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The tourism activity requires clear quality standards that Hilton must meet. This business sector is more stable from this point-of-view than advertising. In other words, Hilton has an easier job than Interpublic Group in developing and implementing its strategy. Their strategies are based on different strategic objectives.

Interpublic Group must counteract the effects of various changes determined by the business environment. In order to reach this objective, the company must hire employees that are able to identify these effects and to develop strategies that the company can use in increasing its market share. Such situations are not frequent in the business sector of Hilton.

Another difference between the human resources strategy of these companies is represented by the motivational strategies that these companies use. These business sectors require different types of motivational strategy. The activity of Hilton requires employees that are able to follow the rules established by Hilton or by the industry in case. They are trained at improving the skills that allow them to achieve this objective.

This requires that Hilton develops its motivational strategy based on financial stimuli and other benefits. The packages developed by Hilton are intended to improve employee loyalty. Investments in training programs are also required. This is reflected in customer satisfaction.

The activity of Interpublic Group requires increased creativity. It is less likely that creativity can be improved by training programs. Therefore, the company must focus on other issues that can stimulate employees' performance. The motivational strategy at Interpublic Group must not be limited to financial aspects. The company must focus on satisfying higher needs in the case of talented employees.

The most important differences between the human resources strategies of these companies are represented by:

Different motivation strategies

Different types of required skills in accordance with their activity

Training programs approach

Focus on innovation

Different motivational factors determined by companies' activity

Decision making process

There are numerous factors that influence companies' human resources strategy. The leadership style is able to significantly influence this strategy and its effects on human resources. In the case of Interpublic Group, it is recommended to develop democratic leadership styles. The same leadership style can be successfully used in Hilton's departments. The motivational strategy is developed and implemented in accordance with the requirements determined by companies' activity. It is also important to focus on the needs of employees and to develop processes that allow them to involve in the decision making process. This is intended to increase employees' satisfaction. This also increases the efficiency and productivity of the company.

It is important that companies understand the impact that organizational culture has on their employees. In other words, it does not suffice to develop a human resources strategy oriented towards reaching the company's objectives. The HR strategy must be in accordance with the organizational culture of the company. The organizational behavior must support the HR strategy and must develop an environment that encourages and supports the activity of employees.

There are numerous types of HR strategies that companies can use. Some of them focus on the recruitment and selection process, some focus on training of their employees, while others focus on motivating them. It is difficult to develop a motivational strategy that works on most types of employees. Some companies prefer to offer packages with lower salary levels and more benefits, while other companies prefer to offer higher salaries, but reduced benefits. This is determined in accordance with the business sector of the company and with the objectives that employees must reach. The strategy must reveal the company's interest in developing an organizational culture.

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