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Macroeconomic Objectives

Briefly outline the five macroeconomic objectives governments generally seek to achieve

In each economy, the government always put forward some five macroeconomic objectives, which will help in keeping track of the economic growth. The five macroeconomic objectives are increase economic growth, control of inflation, reduction in unemployment, more equal distribution of income, protection of the environment.

Increase in economic growth

Increased economic growth acts as an agent for increased living standard which is always the aim of every government. The governments always seek in increasing the job creations to offer a source of income to the citizens. The government can only achieve this if it put forward strategies for increasing the economic growth. The increased economic growth has a direct relationship to the expansion of national production which acts as a prerequisite for economic development (Jonkhoff, 2011). The government also aim in increasing the national economic growth because the latter will increase the participation in international trade; consequently, increasing the diplomatic relationship with other countries.

2. Reduction in unemployment

Unemployment acts as a socio-economic problem in most countries in UK; consequently, the government in making life for its people, always seeks for ways of increasing the employment rates. Economic problem arises as the result of reduced per capita income because less people are productive in the countries. Consequently, UK will be suffering slow economic growth because of the less proportional efforts of the citizens in the manufacturing field. As a social problem, unemployment leads to increased idleness which creates higher chances for increasing crimes in the UK. The idle person will always seek for other dubious ways of making ends meet hence the turn to such ways like robbery and immoralities. Achieving the objective will help the government to reduce the crimes since many grown person would be having some place to occupy in the employment field.

3. Control of inflation

Control of inflation is significant as part of the government objectives in ensuring economic sustainability. Inflation always has a direct relationship to price instability as shown in Fig 1. The price index of the consumers varies all across the year 2010. The government will need to put much effort in ensuring that there is price stability in the UK. The government can only maintain the price stability only if there is as low inflation as possible in the nation (Langdana, 2009). Inflation always has impact in the creation of monetary policy since the former will lead to low currency value of the subject country in relation to its neighbors. Provided the UK has a higher inflation compared to the rest of the world, it is obvious that it will lose price competitiveness in the international market (Viertel, 2009).

Figure 1:

4. More equal distribution of income

Since the disparity in income distribution has always acted as a menace in the economic growth of the UK, equal distribution has been the last resort. Extreme income inequality always implies that most of the population are living under poverty and are can not care for their daily living. Unequal distribution of income makes the government imbalanced since the rich will always control the government to ensure that they protect their wealth. This is against the government policy of promoting growth in all the countries as it will make the poor to remain in their state. The UK government has put equal distribution of income to help in solving the issue. The graph shows that middle income has no place in the Britain income distribution.

5. Protection of the environment

Protecting the environment is part of achieving a sustainable development especially as stated in the Millennium Development Goals. To ensure sustainable development, the UK will need to put in place ways of reducing environmental pollution besides promoting sustainable consumption and production (Great Britain, 2006). This will help in breaking the relationship between economic growth and degradation of the environment. The government will also have to identify protection strategies to ensure there is sustainability in development.

Explain how the government policies to achieve one of the objectives influences the property in the UK

Increase in Economic Growth (real rises in GDP) and influence on Property

One of the greatest precedence of…[continue]

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