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Columbian Exchange

Every culture has its own set of believes and value system. Culture is a phenomenon which is highly misunderstood by the people of the society. Culture is considered as a way of life which includes language, thought, spirituality, social activity, thought and other things as well. But is should also be kept in mind that culture is not limited to the above mentioned things only. The cultures of the societies keep on changing as the time goes on. Values and beliefs prevailing in eighteenth century do not necessarily be practiced in twenty first century. However society represents the group of people where different set of cultures often interact with one another. It reflects that there might be a possibility that when these cultures interact with one another some of the values of one culture might be liked by the people of other cultures and they start adopting the good things of others. It often happens in those countries or societies where one particular community migrates from one place and begins to live in the societies of other region. For example the Mughal dynasty which ruled over the India for more than a century influenced a lot on the culture of the people who had lived their for centuries. Development of chronology of the events of the history was an art which was adopted by the native Indians from the Mughals and other Muslims living in the sub-continent. Man is a social animal and he can not survive with out interacting with the people of the society. This interaction results in the observation of the culture of one another and ultimately adoption of good values takes place.

Changes in the culture often take place with the development of technology, new words and concepts. The development of new words results in the enhancement of vocabulary which enriches the literature of the language. For example there are many words which are adopted or taken from Persian and Arabic by the Hindi language after the people of sub-continent interacted with the individuals belonging from Iran and other regions where Arabic language exists. Interaction of the people belonging from different segments of the society does not only affect the language but it also influences the other things as well. Food, clothes and performing arts are often adapted by the people of one culture from the other cultures. People belonging from India often eat Chinese food and this food became popular because of the existence of minority Chinese as a minority community in India. The influence of culture can also be observed in the multinational companies. Employees belonging from different cultural backgrounds work together and because of their interaction with one another organizations often seem to take positive things of one culture in order to increase the productivity of the company as a whole. Because of the mix cultural gathering prevailing in the corporate world many managers have noticed some common business practices which help them in conducting the business with the people belonging from different cultures. It should be noted that the diversity should not be considered as a negative thing but it should be valued by the mangers because different people will bring unique experiences and capabilities along with them (Amado 1994, 26).

The diversity of culture should be handled properly because it can become the bone of contention if it is not properly managed. The phenomenon of ethnocentrism might affect the positive outcomes which can be achieved from the diversity of culture. Ethnocentrism is a phenomenon where the individuals consider their culture as a superior one while assuming the rest of the cultures as an inferior one. If this phenomenon starts to prevail in a society then it can take a very dangerous shape which might result in huge disaster to the nation as a whole. For example White people of South Africa were of the opinion that they are the superior community as compared to the Black Africans. As far as this situation is concerned we can say that the white people of South Africa were the victim of ethnocentrism. The clash between the blacks and whites affected the economy and the law and order situation of the country but after a long period of time both the societies realized that if they are going to live together then it will ultimately benefit the country. Therefore after some period of time they started to live together and now we can see a huge difference as far as the economy and law and order situation of South Africa is concerned. When the country is going from such problematic issues a competent leadership is often needed to put the country back on track. Nelson Mandela can be considered as such a leader who put the country out of the crises and because of which he is regarded as man of character equally by the black and whites of the South African nation (Nancy 1983, 230).

Another example can be of American nation which has got influence from different societies which start to live in the country of America at some point of time. Some thing from every culture is inculcated in the culture of America. American culture can be considered as a mixture of various cultures prevailing in the U.S.A. The reason behind this diversity of culture prevailing in the societies of America is that this country is developed by the immigrants (Franz. 2007, 99). Majority of the U.S.A. history is dominated by the outsiders who settled in the region at some point of time. In contrast most of the other countries are culturally more isolated that is the culture of other countries of the world is developed by the local residents of that region. Now days we are experiencing the phenomenon of imperialism which means that the aspects of one culture are spreading into the other culture. For example we can observe that popularity of American music also exists outside the America, the literary activities of America are also valued by other regions of the world as well. This is because of the fact that American culture is beginning to overwhelm other cultures of the world. This phenomenon might not be dominant but it exists and we can not deny about the repercussions of this fact. Language is also one of the component which is affected by the interaction of different cultures. For example we can observe that most of the people often mix English while talking in their native language. This is also one of the examples of amalgamation of various cultures (Annekatrin 2010, 581).

Columbian culture is also one of those South American cultures which is considered as a diverse and very colorful. The culture of Columbia is also influenced by many other cultures. There are European nations living in the country like Columbia and the have also contributed a lot in making the culture of the country as a well diversified culture However the problem like the phenomenon of ethnocentrism does not exists in Columbia. Spanish culture is a culture which has influenced a lot as compared to other cultures of European countries (David, Dohse and Niebuhr, 74). Columbia can be divided into three main regions that are interior, country side and coastal region. Each region has its own unique set of values and beliefs which contributes towards the diversity of the culture in Columbia. African culture has also influenced this area of the world because in past slave trading was performed in the region as a result of which adaptation from African culture had also took place in the past. The diversity of the culture has never become the cause of tensions in the country which suggests that people belonging from different casts and creeds always respect the diversity which results in the development of trust and…[continue]

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