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Based on the findings then, it is important for the Army National Guard to develop its infrastructure so that it responds to the KM needs. At the second level, the ARNG has to align its scopes and objectives with the knowledge management effort. At this stage, the risk resides in the inability to understand and apply knowledge management in the military setting. In order to overcome this, the company will translate its military objectives into applicable KM goals.

Throughout the second and most complex phase, the Army National Guard will set out to create the architecture and design for knowledge management implementation. At this level, it will place intense emphasis on the elaboration of its infrastructure for information sharing through the creation of a collaborative platform (). Then, the ARNG conducts an internal audit to assess the assets of knowledge management and to identify their threats and weaknesses.

According to the fifth step of knowledge management implementation, the Army National Guard is required to form its team. This will constitute of trained and skilled individuals, who will be in charge of KM implementation across the entire institution. The team will also play a valuable role in training the military and non-military staffs in the institution on how to operate the new knowledge management system. Emphasis is placed on training due to the high level of technology employed, as well as the high risks of military decision making (McIntyre, Gauvin and Waruszynski, 2008).

Based on the analysis conducted, the KM implementation effort moves on to the creation of a blueprint for knowledge management. Particularly, at this level, the emphasis falls on the creation of a KM plan to respond to all needs of the ARNG, such as its infrastructure, its military objectives, its resources, its KM assets and so on.

"The KM team identified in Step 5 builds on a KM blueprint that provides a plan for building and incrementally improving a KM system. As you work toward designing a KM architecture, you must understand its seven layers specifically in the context of your company and determine how each of these can be optimized for performance and scalability, as well as high levels of interoperability. You will also see how to position and scope the KM system to a feasible level where benefits exceed costs. Finally, you will see ways to future-proof the KM system so that it does not "run out of gas" when the next wave of fancy technology hits the market. This step integrates work from all preceding steps so that it culminates in a strategically oriented KM system design" (Pearson Higher Education).

The Army National Guard would then move on to the development of a knowledge management system, based on the specifics identified throughout the previous stages. As part of the third phase, the knowledge management plan would be implemented, with the emphasis falling on its ability to create the results expected by the ARNG. At this level, it is also necessary for the Army National Guard to develop and implement a pilot project, which would set the basis of the larger project.

Then, like in the case of any other organized institution, the Army National Guard is formed from people, who tend to be reticent to change initiatives. In such a setting, it is of the utmost importance for the organizational culture at the ARNG to be changed in such a manner that it supported the adoption of the new system. Specifically, the managerial staffs should implement cultural change efforts and revised reward systems to ensure the acceptance of the knowledge management system.

Finally, in the tenth and last phase of the KM implementation process, the members in the KM team of the Army National Guard would focus on assessing the means in which the knowledge management effort has been implemented and the means in which has been able to retrieve the scopes for which it was initially devised (Pearson Higher Education). In the specific context of the Army National Guard, the control team would focus on the ability of KM to improve military actions, it usage, civil collaboration or war fare preparedness.


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