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A representative from each agency will also be requested to present a module as part of the educational program.

The programs will then be presented to the management bodies of the school and business chosen. With particularly large businesses and schools, it is advisable to implement the training separately for each department or grade; this is to be determined according to the given situation. With the appropriate permission from the authorities involved, a day will then be set aside during which the training can take place. All the necessary officials and speakers will be notified of the date and presentation requirements.

When the training has been completed, Stage 4 involves an evaluation by means of another survey. All training participants will receive a short questionnaire to determine their experience of the training. They will be asked a variety of questions relating to the training and presentation itself, as well as their perception of the importance of disaster management programs. It will also be determined whether participants believe that they have learned something of importance during the training. A final question will request comments or suggestions.

The final stage of the research will concern the results of the training evaluation, and the implications of these results for the future of such programs in Oklahoma City. The possibility of wider application throughout the city and possibly also in the United States will be investigated. Recommendations will be made regarding the integration of disaster management officials and agencies, including the police and firefighting services, with the disaster management policies of schools, businesses, and also the general public. Public awareness programs can also be presented via community programs, the media, and reading materials. These elements will be integrated in a recommendation report.


In terms of the budget, funding will be applied in both the short- and long-term. On the short-term, budgeting will be required for materials and equipment such as the questionnaires, recording and Internet equipment for conducting and recording interviews, an also transport for the research team in order to visit the schools and businesses to be involved in the research.

Equipment will also be required for the training session, in the form of visual presentation equipment and other electronic devices. A microphone may be necessary to address large audiences. Photographic equipment will be needed to make a visual recording of the training session for use at future public awareness efforts. Funding will also be applied towards payment for professionals who took part in presentations on the training day for the school and business selected for this purpose. It is expected that training locations can be provided on the school and business premises.

The publication, distribution and implementation of an integrated disaster contingency plan will also required funding. The plan will be published on the Internet, and also distributed in print. All persons who attended the training will receive a copy of the plan. Business and school leaders will receive a number of copies to distribute to their subordinates. Other literature and research on public awareness issues in disaster management will be provided at the local library.

On the long-term, a disaster contingency plan is only as effective as the equipment at the disposal of professionals to carry out their duties. Transport equipment such as ambulances and mobile medical equipment will for example be required. The OEM will also need to ensure that the police, firefighters, and hospitals are operating in an integrated manner when mitigating disasters. This will require effective and functional communication equipment.

Organization Information

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) in Oklahoma City is concerned with providing assistance to citizens during times of major disasters. To accomplish this, the Office is involved with research and field studies to determine the level of danger and to implement plans should something go wrong.

As such, the Office recognizes the need for being prepared before disaster strikes, rather than only preparing during or after the event took place. Research and development are therefore at the core of the business, which will ensure that plans are made and carried out efficiently. Based upon the research results, the OEM will then play a central role in the structured flow of information not only for disaster management professionals, but for private individuals as well.

In terms of grant allocation, the OEM ensures the effective management of grants towards setting up emergency management organizations and capabilities in terms of equipment and human resources. The OEM will also insure that these organizations liaise effectively with the public in providing information regarding disaster management.

The Office is also concerned with research into the newest methods of terrorism and bioterrorism. These are researched thoroughly in order to produce effective antidotes for the known chemicals that such terrorists use.

The OEM is currently in need of funding to purchase equipment, build capacity in terms of staff and research, and to implement research projects on a regular basis. The Office recognizes the importance of ongoing research in order to effectively manage all contingencies. The current research project is aimed at pioneering an ongoing effort to improve the functions of the office to help the public maintain an awareness of disaster management. By integrating services and public awareness, the Office can ensure that disasters will be mitigated effectively.


In a country as vast as the United States, the possibility of both unforeseen and expected disasters is an ever-present reality. The importance of an effective contingency plan on both the local, state, and nationwide level can never be underestimated, but all too frequently is. Hence, it is hoped that this research will provide some springboard for future studies and for the creation of integrated contingency plans throughout the United States.

The research is therefore viewed as a vital component of ensuring the safety and security of the American nation as a whole, by using Oklahoma City as a starting point. Disaster management awareness should be part of everyday life, and be an integrated part of each American's consciousness. This is…[continue]

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