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Individual Development Plan

My Current State

Strengths: I am an excellent team player and I possess the ability of communicating well with other members of my team and motivate and inspire others towards accomplishment of goals. I believe that through team building, I am able to consistently develop and sustain cooperative functioning relationship with other team members.

I have a characteristic state of acceptance and inflexible assertiveness and thus I can describe myself as a positive thinking personality. I also have a superior conflict management record whereby I am capable of identifying and taking steps to avoid potential circumstances which could lead to distasteful confrontations.

I am also a person of elevated integrity and I believe in honesty in order to implant mutual confidence and trust. This has enabled me to create a culture that promotes high standards of ethics inside me and my team members. With this, I have shown a sense of public service commitment and corporate responsibility Sanghi, 2007()

I am very able to work with an entire leveraging diversity whereby I have recruited, developed and retained an assorted top quality workforce in a manner that is equitable. Through this, I have led and managed inclusive workplaces that get the most out of each person's talent to achieve good business outcomes. I respect and comprehend morals and seek out the individual differences in order to attain the organization's visions and missions. By developing and using measures and rewards, I am able to hold both myself and others liable for achieving results that embody the universal principle of diversity.

Weaknesses: At times I am confronted with situations which illustrate that I have low self-esteem and lack confidence when dealing with the said situation. This can be seen in the sense that at times I tend to get stuck in the comfort zone especially when a bigger and more challenging opportunity is presented.

I am known to be a short tempered individual and sometimes tend to overreact if provoked outside limits. Due to this, I try very much to avoid confrontations that can possibly get out of hand by creating a positive and friendly working atmosphere with my team members Dustin, 2005()

Feedbacks: there are some common feedbacks that I have been receiving from other members of my team both positive and negative. I have been described as not being too assertive when faced with complex situations that can be turned violent if dealt with self-assured assertion. Being a person who is not always ready to be dragged into an argument has helped a great deal in solving very sensitive confrontations among my team members Ethan, 2012()

I have also been accused of lacking appropriate initiative in some instances. This is due to having many projects planned for with no suitable action being taken to put the projects into action. I have myself noted that I sometimes get overwhelmed and stressed when there is too much workload and very little time for the work.

Focus area priorities: My focus is to develop more self-confidence and courage in my leadership so as to gain more respect and be authoritative to the junior members of my team. I am also learning to control my temper so that I should defy the temptation of getting worked up so easily when confronted with a nasty situation. I am also working on a way that I can stick to a given schedule to avoid having too much workload and thus avoid working under intense pressure.

My desired state

There are specific areas in my career development which I need to improve in order to meet my career goals. I am working on being able to talk and act with extreme confidence regardless of the situation or the individual I am talking to. I want to be able to be more vocal and voice out my opinions and ideas fearlessly and be more willing to try out new things that are considered risky by others. I want to be always looking for new adventurous opportunities rather than walking the common path and also I am able to influence other people and the decisions made in my presence by showing great confidence.

I am also keen on being more assertive and take…[continue]

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