Issues and ethics in the helping professions

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Introduction and Personal Essay

The industry with which I have decided to get involved is the cosmetic and toiletries business. I have always had an interest in opening my own business: offering a

product that is affordable and of good quality. The current products available to the consumer have a lot of room for improvement; most of the products are poor quality and mass produced, or too expensive for the return.

Certainly, there are a few exceptions in the industry: Bath and Body Works and the Body Shop are models by which I would consider patterning my business.

In 2002, Wilson Select published a report discussing how new product development in several markets is expected to drive margin growth for the cosmetic and toiletries industry in the future.

Product quality is relegated to improving in the future due to the recent discovery of beneficial ingredients. This refers to those products with multiple benefits when it comes to the effectiveness of the product. (Wilson Select Overview of the U.S. cosmetics and toiletries market, 1997).

The Body Shop

The Body Shop is a company with an understanding of what it means to change to

fit the customer’s needs, and take advantage of…[continue]

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