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What right do these people have to take away these rights of a child? Children without a fatherly figure are more likely to end up breaking the law.

Same sex marriage denies them the right to have the normal environment for socio-emotional development or a normal family and it is their right to start their life with a father and a mother. The children are being raised by parents who are not their biological parents. There can never be a substitute for being raised by the mother and father who brought you into the world and are your biological parents. Most human societies have honored the norm that special responsibility for children lies with the biological parents. Same sex marriage is going against this norm, and the society's values attached with this norm. Whatever else it may accomplish, marriage acknowledges and secures the relationship between a child and his or her set of biological parents. Mitt Romney, the governor of Massachusetts said "It is inconceivable that promoting absolute indifference between heterosexual and homosexual unions would not significantly affect child development, family dynamics, and societal structures." (Jonathan Rauch)

Moreover Susan Holt, the coordinator of the domestic violence unit of the Los Angeles Gay Lesbian Center stated that "domestic violence is the third largest health problem facing the gay and lesbian community today and trails only behind AIDS and substance abuse... In terms of sheer numbers and lethality" (Susan Holt, p.39). This brings our attention to why same sexual relationships and marriages should be discouraged. AIDS is a very dangerous disease and there are many people dying each year due to it. In homosexuals these diseases are found to be at a higher percentage and encouraging homosexual marriages or relationships would only spread this disease further. Bisexuals can also get AIDS from their sexual partner of the same sex and then transfer it to the heterosexuals. This would in turn completely ruin and destroy the society in which we live today. Why should then anyone legitimize a way that only aims to ruin the society in the long run? It is only logical to know and act upon the fact that same sex relationship and marriages are not the way of nature and definitely not the way prescribed by God for His creation. The health status and mortality of gay men is being giving particular attention to ever since AIDS came into existence. "Venereal disease, hepatitis B, and alcoholism are found at much higher rates among gay men than the general population" (Christopher Hewitt, p.390). Hence by legitimizing same sex marriages do we wish to push human beings whether homosexuals or heterosexuals right to face of death?

Throughout the world it was forbidden for people belonging to the same sex to get into the bond of marriage because everyone realized the importance of heterosexual marriages and marriage as a sacred and a social institution. Holland laid the cornerstone of legitimizing same sex marriages and quite a few nations followed in its footsteps while complete ignoring the adverse effects in the long run. Not only did people accept and recognized that marriage is not just about being with the one you love but also has an important role to play in the case of parenting. Homosexuals today and many heterosexuals have lost this trail of thought and to them this day marriage is just about spending the rest of your life with the one you love regardless of the sex they belong to. Whether it is a man marrying a man or a woman marrying a woman, they are now being given shelter under the umbrella of tolerance and rights. Same sex marriage has nothing to do with tolerance and rights. Specific targeted studies have shown the ill effects of legitimizing same sex marriages on society and on children. Moreover we have no right whatsoever to snatch the right of a child to have the love of a father and a mother. If we take away that right of the child it would be a highly barbaric act by the human race. Some laws are best dictated by the Creator rather than man himself. Man can err but the Creator cannot and keeping this in mind the Churches and the synagogues have taken a step against the approval of same sex marriages. They know and realize that their Lord and their Creator by His Divine Wisdom has forbidden such acts for the benefit of all mankind.

What is natural cannot be denied and there is no way to prove that same sex marriages is the natural way of marrying according to nature and the course of evolution that it took or as allowed by God. People advocating for same sex marriages should at least look at the ground realities and the dangers which the society can face in the long run. If nothing at all they should at least care for the small children adopted by homosexual couples. In the course of this paper many points have been brought up and same sex marriages has been studied from the moral values as set by the major religions of the world, the children as well as the health of the homosexuals and heterosexuals. Keeping all these important factors in mind anyone should come to the logical conclusion of denying the legality of same sex marriages. If people start getting into same sex marriages and abandon the concept of procreation, then one day whether we like it or not, man will become extinct.


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