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This is followed up by the information that life comes to earth and it occurs through means of a process of development or through means of seeding from another planet or some other element of source. Then the rocks from Earth are considered to blown out again by means of asteroids and those rocks reach Mars and at the same time, life is being destroyed here by the process of bombardments. Then again life would tend to come back to the Earth from the Mars through the same process of bombardment. (Science Conjecture: Life on Mars) Well the concept itself is very romantic, but the statistical chances of this sort of events taking place are one in a million or less. Yet, the idea continues as Mars is tied up with our imagination.

Finally, even if Martians ever existed, they would not be like the little green men built up by our imagination. Though water exists on Mars, but it is mainly in the atmosphere and had probably not been available on the surface for a long enough period for anything to develop other than the small and microscopic forms of life to develop as what has been described before. (Do Martians Exist?) Even the atmosphere of Mars is not similar to that on Earth. It contains mainly carbon dioxide and very small amounts of other gases.

As per analysis results available, the six most common gases in the Martian atmosphere are: Carbon Dioxide or CO2 which is 95.32%; Nitrogen or N2 which is - 2.7%; Argon is 1.6%; Oxygen or O2 is 0.13%; Water or H2O is 0.03%; and Neon- 0.00025%. This shows clearly that air in Mars contains only about 1/1,000 of water when compared to the atmosphere on earth. This small amount of water vapor also condenses in the cold atmosphere and forms clouds which are high in the atmosphere or move around the high patches of the Martian surface. There are local patches of fog also seen in valleys. When the Viking Lander 2 landed, it noted a thin layer of water frost covering the Martian surface during each Martian winter. (Mars Introduction)

Yet, it is a beautiful planet as is been seen through the minute human eyes and to substantiate this statement, a picture of Mars in the Martian springtime is given in the pictures section. The picture shown below as picture 1 is of the northern hemisphere and here most of the carbon dioxide frost which is being found around the permanent water containing ice cap has gone, and what remains and is being found is only the core. This is an ice cap which has features of solid water and it is considered to be several hundred miles across. There are several numbers of wispy white clouds and it could be noted that probably the atmosphere is considered to be cooler than the previous suggestions which were being thrown up by the probes of the 1970s period. In the picture we can witness that there are morning clouds on the western side and these tend to form themselves when the temperature drops down and water in the atmosphere erupts to freeze. These are considered to form ice crystal clouds. (Mars Introduction) Thus, it is certainly beautiful and many would be interested it.


Everything in human life cannot be evaluated in terms of costs and benefits. Some items are best judged by the emotions that it invokes in the human mind, and Mars is an example of this which has gone on for hundreds of years.

Figures and Pictures

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