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Evidence of this can be seen with ideas presented by Benson (2003). She found that staff members inside the health care industry must: feel needed, secure and respected. To achieve these larger objectives, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs can address issues that are most important to employees inside a particular facility. (Benson 2003) This is illustrating how there are other concepts that can be used to motivate and effectively reach out to staff members.

To corroborate these views, Paik (2005) found that taking into account cultural variables and other factors are important. However, on the local level, managers need to have the ability to make adjustments to policies and procedures. This means that they must have the flexibility to add to the general guidelines. If this kind of approach is not utilized, it will have an adverse impact in trying to integrate these organizations together. (Paik 2005)

For example, Paik found that Accenture failed to take these variables into account when expanding into East Asia. The impact is that the firm was unable to make any kind of significant gains in the region because local managers had no control. This made it difficult to integrate cultural factors into the work environment. Once this occurred, is when the firm was unable to achieve these objectives. This is showing how there are other factors, that must be taken into account during any kind of cultural integration with an organization. (Paik 2005)

Moreover, Beata (2006) determined that there are other elements that will have an impact on employee motivation in different cultures. The most notable include:

Taking local customs and traditions into account when introducing new policies.

Maintaining competence in various fields of discipline for an extended period of time.

Studying the needs of various stakeholders who are working on a particular project.

The combination of these factors are illustrating how there are other variables that must be taken into consideration during this process. This means that different elements can influence employee beliefs and attitudes inside a particular operating environment. As a result, an all encompassing strategy must look at numerous tactics and apply specific ones to the location. (Beata 2006)

Gomez (1999) found that running any kind of international organization is challenging. This is because there are changing cultural attitudes and ideas. At the same time, many policies and procedures will have to be revised to reflect key attitudes of the region. When a firm has operations around the globe, this can be very costly. In many cases, they may not be able to overcome these issues because: the expenses and differences are so large. This is highlighting how Mura's ideas are short sided by failing to understand the adverse impact of specific traditions on internationally-based firms. (Gomez 1999)

Cummings (2000) determined that the best way to understand cultural differences is to use the Job Description Index. This is a survey that is telling managers the kinds of challenges they will more than likely experience in specific regions for different occupations. This can be used to provide them with a basic foundation for understanding about how to deal with potential problems in the future. Once this occurs, is when these ideas can be used to create a workable approach for different regions of the world. This is showing how Mura is overlooking the basic criteria for effectively evaluating a specific location. (Cummings 2000)


Assess the validity of the overall argument

The arguments that were presented are showing how Mura is providing a basic foundation of understanding the challenges that are impacting most small and large firms (with an international focus). This is because they will face cultural challenges in locations where they have operations overseas. To address these issues, Mura found that the HR department is playing a critical role in dealing with potential challenges. This is because they will serve as a go between for employees and managers. In the future, this allows them to communicate to employees about what is expected of them and introduce them to various procedures. When they are employed, HR will serve a function in: addressing their most basic needs and motivating everyone to go the extra mile. As a result, Mura determined that if an approach is implemented by taking these views into account, HR personnel will effectively integrate the firm with a corporation's general policies. This is providing a basic foundation for understanding the challenges impacting an organization and how to address them in specific regions.

However, a major drawback with this theory is that it is taking a one size fits all approach when it comes to dealing with cultural challenges. This is because other research is illustrating how there are various factors that must taken into account during the process. A few of the most notable include: utilizing Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, giving local managers greater amounts of authority to make adjustments inside specific locations, using the Job Description Index and understanding the needs of different stakeholders. These different elements are showing how various factors must be taken into account when determining the best approach for dealing with cultural issues.

As a result, the strategy that Mura is presenting is providing a basic guideline that can be utilized by a number of different firms. If this can be augmented with other ideas from different pieces of research, it will offer everyone new tactics that can be used by a variety of employers. In the future, this will help them to overcome these challenges through creating policies that will address cultural issues inside specific locations. Once this occurs, is the point that there will be a transformation in the operating environment and how a particular facility is able to meet a variety of objectives. This is when the organization will be able to integrate these ideas with their policies and procedures. Over the course of time, this will help them to use these attributes to their advantage during this process.


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