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2. What were the contributions made by Octavian Augustus to the Empire? Why is his reign considered the true beginning of the Pax Romana?

Octavian Augustus is responsible for creating the Roman Empire and for restructuring the republic. His methods made it possible for the Pax Romana to exist, given that people were satisfied with his governing and did not hesitate to support him in becoming the main power in the state. One of the main reasons for which he rapidly became popular was the fact that the Empire experienced a series of military conquests and large amounts of resources flowed into it. Augustus did not want to categorize people on account of their social status and presented each citizen of Rome with several benefices (Milnor 140). This earned him the support of almost everyone in the Empire, ranging from the people and until the Senate.

In spite of the fact that Augustus had the power to impose his reign through means of force, he did not do so and earned even more popularity by installing a ruling system which was favorable for all people in the Empire. The first Roman emperor was capable of reorganizing Rome consequent to several years it spent in civil turmoil and established a time of peace that lasted for more than two centuries. Furthermore, the Empire became much larger as a result of his politics in regard to conquering other territories.

Augustus created a public system that involved an official police force and fire-fighters. Rome was also reconstructed during Augustus's reign, as he was devoted to have every individual in the Empire live in accordance with the large amounts of finances flowing into it. In spite of the fact that he installed the Pax Romana in the Empire, Augustus was a man who favored warfare and was determine to exploit military conquests to the fullest (Winspear, and Geweke 254). One of the reasons for which the Empire was consolidated during Augustus's sovereignty was the fact that he paid special attention to securing its borders.

3. Discuss the importance and influence of Constantine on the spread of Christianity[continue]

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