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Lives the Boundary:

Are all students exposed to issues of boundaries? Similarities in background and economic conditions, does uncertaintycreate similarfeatures in individuals? It is difficult to outline student's lives and the boundaries faced during theireducation. The students develop a variety of skills including strong perception to break outside the boundaries. The boundaries have significance for the ones who believe in following the due course. There are some who go beyond the normal course to excel in education. These are among the few who creates an impact on the traditional boundaries posed by the system, society, and norms. The passion is what derives human beings from all walks of lives to be successful. It is the inner desire and commitment to the goal that matters the most in an individual's life. The experiences, perceptions, and notions resist from crossing what is called normal. Normal is also limiting some one's abilities within the boundaries. The ones with great intuition, commitment, and handwork set the stage to go beyond regularlimits.

The United States education system can produce students with similar experiences. The students in "Lives on the Boundary" also share same experiences. However there are a large number of students who does not share same experiences. They can experience different 'boundaries' in their careers. A large number of boundaries are also developed through opinions. The individuals form their opinionson experience in everyday life. The education system and community support help the students to improve skills with education. However the opportunities require a keen eye to spot, and a passion to peruse them. The students are neither alike nor different. It depends on numerous factors to function together in making a situation favorable for students. The deprived, left behind, and ignored can benefit from community and self-support.


"The desire to be an average" is described in 'Lives on the Boundary' as a class of students who cannot dream big. The average classof students is not driven by passion so they stay within the limits called as boundaries. It is unbelievable for them to cross the lines. They usually do not go beyond the traditions to get their dreams. The dreams, passion, and desires are unrelated for average individuals. The usual course is to stay within the traditional boundaries. These limits are posed through social status and personal standings. The dreamers have courage to get what is not usually thinkable. It is also the case with Mike Rose. The students can achieve their dreams through handwork. Personal interest and passion helped Rose in achieving high positions. He had passion to shine beyond the boundaries. The Rose's book has number of examples who are breaking their lines. The achievements of these students are important for their lives.

Self-awarenesshas an important place in life achievements. The self-belief helps a person to create difference in his life as compared with other fellows. The difference is created first for own lives and then for the people around you. The image of personality is important to maintain stability in life. The rundownpersons cannot be the same forever. They decide to go away from the boundary to get what is important in their lives. Theself-image supports a student to make their own opportunities for achievements. Personal weakness can be souring however the art of living in realityis important. Imagination for the achievement is the way to success. The loss of hope is the worst loss. Hopes keep the dreams alive helps in finding ways for opportunities.

I also experience boundaries similar to other students in the education system.The students of Mike Rose are named as "underprepared" and "underprivileged." Money and family background was also like an average student. I had to work every day to make my livelihood. The sense of low income and no facilities in early childhood still comes to haunt me. The income was not enough to support the family needs. We were living in the country side of Texas as a large family. All these things were going against my education. Nonetheless only these conditions helped me in coming to conclusion that education is required to excel in life. My inspiration for education turned became a passion for high quality education. In the first place the lack of proper guidance held me back. The strong need for educationlet me sideline the hurdles. The country's education system, even if it was batter could not make me realize the importance of education. It offers the requiredchances and livelihood to continuestudies. The parents, teachers and institutes are also responsible for these flaws. My personal experience is different to the author's view of limited opportunities. I had the advantage of taking scholarships during my higher education. There are a number of helps available in the education system.

I gained support through open communications with parents, teachers, and senior students. They helped in developing abilitiesfor my week areas in studies. The support provided by the community is also helpful in finding new opportunities.Practice is a key to success for students with limited skills. I was always keen to receive feedback on questions that came in my mind. I worked as a waiter in the local restaurant to earn my living. I always tried to increasemy knowledge from customers talking about education. Later I developed the habit of seeking clear guidance from the customers that I felt could help me with information. The Rose's view is contrary to my experience. He says that proper help and guidance in not available in education system on the country sides. Infect lack of focuswhile looking for support is the major reason for these views.

The results after the guidance provided me the way forward to start school education. The community services play an important role in informing students about the society. The level of education deliveredin the community schools may not be as good as required but Rose's view is not fully correct. It is true to a certain extant however I would say that, my passion for education helped during my studies. The system may not be helpful but my hunches to livelihood lead me to formal education. Systemis a support in learning but my social contacts helped me in the search of higher education. Through opening up with friends and family neglected students can gain advantage of their environmentfor guidance and education support.

According to Rose the under prepared teachers are a disadvantage of vocational educational institutes. The disadvantages can turn into advantage through slight shift in personal awareness. The teachers are also aware of their educational levels. It is however one's personal efforts that can substantially contribute to the resolve of the issue. The keen attention from teachers can be sought through making an extra effort to reach them after class and ask questions. The answers provided should be appreciated to provide them a sense of approval and authority. Later these questions can also be verified through consultations with the educated members of society to confirm the correctness and relevance with the subject. The Rose's view can be challenged in this regard as he suggests the system to take care of such realities. It is a relevant argument however the personal efforts can break the boundaries and necessary guidance can be sought.

"Lives on the Boundary" criticizes the lack of education support in United States. There are some boundaries of every system in whole world. It does not mean that the system is going to collapse and it should be eliminated. The systems are developed over time and changes are also required. Gradual improvements can change the system to help all the parts of society. U.S. system can also change and fulfill requirements of students with the changes in policy. It doesn't mean that system is completely flawed. It only means that there is a need for system to improve.…[continue]

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