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Social Responsibilty Strategy for Community

Social Responsibility Strategy for Community Hospital

Alexandria Hospital

Corporate Social Responsibility

The following is a fictional plan of that will describe the development of a fictional Hospital's Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. It will include things such as the philanthropic, community and environmental benefit that document Alexandria Hospital's commitment and concern in regards to the welfare of their employees and the patients that they will serve, in the community development and health, human rights, enabling people through education and material, public reporting and transparency, business ethics and providing a community benefit (Rohini & Mahadevappa, 2010).

Community Benefit and Free Care

Alexandria Hospital will bring great benefit to the surrounding communities in order to be able to serve in countless methods, the hospital has future plans of giving nearly $923,000 in Community Health Improvement Services, supporting the care that will be provided to patients who are covered by Medicaid, Medicare and other public programs by about $6.3 million, given that $3 million of care that will be free and providing health professions education at a cost of $974,000 yearly to aid in hopes to prepare the next generation of those that will be giving care. In total, Alexandria Hospital has hopes and plans to give nearly $14.2 million in community benefit if possible.

Community Service and Social Responsibility

Alexandria Hospital will have a history of community service and social responsibility that will date back to times that will provide educational, screening and preventive programs and services. Over the next ten years, Alexandria Hospital has plans on reaching and increasing into the community like it has never before. Also to providing health information and services to the public at the hospital and other satellite places, Alexandria Hospital plans on taking these activities into the communities where patients work and live (Kakabadse & Cecile, 2006). By providing a diversity of support educational programs, groups, training sessions, and other community-founded resources and activities, and cooperating with other government entities and non-profit organizations, Alexandria Hospital plans on in the future to stretch its mission which is the following: " To offer leadership to advance the health of the communities that will be served." (Robert & Kodua, 2012). Alexandria Hospital plans to take this strategy far beyond the hospital's walls in order to advance the health and excellence of life of individuals of every age. This idea will be stable with one of the Planetree model's ten modules "Strong Communities -- functioning with senior centers, churches schools, and other community partners, hospitals are rediscovering healthcare to comprise the wellness and health of the larger community." (Castka, & Balzarova, 2008)

Strategic Initiative

Alexandria Hospital Board of Directors and Senior Management will all be in the process of developing Alexandria Hospital Strategic Plan for the 2013 -- 2014 periods. The current Strategic Plan contains an initiative that is connected to transparency with work that will be done by administration for increased public information that will be placed on the Alexandria Hospital web site. Alexandria Hospital's Strategic Affairs Committee of the Board will start the job of widening that initiative to one of Corporate Social Responsibility in the new Strategic Plan (Robert & Kodua, 2012). The intent of this future presentation will be done to involve the Board and hospital leadership on the subject of CSR, which will be done in global sense in addition to reaching for a non-profit health care organization.

The following are a set of Corporate Social Responsibility Objectives which are being proposed for inclusion in the final strategic plan for the Alexandria Hospital.

Corporate Social Responsibility Committee -- Validate the structure and then start expanding membership of the Alexandria Hospital Green Initiative to include Corporate Social Responsibility. The Committee will have the responsibility to be in charge with the development of a Mission Statement, which will include the development of annual objectives which will contain Green Initiatives that will bring down the hospital's environmental influence through environmental use of the earth's resources without having to raise the operating cost (Galbreath, 2010).

Community Health Needs Assessment -- Conduct a community health needs assessment

And then we will adopt a strategy that will be able to meet the needs to the community health that are identified in the assessment. The assessment will involve input from a largely varied cross part of the community that Alexandria Hospital will serve. This will hopefully expand the commitment of the Alexandria PRC to create a bi-annual Community Health Outline and the new initiative which will be called "ValleyCares" which will also enlarge the indicators that go beyond health.

Childhood Obesity Initiative -- the plan is to develop a Valley-wide, school founded, childhood obesity program that will be focused toward reducing the occurrence of obesity that is going on with those that are in the 6 to 16 years old range. Approach will keep the emphasis on education, raise the obtainability of healthy cafeteria foods and make the goal to make sure that the physical activities are increased. The goal is to have the program l promote the utilization of Stew Leonard's "The Healthy Way" and this method will hopefully teach the young children in incorporating healthy eating and activity in a fun and way that is engaging for all (Kakabadse & Cecile, 2006). Another program that we plan to utilize is the "Nutrition Detectives" -- and this will instruct kids on making healthy food choices. Another program will be called the "ABC for Fitness" -- which is an activity that will play games with the children in making sure that they are making the right choices when it comes to food (Luu, 2013).

Adopt the Food Banks -- this will be a program that will commit to a twelve-monthly program that will be done in order to support the local food banks and that also involves the Spooner House by directing regular food drives and evolving other hospital and community initiatives that outcome in providing food to the food banks (Galbreath, 2010).

Ethical Consideration

It is very much vital for any organization to handle various ethical norms that go on in Alexandria Hospital. All or most of these ethical norms could be of one kind or it could be the other kind. Just like most industries it is very much important for Alexandria Hospital to include numerous strategies that are connected to corporate social responsibility. In order to describe its business model, it is vital for Alexandria Hospital to follow numerous ethical norms and application of numerous strategies which are connected to corporate social responsibilities. It is really good to know that Alexandria Hospital plans on using corporate social responsibility in the business model that it does contain. The main objective of corporate social responsibility followed by religious views is that each and every person in the organization will recognize and understand his or her responsibility and CSR in other religious affiliations is not only exposed to just one cause (Robert & Kodua, 2012). It is significant for the association to follow numerous laws which provide some determinations to the noble cause with the intention of developing the level of the culture and likewise its brand value. There is a participation of stakeholders and their relationships with the community. It is extremely key to find likely stakeholders with the purpose of building up relationships.


Alexandria Hospital understands that all of mankind is involved with the environment. They also understand that most people have expended a lot of natural resources in their whole life. Alexandria Hospital recognizes that unfortunately, today our environment is demolished by people or companies that do not really care much about it of which there are a lot of impacts on the planet for instance raising pollution all over the world, climate change, wastes water, etc. For the reason that people do not care about the environment like they should (Castka, & Balzarova, 2008)

Alexandria Hospital recognizes that there are two main things of important natural capitals reformative or substituting natural resources. Initially, it is essential for the reservation of life and ecosystem balance. Secondly, it can renew or substitute natural resources for instance solar cells with the purpose of limit fuels (Robert & Kodua, 2012). From numerous nations, there are regulations to companies for their environmental performances (Galbreath, 2010). In order to protect the environment or ecosystem, Alexandria Hospital understands that they have to defend the environment by plummeting the utilization of natural resources for the reason that some resources can reintroduce again by utilizing technological replacement for instance using wind energy that will be used to create electricity or reprocess products and likewise can lessen organizations cost at the same time. Furthermore Alexandria Hospital recognizes that they have to protect environment together by treating waste procedures before having them sent to the environment (to main our earth). Alexandria Hospital recognizes all of the above, in maintaining the environment.


Social development is considered to be very important in all hospitals. For organizations, like Alexandria Hospital, they feel the need of…[continue]

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