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job redesign approaches to revise the selected position.

There are various job redesign approaches that can be adopted in order to revise the role of the supervisor at GM. Grant & Parker (2009, p. 5) pointed out that job design describes how various jobs, roles and tasks are structured, modified and enacted. It also describes the impact of the structures. Job design has also been pointed out by Strumpfer (2006) to be of increasing importance to various organizations. This is because a well designed job results in an improvement of employee well-being. And yet again, it can observed as the process in which a given supervisor makes up his/her mind to change an element of the job, roles as well as tasks of a given individual (Tims and Bakker,2010)

The proposed and improved Job Redesign system

Job Crafting

General Motors should redesign their jobs to follow the framework of job crafting that was proposed by Tims and Bakker (2010).Job crafting can be described a specific form of a behavior which is proactive and in which a given employee initiates the change process according to the job demands and the available job resources. The job crafting process may be facilitated by individual and job characteristics and can enable employees to effectively fit their jobs according to their personal knowledge, abilities and skills as well as according to their needs and preferences (Tims and Bakker, 2010).Job crafting can therefore encourage innovation at GM


In the current work environment, most employees are to some degree asked to engage in self-management. While self-managing, the employees are required to use their experience and intelligence in accomplishing the mission of the organization. While self-managing, the employees actually add value through innovation, solving problems as well as improvising ways of meeting the needs of customers. This is what job crafting is all about. Thomas (2000) pointed out that the process of self-management is made up of four main steps. These are;

The commitment to a meaningful purpose

The choosing of the most appropriate method of fulfilling the purpose

Ensuring that one competently perform their work

Ensuring that one makes progress in the achievement of the purpose.

It is worth noting that each of these step demands that the employees make appropriate judgments.

The difference between the current system and job crafting system

The difference between the current system and the job crafting system is that job crafting entails proactive changes in a given job design. The proactive changes are never subject to negotiated arrangements with the given organization (By the supervisor).Wrzesniewski & Dutton (2001) pointed out that the changes are never even realized by the manager

Describe the major components, tasks, or responsibilities of the selected position after it has been redesigned.

The supervisor- The role of the supervisor will be to encourage and follow up on the various innovations while noting the milestones achieved and improvement in job performance.

The employees- Their role would be to steer the firm towards productivity by working according to their skill set and being motivated by the job crafting system. They are also to expect rewards for outstanding performance.

The job to be performed and the innovation as an input from the employees are the other elements of the new system.

The improved system of job performance would require various elements such as role innovation, personal initiative, voice and task revision to be activated/included. This is because these elements are necessary in ensuring that workers go beyond the tasks that they have been assigned in order to develop their own set of goals as well as adopt them so as to prevent problems in the current and future job environment (Parker, Williams & Turner, 2006). These changes are proactive and are mainly centered towards problems solving within the organizational framework (LePine & Van Dyne, 1998). Even though the positive outcomes are beneficial to the organization and not the employees, it is argued that even the employees may profit from the idea of making their organization prosper. This is as a consequence of intrinsic motivation.

What recommendations would you make to improve your company's reward system with regard to this position?

The company's reward system can be improved by adopting the non-monetary rewards system that was…[continue]

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