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Chicano Studies

Describe the significance of the invention of agriculture to the development of Mesoamerica. When and where did it happen? What were the consequences of this invention?

The ancient Mexico was the branch of the region that is often regarded as Middle America or Mesoamerica. This culturally developed region encompasses the entire Mexico, Belize and Guatemala, and forming extensions into the division of Honduras. Mexico the area of central focus of the Mesoamerica and is recognized for having the earliest civilizations in America. It includes a diversity of environmental factors ranging from mountains, semi-aired deserts to the tropical rain forests. It has been therefore emphasized that the agricultural set up of Mesoamerica was established in Mexico (Havemeyer 244).

The agricultural setup of Mesoamerica was established approximately in the 5000 BCE, it was precisely the time when the agricultural activities at Mesoamerica were apparently observed. More than 6000 yeas ago in Mesoamerica the wild teosinte was hybridized by means of human selection and were regarded as the ancestors of the modern maize family. On the similar account at the time of European exploration this particular crop was widely known as the major (chief crop) of the Native Americans. Other varieties of the crops being irrigated in Mesoamerica at that time included squash, bean and cocoa (Restall 69).

In the subsequent period after agricultural development in the Mesoamerica it was observed that the stout cultural practices begin to spread in the corresponding regions. These cultural traits included the theocratic traditions, the adaptation of numeric values and systems, vigesimal, and architecture within the Mesoamerica. It was also an inevitable outcome of the agricultural development that the villages became socially stratified, which further resulted into the developed chiefdom and the well defined routes for trading crops additionally the system also relished the ceremonial centers and the development and trading of luxury goods in the Mesoamerica.


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What was the significance of term "God, Glory and Gold"? What was role did it play in the conquest and colonization of Mexico?

The comprehensive phrase "Gold, God and Glory" expresses the central reasons why the Italians entered the America, Mesoamerica. While considering the actual journey of the Spanish troops and individuals to reach America from Italy it can be easily observed that they were prone to starvation, murder, drowning in the mid sea and even acquiring the painful diseases (Jordan 814). This Spanish were readily taking this risk primarily on account of the three factors as stated in the phrase. They had heard the rumors of gold availability in Mesoamerica beyond their imaginations and they believed that by travelling to American they can have an ultimate fortune. Similarly by taking this dangerous rout to Mesoamerica they will also be in a suitable position to relish the glory that will be self sustained and will be cherished as their glory through their lives. Similarly the others went to Mesoamerica Mexico with the faith that they will establish their religious and cultural values in the new territories of America and by doing so they will be rewarded by the God. Hence this was the entire ideology behind the phrase, God, Glory and Gold (Ticknor 157).

Hence the prime motives of exploration activities made by Spanish in the sixteenth and seventeenth century are explained by this comprehensive phrase. Considering these three aspects the fact becomes inevitably important that man's lust for God, Glory and Gold has stout traditions in the historical perspectives. On the similar account the urge of the foreign to invade Mexico was also supported by this precise phrase. The point of argument funnels down to the point that the quest of wealth, immortality and religious gratifications was the mainstream for the invasion and settlement of foreigners in the Mesoamerica (Delpar 233)


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