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Beckton Dickson Case Study: Negotiation Strategy

Becton Dickinson (BD) is recognized as a large family-owned concern with HQs in New Jersey that highlights diagnostic devices and healthcare. Establishment in 1897, Becton Dickinson has proven its status founded on a paternalistic human resource viewpoint, e.g. rewards loyalty and never fires anyone (Currie, 2006). In 1981, things had become different when Roger Kern was selected as the vice president of human resources. Kern managed to create a first-class traditional HR purpose at Becton Dickinson that emphasized on compensation, education, benefit and other important HR purposes. Throughout the late 1980s, in spite of these significant changes, difficulties started coming to the surface. Ever more workers protested most functions and HR programs were "less than operative," "not truthful enough" or "unfeeling to specific needs', and numerous managers started to feel that Kern was not successful when it came to assembling a strong business-oriented staff of business HR specialists (Buzzell, 1993).

The Plan for Negotiations

After carefully studying both my side as a worker, and the other side it was important to come up with some kind of Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA) plan. It is clear from the case that the following needs to be addressed in order for everyone to be happy:

Bring down the prices of all the tubes and needles

Provide all of the "private label tubes" and also the needles to APG

Provide needles and tubes to APG via APG associated distributors

What is the Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA)

BD is presently in a difficult position where they have to make a decision on whether or not they should lower their prices to obey with the APG or remain as they are doing at the moment. Beckton Dickson is standing to lose a lot of business for the reason that APG wants to set a sample of the blood collection preparations. It appears that the managers do not seem to have any thorough responsiveness in the excellence of the blood system gatherings nonetheless simply in the worth. The best alternative since Terumo proposed prices that were 20% lower than Beckton Dickson's is to go with the 20%. Also it would be wise for Beckton Dickson to negotiate with APG by going along with the things that they stressed on. For example, APG's other strains which included that supplies would turn into things that would be considered private brand and use single definite suppliers, would mean that Beckton Dickson would help APG with these brands and suppliers. The demand that merely particular distributors would be sanctioned to source APG could be devastating for the association of Beckton Dickson with the rest of its distribution network would be changed through this negotiation. It is clear the Beckton Dickson has a bad name because of their past but in order to negotiate they are going to have to change their image by compromising with their competitor company which is something that they would have never done in the past.

In the past companies that settled with this demand had been released by the large distributors which hurt their business hugely. This left Beckton Dickson in a bad and tough situation. However, to negotiate they will now do things much differently by complying with the demands of distributors like APG or it is clear that they will lose them. Beckton Dickson will have to make some huge decision by cutting their ties with ASP in order to do better business with APG.

Possible Solutions

Don't engage in the contract and aggressively try to preserve the contracts with present APG-hospitals. The agreement will go to Terumo and Terumo could possibly stand to misplace the support of their key distributors. If this occurs Terumo's current marketplace share is susceptible and BD can violently go after these contracts by outspending Terumo. Beckton Dickson is capable of doing this for the reason that it has the biggest marketplace share and the bottommost rate expense per unit. If this resolution is successful Beckton Dickson could end up with about 90% marketplace share even though Terumo would end up with a 10% marketplace segment with a profit margin that is very low. This nonetheless necessitates an excellent association with the suppliers that are at present supporting Terumo and may include increasing the gross margin for the suppliers to tempt them to get rid of Terumo as a client. Other ways to make the relationship among Beckton Dickson and the distributor is by encouraging to increase the gross margins on Beckton Dickson products of other Beckton Dickson divisions.

Another thing would be to -pursue the contract, agree to everyone of the demands, and then bring down the price so that it will be at the exact level as Terumo. This will make sure that Beckton Dickson will get the contract for the reason that they have developed quality products. In combination with the contract Beckton Dickson would need try and stay on the lists of all the distributors that were not involved in the contract. This can be done likely increasing the aggregate margins on Beckton Dickson merchandises or by intimidating to remove everyone of Beckton Dickson merchandises from the distributor. If everyone of the distributors can be persuaded to keep Beckton Dickson as a customer this could be the best answer nevertheless the likelihood continues that distributors will drop Beckton Dickson as a client. If this occurs the customers will need to be enticed to change suppliers by means of lower prices and the assurance of quality that is high than competitor merchandises. This can be accomplished for the reason that Beckton Dickson has the lowest cost price per unit and the uppermost quality. If this explanation is acknowledged the APG contract is safeguarded and at least 10% marketplace share now fits to Beckton Dickson for the predictable future. This solution likewise has the maximum risk enclosed to it if suppliers like ASP choose to drop Beckton Dickson as a client.

Another thing to do for negotiations would be to pursue the contract, bring the price down to the competitor's level, then receive the private label demand, and then go and try to persuade APG to use Beckton Dickson distributors. This key delivers the best choice for the distributors. In this case the distributors are happy for the reason that they are not insulted by Beckton Dickson, Beckton Dickson does have a large contract with 500 of the most dominant hospitals, and APG has the best excellence products for the similar cost as the competitor's products. Nevertheless APG might throwaway this proposal as they made the point that they sought to be provided through APG associated distributors. If this explanation is followed the contract could or could not take place. If the contract is acknowledged Beckton Dickson has increased its marketplace share and secured the association with most of the distributors. Nevertheless if the contract is disallowed Beckton Dickson has reserved the association with the distributors and can violently chase to preserve the agreements with hospitals that are presently under the APG-umbrella.

The researcher would recommend that Beckton Dickson does not chase the APG-agreement. By not chasing the agreement they keep in good relationships with their suppliers and can open up an aggressive on Terumo who will obtain the contract. However, Terumo's recognition of the APG agreement demotes ASP, a supplier that provides 70% of Temuro's present sales. If Beckton Dickson is capable to persuade ASP to drop Temuro as a buyer or if ASP chooses to do this on its own accord in order to send some kind of message the market share of Temuro is vulnerable.

This gives Beckton Dickson a chance to belligerently follow Temuro's customer contracts that were outside of APG. By dropping its values to Temuro's level and encouraging a quality that is greater which Beckton Dickson is capable of doing by utilizing its market share to cut the cost that is going on per unit. This policy of aggressively pursuing every agreement that is outside of APG and trying to uphold the agreements that are with individual APG hospitals could guarantee the development of market share in spite of the likely loss of the contract. Now if this plan is fruitful Beckton Dickson market share would upturn while Terumo would more than likely be stuck with an agreement with a very low edge.

This strategy is considered to have the biggest pay-off if key supplier like ASP could be persuaded to drop Temuro as one of their a clients. Attaining this may necessitate some motivations like raising the gross margin on Beckton Dickson products. Nevertheless this could not be essential for the reason that the key distributors will feel affronted by Temuro's choice to sideline them and this only could be an influential enticement for them to display to other constructors that they will not stand being put aside. If Beckton Dickson realizes to improve associations with the suppliers they may even be able to influence them to act…[continue]

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