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Could you give me a unique essay title for a primate behavior assignment?


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In order to give good title suggestions for a primate behavior assignment, we would ideally like a little more information.  Is your assignment about primates in the wild or primates in captivity?  Which primates are being studies?  Are you looking primarily at monkeys or apes?  Are you including studies of humans in your primate assignment?  Are you looking at primate intelligence and comparing it to non-primates or looking at it from an evolutionary perspective?  Will your assignment look at what is currently the case or speculate on the results if primates continue to advance in terms of behavior?  Without knowing the answers to these questions, we decided to give you a variety of title suggestions that suggest different types of primate research assignments. 

Hopefully, one of these title ideas will work for your paper, or even give you an idea about potential research topics:

  1. Simians and Sign Language: Is the Ability to Communicate in a Human Language Indicative of Higher Intelligence or Simply Manual Dexterity?
  2. Simian Stone Age: Which Primates Have Entered the Stone Age and What Are the Consequences?
  3. Meat-Eating Monkeys: Do Primates Eat More Meat as They Get Closer to Being Human?
  4. Primate Prisons: How Does Incarceration in Zoos Impact Primate Behavior
  5. Bushmeat Babies: The Impact that Poaching Their Parents Has on Orphaned Apes
  6. Gorilla Guerillas: The Fascination with Weaponizing the Other Great Apes
  7. Ape Babies: An Overview of Great Apes Raised in Human Families
  8. Sex as a Commodity: Understanding How Bonobos Use Sex in Everyday Interactions
  9. Bigfoot: Man or Myth?  How Understanding the Behavior of Other Great Apes Contributes to a Scientific Understanding of the Possibility or Impossibility of Sasquatch
  10. Primates and Poop-Throwing: Do Apes and Monkeys Throw Poop in the Wild or Is It a Behavior Induced by Captivity

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