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This included meeting the concerns of being able to properly care for patients while implementing the program.

In addition, I was able to finds creative ways to solve problems by having meetings and expressing concerns. I was able to show creativity through the development of workshops to aid the nurses. I was also able to encourage the development of the skills of the junior nurses through workshops and granting them hands-on experiences with nurses under the watchful eye of more experienced professionals. I was able to find ways of making people aware of the program.

Another important aspect of the role I played as responder involved participating in planned changes. I was involved at every facet of the plan to implement the campaign at our facility. Initially I was involved in the meetings and played an instrumental role in developing a plan that would provide a sound platform for the implementation of the campaign. As the campaign was implemented I worked to ensure that nurses and staff were comfortable with the progress of the campaign. I also spoke with the staff one on one to address any concerns that they had.

Finally I was able to respond critically and constructively to planned changes. This included securing the resources necessary to make the campaign a success. In addition, it included aiding less experienced nurses in gaining confidence and improving their skills.

Playing the role of a responder had a clear impact on the way that I now perceive the implementation of such a program. Although I had some previous experience in a similar program, the roles that I played in the implementation of this program changes my perception of how much work and cooperation such a program takes. In addition, it affected my perception of staff, particularly those with lower skill levels such as the junior nurses. The implementation of this campaign is proof positive that given the time and opportunity people with lower skill levels can improve their status and become more competent and confident in the process.

Overall, when I review the events that took place, I can concede that I performed the appropriate duties in the course of events in my practice. I have also found that I did not realize the impact of some of my actions and that I was performing these actions for different reasons. Now that I am studying management, I can see how these behaviors and plans work in the realm of healthcare. In particular, Quinn's competency Framework proved to be beneficial in the process of implementing this program. It showed me how such a framework could be implemented in a successful way. This experience has taught me how I can have an impact on the outcome of plans by taking an active role in planning, addressing the concerns of coworkers, making informed decisions after gathering facts and utilizing all the resources at my disposal. It has also taught me how competent I am at facilitating changing and implementing a new program even when some of the people involved are apprehensive about change.


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The 100,000 Lives Campaign is designed and implemented through the Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI). The purpose of the campaign is to allow IHI to "join hands with other leading American health care organizations in launching an unprecedented 100,000 Lives Campaign, which will disseminate powerful improvement tools, with supporting expertise, throughout the American health care system (100,000 Lives Campaign)."[continue]

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