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Right and Wrong Types of

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That is why Jesus says he dislikes the idea of praying, standing in street corners, or making a great show of fasting. The point worship is to be justified before God, not before humanity (Matthew 6). Being overly obsessed with being judged by the community and judging others was not righteousness.

Worship for Jesus is rooted in the cultivation of a personal relationship with God and righteousness of one's soul. Good actions flow naturally from such a relationship. If a Christian does not perform or wish to perform acts of charity there is likely something amiss with his or her relationship with God, but being more ostentatious about giving to the poor is not the answer to the failure of his or her connection to God. Spiritual practices stem from being humble and meek in spirit, not the other way around.

Jesus' expressed point-of-view in Matthew is a powerful rebuke to Christians who believe that being intolerant of others is a substitution for faith and fellowship. Going to church, donating to the church or to 'the right' political causes, and even preaching the gospel to others is not a substitution for having one's own spiritual 'house' in order. It is…… [Read More]

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Islam Select a Religion Is Considered to

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Select a Religion

Religion is considered to be belief and acts of worship, which concentrates on worshiping a deity and gives a detailed and comprehensive outline for the way of living. It teaches the difference between good and evil, right and wrong and morality and immorality. This paper has selected Islam as the religion to be discussed.

Analysis of Christianity

Analysis of Christianity

Analysis of Islam

Religion plays an essential role in providing spiritual, moral and ethical guidelines to individuals in order to apply it into their daily lives (Fisher, 2005). Religion is considered to be belief and acts of worship, which concentrates on worshiping a deity and gives a detailed and comprehensive outline for the way of living. It teaches the difference between good and evil, right and wrong and morality and immorality. There are several religions in the world, which includes Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism. Each religion has its own meaning of God and a specific way of life. The goal of this paper is to visit a place of worship and interview a religious scholar or preacher of that religion. This paper has selected Islam as the religion to be discussed.


Islam is…… [Read More]

Fisher, M.P. (2005). Living religions (6th ed.). New Jersey: Prentice-Hall.

McInerney, W. (2003). Instructor's manual with tests: Living religions (5th ed.). New Jersey: Prentice-Hall.
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Indira Gandhi India Empress Myeongseong Korea Queen

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Indira Gandhi (India), Empress Myeongseong (Korea), Queen Hatshepsut (Africa).

Indira Gandhi, Empress Myeongseong, and Queen Hatshepsut

Indira Gandhi, Empress Myeongseong, and Queen Hatshepsut represent three female iconic figures in different societies at unique historical times. Indira Gandhi, as one of the most influential women, through the role she played in her attempts to transform the political and social situation in the Indian society. Queen Hatshepsut is one of the female pharaohs who managed to rule the country of Egypt at the expense of male counterparts in the society. In the Egyptian history, she is the most remembered female pharaoh following her qualities during her era. Empress Myeongseong is an iconic figure in the history of Japan. She is considered an iron woman in the ancient Japan based on her tough moves whenever her rule was threatened.

Differences in the way Indira, Myeongseong, and Hatshepsut ran their societies

The three iconic females in unique societies differ in the capacities they served during their era in their ancient societies. Indira Gandhi in the Indian history used the party formula to impose her authority on the society. During her era, she joined congress party in order to champion for the rights of the…… [Read More]

Das, Ratan. 2002. Gandhi in 21st century. New Delhi: Sarup & Sons.

Das, Ratan. 2002. Gandhi in 21st century. New Delhi: Sarup & Sons.

Yi, Pae-yong, and Ted Chan. 2008. Women in Korean history. Seoul, Korea: Ewha Womans University Press.
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Visiting Lakewood Church the Place

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In addition, simply from observation, there were people from a vast array of lifestyles present. One way that was obvious was in the attire that people were wearing. Some were dressed in conservative clothing, while a few people were dressed in clothing that could almost be labeled "provocative." In addition, there was a couple who were clearly bikers. There were worshippers of all ages present, though the majority of people seemed to be middle-age or younger.

I can not even begin to estimate how many worshippers were present, but the former stadium was almost full to capacity, which means that there had to have been tens of thousands of worshippers there.

Like many worship services, the service began with music. However, there was no mere choir singing at Lakewood; although a choir did sing, the day also featured a performance by a Christian-music band and a singer whom appeared somewhat well-known to the group, though I did not recognize her. After the singing, Pastor Joel Osteen came onto the pulpit. He began his sermon by making a statement about Bibles, which had some elements of ritual because the congregation said the statement with him. The pastor next told a joke,…… [Read More]

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Differentiating Between Religions

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Religious Studies

The world's spiritual traditions and religious practices have major groupings. However, in these groupings there is no uniformity of practice. Various religions have different culture and ways of practice. This practice began in the 18th century as developing civilized societies. Different cultures of the world have had an influence on the religious beliefs of the people. For example, Hinduism borrows from the Indian culture, Islam from Muslim culture and Taoism from particular cultures in china. Traditionally, scholars of religion recognized the fact that, different religious beliefs have the same philosophy of searching for the truth. It may argue that religion is an act of worship given to God irrespective of religion.

Overview of Christianity and Islam

Christianity as a religion teaches salvation from sin. The religion also teaches issues of eternal life, physical death as well as the resurrection of Jesus Christ the messiah. The religion began as a missionary religion to its current widespread all over the world. Christians use the bible as their religious book. The bible has two parts, one representing the old, and the other the New Testament (Voorst, 2006). The New Testament came into use after the death of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ's…… [Read More]

Van Voorst, R.E. (2006). Anthology of world scriptures. Belmont: Cengage Learning.
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Jewish Religion Also Known as Judaism --

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Jewish religion also known as Judaism -- is the religion of the Torah, which begins with the "Five Books of Moses and encompasses the Old Testament" (Neusner, 1992, 8). Judaism honors its beginnings as part of the creation of the whole world, Neusner explains. Jews believe that God created the world "…and for ten generations, from Adam to Noah, despaired of creation." Following those ten generations, from Noah to Abraham, God was waiting for humans to finally "…acknowledge the sovereignty of one God," who was authentically the unseen power that created heaven and earth (Neusner, 9).

Most historians explain that Judaism is a "monotheistic faith" (there is but one God) and Jews in turn often find this God "…beyond [humans'] ability to comprehend" and nevertheless Jews believe God is present in everyone's life every day (Pelala, 2013). Moreover Jews believe that each person was created "b'tzelem Elohim" (meaning "in the image of God") and because of this belief, there is the companion belief that every person is "equally important and has an infinite potential to do good in the world" (Pelala, p. 1).

Of vital importance to Jews is the Torah, the most important book in Judaism. The Torah has…… [Read More]

Kol Emeth. (2012). About Us. Retrieved April 15, 2013, from http://www.kolemethskokie.org.

Neusner, Jacob. (1992). A Short History of Judaism: Three Meals, Three Epochs. Minneapolis,
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Chrislam Is Not an Official Religion but

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Chrislam is not an official religion, but the beginning stages of what some people characterize as a synthesis between two of the major world religions, Christianity and Islam. As an official movement, Chrislam is relatively new, however as both religions are Abrahamic and non-fundamentalists of either religion have long conceded the possibilities of observing both religions simultaneously. However, within the last decade there has been a push for the observation of Chrislam as an actual religion, not simply an expression of tolerance in either religion.

While Chrislam may be becoming more widely acknowledged in the world, Islam and Christianity have interacted together for thousands of years. Christians and Muslims may have a history of tension, but they also have a history of coexistence. Perhaps, then, it comes as no surprise that Chrislam has really developed in Africa, where Islam and Christianity are the two predominant religions, both having a tremendous influence on the Nation. Worshipers at the True Message of God Mission, which may be the first actual Chrislam place of worship, believe there is a natural overlap between Christianity and Islam (Kerby). In addition, they incorporate traditional African religions into their observations and practices, as well (Kerby). However, the…… [Read More]

Groening, Chad. "Chrislam'in Protestant Churches." Onenewsnow. N.p. 3 Feb. 2011. Web.

20 Apr. 2012.
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Christianity the Roman Way Rome Exerted Tremendous

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Rome exerted tremendous pressure on its colonies to conform, and do things in the Roman Way. When in Rome, one does as the Romans do. The Via Romana is a road referring to the Roman way. Rome conquered Alexander's vast empire and then imposed the Imperium (the imperial right to rule) upon the world. Religio-Romana refers to the Roman religion of paganism and polytheism. Roman religion. Romans are to practice Rome's religion without changing it. The Roman practices will be executed as they have always been since the beginning of Roman civilizations. This includes worshipping the Roman emperor as god. The political connection between Rome's religion and the people impose the belief and practice: Roman religion is the truth. Mos Maiorum refers to the living traditions. People are to live their lives according to Roman traditions. This is the daily life of Romans extant in the time of Jesus.


In John 14:6, Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life…." John 14:6 was originally written in Koine Greek. Referring to a translation of the original Greek, Jesus' statement says, "I and no one else am the way, I and no one…… [Read More]

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Religion the Word Religion Is

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The collective power of communal worship cannot be underestimated. Anyone who has attended a religious service knows that being surrounded by like-minded individuals helps solidify and focus faith. Prayers for the ill and petitions to God seem more powerful when they are collective. Whether through song, chanting, repetition of prayers, or silent worship, communal worship is the key to communicating effectively with God.

Worshipping with a community enables honesty, humility, and self-awareness. A community of caring people creates social stigmas and other restraints on deviant behaviors. Those deviant behaviors may be sinful and therefore detrimental to spiritual attainment. Similarly, the act of collective worship creates opportunities for intimacy and honesty. Members of the spiritual group can help each other become better people and more valuable members of their community.

The Christian faith is especially conducive to and dependent on communal worship. In the Bible, Jesus played a primarily social role by gathering together disparate people around core spiritual principles. Jesus' disciples became the first Christian community and their story survives as one that offers testimony to the power of collective worship. Jesus could not have delivered his message of love and peace without the aid of his supporters, and his…… [Read More]

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Plea to the Hearts and Minds of

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plea to the hearts and minds of people who are being knowledgeable of the distinctive qualities and assert from the Episcopal Church. The charm from the Church tends to be realized all over our land. Its extensiveness of empathy for every situations of people, the highly convincing perspective regarding the joys of life, the liberty from peculiarity of practice and faith, have unveil the Episcopal Church to the awareness of a lot of people whose religious association have been interfered with or destabilized. We always come across some evident problem, Steve Klein (2007), which makes a lot of people not to join the Episcopal Church. The Church tends to be rather odd, or cold, or complex. It tends not to fulfill the condition that training which is done earlier results to majority anticipation in a church. The services are somehow rigid and obscure; the ways are complex; it has strange practices. It tends to need a judgment of a distinct form in order for an individual to discover his spiritual home in the Episcopal Church.

The Church offers its practices and teaching, which if well taken in can claim the excited commitment of lots of individuals who have felt not…… [Read More]

Episcopal Church

Theodore M. Switz, Leader's Guide for use with The Worship of the Church, Produced under the auspices of The Department of Christian Education, Protestant Episcopal Church (Greenwich,

Connecticut: The Seabury Press, 1953), pg. 19
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Idolatry How Some Object or Text Discovered

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idolatry: How some object or text discovered by archeologists, or some other type of cultural or literary parallel, enhances our understanding of something in Exodus


Idolatry in the ancient Near East -- a non-Exodus Perspective

Over the course of the past several decades in modernity, numerous objects as well as the actual substances of texts discovered by archaeologists, have contributed to the modern understanding of the characterization of so-called 'idol worship' in Exodus as well as other Hebrew texts, texts that have come to have been canonized as 'The Hebrew Bible," as referred to by members of the Jewish religion, or 'The Old Testament,' as such books are frequently referred to by members of the Christian faith.

Up until this point in time, the way that ancient Israelites perceived idol worship held dominance how the people who worshipped idols saw idol worship. However, the Bible frequently mischaracterizes these other people's rationale for worshipping idols on purpose. One must always remember that the Bible is a historical argument and a collection of cultural mythology for a particular view of the divine, a nation, and a people, at a historical point in time, and attempt to understand, from the point-of-view and…… [Read More]

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Essential Activity of Christian Ministry

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There are a number of ways in which to define education, but one of the best methods for doing so came from John Dewey in the early 20th century. Dewey stated that education, in its most general concept is the means through which the goals, aspirations and habits of one generation is passed on to the next generation (Dewey, 1916). He also believed that students attended school in order to experience real and guided events that allowed them to interact with others socially, learning how to contribute to society through those actions and interactions.

Discipleship, on the other hand, can often be perceived as a following of a person or individual and the spreading of that individual's theology or beliefs by those who become disciples. Regarding disciples of Christ, one could say that a disciple of Christ would be the individual who not only believed in and followed Christ's teachings, but who also was one with Christ, one who would lay down the worries of the world and follow Christ in all things.

Spiritual formation is a cross between both education and discipleship. A recent article states that spiritual formation is "a showing how" (Vann, 2009, p. 56)or in…… [Read More]

Dewey, J.; (1916) Democracy and Education, New York: The McMillan Company, copyright renewed in 1944 by John Dewey

Hull, J.E.; (2009) Education for discipleship: A curriculum orientation for Christian educators, Journal of Education and Christian Belief, Vol. 13, Issue 2, pp. 155-168
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Jesus & Mohammed More Than

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To become a Muslim, one must simply accept that there is only one God and that Mohammed was his messenger. The words "Islam" and "Muslim" are both derived from the Arabic word for "peace." The traditional Muslim greeting is "Peace be unto you" (Wisdom Fund). Christians often use the phrase "Peace be with you" at the close of the worship services.

Both Christians and Muslims worship God in prayer. Both Christians and Muslims believe that there is one God. It is important in both religions that people accept the teachings of their guidebooks and live their lives accordingly. Neither religion advocates violence, and yet terrible violence has been committed in the name of each religion. The violence is not true to the teachings of either Jesus or Mohammed.

There are some great differences between the Christian and Muslim traditions and yet we can also see some commonalities. In a peaceful world, each religion must be allowed to worship God in its own way. One need not accept the teachings of another faith, but one can endeavor to understand them and respect them.


Elwell, W.A., & Yarborough, R.W. (1998). Encountering the new testament. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books.

Gabriel, M.A.…… [Read More]

Elwell, W.A., & Yarborough, R.W. (1998). Encountering the new testament. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books.

Gabriel, M.A. (2004). Jesus and Muhammad: profound differences and surprising similarities. Kindle edition.
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Buddhism and Christianity Buddhism Religion

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They both emphasize on the teaching of doing good and following rules to live right and happily. They both have vigorous missionary programs, in which they convert people to their religion. In the two religions, the people can worship in groups or individually. The religions have a leader of worship that is a monk in Buddhism and a Priest in Christianity. The two principles in the religion used parables to teach, and they are egalitarians. The teachings on respecting others and treating them as oneself are acceptable in both religions. They both emphasize on charity towards the poor and aspire for greater spiritual perfection.


The differences are irrefutable, as Buddhism does not talk of a Creator, God while Christianity believes in a divine creator of Universe (Wallace 26). In Buddhism, the emphasis is on mediation and mindfulness, whereas that of Christianity places stress on prayer. Additionally, Buddhism emphasizes on the personal efforts for salvation and good life, whereas Christianity emphasizes on Grace. Buddhism believes in reincarnation, with an endless life cycle of birth and rebirth, whereas Christianity is one life on earth.

Works cited

Netland, Harold a, and Keith E. Yandell. Buddhism: A Christian Exploration and Appraisal.

Downers Grove,…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Netland, Harold a, and Keith E. Yandell. Buddhism: A Christian Exploration and Appraisal.

Downers Grove, Ill: IVP Academic, 2009. Print.
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Significance of Iconodules in Christianity

Words: 1652 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50133112

Iconodules in Christianity

In history, the Christian religion has developed along various path ways. Currently, there are many different denominations and ideals relating to Christianity. While the basic belief in Christ unifies Christianity, Christians themselves are often faced with a somewhat bewildering choice relating to the sheer amount of differing churches they could attend. Even the early church faced serious disagreements relating to certain ideals of doctrine. One such serious controversy occurred around the seventh century, where believers began to disagree on the use and importance of icons in the church. Basically, the disagreement manifested itself in two basic groups of believers; the iconoclasts and the iconodules.

According to Orfanakos (2011), the Iconoclasts were a group of Christians who believed that the use of icons in the church was entirely improper. The reasoning behind this was the fact that Christ's divinity did not allow his portrayal as an earthly image. Furthermore, they took such representation to be both idolatry and superstition, based on the commandment that no earthly image should be worshiped as divine. From this, they made the connection that the icon would be worshiped, rather than Christ or God himself. The basic fear was that icons would furthermore…… [Read More]

Icons and Iconoclasm. (n.d.) Retrieved from: http://individual.utoronto.ca/hayes/earlychurch/23icons.htm

Orfanakos, P.J. (2011). The Icon Controversy in the Early Church. Saint Barbara Greek Orthodox Church. Retrieved from: http://www.saintbarbara.org/faith/history/iconcontroversy.cfm
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Existence on God

Words: 3572 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69726706

God Exist?

The Case for God's Existence


Thomas Aquinas

Other Arguments

The Case Against the Existence of God

My Assessment

Many people go to churches, mosques, and synagogs each week to worship God and to pray. But does God hear those prayers? Does he exist? The debate over God's existence has gone on for centuries and is alive and well in our time. Philosophers, theologians, scientists, and ordinary people have weighed in on the argument. Theologians such as Aquinas and Anselm argued for the existence of God in the Middle Ages, but even in that time, others disputed their contentions. Even some who believe in God argue that proving God's existence through logic, science, or reasoning is impossible because even hard evidence has nothing more than faith behind it. Are the people who worship God wasting their time then? Does God impact their lives? That question can be difficult to answer. But an examination of the arguments may bring us some information.

II. The Case for God's Existence

A. Saint Anselm

One of the first and most powerful arguments for the existence of God was advanced by Saint Anselm (1033-1109) who served as Archbishop of Canterbury. His argument, known…… [Read More]

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Santeria Origin of and Introduction

Words: 2767 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51585817

The power of the Orisha guides the santero. Alex told me that the attitude of the priests is very humble, because they don't believe that they are doing anything. All their actions are guided by the Orisha and all the credit belongs with the Orisha too.

I asked Alex to expand on two aspects of Santeria that I was particularly interested in because of their uniqueness. First, I asked about spirit possession. Alex told me that spirit possession is a very important concept because it helps the individual communicate directly with the Orishas. An object as well as a person can become imbued with the spirit of an Orisha. When a person becomes possessed by the Orisha, he or she temporarily acts and even looks like that spirit.

Second, I asked about sacrifices. Alex admitted that animal sacrifices do take place but much less often than they used to because of the stigma. However, it is widely believed that the Orishas need to "eat" the spirit of the animal. Alex also said that unless the animal was used in a healing ritual or a death rite, that it does not go to waste. The people are allowed to eat the…… [Read More]

De La Torre, M.A. (2004). Santeria: The Beliefs and Rituals of a Growing Religion in America. Grand Rapids: Eerdman's.

Leonidas, C. (nd). Introduction to Santeria. Exploring the Culture of Little Havana. Retrieved online: http://www.education.miami.edu/ep/littlehavana/Santeria/Leonidas_1/leonidas_1.html
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Montgomery County NC When Montgomery

Words: 2088 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68337888

But religions aren't the most important in Montgomery county. There also are other things which are very important too. For example, the Montgomery County Archives which collects, preserves, and makes available for public use historical and evidential materials relating to Montgomery County. Its holdings consist of official records of county, and local governmental units, and copies of federal and foreign government materials. Besides the official records, we can also mention "private collections, organization records, maps, pamphlets, sound recordings, photographs, motion picture film, and a small reference library" among other sources of information.

There also are a lot of interesting and beautiful places to visit in Montgomery County, a lot of places where one can find precious things to see. Some of them are: Trinity Music Academy, The Montgomery Community Theatre, Montgomery Arts and History Club. All these are important for the county because they kind of represent its pride.

The Economy of Montgomery County was based, until a few years ago, on textiles and lumber products, but time has changed and now things are different. Now, the Montgomery Economic Development Corporation works with the county and individual towns to assist local business and industry and to recruit new industry to…… [Read More]

1. Sweet, William Warren.(1952), Religion in the Development of American Culture 1765-1840, New York, Charles Scribner's Sons

2. Citro, Constance F.,(2004). The 2000 Census, Natl Academy Print
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Temple Beth Am Site Visit Jonathan Zaun

Words: 1189 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16043960

Temple Beth Am Site Visit

Jonathan Zaun

For people living in prior generations, the practice of one's religious beliefs was a private expression of faith to be shared only with fellow adherents. Christians worshipped alongside fellow Christians and seldom found either the opportunity or the desire to explore the religious beliefs of neighbors and friends who happened to be Jewish, Muslim, Hindu or any of the hundreds of creeds which are followed freely in the United States. Fortunately, this exclusionary attitude towards religion has been cast aside by today's youth, and people are now encouraged to visit places of worship with which they may not be familiar. As a practicing Roman Catholic, I have always been curious about Judaism, a faith which shares many of its influences with Christianity but has evolved throughout the ages to become the distinctly unique belief system we know today. In order to fully immerse myself in the study of Judaism, I visited Temple Beth Am in Pinecrest, Florida to meet with people who follow the Jewish faith and to observe a temple service firsthand. The goal of this visit was not to compare and contrast the various differences between Judaism and Christianity; I was…… [Read More]

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Hawaiian Islands Sandwich Islands

Words: 2104 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91453323

Hawaiian and Sandwich Islands

The history of the Hawaiian and Sandwich Islands during the 18th century is as colorful and unique as the flowers that are grown in the region. On December 23, 1826, a treaty between the United States of America and the King of the Sandwich Islands was signed at Honolulu and entered into force. The people who inhabited the islands, took their livelihood out of the ocean waters, and thrived upon their religion and customs continue to romance and mystify the people of today's hurried society. This paper will discuss the people, region, homes, culture, religion and images that make up the interesting historical account of the Hawaiian and Sandwich Islands.


The Polynesians were the first people to live in what is now Hawaii. These people lived off of the sea, and sailed the Pacific Ocean in giant canoes. They arrived in the Hawaiian chain from other Pacific islands about 2,000 years ago.

In Hawaii, they became expert fisherman, sailors, and craftspeople. They utilized their resources and built dugout canoes to travel from island to island. They became more daring and unafraid of the demands of the sea. Their migration continued as they traveled westward into…… [Read More]

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Deeper Meaning of Prayer and Preaching Christian Book of Deep Ideas

Words: 1444 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24341865

Preaching Worship

Of course this book is about preaching and worship services, and all that takes place within those contexts as the congregation gathers together and responds to the message from the pulpit. All Believers in the audience are there to smoothly, spiritually make the transition from the worldly issues outside to the heart of what God wants people to do. The book goes into great detail about the participation of those in attendance, about the importance of singing together, of praying together, and about the symbolism of breaking bread, which is "…a visible metaphor of how God's word works among the assembly" (Quivik, 14).

But moreover, this book opens the door to understanding and tugs on the sleeves of alert readers to reach out and find new meaning based on the truths, the metaphors, the imagery and the gospel that is presented by the author. Readers are challenged to understand the difference between "countercultural" and "cross-cultural" worship practices, and moreover readers are challenged to understand that little can be done in isolation from others or from the congregating of people seeking inspiration that leads to eternal life.

On page 70 Quivik summarizes the ultimate value of church services: "We…… [Read More]

Christian Broadcasting Network. "Spiritual Life: What is Intercession?" Retrieved March 23, '

2014, from http://www.cbn.com.
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Origin of Angels Can We Become Angels

Words: 1905 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18106149

origin of angels? Can we become angels? What is the duty/purpose of angels? How have angels interacted with people from Genesis to Revelation? Should angels be worshipped or prayed to? How should we live in light of this doctrine? Angels are immensely popular today because people still need to feel close spiritually to each other, and to the Lord. Angels are a bridge between our world and the spiritual world, and they help guide us toward better lives. Angels are certainly among us, and they always will be.


Angels have always been unique and special beings, and their growing popularity today illustrates how we, as a nation, are still seeking spiritual fulfillment in our lives. Angels are wise beings who have many powers, and serve God, unless they have fallen, when they serve Satan. The Bible discusses angels throughout its pages, but early on, the origin of angels is clear. In Colossians 1:16, the reader learns God created all things, including angels, and he created them in his own image. "For in him were all things created, in the heavens and upon the earth, things visible and things invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers; all things…… [Read More]

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Persona Christi an Analysis of the Priesthood

Words: 5507 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24012181

Persona Christi

An Analysis of the Priesthood "in persona Christi" and "in nominee ecclesiae"

The questions that surround the functions of the priesthood and the diaconate today appear to be part and parcel of the greater uncertainty that surrounds ancient Church customs. This paper will attempt to analyze the meanings of the phrases "in persona Christi" and "in nomine ecclesiae" as they have reflected the functions of the ministers of the Church both in the past and in today. The conclusion of this research is that while the traditional Church maintained a clear definition (and reverent propriety regarding the mystery of the priestly aspect), today's Church is less sure of the role and function of the minister in relation to Church hierarchy and Church laity.

In Persona Christi

Historical Background: the Vestments

Pius XII's (1947) encyclical Mediator Dei describes for us the aspect of the priest in relation to Jesus Christ, the Head of the Church, and the lay members of the Church:

Only to the apostles, and thenceforth to those on whom their successors have imposed hands, is granted the power of the priesthood, in virtue of which they represent the person of Jesus Christ before their people, acting…… [Read More]

Staley, V. (1894). The Catholic Religion. London, UK: Mowbray.

Tanner, N.P., ed. (1990). Decrees of the Ecumenical Councils. London: Sheed

and Ward.
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Non-Denominational Religions the New Facility

Words: 2495 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49473265

" Therefore, the Second Coming and the Rapture are coincidental events, both of which have to do with Christ returning to Earth. The Rapture specifically refers to what happens to human beings. Once Christ returns, the "thousand-year reign" on Earth begins. According to the FFM website, "Jesus Christ will one day return to bring believers home to Heaven and will reign with them over the Earth for 1,000 years." The thousand-year reign has scriptural origin, and is also called the Millennial Reign of Jesus. A "new heaven and earth," ostensibly a holier and happier one, will result from the Second Coming.

Speaking in tongues is a phenomenon that occasionally accompanies the baptism rite. Many Protestant and evangelical groups encourage speaking in tongues as proof of one's salvation during baptism (Robinson 2005). More formally known as "glossolalia," speaking in tongues is considered to be a supernatural manifestation of the glory of God in a human subject. The glossolalia are uttered through the ecstatic religious state that accompanies the rebirth into the spirit. Speaking in tongues does not necessarily connote mastery of a foreign or ancient language, but rather, can simply entail abstract groaning or other indecipherable utterances by the believer. According…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
'History." Faith Fellowship Ministries.org.< http://www.faithfellowshipministries.org/history.html>.

Interview material.
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Jesus and Mohammad Jesus and

Words: 1021 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87826603


Mohammed died around the age of 65 and a power struggle set in relating to who his successor would be which resulted in the development of several sects of Islam with the two primary sects being the Sunni Muslims and the Shi-ite Muslims.

b. Jesus

When Jesus was crucified and died on the cross his body was prepared for burial and placed in a burial cave. On the third day Mary Magdalene went to the tomb and found it empty and then she saw Jesus alive. Jesus appeared to his disciples before ascending to heaven. Because Jesus died as a substitute sacrifice for the sins of mankind all that believe in him and confess him as their savior are forgiven of their sins and are able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.


The major practices of the Islam faith are those of prayer, fasting, charity giving and pilgrimage. (Islam in Brief: Worship Practice, nd) There are five major observations of Islam which are those of: (1) Creed (Shahada); (2) Prayers (Salate); (3) Purifying Tax (Zakat); (4) Fasting (Sawm); (5) Pilgrimage…… [Read More]

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Religious Service Reflection My Chosen Observation Was

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Religious Service Reflection

My chosen observation was of the Jehovah's Witnesses, a fundamentalist Christian organization. I have never known very much about them other than the fact that they have a community ministry, offering their pamphlets from door to door. They are often ridiculed for their beliefs against traditional celebrations such as Christmas, Halloween and birthdays. I know people who believe that they are a cult; however, I do recall a boy from elementary school who was a Jehovah's Witnesses. He did not salute the flag or participate in holiday parties with the rest of the class. He was nice, stayed to himself a lot and was a very good student. I was always a bit curious about him and thought I'd try to learn more.

As a Christian, I have always been skeptical of the Witnesses because of what I viewed as their extreme and improper beliefs. By chatting with one who came to my door one day, I received an invitation to a Sunday service at the local Kingdom Hall which is the Jehovah's Witness church. I agreed to attend the one hour worship service, with the option of staying for an additional hour to review the Watchtower…… [Read More]

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John Calvin Thomas More &

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However, although Machiavelli held firm in his belief that the Church should not have the same governing functions as the State, he provided the example of Pope Julius in demonstrating how, if a religious leader holds firm to his beliefs and manner of disciplining his clergy, he can establish a strong clergy and can yield influence and power over the State and civil society. In describing Pope Julius's leadership style, Machiavelli attested, "...he held two things firm: the one, the greatness of the Church, which he terrified them; and the other, not allowing them to have their own cardinals, who caused the disorders among them." Despite the strength in Pope Julius's leadership, Machiavelli still argued for the sole function of the State to govern civil society, mainly because Church is ridden with members that are in constant motivation to usurp each other's powers and position in the hierarchy, not to mention manipulate society and create instability in the social order. In effect, Machiavelli's position on the Church-State relationship is exclusively independent from each other, as opposed to Calvin's negative, mutual Church-State relationship and More's positive, mutual Church-State relationship.

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Religion in Spite of the Conflicts Between

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In spite of the conflicts between the world's great monotheistic faiths, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam share much in common. Each of these religions was born in the Middle East, and each of these religions values sacred texts as being important ways for human beings to receive the word and knowledge of God. As monotheistic religions, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam eschew idol worship or the worship of Gods that are not their own. At the same time, these religions have very similar concepts of God. The Gods of each of these four religions in omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent: a concept of God that actually originated with Zoroastrianism ("God, Zoroaster, and Immortals," n.d.). Zoroastrianism is the oldest of these four faiths, followed by Judaism. The followers of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are collectively referred to as "people of the Book" because all value the Hebrew Bible, which is known to Christians as the Old Testament. Therefore, there is much more in common with these three faiths than their followers sometimes believe. Islam is the newest of these four monotheistic faiths. It arose within the social and political context of the Middle East, and could not escape being influenced by…… [Read More]

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