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cloud computing will be discussed to show that the good outweighs the bad. Furthermore, it will be further discussed that the government is looking into using cloud computing because it will cut IT cost down and increase capabilities despite the fact people are concerned with security issues that this may bring to the public.

In completing a dissertation, it is very hard to go through the challenges that it requires. From the start and until this moment, I had gone through many challenging stages. The challenges that I faced were deciding the topic, reading various journals and articles, narrowing down focus within a large area, getting information on cloud computing, which all required time and effort. Despite the strong tasks that I faced, I finally made it and the 'final product' is about to be released. I feel extremely happy to have this chance to learn through the process since it is a valuable experience to do such a big project on my own. This is work certainly does not show only my contribution. It also shows other people involvement.

1. Abstract & #8230;. ii

2. Acknowledgement iii

3. Proposal 5

3.1 Summary of funding requirements

1.1 Objective 6

Within this proposal, cloud computing would offer control over the deployment and use of licensed software by giving opportunities within security issues. Research has shown that cloud computing may become the dominant enterprise and business-to-consumer computing paradigm within the next 10 years due to it offering the promise of efficient resource utilization and on-demand scalability with minimal capital investment and infrastructure-free computing, where users access their 'desktop' and data from any location, work, home, on the road, or from within other organizations. From there, cloud computing also offers the potential to out-source computing infrastructure to focus on core competencies with higher efficiencies. This would be good for any business that wants to be competitive. It also offers the ability to decrease the marginal cost of providing service with a shared infrastructure. No matter if cloud computing is used for business or personal reasons, it has higher efficiencies and lower cost, which is one reason why cloud computing is gaining so much traction during a recessionary period (Cloud Computing Security 2010). "The key conclusion of this paper is that the cloud's economies of scale and flexibility are both a friend and a foe from a security point-of-view. The massive concentrations of resources and data present a more attractive target to attackers, but cloud-based defenses can be more robust, scalable and cost-effective. This paper allows an informed assessment of the security risks and benefits of using cloud computing - providing security guidance for potential and existing users of cloud computing" (Cloud Computing 2009) Therefore, as cloud computing becomes popular and more demanded, it has the opportunity to bring more security to software.

Summary of funding requirements

This project is going to take $57,000 and time and we are asking you to consider allocating room to make it happen. Since cloud computing has gained dominance within the business industry, it has been investigating for funding within companies. Businesses have to find a way to become more innovate. Companies must research a program prior to implementation to ensure it will be successful, and to determine any potential failures. Companies realize a successful process at another company does not guarantee the program will work in every business model. Research is a diligent and systematic inquiry or investigation into a subject in order to discover or revise facts, theories or applications. Benchmarking is a way to compare how one company does business with another in the same industry. Benchmarking occurs when a company wishes to develop new plans and ideas and wishes to see how other like companies has been successful. Benchmarking requires many hours of research to determine the risks associated with implementing the processes and removes the stigma of "it has always been done this way" while allowing for a variation to problem solving. It uses a review of best practices and though costly, the benefits will outweigh the costs. By using benchmarking practices, companies can implement new and improved business practices and develop plans which would be using cloud computing. Therefore, when investigating cloud computing, the below information was found. "The survey found that 66% of 250 IT managers interviewed by telephone said they have dedicated budget funds for the cloud. In addition, 71% said they expect cloud computing budgets to grow over the next two years. One conclusion from the survey is that cloud computing is gaining critical mass: 82% of the respondents said they are "in some stage of trial, implementation or use of public clouds," and 83% said the same for use of private clouds (Babcock 2009).

By having cloud computing to be more dominant, one can view it as a positive change. The change to have cloud computing, it would make businesses and personal use to be more innovative. Stocks would not drop and fail to rise after the second quarter (see Appendix A). Businesses would find that cloud computing would bring up security after it maintains its dominance over a period of six months to a year, which is after gaining support from businesses. They will find to maintain and improve their technology more funds and resources will be needed. Also, the company will gain thousands of customers due to satisfaction and the innovative service improvement for existing technology.

As IT managers adopt cloud computing, they are looking to fill in the missing pieces behind the simplified services now available. Among other things, 90% said they want control over who can access their cloud resources. "Who has access? How is it controlled? Who can self-provision a server," said MacVittie. Another 89% named network security as a core cloud technology, as well as 88% citing server and storage virtualization as "essential technologies in the cloud," she said. The main driver toward cloud computing is the efficiency that stems from using public clouds instead of further building out the IT infrastructure internally, according to 77% of respondents. Public cloud computing reduces capital costs, according to 68% of those surveyed, and eases staffing issues, said 61% (Babcock 2009).

Therefore, the funding requirements of cloud computing would be:

efficient resource utilization and on-demand scalability with minimal capital investment and infrastructure-free computing.

cloud computing has to offer the potential to out-source computing infrastructure to focus on core competencies with higher efficiencies.

It also has to offer the ability to decrease the marginal cost of providing service with a shared infrastructure.

cloud computing is used for business or personal reasons, it has higher efficiencies and lower cost, which is one reason why cloud computing is gaining so much traction during a recessionary period (Cloud Computing Security 2010)

Overview of research experience

I find the research is very useful because it shows that cloud computing can offer control over the deployment and use of licensed software as it becomes more mainstream within the technology field. Take the following as an example, which shows even Microsoft and Google are taking a part in cloud computing.

Cloud computing continues to gain steam. Earlier this week, Microsoft announced a software, services, and a development platform called Live Mesh. The platform aims to give people centralized configuration and remote control of devices and data from Web-based and client software, and a Web desktop. It also aims to give developers the power to write Web applications with offline and synchronization capabilities and client apps that can be extended to the Web and other devices (Weier 2008).

Along with that, within one to three years, there will be a new policy that communication and compromise must be between workers and managers. Communication and compromise are the keys to strengthening the bond between the employees and management. Involving the employees will immediately address any ethical dilemmas that may arise and ensure successful strategy. Management needs to enhance the integrity and competence in trust level with employees and management.

To ensure high performance in the work place there needs to be high levels of adaptability, flexibility and involvement by both the employee and the management, enhancing the contribution of everyone. Creating a positive work environment is crucial to obtain and keep high performance employees. High performance employees are attracted and kept by a company's culture as well as high pay and benefits.

Employees have a need for job security and the right to have fair wages and benefits. Employees should be able to trust their employer to protect their rights. Companies like Microsoft and Google have demonstrated that they can be trusted due to proposing outsourcing their centers, which will not create massive layoff, or pay cuts for the ones that stay, however they want to increase their success.


The objective of this research is to investigate the implementation and running costs plus more generally the user benefits that cloud computing can offer.

Introduction to research topic

Businesses embraced loyalty as a tried and true tactic to deliver desired business results.…[continue]

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