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Revolution Movies Marketing Workers Protection Acts Investigate

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Revolution Movies Marketing

Workers Protection Acts

Investigate ways in which community arts organizations develop and maintain an audience

In the recent past, there has been a notable improvement in the field of arts. Many people in the community are now garnering interest in arts like never before. As a result, there has also been an increase in the community art organization. This is of course due to the need to fulfill the demand for the interest in art. However, it is an enormous challenge for organizations to acquire audience. Furthermore, the bigger challenge is to maintain the audience that they already have. Therefore, it is imperative that there are strategies that can happen in both situations. Community art organizations need to use all the appropriate methods to acquire a new audience. This is possible through advertising although the most suitable is to get to know the target group. There should also be information on the venues and the expectations of the audience. It is also extremely hard for an organization to maintain an audience. However, through the right mechanisms, it is also possible for the community art organization to achieve this feat (Cherbo et al. 2008).

.Ways in which community…… [Read More]


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Speech of Alexander the Great

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Proposals for action "must first convince the audience that a problem exists and make the audience want action. Often, these arguments consider ethical situations: if the situation is wrong, then the solution must make it right" ("Writing Tip #21). Alexander identifies his men as the cause of being able to claim so many cities; "through your courage and endurance you have gained possession of Ionia, the Hellespont, both Phrygias, Cappadocia, Paphlagonia, Lydia, Caria, Lycia, Pamphylia, Phoenicia, and Egypt; the Greek part of Libya is now yours, together with much of Arabia, lowland Syria, Mesopotamia, Babylon, and Susia; Persia and Media with all the territories either formerly controlled by them or not are in your hands; you have made yourselves masters of the lands beyond the Caspian Gates" (Arrian). He evaluates the probability of success in future endeavors, and also the possible consequences of failing to continue; "But if you turn back now, there will remain unconquered many warlike peoples between the Hyphasis and the Eastern Ocean, and many more to the northward and the Hyrcanian Sea, with the Scythians, too, not far away; so that if we withdraw now there is a danger that the territory which we do not…… [Read More]

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Capote the Recent Film Capote

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Capote was always clearly a film meant to appeal to a more educated and selective audience, and finding that audience is not as easy as for the major releases. Traditional methods of promotion and marketing are still widely used, but television has become the centerpiece of every campaign, with the advertising blitz in the week or so before a film opens being the determining factor in the success or failure of the effort. Much marketing effort today goes into developing ancillary markets and product tie-ins of various sorts, all to help recoup expenses and, if a film is very successful, to cash in to an even greater degree. Capote also advertised on television, but not with the sort of budget that would be available for a major studio release. Marketing a film like Capote on television would have been very difficult a few years ago when the primary outlet used was to advertise on network television on Thursday night. This sort of pattern helped increase network income for high-rated shows like Seinfeld and ER because studios compet4ed to get their messages on that night for movies opening on Friday. A film like Capote could never afford to compete in that…… [Read More]

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Listened to a Speech in the Community

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listened to a speech in the community. The speech was about a community building moving locations and the speaker was soliciting funds to help the move. The speech was approximately 15 minutes in length.

Was the speech interesting and meaningful?

The speech may have been meaningful in that it was dealing with an event that was important to the audience and to the person delivering the speech. It was, however, disinteresting and failed, I think, to make its impact.

Did the speech appear to be well researched, prepared and rehearsed?

I think the speaker was nervous. He hit to the point mentioning the move, mentioning their need for money, and requesting it. The speech seemed to be impromptu. There was little research to be conducted since the speaker was familiar with the situation. He knew the amount of money needed as well as the new location of the organization. Being that he was president of this organization, he was also familiar with its functions (namely as a small organization with a board of 5 members that offered programming for adolescents and adults).

Nonetheless, the speech revolved around the same point: the need for money in order to ascertain the continued…… [Read More]

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