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exhaustively present the personal and professional issues that I have gone through at the moment that I initially started my academic program at the University. I also address fully, my growth experience in the entire period of the course of the study personal competencies. At the end of this essay, one would be able to gain an in-depth understanding of who I am as well as my educational journey and experience with Phoenix University.

A reflection upon where I was in my personal and professional life when I started the University of Phoenix program

Some years ago, I got employed by Bank America as a Consumer Market Manager (CCM). For quite a while, I have been able to be given several awards of excellence as a result of my hard work and devoted service to the bank. As a consumer Market Manager (CMM), I report to the Consumer Market Executive, an individual who is responsible for the leading as well as the services of about 30 to 38 centers of banking in the geographical market. My duties as a CCM were varied and included the provision of coaching to the various Banking Center Managers as well as employees so as to ensure that there is an acceptable level of consistency in the sales, operations, services as well as the resulted of the employee as well as adherence to Bank's National Sales Playbook. I am also mandated with the evaluation of the overall effectiveness of the multiple banking centers via an in-depth analysis of the daily sales reports, seven priorities reporting as well as customer satisfaction surveys. I also employ the Six Sigma and many other tools in the diagnosis of the root causes as well as the implementation of the plans aimed at improving the level of sales as well as services. I lead various market initiatives. I also team with other stakeholders in leveraging the best practice. I also ensure that there is compliance with the various policies, objectives as well as procedures used in the banking center lending as well as other banking activities. I employ the "Structured Coaching Visit" in the processing of driving sales, operations, services as well as the procedures to be for the lending operations in the banking center. I collaborate with the Consumer Market Executive as well as the Banking Center Managers in the evaluation of the performance sales as well as service associates in the various banking centers. I am also mandated with the development of relationships with the major and integral partners in various departments such as marketing, fulfillment, customer service, financial as well as personnel.My other role entails supporting of the Consumer Market Executive in the communication of the market goals as well as ensure a high level of accountability. The measurement of the performance of the company in the market is also evaluated.I am also mandated with the role of making of the Banking Center Control Review (BCCR) process in ensuring hat there is compliance with the laid down policies, corporate objectives as well as the procedures that are used in the banking center lending. In a nutshell, I strive to fully experience the "Bank of America Spirit" with a demonstration of the corporation's Leadership Model at all instances. All these responsibilities as well as accomplishments have in a manner enabled me to learn additional growth as well as training with the corporation. The unfortunate aspect of my journey was when I was diagnosed with arthritis. My managers then decided to ensure that I received a medical attention to the painful joints that I now had. I then managed to see a physician for the firs time.It was during my first appointment that I bumped across a University of Phoenix branch office close to the building that housed the physician's office. I decided to check out the various degree offering a that are offered at university. I then remembered the words of my supervisor that for me to gain any meaningful promotion within the bank, I needed to get a Management degree up my sleeve in my quest of getting an MBA.This would then ensure that I get the senior level management job within the banks, a position that would see me advance my career to new heights. I then managed to enroll and begin a Management degree program in the university three months later.

I must say that I found my very first class to be interesting. This was especially true for me since I had not been inside a classroom for nearly a decade. The fact that I was working full time while taking my classes as well as doing a bi-weekly visit to the physicians somehow exerted some pressure on both my professional ad personal life. Within six months, I was taken through a rigorous arthritis management regime that included both treatments and even surgery aimed at managing the osteoarthritis that had invaded most of my fingers. All these activities allowed me to gain extra abilities such as the ability to work under pressure while effectively balancing my personal ad professional lives. I then noticed soon after, that my abilities could allow me to easily join the ranks of the upper management without much ado. I gained extreme abilities to coordinate my operations and my ability to solve problems also improved. The written as well as oral communication skills were also enhanced. At that time, my goals were to fully embrace my duties at Bank of America. The physical illness that I suffered from (osteoarthritis) however hindered me embrace my duties.

An evaluation of the growth that I experienced during my University of Phoenix program of study

The University of Phoenix offers the online management degree through its Bachelor of Science in Business (BSB) program. This management degree for which I enrolled is build upon the concepts of marketing courses that allows a student to further their study in regards to advertising, consumer behavior, public relations, marketing research as well as international marketing.Each and every course that I have taken at Phoenix University has been unique. This is because each course has had its unique share of the education as well as learning that I acquired in the process. One of the main courses that critically affected approach and view of the world is a philosophy course called PHI/105-Introduction to Philosophy. This course almost made me an atheist as made me question certain fundamental beliefs that entrenched in my Christian teachings. I passed this course as a result of my deep interest on the course. The other courses that I adored due to their impact on my life today were Management 210-Supervision as well as Leadership. This course enabled me learn about the differences between transformational leadership and management. This course engaged me in self-awareness analysis that allowed me to acquire the knowledge necessary for the identification as well as the implementation of leadership strengths. The course also allowed me to acquire skills necessary for overcoming challenges that are part of the top management. I learn the roles of supervisors in a given organization, what effective leadership skills are. I also learnt the concepts of successful communication as well as the methods of enhancing the performance of employees. These two courses have allowed me to achieve a good level of personal and professional standards and satisfaction/fulfillment. The fact that the course if offered online I recommend that student who enroll in this course learn to manage their time effectively by finishing heir assignments in good time. This can be achieved by finishing the assignments a day or two prior to the deadline.

Analysis of the impact of completing the University of Phoenix bachelor's program on my current and future professional goals

An evaluation of my journey reveals that my role in the learning process…[continue]

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