Sports as Demonstrated in Friday Night Lights and Miracle:

In Bissinger's Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a Dream, the author explores the societal webwork that is Odessa, Texas. An oil town that soars and plummets as oil comes and goes, is held together by the local high school football team -- the Permian Panthers. In the book, Odessa is a town that is both metaphorically and literally divided. There is the racial division of hites vs. Blacks and Hispanics. Reminiscent of a far earlier time in America, hites in Odessa in the late 1980s, on the whole are bigots, who feel Blacks are inferior.

There is only thing Blacks are valued…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Bissinger, H.G. Friday Night Lights. New York and Washington D.C.: Da Capo Press, 2000. Print.

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Hoglund, Kristine & Sundberg, Ralph. "Reconciliation Through Sports? The Case of South Africa." Third World Quarterly Jun 2008: 805-818. Print.
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Ethnicity and Tourism Ethnicity Affects Many Aspects

Words: 918 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63959720

Ethnicity and Tourism

Ethnicity affects many aspects of tourism but is an aspect that is still poorly understood. Ethnicity is a concept that is quite problematic due to its variability and complexity in relation to social structure. Tourism has contributed to the process of the formation of identity in new nations and at the same time may encourage the majority population to reevaluate the perceptions they have on minorities.

Sporting activities have given rise to a new form of tourism. This is what is now known as sports tourism. If we talk of sport as a way of tourism we must first give a definition of sport tourism. Therefore sport tourism includes travelling away from an area where one resides to either take part in a sport for recreation, for competing, traveling to observe sports at grassroots or elite level or travelling to visit a sport attraction like sport hall…… [Read More]


Ottevanger, H.(2007). Sports Tourism: Factors of influence on sport event visit motivation. Retrieved October 1, 2013 from

Luna, E.(2010). How the 1992 Summer Olympics Benefitted Tourism in Barcelona. Retrieved October 1, 2013 from
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Application of Feedback in Motor Learning

Words: 2367 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42123682



When io de Janeiro recently won its bid to host the 2016 Olympic Games, they had one world famous representative on their Olympic committee that may have actually been more famous than our President Barak Obama. This individual may not be a household name in America, but he is most famous for scoring 2 goals in the 1958 World Cup championships when he was only 17 years old. This made him the youngest player to ever play in these renowned championships and over the course of his distinguished career; the majority of the football world would certainly consider him to be the best soccer player ever. Brazil actually has declared this individual as a national treasure in order to thwart other teams and countries from stealing him away and out of their country. His name is Edson Arantes Do Nascimento, but you may know him simply as --…… [Read More]


Adams, James A. (1971). "A Closed-Loop Theory of Motor Learning." Journal of Motor Behavior 3:111-150.

Keele, Steven W. (1968). "Movement Control in Skilled Motor Performance." Psychological Bulletin 70:387-403.

Leawoods, Heather. "Gustav Radbruch: An Extraordinary Legal Philosopher." Retrieved on November 3, 2009, from

Magill, R, A. (2007) "Motor Learning Control: Concepts and Applications. McGraw Hill: Louisiana State University, USA.
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Shunsuke Nakamura Is One of

Words: 877 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42290928

Though he received a hand and knee injury in the 2006 and 2007 seasons, Nakamura was still able to compete in many of the post-season games that Celtic played during those years. Nakamura was also nominated for the Ballon d'or award in 2007, or the "golden ball" award (Hurley, 2010). This is a very prestigious award within the league and game of soccer, and Nakamura has always appreciated this nomination as it shows that even through his injury-prone seasons abroad and at eggina, he has been able to secure a more than modest amount of appreciation and recognition.

After the 2008 season, Nakamura moved to Espanyol. He had always indicated he wanted to play in Spain, but finally got the chance in the 2009-2010 season. At Espanyol, Nakamura was subject to a two-year contract, pending medical certifications in the pre-season (Hurley, 2010). After a series of injuries and less than…… [Read More]


Hurley, Michael. (2010). World Cup 2010: An Unauthorized Guide. China: CTPS.

Watt, Tom. (2010). A Beautiful Game: The World's Greatest Players and How Soccer Changed

Their Lives. New York: Harper Collins.
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Nlf Europa by the End

Words: 2614 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69007428

Soccer balls can be made of rubber or leather; to develop soccer skills a regular ball is not required. For a European nation to develop into a football playing or football loving nation, the country has to develop the sport at the grassroots. It seems to be too much effort for countries that already have an established interest in several different sports.

The sports that come close to football are rugby, which is played in Europe and many other parts of the world and Australian ules football, otherwise known as footie. Both sports require far less infrastructure than football. Only a specific kind of ball is required. Both rugby and footie does not use specialized protective equipment. Most other countries also play basketball, the European nations play hockey and a few nations even play baseball. But none of these sports require the specialized infrastructure of football.

Quality of Players

In…… [Read More]

References> "American Football History." 2009. April 10, 2009. <.

HIndustan. "Ipl Moves to Sa, but What About 'City Loyalties'?" Johannesburg, South Africa, 2009. Hindustan Times. April 10, 2009. . "The Original World League of American Football." 2009. April 10, 2009. .
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Emirates Airlines the Purpose of

Words: 7279 Length: 26 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 953622

" (Knorr and Eisenkopf, 2004) the fifth and final strength identified for Emirates Airline in the work of Knorr and Eisenkopf (2004) is stated to be the Emirates "...award-winning service in all classes, which is matched or exceeded only by very few other carriers such as Singapore Airlines. Sixth, clever marketing - for example, Emirates, not Lufthansa - was named official carrier of the 2006 FIFA World Cup hosted by Germany - has created a very strong brand awareness worldwide. Finally, since the UAE's currency is firmly pegged to the U.S. dollar, Emirates has benefited, at least in recent years, from an additional devaluation-related cost advantage, especially vis-a-vis its Eurozone-based rivals." (2004)

Strengths of Emirates Airline Identified

The work of Knorr and Eisenkopf (2004) state that Emirates Airline weaknesses are really hard to pinpoint however, derived from what is a "notoriously unreliable...source...some posters on travel-related internet blogs are complaining about…… [Read More]


De Chernatony, Leslie (2006) From Band Vision to Brand Evaluation. Butterworth-Heinemann. Google Books Online available at,M1

Deyes, Reena Amos (2008) Branding a Key Component for Development of Airlines. Landor - Thinking in the News May 2008. Online available at

Emirates - a First Class Primer (2008) About FIFA. Online available at

Emirates to Launch First Commercial A380 Service to America (2008) Emirates News 9 June 2008. Online available at
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Australian Financial Review 2-5-06 Illustrates

Words: 399 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61503781

Therefore, the company needs to aggressively pursue legal action against companies to ensure that the integrity of its brand is maintained.

A high profile event like the orld Cup can provide a platform for an athletic wear company, so that company must move aggressively to ensure that no other company steals the spotlight for which it has rightfully paid. This approach is necessary as well because of the lack of protection for intellectual property in some countries.

This article also illustrates the concept of expansion by acquisition. In order to bolster its presence in North America, the largest market for athletic apparel, Adidas purchased Reebok. The company can retain the brand it has purchased, or utilize the acquisition's distribution channels and market share for its own advantage. The strength of the acquired brand will in part dictate this decision. It should be remembered in such situations that the specific products…… [Read More]

Works Cited:

Marinovich, S. (2006). Adidas puts boot in to protect hard-earned stripes. Australian Financial Review. 2-5-06, p.61
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Twentieth Century the Brazilian National Character Had

Words: 1967 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96413377

twentieth century, the Brazilian national character had shed the veil of colonialism in favor of its own unique personality, one of the religiously historic samba, celebratory carnival, and a universal passion for soccer. The athletic fanaticism was steered at the helm by Edsom Arantes de Nascimento, the famous Pele. One of the most famed athletes in international sports, Pele was born to a poor Brazilian family in 1940.

While the samba music of the cities gained international attention, the burgeoning soccer star honed his kick on a stuffed sock. Years later, after scoring his 1,000th goal and garnering national love and world-wide hype, Pele's biggest contribution to the Brazilian people was clear. Through soccer, the beloved national pastime, Brazil surmounted many of the complex hurdles in developing a modern identity, navigating race relations, and becoming an important part of an international focus.

Unlike other popular colonial sports brought to the…… [Read More]

Lever, 147.

Pele, p .121.

Associated Press dispatch from Sao Paolo, Brazil, to the Denver Post, 8 December, 1968.
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Business Law and Sports

Words: 516 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17992383

FIFA wanted to increase compliance with its regulations and pursue investigations where players insult each other under FIFA Disciplinary Code Article 54. How would you advise FIFA to accomplish this?

A story occurred in July 2006, where Zinedine Zidaine, a hugely popular French football player butted his competitor during the World Cup match in Berlin. Zidaine won and was acclaimed as a hero in his country but, within two days of the World Cup final, FIFA announced that disciplinary proceedings against Zidaine had begun and that his action could not go unnoticed. FIFA's president announced that Zidaine may have to return the Golden Ball award. The roots of the problem, however, were not so clear: Zidaine's opponent, the Italian Materazzi had taunted Zidaine on his roots and family and had insulted him (Babson). The FIFA Disciplinary Code Article 54 prohibits players from insulting one another. Insults often lead into violence…… [Read More]


Babson: Zidaine's last red card. (pdf) Social Responsibitly

FIFA Disciplianry Code. 2011.
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Business Source Premier Nielson Library Deals Marketing

Words: 1232 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18513070

Business Source Premier (Nielson Library) deals marketing issues. The article current ( month). efer text chapter titles heading topic suggestions. Make include article attachment include UL I refer article.

Business Article Analysis

The article that is reviewed in this paper is titled "Off and unning: Professors Comment on Olympics" and presents certain important opinions on the Olympic games. The article presents the comments and opinions of important specialists that focus on marketing and business administration, like Stephen Greyser, John Macomber, and John Gourville. These are some of the most important professors at the Harvard Business School. The most important points of this article refer to the explanations these experts try to provide on the marketing success of the Olympics in comparison with other sports competitions. In addition to this, they try to identify some of the factors that determine the success of the organizers (Greyser et al., 2012). The pricing…… [Read More]

Reference list:

1. Greyser, S. et al. (2012). Off and Running: Professors Comment on Olympics. Harvard Business School. Retrieved August 14, 2012 from

2. Blanding, M. (2012). Why Good Deeds Invite Bad Publicity. Harvard Business School. Retrieved August 14, 2012 from
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Motivation the Concept of Motivation Has as

Words: 1254 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50475434


The concept of motivation has as many diverse meanings as there are its application and intended purpose for its application. Word Net (2011) gives a psychological angle of the motivation idea. It describes motivation as a psychological element that prompts an organism into deeds focused on a set target or goal. Motivation is said to be the reason driving the action, or that which attaches direction, control and behavior to behavior of an individual.

It is considered the as the aspect that prompts, directs and sustains or maintains the target/goal oriented behavior of human beings. In the study of motor response and receptors, motivation is summarized as what causes an organism to act, be it withdrawing your hand due to pain, or running after an ice cream vendor when craving ice-cream.

Motivation encapsulates the biological, social and the cognitive drives that initiate behavior. In our daily interaction, we describe…… [Read More]

References, (2011). What Is Motivation? Retrieved march 17, 2011 from

Helium, (2008). Organizational Behavior and Motivation: Psychological and sociological insights. Retrieved march 17, 2011 from

Huitt, W. (2001). Motivation to learn: An overview. Educational Psychology Interactive.

Valdosta, GA: Valdosta State University. Retrieved march 17, 2011 from
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Strategy Implementation Coca-Cola

Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9327916

Coca-Cola: Strategy Implementation

The Coca-Cola Company's organization is a double-edged sword. The Company's structure is one of global decentralization in which the Company manufactures and sells concentrates, bases and syrups, owns the brands and conducts marketing initiatives, while its global "partners" manufacture, package, merchandise and distribute the final products. This business model involves a "tall hierarchy" of at least 5 levels in which daily operations are apparently left to lower levels while long-term planning and extended-vision is handled by higher levels. The Company also employs committees to handle vital functions such as audit and budget, while using task forces to study unusual-but-possible repetitive problems that may arise for the Company. The management style is apparently very culturally adaptable, optimistic, passionate, responsible and rewarding, having lower level management handle day-to-day operations while upper management focuses on long-range objectives. The Company's conflict-resolution style is also quite adaptable, using Ombudsmen who are confidential,…… [Read More]

Resources questions related to Ingram et al. Vs. The Coca-Cola Company and that task force issued a report every year from 2002 through 2006; consequently, the Company apparently assigns ad hoc task forces to study special problems that arise for the Company (Coca-Cola Company, 2012).

b. Systems

i. How are budgets set?

The budgets are prepared annually by the Finance Committee, which submits both annual budgets and financial estimates to the Board of Directors for approval. In performing these and
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Tourism Communications

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Tourism Dynamics

State Department issues travel warnings for the world's different countries and territories. For Mexico, these warnings are rather comprehensive, providing not just a state-by-state breakdown of the security situation but in some cases a town-by-town one. In some cases, routes are prescribed: "U.S. government personnel are authorized to use Federal toll road 15D for travel to Mexico City; however, they may not stop in the town of La Barca for any reason" (State Department, 2015). Even laypeople, when you tell them you are going to Mexico, get a look of concern on their faces, and feel obliged to tell you that it is not safe there. Yet Mexico ranks 15th in the world in international overnight visitors, with 24.1 million per year, according to the World Bank (2014). Mexico is, in fact, one of the world's most popular tourism destinations. It is not the only country with a…… [Read More]


AP (2012). 10 years after Bali bombing, victims remembered as tourists flood into popular resort island. Fox News. Retrieved April 25, 2015 from

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Cultural Differences of UK and

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(Ng and Tuen 2006 pp.23-25) They demand basic necessities only. (Abdelal & Tedlow 2003 pp.23-25) This creates rooms for Giordano and Baleno in exploiting the low-end market by charging reasonable price at good quality level Mary Kay is a foreign branded cosmetics firm. It has done a research to know more abo^ the Chinese make up habit the Chinese ladies are generally having different make up habit from the western ladies. Mary Kay has to adapt certain shades of make up in China, Most importantly, Chinese views "face" as a kind of "respect and consideration." (Lu 2001 pp.32) This want "face" culture is consistent with the Chairman of a-Fontane's views that the Nouveau iche want to show off and this can represent their status. If the foreign marketers in China do not grant some favors or show respect to the Chinese counterpart, it is hard to build up a long-term…… [Read More]


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China Statistical Publishing House (Zhongguo Tongji Chunbanshe) (2008) Statistical Yearbook of Shanghai (Beijing Tongji Nianjian). Beijing: Author, pp.225
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Twentieth Century Sports Remained a

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Sports have become a viable means to stimulate local and even national economies. Before the twentieth century, such a thing would have been completely unheard of, preposterous to even consider. The tools of the global marketplace make sports absolutely relevant in a global economy. A local sports team can draw investment from outside of the community, leading to a growth in small businesses as well as the establishment of external companies. The result is more local jobs and growth in tourism and associated service industries. Even national economies benefit from sports. A nation with a winning soccer team enjoys an effect not unlike a marketing buzz. Especially teams that host major international sports events like the Olympics or the World Cup enjoy foreign direct investments.

Therefore, globalization has had the greatest impact on sports culture and history. The exchange of players across national boundaries has facilitated the development of superpower…… [Read More]

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Turkish Minority and Influence in

Words: 1729 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28348440

2010. Ethnic Groups in Germany: Sorbs, altic Germans, Turks in Germany, Chinese People in Germany, Vietnamese People in Germany, Circassians. General ooks LLC.

Coe, M. Neil., Kelly, F. Phillip., and Yeung, Wai-Chung, Henry. 2007. Economic geography: a contemporary introduction. Wiley-lackwell.

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ooks, LLC., and General ooks LLC, Ethnic Groups in Germany: Sorbs, altic Germans, Turks in Germany, Chinese People in Germany, Vietnamese People…… [Read More]


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Mainstream Media vs Ethnic Media

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For example, the Monday, June 12 online version of the New York Beacon has on the front page a story (originally published May 24, 2006) titled "Ray Nagin Re-Election Forced by Power Grabbing hites." The story reported that it was "white people, not blacks, who got Ray Nagin elected." Another story of great interest to black readers was the article (May 6, 2006) on U.S. Congressman Bill Jefferson, who is accused of accepting bribes, and whose Capitol Hill office was raided by the FBI ("Is a Double-Standard being used to Judge Rep. Bill Jefferson?").

The Beacon has several parts of the paper available (Opinion, Sports, Lifestyle, Obituaries, Family) available through links on the front page. Under "Op-Ed" an article by Jimmy Booker reports that "Bob Brown, one of Africa's greatest sons on Friday, May 12, 2006 filed a historic lawsuit with the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois, Law Division…… [Read More]

Works Cited

New York Amsterdam News. 2006. Various articles retrieved Monday, June 12, 2006, at

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Perched Above Trouble During the

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Some night, however, even though the bombing planes were gone, one would invade my dreams and I would wake up shaking, hiding my head beneath my gray flannel cover.

Two years after the war ended, something I did not plan for happened that left another hole in my heart, when for first time I felt the pain of losing a loved one. My grandfather died. Muslims adhere to specific plans regarding their burial sites. Adherents of different faiths are buried in separate places, while non-Muslims are not buried alongside those of other faiths. My family, though not active in the Muslim religion, participated in the religious reituals following the death of a family member ("Rituals of Death…," p.1).

When my grandfather died, the gravediggers dug him a separate grave for him to be buried separately. The practice of burying one person per grave has changed for some families since that…… [Read More]

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Diversity Audit the Coca Cola Company Is

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Diversity Audit

The Coca Cola Company is well-known for its commitment to diversity. The Company has a workforce where almost half the employees are women. However, their representation on the senior management levels is only 26%. The company also recruits racial minorities and members from the LGBT community. The company has institutional mechanisms to ensure that workforce diversity is respected and appreciated throughout the organization. Senior managers demonstrate their commitment to diversity by heading the Business esource Groups for specific minorities. This supports the theory that senior management should demonstrate commitment to implementing core values (Davidson 2004, p. 286). The Coca Cola Company also pursues diversity in its marketing campaigns to cater to the diverse communities in which it sells its products. The company has also expanded its supplier network to include firms owned and managed by minorities and women. The company also has plans to increase the number of…… [Read More]


Airaksinen, T., and Gasparski, W. (1993). Practical Philosophy and Action Theory. Transaction Publishers.

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Powerade Marketing Plan Controls Powerade Implementation Milestones

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Marketing plan

Controls: PowerAde

Implementation milestones

Coca-Cola's PowerAde is one of the primary rivals of PepsiCo's Gatorade in the sports beverage market. Gatorade is the most popular sports beverage drink "with sales of 553 million cases last year" (PowerAde seeks to gain zero-calorie consumers to rival Gatorade, 2011, Sports Business Daily). However, PowerAde has undertaken some aggressive moves to position itself ahead of its rivals. In 2011, PowerAde replaced another of its rivals, Vitamin Water "on the sidelines of 88 NCAA non-football championships, including baseball and basketball, giving it wide-ranging marketing rights" (PowerAde seeks to gain zero-calorie consumers to rival Gatorade, 2011, Sports Business Daily). PowerAde sales have tripled in the last ten years, showing Coca-Cola's ability to expand its marketing outreach in this area.

PowerAde has positioned itself as a lower-cost alternative to Gatorade, offering the same electrolyte replenishment at a lower price. But overall, Coca-Cola does not…… [Read More]


Keep playing campaign. (2008). Marketing case studies. Retrieved November 27, 2011 at 

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Constitution. Retrieved November 27, 2011 at

McWilliams, Jeremiah. (2011). PowerAde, Gatorade go after youth market. The Atlanta
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Alcohol and Youth According to the Center

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Alcohol and Youth

According to the Center on Marketing and Youth (CAMY), states are not doing very much in terms of keeping adolescents and other youth from being over-exposed to alcohol-related advertisements on television. The liquor and beer companies are clearly interested in getting young people started with their particular brand, and through television commercials those companies make beer and liquor seem very "cool" to impressionable young people. This paper reviews and critiques the literature on youth and alcohol-related advertising on television -- including peer-reviewed scholarship from several sources.

Youth Exposure to Alcohol Advertising

The Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth -- a component of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health -- reports that the amount of advertising on television that specifically targets youth rose by 38% between 2001 and 2007. About one in five alcohol advertisements was placed on programs that attracts young people ages 12 to…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth. (2008). Youth Exposure to Alcohol Advertising on Television, 2001-2007. Retrieved March 17, 2013, from .

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Contemporary Drug Problems, 37(1), 57-89.

Siegel, Michael, King, Charles, Ostroff, Joshua, Ross, Craig, Dixon, Karen, and Jernigan, David
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About My Own Social Media Marketing Campaign Plan

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Social Media Marketing

Importance of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is now considered as one of the most important function of any business. Large companies and programs focus on improving their function of marketing on social sites and blogs like Face book, Twitter, Pinterest and so on. Since, there are examples of many big and small businesses that made huge benefits via social media marketing. Coca-Cola has about 35,000,000 fans and this number increases by 9,000 on average a day. Disney and Starbucks have also made great progress but they still need to make efforts to reach up to the level of Coca-Cola.

When developing a social media marketing strategy, a company first has to choose suitable sites for the business since all of the social sites do not work out. Therefore, the marketing team has to make an analysis and then devise a suitable plan. Once the sites…… [Read More]


Hitz. (2011, October 13). Brands on Social Media. Retrieved August 26, 2012, from

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Poston, L. (n.d.). How to Use Social Media Metrics To Increase Your Business. Retrieved from
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Pindar's Olympian History Tells Us That at

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Pinda's Olympian

Histoy tells us that at the coe of the ideal citizen in Ancient Geece was a combination of intellectual undestanding (philosophy, science, etc.) and the manne in which the individual could bette his mind and body though athletic competition. In some city-states the intellectual was pedominant (Athens), in othes the physical natue of enduance, stength and competition (Spata). Contests in spot wee not just oganized to impove the health of the body, howeve, and athe than team spots it was moe the idea of the individual against his own ecod and othe individuals. In fact, the Geeks believed that thei passion fo athletics was one of the distinguishing factos that made them unique and special, and non-Geeks wee aely if eve allowed to compete in fomal games.

In Geek society, lyic poety seved many diffeent needs. Of couse it was to extol the vitue of heoes, to use…… [Read More]

references to other times, places and stories, one feels that to really understand what is happening in the poem, one must look up terms, place names and stories continually. Yet there are also phrases that resonate with the professional athlete of modern times: Great danger does not come upon the spineless man, and yet, if we must die, why squat in the shadows…. As for me, I will undertake this exploit, and I beseech you: let me achieve it (Stand 3, Lines 81-4).

Like many poems, Pindar's Olympians seems meant to give advice to others on how to be great. Certainly, the idea of winning a victory sets one apart from his peers in that he has shown to both the Gods and others that he can conquer fear and adversity in the name of glory to both Greece and his city, but to elevate this victory into something that future generations will revere with great pride; much as they do modern Olympiads, the World Cup in Soccer, or the Super Bowl in American Football. Being a victor puts one in a special category: Peer no further into the beyond. For the time we have, may you continue to walk on high, and may I for as long consort with victors, conspicuous for my skill among Greeks everywhere (Stand 4, lines 114-16). Even though not everyone can win at individual competitions, participants were celebrated. However, it was the victor that remained the upmost hero of the story: He spoke, and his words found fulfillment: the god made him glow with gifts -- a golden chariot and winged horses never weary (Stand 3, lines 86-7). Special to the Greeks though, and bestowed upon only the best of the best in modern sports, the winner enjoyed a lifetime of awe, achievement and reverence from a grateful public.
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Marketing Research on Athletic Shoe- Industry the

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Marketing Research on Athletic Shoe- Industry

The brand caters a promise of reliability, in effect that one stand behind their product. Branding is not an action we can realize overnight. A successful brand is built over time from the hundreds of little things we do right. . The brand is, at its core, an declaration of a standard performance. It guarantees that the product or service carrying that brand will live up to its reputation. The merit of a brand rises or falls with the integrity of the people behind it. The principles of the principals build or rupture a brand.

When running shoes first came on the market, it was a marvelous development over the old sneakers and high-tops. But soon the market became crowded with shoes bearing a wide variety of features, at a wide range of price points. The main players in the sports shoe industry are…… [Read More]

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Product Is a Software Application That Gathers

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product is a software application that gathers information from consumers via credit and debit card purchases. This information is then used to predict future purchases. This application is basically an extension of the buyer predictive software that is used by many online retailers already, except that is uses a broader purchasing pattern, giving more data points when compared with current applications on the market. Where Amazon might use past Amazon purchases to predict future purchases, this software would use all debit and credit purchases, thereby improving its predictive power.

This application is useful for retail marketers. These marketers will benefit from the app's predictive power, as it will help them to better target customers. The software, therefore, increases the efficiency of advertising as measured by return on investment. This benefit is superior to existing similar applications on the market because there are more data points, from multiple vendors. This provides…… [Read More]


Bradbury, D. & Anderson, T. (2013). Big data and marketing: An inevitable partnership. The Guardian Retrieved November 25, 2013 from eMarketer. (2013). U.S. total media ad spending inches up, pushed by digital. eMarketer. Retrieved November 25, 2013 from

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Reebok and Nike

Words: 2361 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 64794492

eebok and Nike are athletic apparel companies with differing promotional strategies and marketing. They sell similar products, particularly sneakers and are known globally as companies that promote athletic lifestyles through their sporting goods. The footwear industry, for which Nike and eebok have their niche is a tough industry to not only market in, but also sustain profits. Both companies although different in their approach, have managed to create a brand that appeals to a wide and broad market. esearching their promotional strategies and company profiles, the differences and similarities become visible lending to possible analysis of both of the companies' strong and weak points.

eebok's promotional campaigns are different from Nike's. A good example of this is eebok's 2002 promotional campaign using a well-known Irish footballer as the central focus. The company timed its advertisements with the footballer before the beginning of the World Cup of that same year. His…… [Read More]


Chu, S., & Huang, S. (2010). College-Educated Youths' Attitudes toward Global Brands: Implications for Global Marketing Strategies. Journal of International Consumer Marketing, 22(2), 129-145. Doi: 10.1080/08961530903476188

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How to Get a Pizza Delivered in Five Minutes

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quadrotors were used to survey the countryside without the added hassle of requiring human intervention. Now however, there are a number of important and valuable projects in which quadrotors can determine either success or failure. As one recent study determined "in the last few years, small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have been developed for large-scale territorial monitoring" (Capello, Scola, Guglieri, Quagliotti, 2012, p. 559) and many thought that the quadrotor would be relegated to those duties, and those duties only. However, with the advent of advanced quadrotor technology, the world has opened up to more than just surveillance, especially with the added advantage of internet and computer technology that is now powerful enough and small enough to make quadrotor technology indispensable. The findings of the Capello et al. study shows that "a quadrotor is under development for territorial-monitoring applications and as a flying test bed for different feedback control systems"…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Benefits and Shortcomings of Nikes Marketing Strategies

Words: 673 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17435674

Nike's marketing strategies in the United States and globally. The paper argues that Nike is able to boost its global revenue despite some shortcomings in its marketing strategies.

Pros, Cons, and isks of Nike's core Marketing Strategy

Nike started its operation in 1962 with a commitment to design an innovative product that would command high demand among the U.S. consumers. Nike uses different strategies to achieve its marketing objective by using influential sportsmen in the U.S. to build its marketing campaign. For example, Nike used well-known sportsmen such as unner Steve Prefontaine, and Michael Jordan to promote its brand across the United States. In 1985, the company was able to increase its annual revenue to over $100 million when it signed a marketing agreement with Mike Jordan. By using the personality of sportsmen, Nike has been able to record superior performances in annual revenue. Moreover, the "Just Do It" Nike's…… [Read More]


Nirmalya, K. (2004). Marketing As Strategy: The CEO's Agenda for Driving Growth and Innovation. Boston: Harvard Business School Press.

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Porter, M.E. (1990). The Competitive Advantage of Nations. Harvard Business Review.
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Tourism and Its Economic Impact

Words: 687 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96240732

Economic Effects of Tourism

There are a number of economic effects of tourism. Most obvious is the significant direct economic effect. Tourists spend money on hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, shopping, and bars. This is money that typically comes from outside the economy, and thus provides a direct and immediate boost to the area's GDP. There are many benefits of this. First, it provides revenue for local businesses. This revenue translates into jobs for all businesses. For locally-owned businesses, it also provides profits for the owners, which can be re-invested. For example, a successful restaurant can take its profits and open a second location, thereby doubling its positive impact on the community and the wealth of the owners.

Jobs created of course contribute in many ways to the economy. Workers buy homes, cars, they spend their money in the community in other ways. They raise families, and their children often stay…… [Read More]


Walker, J. & Walker, J. (2012). Introduction to Hospitality Management., 4th Edition. Prentice Hall.
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Google Business Case Study

Words: 2433 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83691420

International Management

Why was Orkut so successful in Brazil? What caused the problems later?

The path to the internet opened up in Brazil in 1988. Commercial internet operations in Brazil, however, began in 1995 after the department of communications and the department of science and technology helped create private access provider through a decree. The access to the internet for the private citizens opened up with the privatization of telecommunications. The trend of internet use spread rapidly across the country and within a few years, Brazil had the third largest internet users among the Americas after the U.S. and Canada. The social media application that was made possible by the internet gained tremendous popularity in Brazil as they became more passionate about the internet and the social media applications.

As Orkut was launched in Brazil, it became very popular. Already internet-based blogs and photographs were a hit with the Brazilians…… [Read More]


Deresky, H. (1994). International management. New York, N.Y.: HarperCollins College Publishers.
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Analyzing the Corporate Communication

Words: 1723 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80497824

Corporate Communication

Detailed Notes

Clarify and discuss the purposes of corporate communication strategies

In definition, corporate communication encompasses the entirety of a company's endeavors to have communication that is not only efficacious but also effective in attracting revenues. In particular, it can be delineated as a tool utilized by corporate managers in the way that they make certain that all kinds of internal and external communication are in synchronization in the most efficacious manner. The general purpose of corporate communications strategy is to institute and sustain positive engagement between the company and its stakeholders (Cornelissen, 2011). In addition, the purpose of the corporate communication strategy takes into account the promotion of effectual corporate principles and beliefs, a comprehensive distinctiveness, a fitting and capable association with all channels of communication and instantaneous, responsible means of communicating in all circumstances (Cornelissen, 2011). The organization in consideration is Coca Cola Company. In particular,…… [Read More]


Adrian, A. D., Downs, C. W. (2004). Assessing Organizational Communication: Strategic Communication Audits. New York The Guilford Press.

Cornelissen, J. (2011). Corporate Communication: A Guide to Theory and Practice. London: SAGE Publications.

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Essays, UK. (November 2013). Purpose of Corporate Communication Strategy Marketing Essay. Retrieved from***.com/essays/marketing/purpose-of-corporate-communication-strategy-marketing-essay.php?cref=1
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hispanic psychology and'shared experiences

Words: 569 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 53800257

Hispanic psychology has allowed clinical researchers to study the unique complexities of the Hispanic experience. Among the cornerstones of Hispanic psychology include issues related to biculturalism, acculturation, the immigrant experience, racism, oppression, in-group/out-group relations, and identity construction. Hispanic psychology has both individual, behavioral-cognitive components, as well as social-psychological components.


This article is relevant to both the text and lecture material on ethnicity, identity, and psychology. Issues related to cultural competence, and the biases within the social science are also relevant. This article helps to remove cultural bias in the field of psychology in particular because instead of imposing culturally biased frameworks and paradigms, Hispanic psychology uses a culturally specific and relevant paradigm. Also, this article is relevant to specific lessons and readings on Hispanic culture. Hispanic culture is itself heterogeneous, and within the overall rubric of Hispanic culture there are many subsets of identity from Nicaraguan to Cuban.

eflection…… [Read More]


Image 1:

Image 2:

Padilla, A. M. (2002). Hispanic psychology: A 25-year retrospective look. In W. J. Lonner, D. L. Dinnel, S. A. Hayes, & D. N. Sattler (Eds.), Online Readings in Psychology and Culture (Unit 3, Chapter 3), Center for Cross-Cultural Research, Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington USA.
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Global Economic Giants Brazil Is

Words: 2400 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30978624

They feel they have survived and overcome harsh business environment and want to operate in risky markets like razil. Some of them benefited from privatization or part-privatization. The current government dislikes the notion of privatization, which tends to improve businesses. ut it likes national champions to succeed abroad. A government minister wrote the World Economic Forum in 1996 that it was not in the interest of the government for razilian companies to expand abroad. He said that capital was limited and they wanted to create local jobs. razil's laws also make the sending of profits from foreign subsidiaries back to razil impossible. They also refuse to recognize losses incurred abroad in company accounts. Some of the olivian assets of foreign investor Petrobras were nationalized by razil's president, Evo Morales. Multinationals are likely to encounter similar obstacles, but commodity producers, consumers or traders can be sure that their built-in comparative advantage…… [Read More]


Ardichvili, a. et al. (2010). Ethical business practices in BRICs. Society for Business

Ethics: Center for Ethical Business Cultures. Retrieved on December 13, 2010 from

Banham, R. (2010). The party gets started in Brazil. Treasury & Risk: the Free Library.

Retrieved on December 13, 2010 from
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American Student Opinions About Foreign

Words: 831 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20265427

On the whole, American students are sympathetic to the difficulties faced by some foreign students such as in connection with the expense of living in the U.S. without a family support system close by and in connection with language and cultural barriers and prejudices they sometimes face. American students also believe that many foreign students bring a more serious work ethic to school and that they are better educated in their home countries than their American counterparts. Angela Angelov (Biology, 19) said that she believed "Most of the international students have learned all of the prerequisite courses more in depth than I did here…"According to Joe Engle (Chemistry, 21), "They bring a higher work ethic because they have traveled so far to reach their goals." Ben (Engineering, 34) echoed that observation: "Foreign students seem to appreciate the opportunity more" and also that in comparison, "American students seem lazy." Some American…… [Read More]