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Nursing Organization

The Nurses Organization of Veterans Affairs (NOVA)

Purpose, Mission and Vision

NOVA exists to fulfill a very important function in the United States: Providing healthcare services to the nation's war veterans. To be able to do this, the organization's mission is to "shape and influence healthcare in the Department of Verterans Affairs (NOVA Foundation, 2012).

NOVA's vision has six components:

To provide high quality nursing care.

To provide nurses with an optimal work environment.

To keep nurses informed on relevant issues regarding VA health care and nursing.

To create opportunities for VA nurses to function at the leadership level.

To recruit all VA nurses for NOVA membership.

Advantages of Membership

The most obvious benefit of membership is the ability to connect with other members, who can offer support for specific challenges related to the professions. This opportunity to work with others also strengthens the ability of the VA nurse to provide a high level of quality in the care provided to the nation's veterans.

Members also get the following advantages:

Lobbying power with political and social organizations.

Annual and regional meetings, where contact can be made with others in the profession to gain ideas and support.

Access to Nova News in order to help keep up with the latest in the world of Veterans Affairs and nursing.

The latest news can also be accessed at

Long-term disability insurance.

Voluntary life insurance

One advantage of lobbying power is the fact that members can advocate issues that are important to them and to the profession before highly professional and political committees. An example is the 2003 statement before the House Committee on Veterans Affairs by Registered Nurse Sarah Myers (2003), who represented the NOVA concern of nursing shortages and how this could be addressed by recruitment and retention efforts.

The NOVA Foundation also offers scholarships to NOVA members who are enrolled in BA, Masters, Post-Masters, and Doctoral nursing programs…[continue]

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