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S Gubbels. Talks about how obesity is a major problem of our society and how it is affecting the children and adults. The article talks about the causes and the consequences of obesity and provides certain prevention for this problem. The article relates the problem of obesity with the Health Belief Model and talks about how the Model contributes in motiving the people to bring Health behavior change in their lives. It point out the reasons for people in bringing behavior changes associated with the Health Belief Model. (J.S Gubbels, 2013)

In the article "Health Belief Model in the Town of Obese Elderly Women use Health Education" by Zeng Gui Ying, the writer talks about how the Health Belief Model is a major source of information and education for the obese women living in towns and villages .It tells that how the model motivates and encourages the obese women to take certain steps and bring changes in their health behavior and eating habits. The writer tells that the Health Belief Model is the most commonly used model is the schools and colleges of the towns and cities in educating the people to develop certain health behaviors and attitudes. (Ying, 2012)


Avoiding the risk of falling the victim of obesity requires an individual to bring certain changes in his or her lifestyle. It is important for a person to be fully aware of his or her eating habits and patterns and to learn how to avoid over eating.

It is essential for a person to know the reasons for his or her habit of overeating. What are the reasons for increasing his or her appetite? A person needs to recognize things like what makes him or her overeat? Is it because of going out with friends, Late night eating Habit, having a sweet tooth, Eating snacks instead of proper food or more intake of fast food. Having the awareness about these issues will help a person to deal with his or her problem and to achieve the target weight.

Similarly, increasing physical activity can be a major factor in overcoming the problem of obesity. Physical activities make a person fit and healthy and helps him or her to burn the extra calories. It helps a person to be in good shape.


Obesity has now become a major problem in our society. A large number of adults as well as children are falling a victim of this problem. This is due to the overeating habits of people that lead them to obesity. The intake of extra calories and lack of exercise or physical activity are the major drawback of our society that are giving rise to many health problems. This is also due to the lack of health education and the reluctance of people in adapting to certain health changes in their lives.

People can escape the problem of obesity by keeping a proper check on their eating habits. They should have a proper diet and eating routine that helps them to be in good health. They should also make physical eversion a necessary part of their routine by getting involved in physical activities they would be physical as well as mentally active. By making certain changes in the health behavior, people can also avoid a number of other problems that are linked with obesity like depression, sleeplessness, high blood pressure and diabetes. Taking a few health measures can help a person to live a health and peaceful life without any weight issues. Leading a healthy and energetic life also helps a person to be successful in different fields of life and to lead a help without any worries or tensions.


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