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This is because it is quite difficult to gain a customer but extremely easy to lose one, and when the marketer has made a customer, then he must ensure that he maintains a minimum of contact with him so that he may be able to pitch his sales again to an individual who is already a customer better than he would be able to a new customer. The third tip is that the marketer must avoid making exaggerated claims about his product or service even if it may actually be true. This is because the customer is always wary of false claims and would automatically tend to avoid such websites. Another tip is that if a discount and a bonus were to be combined within one particular offer, then it would be so very irresistible that the customer would have no option than to purchase it. A series of special offers can be developed, and these can be recycled one after another when the deadline for one offer expires, and this would ensure that there is always a new offer at hand and another new offer for the customer. In the case of the site getting too many visitors who really cannot or are not interested in purchasing the product being offered, then the marketer has to re-think his target market.

If the Internet marketer were to offer something special that had not been thought of by any other marketer on the World Wide Web and were to offer this to his customer, then he would have his USP or the 'Unique Selling Proposition' ready, and this would attract the customer like nothing else ever will. In addition, if the advertising copy of the site were to be written with a personal touch so that the customer would feel that it has been written especially for him, then it would definitely be more attractive for him, and a sale would result. The tenth tip states that not all visitors become customers, and not all sales are first contact persons. Therefore, the marketer would have to devise a method whereby he would be able to avail of the person's address and all other contact details whenever he visits the site, and this would help him to follow them up, and with a little gentle persuasion, may be able to convert him into a loyal customer. (10 Important Marketing Tips)

Some of the marketing strategies that are being used by the Internet Marketer today are the PPC or the 'Pay by Click' advertising idea wherein the payment is on a pay by click basis, and the marketer only has to pay for the number of people who click through to his site. This is totally different and definitely more effective than the traditional advertising online idea of 'banners'. When seen from the perspective of Websites, the more number of visitors per site the better it will be for the marketer, because of the fact that banner advertising is charged per impression, and this would work out to more than the pay per click offer. The selection of the right mixture of keywords that the website would ebb targeted for is another important tool wherein if the mix is right or appropriate, then that would mean that the search engine has been positioned well. However, the best tool today is undeniably the Pay per Click, wherein the advertiser would only pay for the advertising that works would have his site listed almost immediately, would also be Number 1 by literally outbidding all other search engines. (PPC Pay per Click Search Engine Advertising)

Building Trust and Confidence in the Customer: It is the basic truth that a certain amount of trust and confidence must be gained from the customer if the marketer hopes to make a sale. What makes this even more difficult than it must be for the Internet Marketer is the fact that the customer of today is becoming more and more skeptical about what he sees on the Internet and he would have a lot of influence and persuasion if there is to be a sale or even a basic building up of trust and confidence in him about the website and the products and services that are being offered therein. The primary reason for all this skepticism is that, though any person who lives in the world would for sure have been cheated and lied to at some time or the other in their lives, as this happens more often, they tend to become more skeptical. This is what, in fact, becomes harder and more difficult for the Internet Marketer to sell his product successfully. (How to Use Credibility and Believability to Pierce Your Prospects' Skepticism and Run Circles around Your Competition)

Therefore, the Internet Marketer is advised to stop complaining about this fact and go about finding a way out of the situation, or at least, around it, so that he would gain a keen competitive edge over those marketers who may be complaining and whining about the sad state of affairs while another marketer had taken advantage of the situation and reaped the benefits that he deserved. One of the best methods with which to overcome such obstacles is to offer several testimonials on the website. The customer would read the testimonials and feel happy and satisfied that there were others who were in fact skeptical, like himself, at first, and then went on to try out this particular product and eventually found that it was a good product or service. This would, in effect, prompt him to try out the product, after which he would probably, if it were good, offer the testimonial himself. (How to Use Credibility and Believability to Pierce Your Prospects' Skepticism and Run Circles around Your Competition)

In addition, there is no such thing as there being too many testimonials, in fact, the more there are, the more the customer would read, and the more satisfied he would be about his choice of product or service. In a similar manner, there cannot be too much information and also, if the contact information of the giver of the testimony an be provided within the site, then the customer could, if he so desires, get in touch with him and clarify whatever doubts he may have about the product. Another sure-fire method with which to build up trust and credibility is by admitting a flaw. The world-renowned Marketing Strategists, Jack Trout and Al Reis, state that when a marketer admits a flaw, in other words, states that there is something negative about his product or service, this will adversely create a positive impact, surprising though it may sound. This is the basic rule of advertising wherein when the advertiser states something negative about his product, then the customer feels empathy and sympathy towards him, whereas when he makes a positive statement about his product, then the customer may become dubious and may not believe it so very easily.

While negative statements may be accepted as the truth, positive statements will not be, and if the marketer remembers this when he is writing his copy, then the advertisement will work better for him, and also build up the trust of the customer in him and his product and service. Yet another way with which the trust and confidence of the customer in the Internet Marketer can be built up is by the marketer elaborating on his credentials. This does not mean that he must state all his credentials one by one in a mundane and boring manner, but, on the other hand, he must elaborate on his credentials in such a way that the prospective customer would feel that he is getting the maximum benefits out of the transaction. For example, the customer would always have this statement in the back of his mind "What's in it for me?" And if the marketer had the ability to satisfy this query with the clever presentation of his credentials, then he would have achieved his innate aim of building up the confidence and trust of the customer in his organization and in him. (How to Use Credibility and Believability to Pierce Your Prospects' Skepticism and Run Circles around Your Competition)

Another impact that the presentation of the credentials of the marketer would have on the customer is the fact that after perusing them, he would feel as though he must do business with the marketer immediately. An endorsement from a famous personality would also work wonders for the customer and for the Internet Marketer, because a testimonial is a strong and good method with which to create the desired effect in the prospective customer. As endorsements, any articles written by experts in which the product that is being sold by the Internet Marketer would figure prominently, at least twice or thrice through the entire article. This would inculcate the sense that the…[continue]

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