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(Horticulture and the advantages of using the Internet Technology)

What are the disadvantages of conducting business, large or small, on the Internet? They may be many. However, the most important disadvantages are: it can actually create a feeling of isolation; the businessman may feel that he has become isolated. This means that he may get the feeling that the World Wide Web is faceless and emotionless, and thus the business too is isolated and inhuman, devoid of contact with the real world and other human beings. After all, humans are social creatures, and such isolation would most often lead to the development of a feeling of depression. Another disadvantage is that since the World Wide Web is such a large area to work in; it encompasses in some cases the entire globe, and there is such a large amount of information generated on the web, it becomes very difficult to be able to tell the innate difference between the truths and lies.

In addition, it is difficult to tell if the person is lying or telling the truth, because of the simple fact that it is not possible to see the person's face and body language on the Internet. Another major disadvantage of using the Internet for a business is that of the real threat of an overload of information. This information can be either good or bad, and the fact is that even if the information is all good, it becomes very difficult for the businessman to assimilate all the information and make a judgment based on the information, because of the simple fact that it is an overload that is not really required. The final result would only be that of confusion, whereby the individual does not know what to take and what to reject. However, what must be stressed at this point is that the good more than outweighs the bad; there are more advantages than disadvantages in working a business on the Internet, and therefore, if one has any plans of using the Internet and the World Wide Web for conducting or even improving his business, then he must do it. (Advantages, Disadvantages of Internet Marketing, the Good the Bad and the Ugly)

How does one go about setting up the intended business on the Internet? An 'e-marketer' report shows why small as well as medium sized businesses on the World Wide Web have been projected as paving the way towards increasing the communications and the information technology sector by spending more amounts than ever before on them. The relevant figures demonstrate the fact clearly: while it was less than 6% before, it has now increased to more than 6% and up to 8% today. This is because of the fact that small and medium business ventures represent a very important and useful and a significant business opportunity to those who would want to take advantage of it. These businesses have only of late started to invest in IT systems and also in Voice Data systems and networks, and this leads to the inevitable fact that the small and medium business market will become very important for those vendors of technology and for IT service providers over the next few years or so. It is generally predicted that the number of these small and medium businesses all over the world will show a dramatic increase of 87.0 million companies from a 77.4 million from the years 2003 to 2008.

It is also a fact that most of this amazing growth would take place in the region of the Asia-Pacific and Eastern Europe, and in countries like India, China and Russia, the growth of these businesses would be the maximum, because of the fact that it is in these areas that the creation of such businesses is being encouraged unlike anywhere else. The small and medium businesses sector would have to be willing to make high levels of investments in sophisticated IT systems and networks and also in Voice-Data transmissions and this in turn would improve opportunities for the vendors of these items, though it will not be an easy task. It will be a tough job because of the fact that one size would not fit all, and this means that these businesses would require systems that have been specifically tailored to meet their own special needs, and the solutions offered by the vendors would have to meet these specific needs. However, when it is done, and done well, then the results would only be excellent, and the rewards would be great. (Small Businesses, Large Opportunities)

In writing a Business Plan, one would have to remember the following details: will the company be a business to business one or a business to consumer type of business, will the business be involved in the manufacture of a product or the delivery of the product or in the delivery of a service, or in the distribution of goods for sale, or in the business of brokering information and selling it, and so on. Then the next step would be that of deciding whether the business would sell one single product or a single service or a multitude of products and/or services. Another decision to be made is whether the business would have an office set up within the four walls of a room, or will it be strictly web based wherein there would be no need at all for an office premises. Finally, will the business be a large or a medium or a small sized one. All these factors play an important role in the entire operations of the business plan and its ultimate success. (E-business plan-operations)

When taken in several easy to follow steps, writing a business plan based on the earlier research on all the advantages and the disadvantages of using the world wide web for pursuing a business, and the statistical research on the success that a business on the Internet would enjoy if done well with a good plan of implementation, it is now time to learn how to write a business plan. The first step in writing this complicated document is to determine, at the very outset, who would read this business plan, and this is what would naturally shape the plan that is to be written. For example, if the business plan is for 'bank financing' or for 'investors', the plan would deal with either debt finance or with equity finance. Numerous facts and figures must be added to the business plan so that the various assumptions of the market would be revealed clearly to the reader.

The second step would be that of undertaking an in-depth analysis and research of several different important areas. Taken up-to-date, the research would have to include one's won experiences if any in the chosen field of business, and the data generated would have to be backed and supported well so that its authenticity is not doubted. All types of already published information can be made use of for the purpose of this research, and this information can be taken from books, the Internet, or from any other sources. The next and third step would be to create files for each section of the business plan to be written, into which all the experiences and information can be transferred. The files may be created on paper or on the computer or can be set up utilizing computer-based software for the writing of a business plan.

The fourth step generally involves the research or an overview of the industry or service for which the business plan is being written. This also means that the writer would have to have a basic understanding of that particular industry for which he is making the plan, and when armed with such knowledge, it would be easier to gather more information from experts on the subjects as part of the research process, so that the best and the most pertinent questions may be asked of them without fear of making a mistake or even embarrassment. It is only after the collection of the data that the actual planning can begin, and this is the fifth step of writing a business plan.

During the next and the sixth step, the write must be able to sit with an accountant and discuss the financial aspects and the practicality of the plan that he has undertaken to write. This is the only method in which realistic projections may be made to the client, or else overly optimistic plans would only give rise to disbelief and also in some cases, disappointment. The seventh step can now take place, and this is the writing of the executive summary of the entire plan, wherein all the various key points may be highlighted and the hoped for returns may be stated along with the payback requirements for the loan that has to be taken.

Review and editing is the last and final step in writing a business plan,…[continue]

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