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auspices and with a variety of purposes; this particular study described its secondary purpose as a method for describing decision making and the decision making process undertaken by patients with Heart Failure (HF). Even more importantly for this study was that the study's primary purpose was to determine and describe the process exhibited by the HF patient(s) care givers.

The specific question the study sought to answer was "How do caregivers of family members with HF make decisions" (p. 56).

The study was conducted using a "qualitative design" (p. 58). A qualitative design is normally conducted to gather data on perceptions, thoughts and beliefs concerning any number of subjects. This study was set up to determine the process of making decisions (regarding HF patients) by caregivers and why they made the decisions that they made. Since perceptions, beliefs and thoughts all play a significant role in medical treatment(s), the design was set to determine how influential (or not) the caregivers thoughts and beliefs when making treatment decisions.

Other qualitative methodologies and characteristics involved in the study included the gathering of data through the use of open-ended unstructured interviews. Interviewing study participants allows for the gathering of data through discussions, questions and answers. Broad statements began the interview process, and questions "specifically related to decision making were asked" (p. 59). Additional characteristics included memos that the interviewers kept, and evaluation notes made by the researchers.

The study seems to be display perspective through the use of data analysis once the data has been gathered. Since thoughts and beliefs are constantly changing, the study provides a snapshot of how certain caregivers react to situations. This snapshot provides a perspective that can be beneficial to other caregivers that might be facing similar situations.

The study was published through a University of South Alabama study program by a major International Journal for the Nursing Practice. The signs that it was peer reviewed include the fact that correspondence regarding the article is to be directed to the DNS at the University. Another method for determining peer reviewed articles is that the article(s) is published in a Journal. Normally, Journals are called by that title because they are peer reviewed. Since a peer reviewed article suggests that it was submitted to a committee or expert(s) in the study's field, knowing that the article was published through a major university also lends credence to the belief that the study was peer reviewed. The Journal's website did not state if an editorial board was employed (

There was no immediate indication that the researcher(s) had introduced any bias into the way the study was designed, in fact, the methodology used seemed to be perfectly acceptable for this type of study. There also…[continue]

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