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Crime Data

Attorney General has the job of collecting, analyzing, and reporting statistical data, which will be able to give valid evaluations of crime and the criminal justice procedure to government and the people of the various states. Crime in Birmingham, Corpus Christi and Anchorage are three places that are unique and have different crime rates. The communicating Criminal Justice Profiles generate web-based exhibitions of data on all three cities. All of these feature are done to gives users more flexibility to tailor data tables to their exact inquiry. Moreover, datasets with the past 10 years of arrest and crime data are now downloadable to do the essential research of these cities. With that said, this paper will give a detailed analysis of crime data in three different states using Birmingham, Alabama, Anchorage, Alaska and Corpus Christi, Texas.

The Cities

Research shows that the FBI's 2012 official Crime Report Comparison has just been released about a month ago. This information is vital for the reason that it is the official document of Crime Statistics in the United States. For this comparison I have picked 3 likewise sized (medium) cities that are all separated basically by geographically and environmental in addition to cultural and social influences. Research shows that Anchorage, Alaska is the State's biggest city with 30% of the majority State's total population. Bordered by beautiful sub-Arctic backdrop, it is one of the most attractive cities in the U.S. even though temperatures can drop below -37 degrees. It has a small, new-town feel with a mainly white populace of 279,000 (Beck, 2010).

Graph 1 Crime trends of Anchorage Alaska.

Separately from tourism, mining, and resource extraction, one of the main revenue originators is Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, the 3rd full of activity airport in the world because of its location among North America and Asia.

Birmingham, Alabama is the second city for the comparison that has a population of just around 227,000 is the county seat of Jefferson County and was discovered in 1871 right when the Civil War and had ended. Birmingham is a considered to be large industrial city because of the cities highway crossroads and railroads. As a result, it is a city that numerous in Alabama had often gone to in search for industrial and factory work. Sometime in the 50's and 60's it turned out to be a vital center for the Civil Rights Movement which was led by Martin Luther King, Jr. The climate is moist subtropical being that Birmingham, is set in a valley directly flanked by the equivalent shadowing split ends of the Appalachian Mountain Range.

Graph 2 This shows the trnd in crime rates of the city.

Corpus Christi, Texas enjoys a below-average unemployment rate of 7.0% as of July 2012. The Port of Corpus Christi, which is the fifth largest U.S. port (Beck, 2010) and deepest coastal port on the Gulf of Mexico, levers normally oil and agricultural crops. Corpus Christi also has one of the highest average wind speeds of seaside cities in North America.

Graph 3 This is crime trend of Corpus Christi.

The Crime

The 2009 -2012 historical data for Anchorage displays that 56 murders have occurred within that four in the city, a rise of 4 from 2004-2008's 20 murders. In the case of Birmingham, 100 cases of murder were listed in 2009-2012 historical data, which is actually a huge drop from the 2004-2008 historical range (Crime Statistics, 2013). Surely, particularly in the case of Birmingham, the noteworthy decline is something that should be welcomed. But compared to the numbers of the same crime that were going on in Anchorage, the amount of murders that were committed in Birmingham ever since 2008 appear to be what has made the murder cases in Anchorage appear to be much more lesser. Nonetheless rate wise, one can say that murders have been going up in Anchorage by at least 50% with the rise of about 16 from 6 and murders have actually gone down in Birmingham by 25% going from 95 to 65.

In places such as the City of Corpus Christi, Texas number one crime was looked at as being the property crime. Birmingham had 4,918 and Corpus Christi, Texas had 6,252. The United States has about 10 million property crimes that go on every year (Crime Data, 2012). In 2010 Birmingham and Corpus Christi, Texas had the following crime numbers reported.

Birmingham 2010

Corpus Christi, Texas 2011

Anchorage 2012

Property Crime 5,700

Property Crime 7,100

Property Crime 125

Theft 3,100

Theft 5,500

Burglary 790

Burglary 890

Burglary 45

Violent Crime 1,745

Violent Crime 1,154

Violent Crime 18

Motor Vehicle Theft 1,496

Motor Vehicle Theft 1,087

Motor Vehicle Theft 70

Aggravated Assault 770

Aggravated Assault 567

Aggravated Assault 123

Robbery 689

Robbery 789

Robbery 100

Murder 105

Murder 96

Murder 20

It still yet does appear by the numbers that murder as a crime is a huge challenge for the local law enforcement as it is not hard to envision law enforcement turning out to be stretched with the pressure of being able to solving these cases that happen at a rate of around 7.1 murders per month. In actual fact, the rate of slayings in the city, actually ranks Birmingham as the 5th in the nation for murders in cities with inhabitants that are over 100,000 (Crime Data, 2012). Those other cities are actually comprised of places such as St. Louis, Baltimore, New Orleans, and Jackson, Mississippi. However, Birmingham's Police Chief Allen Charles Warden appears to accept that while there has been some kind of progress, there is still a big challenge before them. In contrast, Anchorage is placed low on the 'murder scale' in comparison with Birmingham and Corpus Christi it being among the over 100,000 population cities with the smallest quantity of annual homicides. The rise (5 killings) for 2009 nevertheless worried inhabitants. The explanation is that because of the high cost of living in the city (Birmingham is considered to be among the lowermost), an adverse job-rate growth (in spite of the city enjoying a small 5% joblessness rate compared to the United State average) because of the violent crimes and recession property and (produced by social stigma and property/stature loss determined by the effects of the recession) guiding to the murder/homicide rate on the rise.

Figure 1 Above shows the data during the 2010-year top three crimes.

Figure 2 Top three crimes in Corpus Christi.

Figure 3 Top two crimes in Anchorage Alaska

Research shows that as for the case of the substantial decrease in statistics for Birmingham, quicker response is further improved by the presence of CCTVs which happen to be all over the city in addition to a systemized and digitized data workflow. Research does show that these affected closure rates and information is shared much earlier inside the department. Moreover, the challenge of the slump has actually resulted in the stimulus packages that have been increasing the local programs which are geared at cutting property theft, illegal drug trade and prostitution. It likewise aided in putting together some of the salary packages for new police recruits in order to assist in the law enforcement efforts in the city. The research does show that Both Anchorage and Birmingham however are the cities that are hoping that the numbers will go down much more further by the end of 2013 (Crime Statistics, 2013). However, the factors that really have made a difference around 2005 and 2010 are as the following:

In 2005 they were more blacks and more individuals were on drugs in Birmingham. The only way mainstream of the persons could feed their habit was to steal others property because these were the refugees from Hurricane Katrina that settled in the city. The research explains that once hurricane Katrina ripped…[continue]

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