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According to the figures for 2000 and that is the latest that is available, their average earnings are $17,570 in a year. In this business the contracts are given to the one who quotes the least and this makes the security companies oppose any government rules which will increase their costs. The businesses which employ them also do not want increased charges. This has resulted in criminals becoming security guards, and even those that are checked, go through the checking of records in only one state. Stories keep coming about beating, raping and robbing the people they are expected to protect. Even according to New York Daily News, there have been employment of criminals for the protection of Statue of Liberty and some of the guards were even convicts. At the same time, the labor department expects that demand of security guards will grow up very fast till 2010, and they are now concerned about the effect it will have on terrorism. (Private security guards are Homeland's weak link)

The airports in the country also do not have a trained or closely monitored force of security guards working in an environment which is efficient and standardized. The situation after 9/11 also exposed this and the security measures taken were not standardized. The methods in other countries had been studied by U.S. For a long time, but till the events happened there was never any intention to set up similar measures in this country. The logic has been that terrorism was never though to be a threat to this country and the regulatory process was felt to be very difficult for implementation. Even the airlines argued that they could not set up a system similar to Europe. The security workers used in U.S. And Canada are from security companies and they handle baggage and passenger screening. (Looking Abroad for Answers on Airport Security; Attacks Add Urgency to Long U.S. Effort)

The workers also do not stay in the job for more than six months, and the turnover in a year varies from 150% to even 400%. The requirement really is for an airport worker to train as a security guard and then take up aviation related training. The basic training itself takes more than 120 hours. This is more than double the training that is given to these workers in U.S.. The airport workers in other countries are provided health care benefits but this is not given in U.S.. The salaries paid are also very low. There are also machines that can take care of a part of the checking, but these machines are expensive and would cost $80 million for implementation at Baltimore Washington International Airport, $30 million for Dulles and $24 million for Reagan National. (Looking Abroad for Answers on Airport Security; Attacks Add Urgency to Long U.S. Effort) it is for Americans to decide whether they are willing to pay for required safety.

Requirements for being a guard


Background check type

Hours of training required

Ala. None

Alaska None 48

Ariz. Federal 8

Ark. Federal 6

Calif. Federal 40

Colo. None

Conn. Federal None

Del. Federal None

D.C. Federal None

Fla. Federal 40

Ga. Federal 8

Hawaii None

Idaho None

Ill. Federal 20

Ind. None

Iowa Federal None

Kan. None

Ky. None

La. State 16

Maine State None

Md. State None

Mass. None

Mich. State None

Minn. Federal 12

Miss. None

Mo. None

Mont. Federal None

Neb. None

Nev. Federal 4

N.H. State None

N.J. Federal None

N.M. State None

N.Y. State 24

N.C. Federal 4

N.D. Federal 32

Ohio State None

Okla. Federal 40

Ore. Federal 12

Pa. State None

R.I. None

S.C. State 4

S.D. None

Tenn. Federal 4

Texas Federal 1

Utah Federal 8

Vt. Federal None

Va. State 16

Wash. State 4

W.Va. None

Wis. Federal None

Wyo. None


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