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The fear of losing jobs among the workers forces workers to steer clear claims of ill treatment by the Foxonn. Foxonn industry being a local firm outsourced by Apple to overlook operation in the China, has an upper hand in controlling the labor force. Though apple might have control over the Foxonn it is limited to the extent operations are out of their hands.


Free trade

In order to embrace the trends of globalization and outsourcing, a country needs to adopt a policy of open and free trade. This act as an attraction to multinational to setup base in the region as well as open up the economy to receive new and advanced technology. Countries like India and china are among the big beneficiaries of globalization owing to the policy adopted to attract foreign investors. Trade liberalization, lifting barriers to new firm entry and making the trade regulations attractive to potential multinational investors are some of the changes required. It is important to note that there are different attractive resources within the boundaries of each country. To exploit these resources a country needs to make ease of accessibility and operations to potential investors. The countries that have opened up themselves to foreign investors are now considered as the emerging economies owing to the development achieved.

Teaching and learning cultures

The introduction of cultures following globalization and outsourcing will have a bearing that may lead to conflict or slowed operation. In order to have smooth integration within the emerging treads, consideration for learning and teaching cultures is required. Intermix of culture is inevitable and no one culture can be dropped or compromised to accommodate the trends. Culture training is ideal to assist in understanding and accommodating the key players in the country.

Talent Recruitment and Training

Identifying the ideal strategy needs to incorporate training of the operations personnel to understand the core objectives of the organization. The recruitment process needs to be one that identifies talent and assess its suitability to the operations. The ideal recruitment process should be strict because outsourced labor will carry a duty uphold the company's standards abroad. The company outsourcing also needs to keep tabs with changes in the labor market so that it can easily address likely uproar from the regulatory forces. For the host country, training to the labor force will help to uphold their culture and forbid exploitation. Looking at the case of foxconn industries exploitation occurs because, the workers consider working there as the only option at hand. Corporation end may be achieved at the cost of locals and this compromises the values of the country. Training to the labor force to understand their value to these corporations by the host country is needed. These will ensure that the corporation, despite their great contribution to the country's labor force, will not take undue advantage of them.

Technological feasibility

Technological feasibility looks are the current and future developments likely to be encountered in the market. With entering a new market and the globalization trends observed technology changes are abrupt and volatile. The host country and company outsourcing need to assess how much their technology is likely to change. Investment in a foreign country exposes a country technology and product attribute to competition. Assessment in the line of technology needs to determine how easy it is for their technology it would be adopted or copied. By undertaking this assessment, a corporation will be well equipped to face technology challenges that may result.

Outsourcing Principle

Design of globalization and outsourcing principles will guide the company in undertaking this venture. This will work to safeguard the company from adopting haphazard measures once difficulties set in. The company should also set up rules of engagement with the outsourcing country to safe guard its continued operation and assure smooth running of the venture. Implementing the globalization strategy will call for assessment of the regulations and rigidities likely to come up. These can course major delays in operation and compromise potential for gains sought. There is a need for the globalizing company to seek measures appropriate for smooth implementation. Lack of compliance may also result to closure of operations which will in turn reduce the efficiencies sought

Success achieved need to be measured against planned goals and desired ends. The company needs to keep a regular check on their activities and evaluate which of these best meets the objectives set Agrawal et al.()

. The international community need to appreciate the globalization and outsourcing are currently key drivers of economics. Economic integration has shifted the notion of growth towards these two aspects which call for greater monitoring to ensure coexistence. The formulation of rules and regulation on operation and regular checks on their operation will guarantee sustainable corporate activities in foreign lands.

Self initiative Strategy

Corporations also need to take up a self initiative strategy and come up with operation standards reflective of their home standards. An example of a company that has a global aspect and considers the welfare of it stakeholders is Starbucks Corporation is the largest coffee company with chains of outlet all over the world. Among its stakeholders are small scale farmers in the developing countries. As part of its corporate social responsibility, it has designed a certification program to show concern with for small coffee producer incomes. Starbucks has contracted a nonprofit organization that issues certificates for fair trade products This certificate is issued to coffee farmers who have to meet pre-set requirements of fair trade. Farmers form cooperatives and are linked with coffee exporters. These groups provide affordable credits as well as premium over a prevailing market price for their produce. This has helped ensure that coffee farmers receive stable and higher incomes. It has also ensured that the farmers have access to education for their children, housing and basic health care


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