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Fashion Design Essays (Examples)

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Fashion Management Monologue Business Plan
Words: 584 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 56151221
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Fashion Management: Business Plan for an Online Fashion Retail Business

Brand's philosophy

In the past, fashion has been 'all about' following someone else's style -- the style of the moment. Women have tried to fit their bodies and attitudes into what fashion magazines and stylists say they must wear. One season skirts are short; the next they are long. One season black is in; the next season brown is the rage. Our business restores the consumer into the driver's seat of fashion and allows fashion to reflect every consumer's own, personal sense of style.

Of course, in previous eras, people were able to design their own clothes and sew them, but few consumers have the time and knowledge to do that today. Our company gives women the best of both worlds: ready-made fashion designed by them, all with a point and click of the mouse. The shopper can log into…

Fashion Strengths Weaknesses Suggestions Website Easy to
Words: 691 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 24844620
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Easy to shop

No obvious ones

Include a clearance section


Consistency and including shop promotions

Off-topic material like zodiac posts are distracting

educe clutter


Frequent tweets, good for updates on company

Extraneous information

Limit tweets to posts about the brand



Lack of focus

More behind-the-scenes look at design and manufacturing

You tube

Documentary and other professional material.

To few videos

Perhaps include video footage of runway shows.


Ideal forum for presenting designs; well-organized

All the models are white and look the same

More diversity

Mobile aps

Easy to shop from store

Can be buggy

Streamline the app and make it crash less.


Is there consistency in their look and message?

There is a great consistency in the look and message of all Tory Burch social media sites.

Which one do they do best? Worst?

All of the Tory Burch…


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Fashion Eco-Fashion Is a Term That Describes
Words: 1634 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 65437622
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"Eco-fashion" is a term that describes the making and wearing of clothing that takes the environment into account. It is concerned with the health of the planet, including natural resources and the people and animals that inhabit it. Eco fashion also takes in consideration the working conditions of the people in the fashion industry, a particularly timely concern given the recent tragedy in Bangladesh where more than four hundred people died in the collapse of a sub-standard factory building. Eco-fashion, quite simply is better for the planet and for society.

The process of producing garments causes environmental problems. esearchers agree that the textile industry is one of the greatest contributors to environmental pollutants. Dyes, dispersants, acids, bases, salts, detergents, humectants, oxidants, sulfates and carcinogenic ingredients are among the substances used; because of the high quantities of water used in textile processing, these substances become part of wastewaters. Textile dyeing…


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Fashion Assessment
Words: 4554 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 69761922
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Learning Assesment

Roles and Responsibilities

The primary settings in which I developed my skills and knowledge have included my educational institution, factories, and in the offices of business. These three settings offer unique features that make learning take place in distinct ways, using different methods and modes of interacting with material. The social learning aspects also differ in each of these settings, related to my different roles within each. Moreover, some of these settings involve more cognitive processes and critical thinking skills vs. those that offer greater opportunity for hands-on skill development and other technical learning. The combination of multiple settings has allowed for a holistic development of my skills and knowledge.

In school, I have worked primarily as a student but also as a tutor and mentor to my peers. My role as student calls upon my critical thinking skills, my ability to manage my time wisely, and my…

Fashion Entrepreneurship Is All About
Words: 1691 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Application Essay Paper #: 69394555
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The rand of third world -- or developing countries, it is presumed, have a negative impact on the consumer. Influence may extend, too, to the name of the designer whose name may share connotations with a less desirale country. On the other hand, countries such as America are perceived as wealthy nations, Germany as efficient, France as fashionale, and it may e possile that a designer with a French name may e more attractive than someone with an Indian last name.

I intend to conduct my research using netnography. Netnography involves lurking on Internet sites, following discussions, and surveying participants' likes, dislikes, and motives / rationale for their decisions. I intend to approach fashion consumer sites where participants often enter to record their opinions regarding certain items. I might also access logs and similar wesites related to the fashion industry. This will e field oservation.

I might also adopt a…

bibliography and appendices). The proposal should include the following: a title rationale (reason for interest in topic) overall aim of research a brief outline of methodology

It is arguable whether people buy products -- and this includes fashion -- due to the name of the designer or whether the country of origin (COO) impacts. This is specially the case when the designer is as yet unknown and still new to the field. The brand of third world -- or developing countries, it is presumed, have a negative impact on the consumer. Influence may extend, too, to the name of the designer whose name may share connotations with a less desirable country. On the other hand, countries such as America are perceived as wealthy nations, Germany as efficient, France as fashionable, and it may be possible that a designer with a French name may be more attractive than someone with an Indian last name.

I intend to conduct my research using netnography. Netnography involves lurking on Internet sites, following discussions, and surveying participants' likes, dislikes, and motives / rationale for their decisions. I intend to approach fashion consumer sites where participants often enter to record their opinions regarding certain items. I might also access blogs and similar websites related to the fashion industry. This will be field observation.

I might also adopt a pre-test / post-test one group quantitative experiment where I will take a certain fashion designer with a French name exhibit his samples to a certain group of participants who are unfamiliar with that designer and record their observations to his items, whilst somewhat later taking that same designer and changing his name to a Middle Eastern one and record their impressions to those same (or very similar) fashion designs that had been exhibited to them a few months or weeks earlier.

If the theory of COO were correct, my hypothesis would be that the group of participants would show attitude to clothes based upon the designer's name. When Middle Eastern, the participants would show less favor to the samples than when the designer appeared with his original French name. The null hypothesis would indicate the reverse: that change of name would not influence participants' attitude to fashion samples.

Fashion and Technology Exhibition Assignment
Words: 1172 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15464475
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The use of technology as stated in the introduction has been a significant contribution to the success of many industries. The museum has hence taken measures to include the use of technology in the settings. In the recent times, the designers have made technology the focal point of all innovations. The museum hence uses the technological advancements to evaluate the nature of designs and sets the industry on the road to success. The museum uses various forms of technological exhibitions, such including the photography and video display section. These technologies are used to showcase the small and medium sized designs on the cutting-edge.

The museum is quite lagging behind in terms of technological advancements. Much as it boasts of technological collections of garments and fashion, the setting in relation to technology is not well presented. The museum has quite misinterpreted technology. It presents technology as the fashion it offers rather…

Fashion Advertising in the Latest
Words: 358 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 38096064
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Second, the Madonna Versace ad is well-designed. Madonna's feet are one of the highlights of the photograph. The shoes she wears, which are sandals, breathe whispers of the upcoming warmer seasons. However, the gold and white tones in the ad still reflect the current colder seasons. Madonna is posing laying on a day bed, and her legs are crossed. She appears wrapped up in business of some sort, which again reflects her message as a confident businesswoman. Her eyes look straight into the camera, which is another hint as to Madonna's confident attitude.

Because the ad contains so many consistent messages, it will positively affect consumer behavior. Madonna wears the Versace clothing well; although her celebrity is powerful, it does not necessarily detract from the overall look and appeal of the clothing and accessories made by the designer. Anyone who can afford Versace will be highly likely to heed the…

Fashion Business Steps to Success
Words: 1370 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 10518865
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'Offshoring' can occur within the same company and involve movement of work to a different location of that company outside of the United States, or to a different company altogether" (4). Simply put, outsourcing is contracting with an outside company in any location, while offshoring is contracting with a company outside the United States.

Examples of Exclusive holesale Manufacturers

One example of a wholesale manufacturer that sells exclusively is Mona Lisa Fashions Inc. This "is a full-service cut & sew apparel contractor serving the women's, children's and men's apparel markets." They are located in Allentown, Pennsylvania and are encouraging designers not to outsource or offshore their products but to come to them instead. Another example is Sports and Sports International, a company that manufactures sports accessories and apparel. On their website, they announce, "e are one of the most prominent manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of an exclusively broad range of…

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Fashion Bella. Web.

Fashion the Influence of 1960s
Words: 719 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 42765841
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In the early 60s, fashion was still designed for the wealthy, older women who could afford haute couture. However, young people began to influence the fashion industry with styles, fabrics, bold colors. The sixties was the first era of young people influencing fashion trends, and that influence continues today (Editors). Most fashions today begin with young people and work their way up the age ladder. In fact, during the sixties, young people had more disposable income than any time since World War II, and they wanted to spend it on fashions that did not look like the fashions their parents were wearing (Editors). Thus, a new type of fashion was born. One fashion history notes, "The elfin Twiggy who was five feet and six inches tall, and weighed 91 pounds, measuring '31-22-32' at the time of her fame was one of the first models to be identified with the 'youthquake'"…


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Fashion A Reflection of Society's Attitudes Fashion
Words: 1014 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 70312756
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Fashion: a Reflection of Society's Attitudes.

Fashion is not just art, it is a measure of social attitudes for a particular period in history. Today, a woman cyclist will most likely be wearing spandex and skin-tight bicycle shorts. Her male counterpart will be wearing the same. hat is acceptable now would have been scandalous in our mother's time. This paper will illustrate through example that fashion is a reflection of societal attitudes.

A British perspective shed some light on the idea of moral decency and on ideas about woman's dress in the beginning of the nineteenth century. Richard Gooch in Bad Fashion and Poor Dental Hygiene of American omen., New York, 1834 said the following.

"Perhaps one reason for American ladies wearing such short garments is that they are generally admired for small and pretty feet. Nevertheless, it is impossible for an English eye not to be shocked at the…

Works Cited

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1834. Reprinted in its entirety at Women in America 1920-1842. Accessed February,


Fashion Market Segmentation in Clothing
Words: 795 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46933975
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Marketing to children is always complex, because although children do the begging, moms and dads do the buying. Thus, the ad is carefully constructed to appeal to girls and to stimulate their persuasive abilities. The presence of the beloved and popular American Girl Dolls at the bottom of the ad adds to this appeal, as well as links to the doll-selling site. But ultimately, the ad really appeals to American girl's mothers who wish to create an idealized image of girlhood for their still innocent children. This is an image of American girlhood, that may never have existed but which many mothers would like to provide for their children. They mothers are, American Girl, hopes willing to pay richly for their children's images of spring innocence.

Despite the ad's placement on the international medium of the Internet and the expanding base of the company, the whiteness of the girls…

Works Cited

Outfit and Extras for Girl's Splash." (2005) American Girls Website. Retrieved 20 Feb 2005 at

Fashion of the 20th Century
Words: 1392 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 37098077
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The only image from the time that we have of the original dress is in the film poster (Image 5), where one can see that the dress showed quite a big of leg, which was considered improper and that is why the film commissioned a tailor to sew up Givenchy's original design, as to not offend anybody in the audience. hat a pity, for today, the dress would perhaps be ever-more popular.

In the third image, however, which is the picture of the dress as seen at Christie's, one can see that one of the photos shows the dress with the slit. Yet this discussion of without or without the cut prompts the thought of the fact that these are two dresses, one created by Givenchy, and one a copy created by another designer, a 'knock-off' almost, that together with the original created a phenomenon of epic proportions. Could it…

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Fashion Ikedaa Etsuko 2009 Et
Words: 459 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99139671
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A fully functional tooth developed for the mouse as a result of the experiment. The authors proposed the use of such technology as a model for future organ replacement therapies. "The bioengineered tooth, which was erupted and occluded, had the correct tooth structure, hardness of mineralized tissues for mastication, and response to noxious stimulations such as mechanical stress and pain in cooperation with other oral and maxillofacial tissues" (Ikedaa 2009, p. 113475).


The ability to regenerate fully functional adult teeth could yield considerable improvement in the ease and lifestyle quality for individuals who would previously have to have dental implants.


The clinical implications for the success of the study extend far beyond that of the field of dentistry. Stem cell therapy has the potential to restore the partial loss of organ function of neural cells in patients with Parkinson's disease and to generate new organs for…


Ikedaa, Etsuko. (2009, et al.). Fully functional bioengineered tooth replacement as an organ replacement therapy. PNAS. 106 (32): 113475-113480. Retrieved November 4, 2010 at

Art Fashion Ever Since Fashion Has Evolved
Words: 1860 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7385194
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Art Fashion

Ever since fashion has evolved, we have an observed a significant relationship with art and fashion. It is seen that both the disciplines encourages, inspires and somewhat competes with each other. (Duggan, 2001) It is observed that artists and fashion designers creativity is exchangeable and their main objective is somewhat the same. Duggan (2001) also emphasized on the role of media and education in blurring up the boundaries between art and fashion. As we observe, just like art changes throughout the time, fashion change with time as well. Just as the atmosphere around a certain place changes, so does the fashion of that time. With technology becoming really prevalent these days, techno Fashion has emerged out as the new thing.

Fashion designers are therefore looking into the possibility of Techno fashion. This is basically the ability to incorporate tech item into the clothes a person is wearing. The…


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Kimono History and Contempory Fashion
Words: 2040 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 66328369
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...these designers placed great significance on clothing inherited from the past, including Japanese farmers' clothes designed through necessity and adapted dyed textile and quilting from ancient Japan, which Japanese would not consider fashionable. These designers presented them to the fashion world, gave the opportunity for 'the neglected' to make their existence known, and transformed them into 'fashion'."(Kawamura, 2004, 125)

Kawakubo, Miyake and Yamamoto are considered as the designers who made these first steps towards a new fashion more concrete: "hile Kenzo is considered a pioneer among all Japanese designers, Kawakubo, Miyake and Yamamoto are the ones who created a new style characterized by monochromatic, asymmetrical and baggy looks."(Kawamura, 2004, 125) the asymmetrical and baggy look of their designs is clearly influenced by the loose form of the kimono. Sometimes, in Miyake's creations for example, the dresses are completely shapeless and have random holes that offer a certain freedom when wearing…

Works Cited

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Business Fashion Knockoffs Perils and
Words: 2829 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 70879855
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In this manner, a chain of custody could be established. if, say, Aldo's product had suddenly jumped from one step of the process to another, it might indicate that Aldo had not gone through the usual channels; had possibly stolen the idea, or copied it to a significant degree from Alexander McQueen. In either case, the designer could protect himself or herself by following the customary procedures of their marketplace.

Can Knockoffs Be Stopped?

ith so many ways to counterfeit designer fashion items like clothing, shoes, and handbags, and so few laws to prevent the actual production of pirated merchandise, stopping knockoffs would seem to be an almost impossible task. Nevertheless, knockoffs can be controlled if designers, retailers, and government authorities remain vigilant. As noted by American designers, merchandising is the key to the American design process. It is also the key to controlling the flow of counterfeit goods. hile…

Works Cited

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Fall 2015 Fashion Trends
Words: 4212 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51169170
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Fall Trends for 2015

Christian Dior, which is commonly known as Dior, is a luxury goods firm that has developed over the years to become an important part of LVMH, which is the largest luxury group in the world. The company, which is headquartered in France, was founded in 1946 by Christian Dior, a designer who the company was named after. Since its inception, Dior has experienced tremendous growth and profitability over the years to become a leading company in the fashion design industry. Currently, Dior designs and retails a wide range of products including leather goods, jewelry, fashion accessories, make-up, footwear, ready-to-wear goods, fragrance, and skincare products. As part of designing and retailing these products, Dior operates several labels for men and children's wear products while retaining its Christian Dior label mostly to women's products. The company not only sells its products online but also throughout its wide range…


Annual Report 2014. LVMH Group. accessed September 27, 2015. http://r.lvmh-

Fashion Color Report Fall 2015. Pantone Color Institute Volume 43. accessed September 27,


Fashion Photographer Mario Testino Specifically
Words: 1147 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33400440
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All the attention is on the woman, and the background is inconsequential. The lighting is not harsh on Diana, it does not create deep shadows, but it is very soft all around her, almost blurry, but not quite, focusing the entire attention of the photo only on her. The depth of field is primarily her face and torso, the rest of the room is softly out of focus. The primary shape is Diana herself, slowly fading out into the background as she lies on the couch. In that, there is really very little sense of space, because the photo is so central to her, the space around her is not important at all.

The first thing, and only thing, you see in this photo is Diana. She is somehow larger than life, even though she is portrayed so simply. There is strong contrast in the photo, because of the lighting…


Editors. (2008). Mario Testino. Retrieved 29 Jan. 2008 from the Mario Testino.U.S. Web site:

Editors. (2007). Q&a with Mario Testino. Retrieved 29 Jan. 2008 from the Web site: .

Fashion Career the Position Chosen
Words: 611 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27632265
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Executive management job positions for Fashion buyers give the following job responsibilities: managing profit performance and utilizing relevant information to support business proposals, and creating and developing a balanced range that will deliver this season's strategy. Salary and compensation for this position is 90,000.00 U.S. dollars. Required Experience & Education: Ideally, candidates should currently be performing at buyer or senior buyer level and have experience gained within a menswear background. High street retail experience is also highly desirable (

s a buyer moves up the ladder from entry level to executive there is an increase in pay as well as an increase in responsibility. Educational level stayed the same but the amount of previous experience that the employer wanted went from 3 years to 8+ years. It is also prevalent that as the position and responsibility increases, the buyer becomes a prominent "face" of the company; they are more…

A middle management job position stated the following job responsibilities: Buy the Accessories for the Juicy Couture brand and make it appropriate for retail Juicy Couture stores. Identify key trends for each delivery of Accessories including Fragrance, Jewelry, Intimates, Eyewear, Watches, and Fashion Accessories. Manage the business to deliver superior sales, margin results and inventory management goals. Identify business opportunities through analysis, market research, analyzing sales performance, competition, and trends. Edit and assort accessories line while managing sku plan and maintaining financial goals. Strategize key items, promotional cadence, markdowns, and marketing initiatives including product selection for quarterly mailers. Manage receipt flow and financial Open-To-Buy. Collaborate with corporate, field and licensed partners to develop best product for Juicy brand. Regular partnership with visual peers to ensure brand aesthetic and ensure compelling presentation on selling floor. Salary and Compensation are not specified. Required Experience & Education: eight+ years of buying experience, 2+ years of previous management experience. 4-year Bachelor's degree required. Keen understanding and interest in fashion industry and trends. Vertical retail or specialty store background. Excellent Retail Math and Excel skills. Proven vision for building line plans and assortments. Posse's superior presentation, listening, verbal and written communication skills. Proven analytical skills, ability to adapt to changing business needs; Demonstrated success in working on a collaborative team, organizational skills ( ).

Executive management job positions for Fashion buyers give the following job responsibilities: managing profit performance and utilizing relevant information to support business proposals, and creating and developing a balanced range that will deliver this season's strategy. Salary and compensation for this position is 90,000.00 U.S. dollars. Required Experience & Education: Ideally, candidates should currently be performing at buyer or senior buyer level and have experience gained within a menswear background. High street retail experience is also highly desirable (

As a buyer moves up the ladder from entry level to executive there is an increase in pay as well as an increase in responsibility. Educational level stayed the same but the amount of previous experience that the employer wanted went from 3 years to 8+ years. It is also prevalent that as the position and responsibility increases, the buyer becomes a prominent "face" of the company; they are more responsible for being present and seen by the associated firms and associates that they encounter on a day-to-day basis. It was not easy to find exact money amounts for lower levels; however, most of the executive positions posted the amounts for their compensation packages. How all three positions compare is that the minimum requirement is a bachelor's degree in fashion or associated field, understanding of the fashion industry, and Excel experience. There also is a search for compassion in ones work that is present in the job announcements; it is evident to see that if one wants to further his/her career as a fashion buyer they need to have a bachelor's degree in fashion or an associated major, and build their experience.

Design Influences
Words: 2050 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 97727626
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Egyptian Hieroglyphics and Other Ancient Symbols on 18th, 19th and 20th Century Surface Pattern Design and Their Influences on Contemporary Design

Hieroglyphics are a system of picture-writing, from the Greek, literally meaning "sacred carvings"; these symbols were used extensively on the walls of Egyptian tombs and temples, as well as columns and in written texts (Cavendish 1970). This paper will provide an analysis of the influence of Egyptian hieroglyphics and other ancient symbols on 18th, 19th and 20th century surface pattern design and their influences on contemporary design, taking account of the impact on design practice of digital techniques today. A discussion of designers from these periods illustrating their work will be followed by suggestions for critical analysis, and an examination of possible philosophical questions to be considered related to a future professional practice. A summary of the research will be provided in the conclusion.

Review and Discussion.

Background and…

Works Cited

Brunner, Hellmut. (2004). Decipherment of hieroglyphic writing: Champollion's decipherment.

In Encyclopedia Britannica [premium service].

Cavendish, Richard. Man, Myth & Magic: An Illustrated Guide to the Supernatural, Vol. 10.

New York: Marshall Cavendish Corporation, 1970.

Design Future
Words: 672 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 83111303
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Born under Saturn

According to Born Under Saturn, over the course of the Middle Ages, a new paradigm was born. Before, in the ancient world, artists functioned anonymously. Artists were seen as craftsmen who produced works, often in a fairly formulaic manner, for specific religious and civic purposes. In the Middle Ages, artists as individual creators with unique visions became more important in the culture. Gradually, the reverence for the 'magic object' became transferred onto the artist him or herself.

There are some perils to this paradigm. Firstly, it tends to isolate the artist from any sense of community. The technique, craftsmanship, and assumptions of what constitutes art are disengaged from the production of the work. Artists are seen as 'natural' and either born or not born, rather than created. This mystification of the character of the artist can lead to certain persons being shut out of the possibilities…

Exploitation of Native American Garbs in Fashion
Words: 1929 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 73350279
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The misappropriation of Native American imagery, iconography, cultural ideology, and fashion is nothing new. After all, a slew of professional sports teams continue to run with Indian names and logos in spite of the controversy in doing so. A few sports teams, like the Atlanta Braves Major League Baseball franchise, boast insidious "tomahawk" chants during their games.

The latest trend in Native misappropriation is not much more tasteful than a Cleveland Indians jersey in the fashion world. Several manifestations of the disturbing trend have emerged in consumer culture. One is that commercial manufacturers Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters have been selling lines of clothing and jewelry that is culturally insensitive as well as illegal. A second trend, exposed by bloggers around the Internet, is the lewd use of Native-style feathered headdresses. These recent trends are highly disturbing in that consumers by now ought to know better. Especially hipsters, a…

Works Cited

"Chief Pendant Necklace. WTForever21. Blog. Retrieved:

Kane, Rachel. "Forever 21 Sells Faux Native American Items in Their Columbus Day Sale." Huffington Post. October 10, 2011. Retrieved online: 

"Native American culture shouldn't be appropriated for fashion." Turn the Page. Oct 29, 2011. Retrieved online: 

Native Threads. Website:

Establishing a Strong Application to Fashion School
Words: 811 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84658020
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The capacity of good design is evident in its use to solve substantive socio-economic poblems thoughout the wold. My expeience and taining at Pason's was ich and compehensive, and left me with a lasting fascination fo design -- and with many skills needed fo a poductive, meaningful caee in fashion management.

4) Study Poposal Summay

Fashion in Tukey is a fast moving secto that has been hampeed by only summe and winte seasonal lines. Tends once launched twice each yea but with the addition of sping and autumn, the secto is expeiencing fou launches pe yea. These fast changes ae a wateshed of the etail migation to online and mobile channels.

As a case in point, conside that the Japanese clothing stoe Uniglo has established a vitual dessing oom -- a Magic Mio, as it is known; the Magic Mio uses a 60-inch colo-changing monito that lets shoppes ty diffeent…

references -- and over the long-term as the e-tail website learns their shopping habits. And the retailers and wholesalers benefit from receiving data about customer preference, in the form of metrics that show color swatch selections and such.

5) if you had a question to ask of the person interviewing you, what would it be?

If you had to choose just one, what single attribute is critical for success by a student of fashion management in this program?

How can a student in the program make the best use of many networking opportunities offered with university partners and fashion professionals?

Sustainability in Fashion This Study Seeks to
Words: 2042 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24181782
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Sustainability in Fashion

This study seeks to answer the question of how the concept of sustainability applies to local fashion production and to explain the connection between global fashion industries and fast fashion business to the sustainability fashion products.

The Designers Speak

Sustainable fashion is defined differently depending on who is asked to define the concept. Freda Giannini, Gucci creative director defines sustainable fashion as, "Quality items that stand the test of time -- it is the concept of sustainability, symbolized by a timeless handbag that you wear again and again, and can pass on…" (Friedman, 2010, p.1)

Oscar de la Renta, designer and brand founder stated that sustainable fashion "…implies a commitment to the traditional techniques, and not just the art, of making clothes." (Friedman, 2010, p.1) Oscar de la Renta designer stated that today, she worked in the same manner that she learned first "in the anteliers of…


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Taiwanese Fashion Today
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Wear Fashion Industry in Taiwan Today

Today, the ready-to-wear segment of luxury brands in growing globally in general and in many Asian nations such as Taiwan in particular. To determine the current state of affairs and the potential for the future in this sector, this paper provides a definition of the context of designer ready-to-wear, including a discussion concerning how it works in the fashion industry and what brands exist in this area. In addition, an examination of how stores are designed to attract the target customers for this sector including three major luxury ready-to-wear designer brands in Taiwan is followed by an analysis of representative advertisement and branding initiatives for these brands and Taiwanese consumer attitudes concerning these brands. Finally, an assessment concerning the target market for the ready-to-wear luxury fashion industry in Taiwan, including relevant demographics and current consumer preferences, is followed by a summary of the research…


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Environmental Movement and the Fashion
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When a company such as Wal-Mart goes green, it is because they see a profit in it, and customers are demanding it, and that is the case with the fashion industry, as well.

In conclusion, the fashion industry is becoming much more eco-friendly largely because of consumer demand. People are becoming increasingly aware of just what goes into the products they consume, and they are demanding new products that use less energy to produce and use eco-friendly fibers and fabrics, as well. The public is becoming much more aware of environmental issues such as global warming and climate change, and it seems that the demand for eco-friendly products, including fashions will continue to rise. Smart fashion designers and companies will jump on this growing trend. They need to take the earth and its survival into consideration, but even more than that, they need to continue to fill consumer's shelves to…


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History of Fashion How to Marry a Millionaire 1953 Monroe
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History of Fashion: HO TO MARRY a MILLIONAIRE 1953 (Monroe)

History of Fashion: How to Marry a Millionaire

How to Marry a Millionaire is a 1953 romantic comedy set in New York City starring Betty Grable, Marilyn Monroe, and Lauren Bacall, directed by Jean Negulesco. The costumes of the film, as designed by Charles Le Maire, showcase the 'New Look' popularized by Christian Dior. The 'New Look' (as exemplified most prominently in the red, full-skirted gown worn by Marilyn Monroe in a scene set in a powder room) featured sweeping skirts, a tiny cinched waist, and an exaggerated bosom. It was an ultra-feminine ideal that stood in stark contrast to the more practical, comfortable, and androgynous appearance of orld ar II fashion. The style of the New Look was far more restrictive and made women look more like artificial adornments than the ideal of 'Rosie the Riveter.' omen during the…

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Philippine Women Fashion Clothing History the
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The idea of dressing in civilized and well clothed are well deserving of freedom because t this group that is highly valued despite the fact that the Malay peasants who struggled for the independence have been devalued in the official history of nation -- building and their mark and contribution has been ignored. 'This shown that apart from the influences from the other cultures social classes have been instrumental in shaping the clothing style of the Philippine.' (Grace, 2008) Due to this many would want to dress in a particular recognized and accepted way to be recognized in the class of the rich. This is just part of the culture that has been impacted to the Filipinos which ahs influenced their manner of dressing.

Despite the different Muslim groups in he south and the mountain tribes have their own distinctive garments and seem to have influenced less. The Maranao Muslims…

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Successfully Distribute His Fashions in
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Option 2: In order gain optimal results,

Kleinaci should franchise stores in key areas around the city.

If Kleinaci franchised his stores at this point and time, he would be taking a significant step toward distribution in several channels as well as moving toward a positive and unified voice for the fashion conscious. In fact, many people today possess the opinion that a franchise is an attractive method of expansion for a business and a safe environment. While Kleinaci might be initially concerned that by joining a franchise he might sacrifice some of the unique and eccentric parts of his collection, the actual benefits from a franchise far exceeds the loss. For example, franchises allow for the relative ease of obtaining legal and real-estate aid, financing, insurance benefits and branding (Gelman, 2010). Additionally, should Kleinaci have the concern that he is not reaching a particular segment of the population, he…


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Retrieved April 08, 2010, from Marketing. .

1950's Fashion
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1950s Fashions

Fashion and makeup trends in the 1950s reflected shifts in popular culture and were heavily influenced by film stars and television. A thriving youth culture contributed to changes in fashion, which were generally less conservative than in past decades. The exception was men's fashions, which became more subdued in the 1950s and included dark gray, blue, brown, and black suits. However, the Beatnik generation also contributed to fashion trends, and leather, denim blue jeans, and sneakers were also popular in the 1950s, especially among teenagers. Rock and roll also influenced the "greaser" look that developed around that time. The cult of the housewife similarly impacted new looks developing throughout the decade. A rise in consumerism encouraged many people to amass large, colorful wardrobes.

One of the most well-known fashion trends from the 1950s was the poodle skirt. Poodle skirts were round-cut, calf-length, full skirts, cinched at the waist.…

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Sustainable Design and the UK
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Fair Trade allowed producers to receive a significant price premium, dependent upon world coffee prices and the mainstream markets. Price premiums for farmers promoted social development and strengthened institutional capacities in the area. However, the ability to improve working conditions for workers was limited (Valkila and Nygren 2009). Price premiums were found to be the main benefit for fruit producers involved in a Swiss partnership (Bezencon 2009).


Fair Trade products and certified end products represent the next logical step in the natural and organic products movement. The impact of fair trade has already been examined in other industries and it is believed that the same principles apply to the cosmetics industry as well. Trends in the cosmetic industry are driven traditionally by the fashion industry. However, social responsibility must now be considered a part of the equation as well. The movement towards socially responsible products is being driven by…


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Luxury Fashion of Swarovski Toward
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"The second step is to develop a touch-point chain and gauge those with the greatest impact. The third step is to turn findings into project priorities. The final step is to implement and monitor." (Atwal and Williams, 2009 P. 343).

Uche (2009) provides different argument by pointing out that internet experience create compelling, enjoyable, memorable, and positive experience for online shoppers. The author develops web experience model to demonstrate the strategy the virtual environment could provide experience for online customer. Typically, the 7C model was developed to create a high impact digital experiential customer experience. This includes customisation, content, customer care, community, communication, convenience and connectivity.

On the other hand, Snakers & Zajdman (2010) argue that there is a proliferation of fashion jewelry within the present marketing environment making consumer to face challenges in distinguishing between products. Thus, finding the best method to differentiate one product from the other has…


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Contextualizing Fashion
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Contextualizing Fashion: London

The objective of this study is to become familiar with London as a fashion capital and opportunities for fashion retailing in London including the wide range of commercial outlets from the high street store to the fashion concept store.

This study will examine the flagship stores in London as well as the smaller boutiques in order to express an understanding of how shopping is contextualized in London.

Flagship Stores

London shopping is replete with Flagship stores, which are "significant, high profile developments that play and influential and catalytic role in urban regeneration…" (rown, 2009, p.8) The regenerational flagship project may be "a marketing tool for an entire area of a city, a large advertising hoarding, promoting th4e place for others to invest or spin. The flagship experience may be a brand experience and this may be critical to the luxury flagship store to unify the ultimate allure…


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spring 2017 fashion and lifestyle trends
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2017 right around the corner, it is time to see what designers have in store, and what new trends might be popping up on the horizon. One of the most notable emerging trends is the shift away from technology and complexity, as we find comfort, solace, and retreat in simplicity and the natural world. This theme is evident in both fashion and interior design. As Gudy (2016) points out, emerging design trends reveal "our instinctive need to express ourselves in a world that is, at times, lost in a rush of souls chaos."

A similar trend towards simplicity and taking time away from harried lives was evident in New York Fashion Week Spring 2017. Loose-fitting yet highly structured elements make an appearance. Even hooded bathrobes disguised as coats make an appearance, showing that consumers are demanding greater comfort and relaxation from their lifestyles. Similarly, the brashly off-the-shoulder look and billowy…

Romantic and Modern Design Styles Comparing the
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Romantic and Modern Design Styles

Comparing the Ornate and the Natural: A Study of Two Theories of Design

History often dictates societal mentality more so than current climate, yet in times of peace, it seems that the beautiful and the artful flourish. This very concept is debatable, especially in interior design, where the fashions of the time very often have a much-felt impact upon design theories and the way in which they are carried out. Yet it is in history that one finds inspiration, or the contradiction thereof. For instance, during the mid to late 19th century, it was against history that romanticism was born. Yet in the early 20th century, immediately following this period of romanticism, it was out of a societal need for simplicity prior to the two Great ars that a more natural aesthetic was born, expressed so perfectly by the architect Frank Lloyd right. The following…

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Lys Fashion Business Plan Daylys Primary Earnings
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Lys Fashion Business Plan

DayLys primary earnings

The company's start up

DayLys proposed start up expenses

Strategy and implementation summary

Marketing strategy

Target market

Sales revenue for the first and second year

Graph depicting the sales revenue

Five-year financial plan

Break-even Analysis

Pro Forma Profit and Loss

Pro Forma Cash Flow

Pro Forma Balance Sheet

Business atios

Percent of Total Assets

Percent of Sales

Main atios

Activity atios

Liquidity atios

Additional atios

The focus of this project is to draw up the business plan for DayLys Fashion and the start up funding will be $45,000. The paper also provides the pro-forma profit and loss, and the marketing strategies. The financial plan reveals that the company will record profits in the first year and continuing making profits within the next five-year.

DayLys Primary Earnings

DayLys primary earnings will be $62,715 in year 1, $135,771 in year 2,

and $243,806 in year…


Porter, M.E. (2001). Strategy and the Internet. Harvard Business Review.

Social Psychology Research -- Fashion
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In the (control) group the professor wore the same shirt without any label attached. The shirt was unstained and fresh-looking but not new.

Finally, after the initial data collection, the subjects were advised of the genuine research topic and method in connection with a request for their consent to analyze the results participant-by-participant. Originally, they were assured of anonymity. All 20 participants granted consent to analyze their responses individually.

Experimental Hypothesis and Variables


Hypothesis #1 -- the control group will characterize the professor's attire as

"Casual" or "Unprofessional."

Hypothesis #2 -- the test group will characterize the professor's attire as


Hypothesis # 3 -- the control group will characterize the professor's style as

"Tries too hard."

Hypothesis # 4 -- the test group will characterize the professor's style as

"Probably quite well."

Independent Variable

The independent variable is the presence or absence of the "DKNY" label on the…

Designer Technical Designer Profile a Fashion Technical
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Technical designer: Profile

A fashion technical designer is responsible for the 'nuts and bolts' construction of a garment. A technical designer is given the responsibility of taking "a lead designer's creations from the prototype stage through to full production. They work up specifications for new clothing and accessories, have samples made, and work with marketing and production facilities to ensure that finished pieces are made correctly and profitably" (Technical fashion designer, 2012, Fashion Schools). The lead designer may have the broad, sweeping vision, but the technical designer works to make that vision a reality. Taking measurements, ensuring measurements are standardized, working to create a perfect fit, and working with patterns are all part of the daily life of a tech designer. One technical designer stated that she used her associate degrees in fashion pattern maker more than her general bachelor's degree in fashion in her work.

"Basic responsibilities include…


Behind the scenes with a technical fashion designer. (2009). 39 thandbroadway. Retrieved:

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Sustainable Fashion Across the Globe
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Sustainable Fashion

Purchasing sustainable garments is a challenge for everyone when fast fashion is so common. The labors in fast fashion can hardly afford the clothes they make while many consume fast fashion in a problematic way. Fashion industries need more transparency to educate the purchasing decision of individuals. Fast fashion not only is polluting and creating so much waste to our world; it is also taking away the basic human right of low income workers. To design something is not just about choosing a fabric and a print that is appealing but also needs to map out the production and economic strategy. What appear to be beautiful to us may have hidden an ugly story behind it. According to the United Nations, clothing is the fundamental principal of a person's dignity, beside shelter, food, and other essential needs. When the consumption of clothing is placed on the balance against…

Metrics Are Tools Designed to
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There are many more different quantitative and qualitative metrics that have been engineered to assess and reduce security risk. Structured as quantitative or qualitative -- meaning that some are structured according to empirical, mathematical rules (quantitative; usually from disciplines such as finance), whilst others are structured in an experiential manner derived from interviews, observation, and so forth (qualitative) -- each has its benefits and disadvantages.

Uses of security metrics and how organizations benefit from them

The benefits of security metrics fall into three broad classes:

1. Strategic support -- Security metrics help tighten the security of different kinds of organizational decision-making such as planning programs, product and service selection, and resource allocation.

2. Quality assurance - Security metrics are used during the software development lifecycle in order to prevent and screen out vulnerabilities, particularly during the code production. They do this by executing functions such as measuring the system's adherence…


Bojanc, R. & Jerman-Blazoc, B. (2008), an economic modeling approach to information security risk management. International Journal of Information Management 28 (2008) 413 -- 422

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Art Design-Textiles Eclat Textiles Manufactures
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Especially for lines of clothing that were designed for active lifestyles, ECLAT's fibers would allow for a wide range of styles. Yoga clothes and other types of movement-friendly garments have become trendy recently, and there will be an increased demand for fashionable yet functional clothing. This clothing should allow the wearer's skin to breathe, which is one of the reasons why some of ECLAT's high-tech yarns and fabrics are appealing to an outerwear manufacturer. However, ECLAT's fabrics can also be used in street fashion articles. Jeans that combine regular cotton denim with flexible yarns have become common, in the form of "stretchy" jeans, for example. Many of ECLAT's fabrics are also good for producing quality undergarments. ECLAT manufactures readymade clothing as well as raw materials, but as a fashion designer or merchandiser I would be more interested in purchasing textiles.

orks Cited

Works Cited

Pioneering Women in the Field of Graphic Design
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omen Artists in (Graphic Design)

There are many accomplished female artists in the realm of graphic design. Some have pioneered the art, such as Cipe Pineies, April Greiman, Muriel Cooper and Paula Scher (Clifford). These women helped define graphic design in the 20th century and make it what it is today.

Paula Scher is a great woman artist in graphic design. She was born in 1948 and she developed her niche style of graphic design when, having difficulty with positioning print in her art layout an instructor advised her to make the text the image. She did and she re-invented the way text (words) work as the image in graphic design.

Graphic design by Paula Scher: Public Theater poster, 1995; New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) environmental graphics, 2001.

Thus, while the field of art has been traditionally dominated by men, as Linda Nochlin points out (primarily because of…

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Future in Business and Fashion My Personal
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Future in Business and Fashion: My Personal Statement

When you know that you want something, you've just got to go for it. At least, that's what my parents always said to me. When you're young, you think that things like this are cliche. Sure, you're supposed to say that, you're my parents. Right? Parents are supposed to be there to uphold your dreams and lift you up so high that you don't realize how far you're supposed to fall...until you do. That's the attitude of a young person toward their parents and all of their wisdom.

Fortunately, I am now an adult and I'm able to see the light, so to speak. I know that my parents were not just spouting off at the mouth and what they said to me for so long was true: if you want something for yourself, sitting back and waiting for it to happen…

Leethal Fashion Accessories and Outsourcing
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While all the above three solutions are easily applicable, Leethal Fashion Accessories would find it the most challenging to take action, even more so as this is impeded by geographic restrictions.

5. Control Strategies

Like any other economist will tell you, implementing a text book solution does not guarantee 100% success rates. It as such necessary to base your strategy on the years of academic expertise; but adjust the findings to the unique features of your company, your outsourcing destination and the particularities of your situation. Otherwise put, it is pivotal to integrate the final solution in the context of the technological developments and the diversity raised by the Asia-Pacific context (Bartol, Martin and Tein, 2004).

Given this understanding, it would be first advisable to send delegates from Leethal Fashion Accessories to the Indian manufacturing plants. These would ensure that the apparel is manufactured at the desired standards of quality,…


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Instructional Design Models Including Elements Defining Ways
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instructional design models, including elements defining ways traditional methods encourage learner involvement. eferences required. A peer reviewed journal article, textbooks, and current journal articles credible websites.

Discuss the various instructional design models, including elements defining ways in which traditional methods encourage learner involvement.

The foundational instructional design model is called the 'ADDIE' model: analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. During the analysis (planning) phase, the designer identifies the "learning problem, the goals and objectives, the audience's needs, existing knowledge, and any other relevant characteristics. Analysis also considers the learning environment, any constraints, the delivery options, and the timeline for the project" (ADDIE Model, 2012, Learning Theories). During the design phase, learning objectives are further specified as the instructional plan takes shape. The development phase involves the actual creation of the content. The implementation phase is the execution of the instructional plan. During this execution phase, input is solicited from learners…


ADDIE Model. (2012). Learning theories. Retrieved: 

Clark, Don. (2010). Why instructional system design? Retrieved:

Store Layout and Design Analysis
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The store uses empty space wisely by filling it with store specials, and when designs are in progress the area has a sign that tells the consumer what is coming soon. Music is non-discernable (I don't remember if there is any at all) but there is so much for the eye it is not needed. The whole store smells like baking cinnamon buns, a store specialty (offered in the Cafe and in the Bistro as you leave). This makes the place really smell like home! Every inch of the store (excluding the warehouse for utility sake) it taken up by a display of some sort and everything is pleasing to look at and dissect. Special displays, such as the "living in 480 sq ft" full home layout are fantastic and feel very complete, as if you could simply kick off your shoes and watch television or lay down and take…

Ozone Design Socks Marketing Feedback
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Maybe even a special area of the website just for them where they could color in a sock and "print" it for a small fee and have it mailed to them? They would love that. Imagine how that would go over around the holidays too, creating socks for special occasions with your kids' artwork on them. It was be very popular I think.

The company has to move to a lighter, more fun-loving type of marketing too. The sock puppet is now the universal symbol of fun. And there is not a single sock puppet in their marketing. How dull is that? There could be more of a focus on "pin the sock on the puppet" games to find the nearest retailer, because today you cannot find that on their site. They also don't really have anything about sizes either, which is, well, inconvenient.


This company looks like it…

Theory vs Creativity in Design Leaders Have
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Theory vs. Creativity in Design

Leaders have a task of moving the organization forward in a fashion that is supported by all stakeholders. After allocating resources to bolster organizational success, leaders must primarily assess and accept the risks related innovation. Innovation includes accepting new management theories to replace the outdated philosophies widely incorporated into an organization's procedures and policies over time (American Evaluation Association, 2004). This study aims to identify, discuss, and recommend strategies to create tension between existing management theories and management's ability to create new business paradigms. The study will also identify and discuss stakeholder attitudes towards innovation, ethics, and inclusion as primary drivers of a successful organization. While focusing on innovation and ethics, the study will suggest ways in which organizational leadership can prepare a company for the future and current environmental changes.

How leaders integrate innovative principles while adhering to industry and market mandates

Integrity and…


American Evaluation Association. (2004). American evaluators association guiding principles for evaluators. American Evaluation Association. Retrieved from 

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Messaging Survey on Sustainable Fashion
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Instead, the focus is on how it can be used to keep people connected, break through sibling rivalries (implied by the two kids both wanting to use the device at the same time) and the convenience aspect of the laptop. The stories progress overall to show how quickly families change, and how the Chromebook can keep up given it's simple, strong design.

What is most significant about the messaging is that this is the first advertisement I've seen that successfully creates the allegorical reference of a new product introduction to having very young kids and launching them into the world. This allegorical reference to launching the device and having very young kids, from infants to toddlers is brilliantly done. It is implied in the visual flow of images, the use of children at varying yet sequential ages, and the use of graphical allusions to growth.

One is left realizing that…

Leagility Supply Chain Design and
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Leagility with regard to the supply chain is simply a combination of techniques designed both to exploit a volatile marketplace but also to take advantage of a lean one where profit margins are relatively low but demand is relatively high.

In the article analyzed, food markets in particularly are examined with regard to supply chain design. There are according to the authors, a number of food products that "can be characterized as functional products with volatile and unpredictable demand" (Beach, et. al, 2001). Thus demand uncertainty may allow for production flexibility. However, food products by nature are not very "innovative." As the author points out, because by nature the products are generally functional in nature and the food supply chain is relatively inflexible and uses perishable goods, the usefulness of a concept such as leagility is somewhat limited. There is not period in which demand will be certain. This is…

Jones, R.M. (2004). "Engineering in the leagile supply chain." Logistics Systems Dynamics Group. 2, December, 2004:

Naylor, J.B., Naim, M.M. & Berry, D. (1997). "Leagility: integrating the lean and agile manufacturing design in the total supply chain." International Journal of Production Economics, 62: 107-18

Curriculum Design There Is No
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Making principals and school administrators involved in the process along with parents creates additional support and potential for learning reinforcement at home and in creates greater cohesiveness in terms of the school's overall learning environment. hile any number of step-by-step curricular models exists for individual teachers, since the underlining principle of all curriculum design is to impart skills to students that build upon previous units of learning, it is better that there exist some continuity in curriculum planning between teachers. Also, if all teachers take a similar approach there is a greater chance that learning outcomes will build on one another, throughout a student's educational career.

Curriculum design will no doubt be different 10 years from now, as state and perhaps even national standards require learning outcomes to be more measurable and clearly defined within individual units. This may create more homogeneity in terms of basic skills demanded between schools.…

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Intelligent Design vs Evolution Arguing
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It has been shown that from a very simple spot that is an eye -- "barely a light receptor" -- all the way up the evolutionary chain to a human eye's present day sophistication.

As to the argument that the ID advocates make that the during the "Cambrian explosion" there suddenly appeared these species with "unprecedented complexity" -- in point of fact that so-called "explosion" during the Cambrian epoch took three billion years. There are fossil records to prove that the Cambrian epoch was in fact a "slow fuse" and not a sudden eruption of new life on the planet. There are fossils of microscopic, soft-bodied things that have been dated as pre-Cambrian; hence, with the fossils and carbon dating science showing exactly what happened during and before the Cambrian epoch, early life evolves from simpler things to far more complex things, according to Prothero.

Intelligent design advocates argue that…

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Workflow Design the Author of
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There needs to be a balance between spending only the money that is necessary while at the same time making sure that all the necessary milestones and performance measures are met.

Going too cheap on such metrics will lead to inopportune shortages and other calamities while spending too much time or money leads to waste and more pressing and urgent issues getting delayed or even missed. The author of this response would make sure to have all necessary resources and supplies on hand while not being wasteful.

Technology's Effects on Workflow & Article eview

The author of this response has been asked to offer an opinion on the impact of technology on workflow. It is important to use technology as a tool and to use it adeptly but technology is no replacement for common sense and people need to remember that a computer or measurement tool is only as smart…


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