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That's proving a business opportunity for Krispy Kreme, McDonald's and other American fast-food chains. For Krispy Kreme, Japan is part of its overseas expansion -- a crucial element of its revival plan announced earlier this year. The chain, based in Winston-Salem, N.C., saw its stock collapse two years ago under the weight of overexpansion in the U.S., an accounting investigation and the low-carb diet craze...[Now a] Japanese man carries boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts back to his office...two Japanese girls devour doughnuts last week at a Krispy Kreme shop in Tokyo. Long lines form outside the shops, sometimes leading to waits of an hour" (Kageyama 2007). But because of more health-conscious consumers in other regions of America where the Southern, Americana image of the company has less cache and novelty, this strategy has not been successful. Also, the idea of a 'trans-fat free doughnut' has not quelled fears about health concerns amongst consumers.

Company 2: Similarities among the company's marketing strategies per region

Krispy Kreme's American website offers 'tailgating' packages, and even its UK site advertises "Wanna raise the dough" suggesting that selling Krispy Kremes as team fundraisers as ideal. Other than language differences, the websites for Indonesia, Mexico, Australia, and all of the company's locations is strikingly similar in design and offer the same promotional opportunities and values.

Company 3: Carvel Ice Cream

Although it is seeking to expand internationally, according to the "franchising opportunities" section of its website, the company Carvel Ice Cream primarily advertises itself as an all-American favorite. It stresses that it is nation's first retail ice cream franchise and that it offers consumers an affordable ice cream experience, providing "family fun for everyone by offering a variety of fresh made cakes, novelties and fountain ice cream products" as well as boasts that it is the home of the first ice cream cake (About us, 2008, Carvel Ice Cream). Fudge the Whale, its most famous offering, features prominently in all sections of the website, in testimony to this claim.

Company 3: Scope of operations

Carvel's marketing orientation is fairly consistent -- it emphasizes the cheapness of the product (a recent promotion throughout America of.59 sugar cones comes from a long line of 'two for the price of one' sundae Wednesdays) and the nostalgia value of products like Cookie Puss, another beloved type of Carvel ice cream cake mentioned everywhere from Beastie Boys songs to "Sopranos" episodes. The company boasts that on the Travel Channel in March 2004 Carvel was chosen as the maker of the "Best Ice Cream Cake" (Newsroom, 2008, Carvel Ice Cream Official Website)

Company 3: Differences among the company's marketing strategies per region

Few regional differences in marketing are advertised as existing per store, although the website suggests going to local stores for information on fundraising opportunities in the area. Also, the stress upon the nostalgia and media references of Carvel lovers emphasizes the American Northeast.

Company 3: Similarities among the company's marketing strategies per region

Even internationally, similarities rather than differences reign, and there is an emphasis on local franchises offering community-specific promotions. One 'similarity' is that local franchisers 'take care' of opportunities specific to the area where the franchise is located.

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