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Contract production will allow favorable pricing of both ingredients and finished product. Sampling will allow for marketing controls and for targeting national and export markets. The product will meet the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM), European Union, and other specific certification requirements, so may be exported. The Internet will be considered as a target for purchases, but will mainly be used for advertising the product. Mapco stores will be the exclusive client of this product, and will be the outlet to other organic health food agencies that may elect to sponsor sales of this product, as well.

The increased product range will depend upon acceptance by Mapco clientele and consumers, with sampling in other areas and acceptance in the health food market.

Success in product marketing starts by finding the point of difference - the cluster of strengths and selling points that are unique to this product alone. The next step in the point of difference process is to scour many markets to find the ones that are clearly in need of this particular product. Market analysis and sampling is a way of determining this.

Tango marketers go beyond the superficial elements of the industries in which they specialize to analyze the products and services, functional disciplines, technologies, managerial philosophies and business issues where their experience in this particular market is superior.

Tango is a product whose time has come. The public is ready for a nutritious, healthy drink that both tastes and looks good, and provides some anticancer ingredients, as well as the full range of necessary vitamins and minerals needed daily. It will employ, for the future, a marketing strategy that cannot fail.

Future Directions

Tango will employ a 5-step differentiation process. First, it will "discover" the point of difference about the product that can be translated into a unique consumer benefit, that of unique processing, uniquely beneficial health ingredients and a known anticancer agent. Second, it will define that difference in terms of a brief statement (which we call a differentiation statement), hinging on the unique processing, ingredients and health benefits of this drink. Third, it will prove the truth of the statement through a logical argument of facts and illustrations of its superior choice of ingredients, processing and the benefits of imbibing Tango. Fourth, it will proclaim the statement everywhere and project the point of difference through every aspect of the business. Finally, and fifth, it will proliferate and protect the point of difference by installing differentiation-builders, on an ongoing basis:

Differentiation-builders are products, services, promotions, and methods that expand a point of difference and, in some cases, also protect it from competitive imitation. This is not to say that every new product, service, promotion, or method is a differentiation-builder. Indeed, most are not. And many are actually differentiation-degraders -- they contradict, cover up, or obfuscate the point of difference, thereby weakening it. An innovation is only a differentiation-builder when it expands or enhances the company's stated point of difference. Lacking that, an innovation might achieve some benefit, but that benefit is not that of point-of-difference proliferation. (Trout and Rivkin, 2002, p. 1)

In other words, an on-going reminder of the unique, obvious benefits of this product, is part of the marketing strategy. The facts that it is healthy as well as delicious can carry the product on through to a successful market, but wide acceptance, world-wide distribution and consumer education are the goals in the marketing strategy.


Tango is the product that will be presented by the client, Mapco, to the world as the first delicious, completely healthy fruit drink. No added sugars or fillers, not even water, are added to this pure and complete fruit drink. Incrementally, the unique process by which Tango is created and the addition of an anticancer agent, paclitaxel, should make it the most sought-after health drink in the world. Production, from the moment a fruit tree begins to grow till the moment Tango comes out of the factory in a golden glass bottle, is secure and regulated to create an organic and natural drink product. After the introduction of this product through the Mapco stores, the marketing should put the drink in demand so much that its range will increase throughout the United States, this continent, this hemisphere and eventually Europe and Asia and the Middle East, and all over the world.


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