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(Fletcher; Inciardi; Tims, 1993)

This may be the reason that there is today a new concept in the treatment of drug abuse, and this is the creation of 'Mobile Health Services'. In Maryland, for example, this mobile clinic has successfully treated about 30,000 to 40,000 drug abusers, about 25,000 abusers of cocaine, and more than 70,000 users of alcohol. If this idea of serving the community by the deployment of mobile clinics were to catch up, like for example, if these clinics were to be parked for a few hours each day in previously designated spots like churches or in certain city owned facilities, then more patients would be treated, and there would be a considerable reduction in the numbers of drug users. (Fletcher; Inciardi; Tims, 1993)

Yet another treatment method is the '12 Step Program' for combating drug abuse, and this program is seen as being 'phenomenally effective' in dealing with the very real problem of drug abuse. Though this program has in fact been in existence from the early 1930's onwards, when it was founded to fight alcoholism, the basic principles of the program are utilized even today, be those persons who are involved in the treatment and the rehabilitation of drug abusers. Post-treatment outcomes are dramatically improved by this method, and it is found that the abuser is able to stay off drugs for longer and longer periods of time. (Fiorentine, 1999)

It is a fact that the very composition of the population of the United States of America has been showing a gradual change. The number of homeless women, about one thirds of the entire population, is now replacing the older white male, who, for example, was a transient. The sad fact is that most of these women are mothers, and on an average, more then one thirds of these women are addicted to some sort of drug and are suffering the symptoms of drug abuse. These homeless people are mostly below the age of thirty-five, and have suffered at least one experience of homelessness before this time. These people bear the brunt of society's aversion and repugnance, and are more often than not, isolated and alone, with no support from their families or from their societies. These are the people most difficult to treat since they do not welcome a care giver or a care provider; in fact, they do their best to escape form the treatment that they would have to undergo were they to be enrolled in any type of treatment program. (Royse; Leukefeld; Logan, et.al, 2000)

This group of people not only have physical problems, but also suffer from various psychological and physiological problems, and unless these various problems are taken into account, it would be impossible opt make a start in the effective and complete treatment of these abusers. The only way in which to effectively reach them would be persistence on the part of the caregivers, especially since there is not much data available on this group of people. However the fact remains that each group of people, like for example, adolescents, college students, workers, and the vast number of homeless would have to be handled in different manners, and in this would lie the success of any treatment for drug abuse provided to them. (Royse; Leukefeld; Logan, et.al, 2000)


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