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Zoos Essays (Examples)

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Zoo Animal Technology Program I Want to
Words: 718 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 70082961
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Zoo Animal Technology Program

I want to enter the Zoo Animal Technology Program at BLANK University for a number of reasons. First, I have always loved animals since I was very young, and I've always felt I wanted to help take care of them in some capacity as my career. In the past, I've had tropical fish, dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, birds, and other animals in my family for as long as I can remember. I have always been involved in training, maintaining, and caring for these animals, and I have loved every one of them. I would like to continue in my life.

I also strongly believe in animal conservation and husbandry, and the zoo technology program would allow me to learn more about these important areas of zookeeping. I know that many animals are endangered in the wild today, and the only way to help preserve…

Great Apes at the Zoo
Words: 917 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 79154490
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Zoo Observation

I visited X zoo on a warm, sunny day in October. All of the primates I observed in the zoo were confined to a specific area, although they were separated by species (Strier 1-2). The apes were enclosed in a habitat that attempted to mimic their natural environment behind a pane of glass. Although there was a fair amount of greenery, there was, overall, little privacy for the animals.

Although the younger animals appeared to be extremely active, the older estland Lowland gorillas attempted to find what privacy they could in the simulated environment of the rainforest. To conduct my ethnographic analysis was somewhat difficult at first; although primates are diurnal rather than nocturnal, many of the larger animals looked sluggish and sleepy at first and did not interact much with one another (Strier 2). Judging from the people around me, visitors are particularly fascinated by these apes…

Works Cited

Strier, Karen. Primate Behavioral Ecology. Routledge, 2010.

Lincoln Park Zoo Grade Course Recreational Activities
Words: 3531 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15531864
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Lincoln Park Zoo

Grade Course

ecreational activities can be termed as a necessity for every individual despite his age, social status or society. A man with a 9 to 5 job would certainly prefer a vacation or a short weekend road trip. A housewife who is busy taking care of her children and dealing with the household chores all day long would long for a change. Similarly, children attending schools, tuitions and taking exam would prefer an entertainment to get a break from their routine life. This is because of the fact that humans often want change from their daily routine which builds up stress, work load, tensions and burden them up with worries. Consequently, it is not only their work or the responsibilities which are adversely affected, but their health and well being is also compromised. Therefore, although every man would want shelter, food and clothes for their living,…


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Scientific Report of Tufted Capuchin Monkeys San Diego Zoo
Words: 1265 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21763837
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Scientific eport of Tufted Capuchin Monkeys in SanDiego Zoo

Behavioral Differences Between Male and Female Capuchin Monkeys in an Artificial Habitat

Studies have shown that the activity and energy of an animal can be determined through the collection of data and presentation as an activity budget (Altmann 1974, Tacha 1985). An activity budget collects specific behavior data over a predetermined time for an animal or population for analysis in the evaluation of a hypothesis. This study reports the differences in activity between males and females for a population of tufted capuchin primates living in an outdoor artificial habitat within a North American zoo. The hypothesis that there are differences in activity levels between male and females for this population is confirmed for the duration of observation in this study. More study would be required to determine the effects of weather, seasonal variation, and daytime verses nocturnal behavior.


The tufted…


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Sacramento Zoo Observations Chimpanzee Pan Troglodystes and
Words: 465 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48216383
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Sacramento Zoo Observations

Chimpanzee (Pan troglodystes) and Sumatran Orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus abelli)

When I was at the Sacramento Zoo, I observed many animals, including primates. At this time, I chose to further expand on my observations of the Chimpanzee (Pan troglodystes) and Sumatran Orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus abelli).

At this time of observation; I can only see four of the five chimpanzees, two females and two males. Of the five chimpanzees, it seems that the extra female chimpanzee is missing from my observations. According to the Sacramento Zoo, there are a total of five chimpanzees- with three females and two males. Although it is difficult to tell from the distance that we were at, the females are slightly smaller than the males. I would assume that the males would also be heavier since they are larger. Unfortunately, there are no blatantly obvious characteristics that distinguished the males from the females and…

Strategic Planning of Singapore Zoo
Words: 3656 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41135905
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Strategic Planning- Tourism Strategic Plan Lewis-Clark Valley

Lewis-Clark Valley is the beautiful site of Lewiston, Idaho and Clarkston, Washington. The historical background of this valley is rich in cultural stories and its own heritage that dated back in some 18th century. The area has been land of Nez Perce Indians who had travelled to this valley and lived long in the land and rivers. The valley is so named because in the 1805, the Corps of discovery explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark visited this place and was welcomed by the native people. This meeting and warm welcome has developed good relations with the land and its people thus named it after their second names. Lewis-Clark Valley is the land of miners, merchants, railroaders, millworkers and farmers. Its geographical location is somewhere 465 miles from the Pacific Ocean at the convergence of the Snake and Clearwater ivers.

The cities of…


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Fierce Creatures Who Are the Main Stakeholders
Words: 978 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38008506
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Fierce Creatures

ho are the main stakeholders in the zoo acquisition?

There are two directly opposing groups in the zoo acquisition. The first group, represented by Rollo, is comprised of the new purchasers of the zoo and the people who thus have a financial stake in the success and progression of the zoo. Rollo has been given strict instructions that the zoo is to be completely and thoroughly reorganized to both increase attendance and provide a surge in the profit margin of the enterprise. His employers, Octopus Inc. demand that each business in the empire have a 20% profit margin. At present the zoo is not making any profit whatsoever. These are the financial stakes involved in the equation. On the opposing side of the equation are those who are involved with the zoo in its current iteration. They have an emotional stake in this acquisition because they are mainly…

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Fierce Creatures. (1997) Dir. Fred Schepisi. Perf. John Cleese and Kevin Kline. Universal Pictures, DVD.

Schools Today Are Under Pressure to Provide
Words: 1444 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 79904436
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Schools today are under pressure to provide students with the maximum opportunity for as broad as possible an education. At the same time, the school environment and classroom are relatively safe and protected, but also restrictive in terms of insulating students from the world in general. To strike a balance between safety and learning, teachers often elect to include excursions beyond the boundaries of the school. These field trips are designed to provide students with a practical learning experience to supplement the information they are expected to internalize within the classroom. To maximize the positive effects of this experience, the Western Australian Department of Education has created a policy document to divulge the specific requirements for student safety during such trips.

This is then also the stated background of the policy, in that any risk factors related to excursions outside the school premises need to mitigated in such a way…

Mastery Over Nature Exotic Animal Trade
Words: 1388 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 92993858
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Mastery Over Nature and the Exotic Animal Trade

Humankind has always had a fascination with nature and specifically animals in nature and even more specifically with conquering the animal or gaining mastery over the animal. The exotic animal has been the focus of great aspiration of humankind to attain mastery over. The reasons for this are varied in nature with some individuals obtaining exotic animals for their own pleasure and as examined in this particular informative study there is desire for obtaining exotic animals so that human beings can experience the animals of nature.

Adelaide Zoo, Adelaide, South Australia

The setting examined in this study is that of the Adelaide Zoo, located Adelaide, South Australia. The work of Kay Anderson entitled "Culture and Nature at the Adelaide Zoo: At the Frontier of Human Geography" reports that in the suburban backyard, people unknowingly "make their more routine interventions in nature by…


Adams, G., Fisher, L., Le Blond, D., Mazur, N., McMahon, C., Peckover, T., Schmiechen, J. And Sharrad, N. 1991, The role of the Adelaide Zoo in conservation, Report prepared for the Royal Zoological Study of South Australia, Mawson Graduate Centre for Environmental Studies, The University of Adelaide.

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Thomas, K. 1983, Man and the natural world: changing attitudes in England 1500-1800, Allen Lane, London.

Wildlife Conservation Issues
Words: 614 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44109982
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The Evolution of Zoos and Conservation Centers
Zoos were once the means of simply bringing rarely seen animals to the forefront of the public. However, during the end of the 20th center they evolved into much needed conservation centers for the preservation of endangered species. In this respect, the purpose of these facilities has become largely didactic. They educate the public about which species are endangered, and some of the factors leading to such predicaments.

Economic Pressures
Nonetheless, there are a considerable number of economic pressures which zoos face in varying degrees of severity. In terms of resources, they have continual challenges with economic resources necessary for providing habitats which are endemic for some of the rarer species they quarter (Keulartz, 2015, p. 336). However, they are also plagued by constraints on the space required to quarter such animals—which affects the overall vivacity of these creatures. Also, zoos have a…

Ecommerce and Marketing Plan
Words: 659 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 80218516
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eCommerce & Marketing Plan

The first thought is that the Zoo might have a faulty measurement process. It seems unreasonable that they would have 90% of the 50-200 miles radius captured but only 13% of the 20-50-mile radius. This is not mentioned in the text but certainly this type of gross discrepancy should stand out and be investigated. How does the Zoo get these figures and how reliable are these sources? If they are derived from Internet site usage, do the figures result from an ISP in the 50-200-mile radius who users show up as being from that area no matter where they are physically situated? Such things should be investigated. However, if the figures are correct there are a number of important things to consider as far as Internet marketing strategy is concerned.

If you build it, they will come certainly does not hold in this instance. On a…

Vocational Interest in Becoming a
Words: 747 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 89898922
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In that respect, one of my professional idols was teve Irwin who was tragically killed in 2006 in an encounter with a sting ray (Webber, 2011). While he was best known for his television show, the Crocodile Hunter, he was actually a world-renowned environmental conservationist who had dedicated his life to protecting endangered animal species and to educating the public about the importance of protecting the natural environmental habitat of wildlife species. According to the Queensland Department of Education and Training (2006),

"teve had a significant influence on thousands of Queensland school children and his passion for the environment and wildlife was extremely infectious.


worked tirelessly to protect the world's animals and environment. He was awarded the Queensland Museum's highest accolade in 2003 - the Queensland

Museum Medal - for his exceptional contribution to the understanding and appreciation of Australian wildlife at an international level and his commitment and…

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Retrieved March 25, 2011 from:

Proof to the Fact That
Words: 3292 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 48362439
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Previous to Darwin, it has been considered that animals had nothing in connection with humans, since their brutish behavior had been very different from the sociable and civilized one displayed by people. French philosopher Rene Descartes apparently thought of animals to be nothing but machines that acted in conformity to the same laws to which inanimate matter had functioned. Quite the reverse happened when concerning humans, as, in spite of the fact that their bodies reacted similar to those of animals, they possessed a soul given to them by a divine being.

Darwin believed that there had been several similarities between the thinking of an ape and that of man. However, even he accentuated the fact that there had been great differences in cerebral power between the most primitive man and the most intelligent ape. It seems that Bambification firstly appeared as a result of people being inclined to anthropomorphize,…

Works cited:

1. Berger, John (1980), 'Why Look at Animals?' In About Looking, London: Writers & Readers. (book)

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Government of Western Australia Department of Education's
Words: 1445 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 38490170
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Government of Western Australia Department of Education's Excursions: Off School Site Activities. The document describes the policies and procedures necessary for off school site activities.

Background of the Policy

It is recognized that off school site excursions have higher degrees of risk than being at the school. However, the Department of Education recognizes that off school site excursions can provide significant learning opportunities, so it does not want to eliminate them because of the risk. Therefore, it has promulgated regulations to minimize the risk during these excursions.

Purpose/Objective of My eport

The objective of this report is to provide a brief overview of the Department of Education's approach to excursions.


The document describes excursions as beginning with a teacher-in-charge, who is responsible for the investigation into the risks inherent with the excursion. Some of the excursions may be overnight, and those excursions require a special analysis of the risk.…


The Government of Western Australia Department of Education. (2003). Excursions: Off

School Site Activities. Neals.

Existential Analysis of a Man
Words: 1742 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 32877302
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This is a journey that requires the utmost steadfastness and the ability of face the truth. In existentialist terms, the world and all experience is essentially absurd and the more one questions the meaning of existence, the more the irrationality and absurdity of existence is revealed. However, this reality must be faced with acceptance and equanimity.

In the case of the protagonist of this short story, he is embedded in ordinary, everyday existence and refuses to acknowledge the absurdity of existence. Ziegler, like most people, is comfortable to hide behind a wall of logic and scientific rationality; the life of non-authentic existence. However, this illusion is destroyed by the alchemist's pellet that that undermines the illusion that the world is rational or structured in an orderly way.

What the author of this story is attempting to say is that the reality of existence must be faced in the existential journey…


Hesse, H. A Man Named Ziegler. Place of publication: publisher (1908).

Human Nature Reading Comprehension Test
Words: 681 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 83511196
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The use of the word MY also suggests that the speaker feels a sense of possession towards the assistant, thus the assistant's departure is seen as a loss of control, not merely a setback to the project as he says.

7. it's an animal urge, Puff. it's nothing to be ashamed of (65)

The word Puff suggests an animal, even if Puff is not an animal -- Puff is being assured that acting like an animal is natural, and not worthy of shame, despite Puff's feelings to the contrary and the ambiguous quality of Puff's name.

8. Remember, when in doubt: don't ever do what you really want to do (69)

This statement goes against the assurances of the naturalness of human behavior and impulses -- go against one's human or animal nature, it suggests, and repress and resist gut instincts. Instead, follow societal dictates and one's own superego.


Morphology Bottle-Nosed Dolphins and Great
Words: 864 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 31734120
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Sharks are another vertebrate that are similar to dolphins in many ways and very different from dolphins in other ways. There are more that 250 species of sharks, ranging from the harmless whale shark to the ferocious great white.

The great white shark, known as Carchardon Carcharias, feeds regularly on marine mammals, such as seals, sea lions, otters, dolphins, and whales. They enjoy eating bottle-nosed dolphins whenever they get an opportunity. Samuel Gruber in Discovering Sharks writes that the great white consumes marine mammals when they come across a deceased one. The Great White shark, also known as the white death, is considered the most dangerous shark in the waters. The Great White has a conical instead of a flattened snout, black eyes, and large, serrated, arrowhead-shaped teeth. The upper and lower lobes of the tail are almost equal in size, and the body is blue or brown-gray, not white,…


The Great White Shark. Retrieved December 8, 2006 at 

Bottlenose Dolphins. Retrieved December 8, 2006 at .

Intended Major Discuss How Your Interest in
Words: 1040 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Application Essay Paper #: 39511395
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intended major? Discuss how your interest in the subject developed and describe any experience you have had in the field -- such as volunteer work, internships and employment, participation in student organizations and activities -- and what you have gained from your involvement.

Until I volunteered at the MRI center with my sister, where she works as a technician, I never thought I would ever be enthusiastic about any academic subject. Having always done fairly well in school, I simply understood how to study and get by on exams. Yet nothing made me thrilled, or made me want to stay up all night reading just for pleasure. I kept waiting for the right subject to hit me on the head and then, suddenly it happened. When I was looking at images of bones in the MRI lab, a synapse flew in my brain. That synapse connected that magnetic resonance image…

Animal Species Studied for This Report Include
Words: 2701 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 10515392
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animal species studied for this report include the Gray Wolf (Canis lupus) and the American lack ear (Ursus americanus). The plant species studied are the Venus Flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) and the Prickly Pear cactus (Opuntia humifusa). Each of these species has been observed at the local zoo, and further research has been conducted to learn about the environment in which each species would live in a natural setting. The behavior which have been observed within the zoo have also been combined with the noted behaviors of these species from a natural setting to give a more complete range of information. From this study, I have learned that there are many similarities between the behavior that can be observed in both plants and animals in a captive setting and their natural behavior. However, there are also many notable differences, based largely on to what degree the zoological habitat varies from that…


ContiE et al. "Wolf." Wikipedia. March 2004. 

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Brady Makes Are Based on Her Personal
Words: 651 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 1268994
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Brady makes are based on her personal and professional needs, a few of the arguments Brady makes in her desire to have a wife seem to be from the heart. She wants a wife who will "sympathize with my pain" -- that seems from the heart -- and she also wants a wife to help pay for her schooling so she can not only become independent but also "support those dependent upon me." This shows she isn't just thinking about herself in a selfish sense.

The desire Brady has to help her children in several ways shows her character and her values; she wants them to eat properly, she wants them to have "an adequate social life with their peers," she feels it is important that her children go to the zoo, to the park, and because she will be going to school she won't have time to do the…

Wildlife Attraction Ethics
Words: 2849 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 82932250
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Wildlife Attractions

Animal attractions such as zoological parks have long been a favorite amongst tourist. However there is a great deal of debate concerning the ethical responsibilities of placing animals on display. The purpose of this discussion is to investigate the ethic and pros and cons wildlife attractions. More specifically the research will address four main arguments as it pertains to wildlife attraction ethics. The arguments include scientific research, conservation, educating the public and entertainment. We will also discuss the deaths of animals at wildlife attractions. Let us begin by discussing the history of wildlife attractions.

History of Wildlife Attractions

According to Flippen (2004) the collection of animals has long been a form of colonial commerce. The ability of merchants to sell large animals was dependent upon factors such as the popularity of circus animals and the abilities of professional collectors who supplied them. The article explains that initially zoos…


Animal Ethics Clarifier.n.d. 

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Flippen, Brooks. 2004. Animal Attractions: Nature on Display in American Zoos. Journal of Popular Culture 37, no. 3: 546+.

De Waal and Kummer What
Words: 1535 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 6743972
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In the wild, the young of both baboons and chimpanzees must be potential prey for other animals. It seems unlikely that a zoo would put a valuable primate troupe in proximity to a pride of lions and just let nature take its course.

Nevertheless, the study of these animals, while always flawed in some way, has significance for humans. Kummer's conclusions about the genetic basis for much behavior in particular prompts some thought. If many behaviors are genetically driven in baboons and other primates, how much of human behavior is genetically driven? Obviously the need to procreate is present in all animals, but do genetics drive who we choose to marry? How much does genetics influence the jobs we choose? How much of our social activity is wholly our own choice, and how much of it is preprogrammed behavior? Most people would not want to believe that their choice to…

Intasc Principle 10 Use This Form for
Words: 852 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76236944
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INTASC Principle #10

Use this form for each of the INTASC Principles. Delete the content within the brackets and supply your own answers.

Creation of Artifact: February 28, 2013

Grade and Subject area: Environmental studies.

For what class or learning experience this artifact was created:

Artifact used in learning about the wildlife and environment interaction for 4th grade classroom.

Artifact: The visit to the animal zoo to see the wildlife that are within the zoo and the varied behaviors that they display and the physical characteristics that they have will go a long way in tying together the theory that the students learn in class and the practical reality within the environment. The visit to the zoo will be done over the weekend hence will have to be done in two trips, the first will be on Saturday and the second one on Sunday. This will ensure that the kids…


Sandra Kerka, (1999). Creativity in Adulthood. ERIC Digest no. 204. Retrieved February 28, 2012 from

Tort Exam Barnaby Willows Owns a Small
Words: 5672 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Assessment Paper #: 18570631
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ort Exam

Barnaby Willows owns a small boutique petting zoo in downtown Sydney. his petting zoo harbors two of each kind of local species of animal. he zoo is open to the public seven days a week for 8 hours a day. he animals are kept in cages pursuant to city ordinance and have received all of the required vaccinations mandated by public health code. he petting zoo has been in operation since January of 2000; to date no member of the public has been injured by any of the animals. Paul Hogan has been an employee of Barnaby for the past two (2) years his main job includes tending to the animals in their cages. his includes feeding the animals and making sure they are comfortable at all times.

Barnaby has recently received an import of Coyotes from the United States Southwestern Cultural Center located in Phoenix, Arizona. he…

There is specific statutory language that we can use to reduce the amount of damages that Ms. Jones will have to provide to Michael. Specifically, in the Contributory Negligence and Tortfeasor's Act of 1947, Western Australia has added some provisions that can mitigate the damages. Specifically, the statute states: Whenever in any claim for damages founded on an allegation of negligence the Court is satisfied that the defendant was guilty of an act of negligence conducing to the happening of the event which caused the damage then notwithstanding that the plaintiff had the last opportunity of avoiding or could by the exercise of reasonable care, have avoided the consequences of the defendant's act or might otherwise be held guilty of contributory negligence, the defendant shall not for that reason be entitled to judgment, but the Court shall reduce the damages which would be recoverable by the plaintiff if the happening of the event which caused the damage had been solely due to the negligence of the defendant to such extent as the Court thinks just in accordance with the degree of negligence attributable to the plaintiff.

This statute specifically applies to the facts of this case. There is no question that Michael's refusal to wear the seat belt contributed, in the smallest of degrees, to the injuries that he suffered. However, to hold Ms. Jones 100% liable and exact damages upon her would be a miscarriage of justice. The statutory language clearly states that the Defendant would not be in a position to win the case; however, the Court does have the authorization to reduce the amount of damages awarded to the Plaintiff to equal the negligence committed on behalf of the Defendant. In other words, this statutory language gives the court to assign a dollar amount to the Defendant's negligent actions and therefore award the Plaintiff damages in that amount.

Based on the facts of the case that are not disputable and the clear statutory language, the senior partner is in a strong position to argue the amount of damages awarded to the Plaintiff should be equal to the damages caused by the direct negligence of the Defendant. Therefore, this statutory provision authorizes the court to reduce the damages by exacting from the award the amount attributed to the Contributory Negligence of the Plaintiff.

Evaluating the Health of Animal Species
Words: 2346 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67310078
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Welfae in Captive Wild Animals

The Holy Bible gets the elationship between humankind and wild animals out of the way ealy on in Genesis 1:26 when God said, "Let us make mankind in ou image, in ou likeness, so that they may ule ove the fish in the sea and the bids in the sky, ove the livestock and all the wild animals, and ove all the ceatues that move along the gound." Humanity clealy took this divine gift seiously, and the elationship between humankind and wild animals has been lagely one-sided since people climbed to the top of the food chain. Since the second half of the 20th centuy, though, thee have been gowing calls fo impoving the manne in which humans teat animals in geneal and wild animals maintained in captivity in paticula. The ecent closue of Ringling and Banum and Bailey's "Geatest Show on Eath" due to…


Sejian, V and Lakritz, J (2011, August), "Assessment Methods and Indicators of Animal Welfare." Asian Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, vol 6, no. 4, pp. 301-315.

Spallone, C (2014, April 18). "Rescue groups helping former lab animals." One Green Planet. [online] available: .

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Yarri, D (2005). The Ethics of Animal Experimentation: A Critical Analysis and Constructive Christian Proposal. New York: Oxford University Press.

Compensation and Benefits
Words: 1169 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 52158653
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New Trends in Employee Compensation and Benefits

This essay examines new trends in compensation and benefits. The essay discusses the impact of benefits offerings for both employer and employee, and reviews recent trends and discusses their significance.

Reasons for working vary from individual to individual, and compensation is usually among the most important reasons. However, many people list other factors that are almost equally important to them. These factors can range from opportunities to develop new skills, to an experiencing a sense of community, to more tangible benefits such as provisions for retirement. Currently benefits programs account for approximately one third of the average worker's total compensation, based on the size, profitability and philosophy of a particular employer. Programs that are effectively designed and promoted work to the advantage of both employers and employees (ish).

Compensation packages have changed significantly over the years. They no longer consist of a flat…

Works Cited

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Organizational Research and Theory in
Words: 648 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 50342396
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The authors have gathered preliminary information by reviewing the literature and gathering information from organizations that have already implemented strategies to broaden fair and ethical trade marketing.

The authors seek to avoid "clean washing" the message of fair and ethical trade by using the affinity marketing strategy that they describe. However, it is possible that consumers at mission driven organizations will fail to recognize the value of the fair and ethical trade products they purchase if having a fun time out is their goal rather than supporting a cause. The way in which these items are marketed so as not to lose the social mission must be addressed. Another exploratory study surveying the consumers at such mission driven organizations would be useful.

Exploratory research generally precedes descriptive research. Descriptive data is not generated in studies that are exploratory such as this. The authors conducted a pilot study about how zoos…


Low, W., Davenport, E. (2009). Organizational leadership, ethics and the challenges of marketing fair and ethical trade. Journal of Business Ethics, 86: 97-108. doi: 10.1007/s10551-008-9763-7

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Primates & Swimming Do Primates
Words: 1279 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 86181106
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Phyllis Jay briefly touches on the subject of primates swimming in the book Behavior of Nonhuman Primates; in discussing the habitat of African monkeys, Jay writes (Jay, 1965, p. 535) that the "…distribution of arboreal monkeys is restricted by open, relatively treeless areas" and "rivers are barriers to arboreal monkeys but not to terrestrial forms, many of which swim" (Jay, p. 535).

"Long-tailed macaques are excellent swimmers, and this may be a predator avoidance technique," writes the University of isconsin's Kristina Cawthon Lang in Primate Factsheet. If the long-tailed macaque is threatened by a feral dog, raptor, python, monitor lizard or large cat, the macaque simply drops into the water and swims to safety (Lang, 2006).

In its "Science & Nature: Animals" section, the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) published a story on the Long-tailed Macaque: "Long-tailed macaques swim well and jump into the water from nearby trees" (BBC).

In his…

Works Cited

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Monkey, cynomolgus monkey. Retrieved June 5, 2009, from

Tango Makes Three a Controversial Story the
Words: 1869 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99480439
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Tango makes Three

A controversial story, the narrative of the penguins is intended to show that far from homosexuality or lesbianism being a pathological situation, a homosexual couple can make caring, devoted parents. The story involves two male penguins, who, their zookeeper noticing that they are trying to warm a rock, gives them an egg to sit on.

oy and Silo, the two penguins, sat on the egg, breed it, and when Tango, the third penguin, emerged took her under their care and solicitation. Finally, all live -- and sleep - together in a very happy manner

The book is written in an appealing manner catering to young children, and, through character, setting, theme, and tone, presenting its message.

I think it is the tone that sugarcoats a flammable theme and makes it so appealing and attractive. It is the tone, too, that stresses the significant parts by slowly lingering…


Richardson, J., & Parnell, P. And Tango makes Three Simon & Schuster, 2005.

Munsch. R. Paper bag Princess Annick Press, NY., 2005

Chitrid Fungus Chytrid Fungus and
Words: 740 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 17718604
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aising awareness about the presence of the disease amongst amphibian owners is essential, so they do not dispose of unwanted pets and infect wild populations. It is also essential that hikers and casual outdoor observers do not move frogs from one area to another, for fear of spreading the illness. Signs of the sickness in the frogs include discolored, peeling, or rough skin; lethargy, and lack of appetite. However, people should be aware that many frogs initially show no sign of the illness. Additionally, campers and hikers should "clean and dry all equipment and wet or muddy footwear before and between visiting frog sites. This may include cleaning the tires of your vehicle before visiting known high-risk sites where threatened frog species may live" (Frog, 2008, DECC). Zoos should also be made aware of the need to carefully monitor their amphibians, particularly because captive populations can be treated for the…


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Scientific American. Retrieved July 27, 2010 at 

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Alton Towers Is One of
Words: 6064 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 62027544
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This analyst adds that Andy Davies of the Tussauds Group that operates Alton Towers reports that park visitors subscribing to the "Magic Moments" DVD "simply see it as a fun souvenir," and adds, "esearch shows that our visitors have a positive propensity to purchase these products, providing themselves with a personalized reminder of the day they and their friends and family had at Alton Towers. The system proposed will allow guests to relive their unique day time and time again through personalized digital video footage'" (quoted in Tucker at 10).

These types of innovative marketing initiatives are important for a theme park competing in the United Kingdom today because of the approaching saturation levels that appear to be developing in some regions of the country. For instance, besides the historic attractions that are ubiquitous throughout the United Kingdom, Alton Towers is also in competition with a number of other theme…


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Deal." The Daily Mail: 73.

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Circus Without Animals Imagine if
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Furthermore, animals are given much more respect within entertainment than otherwise. Animals are viewed with both awe and joy by those who are watching them. They raise the level of awareness we feel for animals and make the audience care more. They would receive no better treatment were they "in the wild" or domesticated. Having animals in entertainment can be equivalent to having a pet at home, both of which is not demeaning as a rule.

Using Animals within entertainment does not hurt animals, on the contrary it helps improve their overall image within audiences, and at the same time they receive special and respectful treatment from their caretakers. It is a win-win situation for both sides.

Anderson, Kay. 1998. Animals, Science and Spectacle in the City, in Jennifer Wolch and Jody Emel (eds) Animal Geographies: Place, Politics, and Identity in the Nature-Culture orderlands. 27-50. New York: Verso.

eardsworth, Alan…

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Imax Case Study Imax's General
Words: 3389 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 17611363
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d.). This de-institutionalization of the company will help bring the IMAX experience to new movie goers. To further broaden their appeal, IMAX has diversified their movies as well.

IMAX's second part of their business strategy centers on bringing more Hollywood movies to their large format screens. Whether it be remastering previously released films or simultaneously new films, IMAX has worked hard to expand their audience from those who typically enjoyed the unique IMAX documentary films that started the company. Costs of conversions of existing films has reduced significantly, at $22,5000 to convert a standard two-dimensional film and $45,000 to convert a 3-D film ("IMAX: Larger," n.d.). These 3-D films are also a part of the company's current business strategy.

Technological development to improve movie goers' experience as well as differentiate their product from other traditional theaters is a primary focus of IMAX's business strategy. The company has committed both financial…


"IMAX: Larger than Life," 2009, Richard Ivey School of Business, the University of Western Ontario.

Marketing Plan Atlantic Frost Seafood
Words: 3723 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 87028378
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Cape Seafood

Lund's Fisheries

Marr Pelagis



Core Strength

Trusted Advisor

Low cost

Price Performance

Premium Quality

Premium Quality

Secondary Strength


Known in local market


Known in local market

Known in local market

Next Strength






Biggest Weakness

Name Awareness

Too localized

Costs of selling in channels

Premiums not work product

Too high priced

Second Weakness


Qualty at times questionned

Supply Chain



Next Weakness

Vertical markets including wildlife reserves



Sporadic delivery

Lack of service

Core Competency Comparison

Projected Market Growth/Market Share Objectives

The following market growth and market share objectives for the company given the focus on growth in wholesale seafood processing:

1. To generate an incremental $500,000 in revenue through the sale of uniquely packaged bait to commercial and recreational fisherman.

2. To obtain distribution agreements with three local distributors stressing the unique nature of the…


2004 Seafood Processor's Conference: 

DataMonitor (1998) -- Fish and Fish Products Industry Report. London, UK.

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James and the Giant Peach
Words: 783 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 40786534
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The film is also more delicate in spirit and gentle, as befits a pure fantasy rather than a fantastic satire. Instead of rolling and careening about crushing evil people like the aunts and destroying things in its wake like James' former house, the cinematic peach is soon taken aloft by beautiful seagulls on gossamer webs. The film, although satirical like the book in its exposure of grown-up's bad behavior and the triumph of children, contains such moments to soften some of the blows of its humor.

Another important element of the film not contained in the book is the way that James' parents have died. In the book, this is told in an off-hand, funny, and cruel manner -- they are devoured by a rhinoceros who has escaped from the London zoo. In the film, the viewers actually see James' life before he has to move in with his aunts,…

Works Cited

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James and the Giant Peach." Directed by Harry Selick. 1996.

Budgeting Financing Strategy for the
Words: 2463 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 39273196
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We do not anticipate success is securing a non-voted debt issue. Given the time frame for the completion of the Commons project, the city will weigh our request vs. The upcoming needs for school repairs and roadwork. Education is a touchstone issue for voters, and roadwork affects all voters in the city. hould council decide to issue any of their remaining non-voted debt capacity, it is unlikely they would choose to use it for the Commons project ahead of those two other priorities.

Voted debt, however, they can issue. If the public votes 60% in favor, council will not face the same concerns about opportunity cost. We will not be competing for money with schools. A voter-approved special levy would function in much the same way (financed through property tax increases) but requires only a 50% vote in favor. Although the capacity for such special levies is only $90 million,…


Johnson, Gerry. (2005). New Life Emerges in the Wake of Seattle Commons Failure. Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Retrieved June 20, 2008 at 

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No author. (1995). The Commons: Time Line. Seattle Times. Retrieved June 21, 2008 at 

History of Washington State votes at

Sori Yanagi an Artist and
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Not only do his designs blend well with their settings, they are extremely functional and usable. In addition, his designs strictly adhere to the tenets of marketability and production that are the backbone of industrial design. The Elephant Stool is molded out of one sheet of fiberglass, and stacks for storage, display, and shipping. The Butterfly Stool pieces nest together when they are not assembled, making them easy to store and ship, and there is only one part that must be attached to make the stool functional, the brass rod or stretcher that holds the two pieces together. Many of his other designs use these same elements to combine simplicity with ease of production and marketing.

His other designs include many functional pieces that can be mass-produced, just like his stools. They include teakettles made out of metal and stoneware, dinnerware, flatware, and even office products like Scotch tape dispensers.…

References  8, 2007. . May 8, 2007. May 8, 2007. . May 8, 2007. . May 8, 2007.

Ape Speech Research Has Been
Words: 5500 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 66875718
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Another theorist with a different view is Chomsky (1988). Chomsky sees the acquisition of language as a process of input-output, what he calls a Cartesian view of language acquisition and language structure. He states: "We have an organism of which we know nothing. We know, or we can discover, what kind of data is available to it, and the first question we must try to answer is: what kind of mental structure does the organism develop when that evidence is presented to it?" (Chomsky, 1988, p. 102). Once we find an answer to this question, we can ask what sorts of processes have intervened leading form the data available to the knowledge that resulted. Chomsky explains:

The input-output situation is this: a child who initially does not have knowledge of a language constructs for himself knowledge of a language on the basis of a certain amount of data; the input…


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Mitten by Jan Brett Jan
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Certainly, other types of animal flash cards could be used. An even better idea might be to have hand puppet or stuffed animal examples of the animals in the book to pass around for the children to look at. During their break, they could play with the toys as an added refresher for the animal concepts that they learned during the classroom and field trip sessions. Besides providing an excellent review, it would be a seamless method of integrating the reading with field trip sessions and prop and toy purchases. This type of activity will give the teacher indicators of the students' abilities as a class and individuals prior to beginning the reading unit. It might be wise to do the field trip as the follow-up idea to the book with Brett's work as preparatory for that activity.

Annotated Bibliography

1. Brett, J. (1989). The mitten. New York, NY: G.P.…

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The full-day early learning -- kindergarten program. (2010). Retrieved from

Biology Endangered American Burying Beetle
Words: 648 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 48229009
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Some biologists suggest the decline may be due to a "decreasing availability of suitable carrion and increasing competition for carcasses by other species (Prospero)." In order for the beetle to reproduce, it must have the carcass of a vertebrate animal approximately the size of a dove.

Recovery Efforts

There have been a number of proposed plans for recovery management of the beetle, as well as implementations. In 2001, there was a largest "American burying beetle reintroduction effort in the 12-year history of the species' recovery program on Nantucket Island off the Massachusetts (Clough)." Over 300 beetles were raised for this release in Providence, Rhode Island at the Roger illiams Park Zoo. In June 2001, "320 American burying beetles (160 pairs) were given dead quail for food and released at the Massachusetts Audubon Society's Sesachacha ildlife Sanctuary. ith each pair of beetles capable of raising 10-20 larvae, there is hope the…

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Quality of a Tourist Attraction
Words: 1744 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 34352970
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'Little Skyscraper on the Prairie: A are Frank Lloyd Wright

Tower-One of His Most Bizarre Buildings Ever-ises High above the Oklahoma Plains.'

The Atlantic Monthly, vol. 302, p. 8.

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Cuddihy, E. & Spyridakis, J.H. 2012, July. 'The effect of visual design and placement of intra-

article navigation schemes on reading comprehension and website user perceptions.'

Exposure to Technology at an Early Age
Words: 775 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 59027871
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Exposure to Technology at an Early Age

Over the last few decades, there have been extraordinary developments in technology that have had a robust and powerful effect upon education at all levels. The internet, online learning, interactive computing, and the ability for students of all ages to interact with other cultures and have access to data have changed the way the curriculum is now written, and the expectations we have of students. We must remember that children born after 1995, perhaps even earlier, have never known a world without the Internet, cell phones, social networks, and cable television. In fact, during the mid-1990s the Department of Education sent research to many educations stating that "through the use of advanced computing and telecommunications technology, learning can also be qualitatively different. The process of learning in the classroom becomes significantly richer as students have access to new and different types of information,…


Benefits of Technology Use. (2003). Department of Education. Cited in: 

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Myth of Narcissus Is Often Misunderstood Many
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myth of Narcissus is often misunderstood; many of the readers of the myth interpret the events as Narcissus gazing down at his own reflection in the water and falling in love with himself. The reality of the myth is that through some insufficiency of his own character, Narcissus is unable to identify that the reflection in the water is himself. The lack inside of Narcissus causes him to believe it's another person and he falls in love with this vision. A similar lack pervades through the characters of the story "Indian Camp" by Ernest Hemingway and "Good Country People" by Flannery O'Connor. In these stories, characters abound with paucities in nature but surfeits in egotism. This paper will examine the similarities in the imbalance of the moral fiber of these characters, the language that surrounds them to display this phenomenon and attempt to demonstrate how such visions of superiority have…

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Children's Museum Critical Analysis of the Exhibit
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Children's Museum: Critical Analysis of the Exhibit.

For many young children, family visits to local science museums or zoos are commonplace events in their lives. The increasing popularity of science museums as sites of choice for family recreation and learning is affirmed by the surge in construction of new children's museums and continued increases in science museum attendance rates in the U.S. (Association of Children's Museums, 2009). Children's museums commonly include exhibits that focus on both sciences content and process skills. In 1975, there were approximately 38 children's museums in America while 243 exist today. Furthermore, an additional 78 children's museums are currently in the planning stage throughout the country.

Similarly, museum attendance in the U.S. has increased to the point where it is estimated that one in five Americans visited a science museum in 2008 (Association of Science and Technology Centres, 2009). Families account for more than half of…


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Why Evolution Is True
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Jerry Coyne's hy Evolution is True

I understand it contradicts the account in the Bible and other holy texts, if one takes a literalist interpretive stance, but given that most texts have more significant internal conflicts, I did not see why this particular theory would cause people to have such visceral emotional responses. I understand, intellectually, that evolution is not the first scientific advance to be met with tremendous hostility; there was also significant opposition to the notion of a heliocentric universe and to the idea that the earth was not flat. However, because people understand that other scientific ideas that were intertwined with biblical teachings have been proven incorrect before without damaging religious belief, I imagine that I assumed that people would be more open-minded about "modern" scientific theories. On the contrary, because of the strong scientific support for the idea of evolution, the choice not to believe evolution…

Works Cited

Coyne, Jerry. Why Evolution is True. New York: Penguin Group, 2009.

Why I Should Be Elected FFA Area 4 Officer
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After pulling the driver over, the policeman says, "I thought I told you to take that goat where it belongs, to the zoo." The driver said, "Oh, I did. And we had such a good time we're heading to the beach this weekend."

Pretty corny, the? Ok let's take a look at what came up on Google when I typed in "Raising Show Goats." The first one I got is "Ten Tips for Showing Goats," by Cheryl Smith.

For example, she says, "PRACTICE ALKING ITH YOUR GOAT BEFORE the SHO." Duh! That's like saying, before you brush your teeth, put toothpaste on your brush. or, it's like saying, before you drive away, turn the ignition key to start the engine.

Hey - of course I rehearse walking my goats before I show them. They are always well trained and cooperative because I have learned how to work with them.


Works Cited

Smith, Cheryl K. "Ten Tips for Showing Goats." Raising Goats for Dummies. Retrieved April

16, 2014, from . 2014,

Endangered Malayan Tiger
Words: 1330 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 97325087
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Malayan Tiger

Conservational organization

The Malayan tiger is a tiger subspecies that is smaller in size and is found in Malaysia as well as some areas in Thailand. It is one of the many tiger species but it is endangered. It can be found in central and southern areas of the Malaysia peninsula as well as to the south of Thailand. Its habitat is the forests that are less dense which have higher food supply.

Because of the loss of habitat occasioned by deforestation, the existence of Malayan tiger is endangered. Recent estimates place their population at between 600-800 individuals, thereby making it one of the tiger species that have a large population (Malayan Tiger n.p).

ild tigers in all their species are facing extinction threats. For hundreds of years they have been important in Asia's nature and culture (Global recovery program p.10). They are at the top of the…

Work cited

"Global Tiger Initiative." Tiger Summit. St. Petersburg: Global Tiger Initiative Secretariat, 2010. 70.

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Albini and Nirvana Recording In Utero
Words: 2566 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 74355078
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Albini and in Utero

In the audio engineer's quest to produce ever more quality sounds in the studio, the question of authenticity arose. For some musicians who felt that in polishing their material through the use of modern equipment in technology -- through computers that could digitally edit out their mistakes -- the effect was like telling a musical lie. Steve Albini was one such artist and engineer. The moment -- the transitory feeling, even if off key or consisting of a wrong note, a mistake (such as in the tape deck recordings of a young Daniel Johnston playing songs on his piano in the basement of his parents' home) -- was really the only thing that mattered: music was not meant to be captured. And yet here was the technology to do so -- and as the technology advanced, the music was capable of being altered, the moment changed…


Azerrad M, 1994, Come as You Are, Broadway Books, New York NY USA.

Cunningham M, 1996, Good Vibrations: A History of Record Production, Sanctuary

Publishing Limited, London UK.

DeRogatis J, 2003, Milk It! Collected Musings on the Alternative Music Explosion of the

Sea Treasures Business Model
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An examination of consumer views on marine aquarium trade in fish indicates that there is need to educate and inform lobbyists and consumers towards creating demand for organisms caught sustainably. Further, there is need for such campaigns to connect the consumer information to human health effects and environmental impacts in a way that is honest and still not offending such a crucial industry. The venture in aquarium fish retailers on the online market has made 'impulsive purchases by lobbyists' a common occurrence (Mccollum, 2014).

The growth of the aquarium industry has encouraged more lobbyists to emerge. The increased success of private aquariums and the heightened interest in keeping aquariums as a hobby have also led to a higher demand for aquarium fish. Such fish is now commonly available both on the online market and retail physical stores. Larger chain stores have also joined in the trade. They haul simple aquariums…

Popper's Logic of Science
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Response to Karl Popper’s The Logic of Scientific Discovery
How the Reading Has Affected What I Believe about the Nature of Science and What It Can Tell Us about the World
Popper (2005) rejects the notion that inductive reasoning can lead to the identification of universals, and he uses the white swan as an example: “no matter how many instances of white swans we may have observed, this does not justify the conclusion that all swans are white” (p. 4)—no, and nor should it. However, one could legitimately analyze the swan still further, identify its species and thus conclude that this species of swan is always going to be white. White is one of the characteristics of this type of swan—so why should it not be viewed as a universal characteristic of this specific species? Popper’s approach to the nature of science is rooted in the empirical analysis—in deduction rather…

Meathead Hypothesis Brain Size vs
Words: 684 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Reaction Paper Paper #: 83102946
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Maybe there is a reason for these great apes to fling things at us in the zoo through the bars of the cage. There but for the grace of Darwin go I.

As the A's, C's, G's and T's switch on an off, it's fascinating to think about the minor and major changes, environmental and otherwise that could have made things different. The stray transcription factor would make the difference. Is there such a thing as counterfactual evolution (like counterfactual history)? It is fun to think about this.

Most of the 2% differential applies to factors we would absolutely expect, such as olfaction and reproduction. Sapolsky points out a fascinating fact that what makes the human and chimpanzee brains different. A neuron in a sea slug and a neuron in a human are essentially the same. Both chemically and physiologically are the same. As he points out, the number of…

Works Cited:

Sapolsky, Robert. "The 2% Difference." Discover April 2006: 42-45.

Zyga, Lisa. "Cro Magnon Skull Shows That Our Brains Have Shrunk.", 15 March 2010. Web. 13 Apr 2010. .

Shipman Is Wrong the Author
Words: 707 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Reaction Paper Paper #: 2922507
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hat this author disagrees with Shipman upon is the issue of hominids being exclusively hand-graspers while apes are necessarily foot graspers. A couple of common observations would indicate that this is based upon circular reasoning. e say apes must be foot graspers, therefore this is holy writ. The issue that this author raises is proven by anyone that has seen apes throw feces or garbage at the zoo bar cages or seen humans without hands trained to manipulate their feet in hand-like ways. Certainly, the issues of bipedalism and hand and foot grasping and manipulation are more complicated and were probably due to environmental issues. Until we know who the ancestor was and where they were from in Africa will we be absolutely certain if the transition to a savannah type of existence to a forest type of existence is absolutely correct. For this reason, examples that she gives such…

Works Cited:

Shipman, Pat. "Hunting the First Hominid." American Scientist. 1 (2002): 25-27.

Housing Price Dynamics Within a
Words: 7112 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 4880131
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Houston's large supply of land means that demand growth primarily results in more construction, not higher prices" (McCullagh & Gilmer, 2008).

However, it is important to realize that land supply is only one part of the reason that new home construction formed such a large part of the Houston housing market. Yes, Houston has more available surrounding land than almost any other major metropolitan area in the United States, but it also applies different rules to its surrounding areas, making development more of a possibility than in other areas:

In Houston, developers can create a munici-pal utility district, or MUD, to provide these [water, sewage, and drainage] services on their properties and can finance these with tax-free bonds. Houston requires developers to build MUDs in such a way that they eventually could be connected to the city's corresponding infra-structure, but they begin as self-sufficient enterprises.

In other cities, develop-ments must…


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Research Website:

Gulliver as the Ingenuous Narrator
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Another technique Swift uses is the blame for praise or praise for blame. Find at least 2 examples of where Swift does this. What is he actually saying in each instance? Why does he use this technique?

Swift's use of irony is also evident when Gulliver an experience 'excellent' or other praiseworthy terms, when they are doing something abominable to him. Gulliver tries to be gracious when he is examined by 'wise men' who say absurd things about his appearance: "One of these virtuosi seemed to think that I might be an embryo, or abortive birth. But this opinion was rejected by the other two, who observed my limbs to be perfect and finished; and that I had lived several years, as it was manifest from my beard, the stumps whereof they plainly discovered through a magnifying glass. They would not allow me to be a dwarf, because my…

Communications Several Years Ago I
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But to me, a young woman standing alone on a busy street in a still strange country, the word gaijin changed the tone of this encounter. For the group of teenagers waving and shouting at me, the word gaijin was merely a way of identifying their rare and exciting discovery. For me, a citizen of a country whose history has its share of prejudice and violence, the impersonal identification of me, based solely on my appearance, sounded like the racial and ethnic epithets hurled at Italian immigrants, African-Americans, Asians, Native Americans, Irish immigrants, Jews and millions of other people in the United States.

The word gaijin simply means "foreigner." It is not a derogatory term. But in Italy and the United States, two countries rich with immigrants from all over the world, the act of impersonally identifying a person's racial or ethnic background based solely on the person's appearance, is…

Raising a Sensory Smart Child
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" Does the child show impulsiveness, or have problems transitioning from one activity to another activity, or seem rigid and inflexible at times? Moreover, are there signs of carelessness or clumsiness -- and is the child uncomfortable while involved with group situations? All of these behaviors in this paragraph are signs that SI dysfunction may be part of the problem, the authors assert.

And there are several more that the authors point to -- including when a kid has a big problem handling frustration, when he can't smoothly transition from an active state to a "calm, rested state" -- but just because one or more of these behaviors are apparent that doesn't automatically mean the child has SI dysfunction. "Lots of kids show these signs for lots of reasons," the authors explain. And some of the behaviors are quite "appropriate at certain ages" because "most toddlers are pretty impulsive" (note…

Works Cited

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Definitive Handbook for Helping Your Child With Sensory Processing Issues.

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