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ALF ensures that animals are liberated from these activities. It has formally established vicinity for animals where these animals are kept after liberation and are facilitated to live their life in the natural manner.

In addition to liberating animals from painful life, ALF also fights against the entities which are involved in animal killing for their economic gains.

Motivations, Beliefs and Desired End State for ALF

The basic motivation behind ALF is to give free life to animals which they actually deserve and are created for naturally. Any activity which hinders their natural living must be combated. There is no point in legalising these activities either for commercialisation or amusement. However, it is important to mention that ALF does not forbid the actions which are natural for animals even their slaughtering for diet purposes. This is the reason; the people who serve the cause of ALF include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian individuals.

Extremist and Radical Approach of ALF

It is important to explore why ALF is considered extremist while its cause is apparently so sacred and must be in place where animals exist. There is an important question why this group is required and why people call it extremist. The simple answer for this surprising question is related to the difference of opinion. As mentioned in the introductory part of the paper, people disagree with each other and divide themselves into groups which at later stages are known as extremist groups. Few groups take serious actions to support their cause, they generally gain fame as extremist groups.

Talking in the perspective of ALF, there are people who use animals for commercial activities and earn their likelihood. For them, animal abuse is not something like an issue. In their quest to maximize profits, maximum abuse of animal can be favourable. There are people who amuse themselves through abusing animals. It can be valid in cases like displayed in circus or some hidden activities which are conducted underground. In order to combat these activities, ALF is established and is seriously active in promoting natural life style for animals.

Having described KKK and ALF, it is important to caste light upon the differences which are found between the two groups. The differences are highlighted in various areas of their approaches, performance and beliefs.

Differences between KKK and ALF 400 words

The analysis of KKK shows that people are frustrated when they are discriminated. Comparison is natural instinct of human beings and people want to enjoy the same opportunities as other fellow members of the society are enjoying. When a particular group is discriminated, its members definitely feel a sort of slight and require a change in the present states of affairs.

There can be two ways to register the protest. The first one is peaceful in nature and involves activities like pursuing the higher management authorities to bring certain reforms. This method is slow in process and its outcomes are likely to generate in the very long-term. On the other hand, the violent method, which is the second method of protest, is quick in inviting the attention of higher authorities. When there is disturbed situation of low and order in the country, various authorities automatically take notice and invite the delegation of affected people to discuss their issues. It is quite possible that these issues are addressed on quick basis so that people can enjoy peaceful condition in the country.

The first method brings peace at later stages and apparently seems a civilized manner. The second one is hostile and violent which can be discouraged in literary and practical settings. Hence, on these grounds, KKK existence can be criticized.

ALF, on the other hand, promotes the cause of animal liberation from painful life. The organisation considers animals as living being (Johnson 2012) and wants them to spend the natural life. As the organisation has not criticised the point of using animals as meal, it is a general opinion that it is working for noble cause (Owen 2009). However, the people who are threatened by ALF because they abuse the animals for commercial purpose or other unlawful purposes, may rate ALF as an extremist organisation (Best and Nocella 2004).


The comparison between KKK and ALF may sound strange to many people who assumed this paper to be about two organizations which have similar agendas. As KKK is promoting racial discrimination and ALF is fighting for animals, the approaches appear to be different at a glance. However, as mentioned earlier, the conflict occurs because of difference of opinion and it takes the firm of extremism, there is no absolute criteria to consider one group right and the other one as wrong. The paper only explains the difference of approaches. Based on these differences, it is evident that ALF promotes a noble cause hence it should be organised so that people have accepted it with whole heart. On the other hand, the followers of KKK should be taught the lesson of equality and respect for people belonging to other races.

There is an extreme where people are fighting for animals (Yount 2007) and hurting the interest of human beings (Bohacik 2008), whole on other extreme, people themselves are killing people just to promote their race and secure future of their kids.

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