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The presentation is to be made to three officers of Distance Learning Investment Company -- the Chief Executive Officer, the Financial Director and the Branch Director. The Chief Executive Officer is in charge of deciding whether the proposals that are submitted are workable at all or not. Financial director is in charge of deciding whether the amount of loan that is sought for is reasonable or not, and Branch Director is to decide whether they would require some facilities in that particular area or not. Thus it is important that the proposal be of interest to all of them for it to be approved by the company and for me to get the loan.

State the objectives for your presentation

The ultimate objective of this proposal is to get the loan sanctioned. What has been asked for in the proposal is for Distance Learning to assist my company with supply of needed hardware and facilities on their facilities, so that my company can take off easily. Against the provision of these facilities, my company will give them shares in the new organization which will enable them to get returns on the use of facilities and make cash profits at a later date. The other part of having the shares will also give them rights to a share in the running of the company.

3. List topics that will be covered in the presentation

The items to be presented at this meeting will start off with the strategic plan of my company as this will inform them why we think that our organization will be successful. (Strategic Planning (in nonprofit or for-profit organizations)) This will be in the form of my talk. Then the presentation will start and that will center on the finances of the new enterprise. The first area will be my personal background and why I think I am competent to run this sort of a business. This presentation will be on audio for the Power Point presentation. The second area shall be of my personal expertise in the profession of preparing modules for distance learning personally and with the help of my collaborators in the planned company. This will also talk about some projects that we have in our mind. The third area shall be of the funds proposed to be invested by us in the new organization. The fourth area shall be the details of the expected costs as has been worked out in full detail. (Evaluating Start-Up Costs) The last step shall highlight what we do not have and require from some other organization to help us start this organization. (7 Sources of Financing: Where to look for Money)

This shall be followed by projections of earnings of the new organization and expected profits. From these profits, it is expected that a large share shall be direct profits as the operational costs are small and Distance Learning already has facilities and can provide them at very little direct cost. The cash profits will thus be quite high and it will be possible for the proposed organization to provide a return of 20% in cash on their investment in the new organization in terms of facilities. Since this is a venture capital investment, I suppose this will be expected by them. The other part of their profits will come from the profits that will be retained by the new organization for its development and growth.

4. Select a medium for your presentation to the CEO and explain why you chose it

The presentation for a distance learning company is being made to another distance learning company and it would be useful to demonstrate our professionalism right in the beginning, and that is the reason why I have proposed a presentation to be made on Microsoft Power Point. It would be useful if we could be advised whether that facility is available in the presentation room of the organization that we are meeting. This will also help me demonstrate our expertise in designing of software and presentations. Any other method of presentation will not have a similar impact.

5. Determine the image you wish to portray at this presentation and provide details on how you will project this image and if there are things that can help you do this

The image that would be presented during this conference by us is of educators and getting an opportunity to prepare items which would finally help the society…[continue]

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